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Apartments Goce Ohrid, North Macedonia

street Naum Ohridski b.b, settlement Rača, Ohrid, North Macedonia


This accommodation in Ohrid, North Macedonia is open during the whole year.


Apartments Goce are located in Ohrid, North Macedonia (street Naum Ohridski b.b, settlement Rača ), on a hill, 380 meters above Biljana's Springs. Ohrid city center is 2,3km away from the apartments Goce, or 25 minutes walk along the lake's promenade. North Macedonia is a low-cost, safe and welcoming place to visit. The country is relatively unknown worldwide as a tourist destination. Particularly, it is true for Ohrid. With its long and rich history, its natural, cultural, spiritual and historical sights and character, Ohrid is the most developed spiritual and cultural center, not only in the North Macedonia, but much wider in European terms. Due to a large number of fortresses, churches and monasteries (once it had 365 churches, one for each day of the year), the city of Ohrid is known as Balkan's and European Jerusalem.

The latest archaeological findings testify to the Christian church life from the1st century AC, probably founded by Apostle Paul when he visited Macedonia. Some of the architecture dates back to 200 BC, including the city’s ancient theatre, which was in Roman times used to host gladiator fights. These values had been recognized by the world, and thus both city Ohrid and Ohrid Lake were inscribed in the UNESCO list as a rare cultural and natural heritage. Lake Ohrid is under UNESCO protection as a unique natural heritage because it is one of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe (2-3 million years old). Most of the lake’s plants and animal species are endemic and unique to Ohrid lake.

Ohrid is also a vacationer’s paradise, with glimmering beaches, spectacular views, and a wealth of Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine at affordable prices ensuring a carefree and joyful day. For those tired of the beach, many outdoor activities are offered such as hikes that lead around the shoreline and further into the mountains, cycling, kayaking, and cliff jumping. Boat rentals are extremely cheap. For example, renting a kayak for two hours will only cost you about € 5. Near the city is the Ohrid Airport, through its air traffic takes place only with certain destinations outside North Macedonia.

Apartments Goce Ohrid are set at the foot of Galičica Mountain and can accommodate up to 11 persons: This accommodation in Ohrid has two studious with double bed (200 cm x 180 cm), and are particularly appropriate for couples. The third, much larger apartment of 28 square meters is fitted with 2 double beds, 2 single beds, a sofa bed and is suitable for family members or close friends. It can accommodate up to 7 people. Studious and the large apartment comes with a TV, a wardrobe, a table with chairs, an ice-box mini-fridge, a sun protection network (adjustable as needed), and a separate entrance.

Each of these apartments in this accommodation in Ohrid, North Macedonia has a private bathroom and terrace fitted with a table and chairs. From these terraces stretches a gorgeous panoramic view over the lake, Ohrid city, and surrounding mountains. Each studio and apartment has a kitchenette equipped with a 1-ring gas cooker for fast food and coffee preparation, together with mugs, cutlery, dishes and glasses for coffee and juices. WiFi is also available at the apartments Goce Ohrid and is free of charge. This accommodation in Ohrid features a parking area in front of the house.

North Macedonia, Ohrid, Apartments Goce

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The prices at apartments Goce Ohrid, North Macedonia listed below are per person. Bookings with advance payment through Western Union for your and the safety of owner are required if you want a guaranteed stay in this accommodation in Ohrid. This is recommended because the apartments Goce is a relatively small accommodation in Ohrid, and during the high season can be occupied. Nevertheless, call Goce Gjorsheski by Viber's phone and ask for the occupancy of this accommodation after your arrival in Ohrid. The minimum stay is two nights and two persons, otherwise, the price per person will be higher than listed below this text. Further info can get with Facebook messenger:

Prices: Goce Apartments Ohrid, North Macedonia

One Person: 10 €


5 €


5 €


5 €


5 €


5 €


5 €


6 €


6 €


5 €


5 €


5 €


5 €

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Ohrid, North Macedonia, Goce Apartments

See Location of this Accommodation in Ohrid, North Macedonia on the Google Map

Type of Rental: Apartments

Name of Accommodation: Goce

Town: Ohrid

Country: North Macedonia North

Number of Rooms at Apartments Goce Ohrid, North Macedonia: 3

Pets: Not Allowed

Eating Info: Kitchen Available
Boarding Info: Self-Catering

Guest Residance Fees: Yes

Amount of Residance Tax: 0

Registration Fee for Adults: € 0.80 pp
Registration Fee for Teens: 0.40 € pp

Insurance per Person: 0

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Contact property:

Contact property Apartments Goce Ohrid, North Macedonia by phone:

+389 70 556 578

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