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Guest House Trace Tokyo, Japan

2 Chome-25-4 Higashinihonbashi, Chūō, 103-0004 Tokyo, Japan


This accommodation in Tokyo, Japan is open during the whole year.


Situated in the Station district of Tokyo, Japan, Guest House Trace in (2 Chome-25-4) Higashinihonbashi Riverside is the perfect place to experience Tokyo and its surroundings. This accommodation in Tokio is 5.5 km away from the Tokyo Tower - 5.5 km, 2,5 from the Asakusa Shrine, 8 km from Meiji Shrine, and offers good connections to the city's must-see destinations and attractions. The major slogan of this guest house in Tokio is providing the space where people can learn about habits and culture of Japan, and where guests in return can leave the TRACE of their stay at the guest house Trace. The Japanese staff with traditional Kimono clothes will take care of its guests with Japanese hospitality and smile.

The mixed dormitory rooms at the guest house Trace, as well as the female dormitory (on the 4th floor), have a specially made wooden bunk beds designed for the comfort of their guests. Each bed is separated by a curtain so guests while staying in the dormitory, can have their privacy. The guest house Trace, Tokio, offers double rooms too. On each floor at the guest house Trace, there is a shower room and powder room. Every shower room is equipped with keys, so the guests can enjoy their privacy in the mixed dormitory rooms, too. A rental coin locker is also offered where can be stored valuables.

Free Wi-Fi is accessible on all floors. Each floor has laundromat 24H available (paid machine for both of laundering and drying). Dining bar (on the 1st floor) WADACHI is a space where are served various kinds of alcoholic beverages, including sake, and Japanese home making food. There is no parking space at this hostel in Tokio but there is pay parking lot, close to the guest house Trace. Check-in is from 16:00 to 23:00, while check-out is until 10:00. If arriving after 23:00, please let the front-desk know, otherwise, your stay will be canceled.

Japan, Tokyo, Guest House Trace

Currency: Japan - jp Currency:Japan

The bed in a dormitory is from ¥ 2350 ≈ € 18 to ¥ 4860 ≈ € 37.5. The prices specified below are for a stay of two persons in a double room of the guest house Trace Tokio. The listed prices might fluctuate, particularly over weekends and bank holidays, depending on the season and the occupancy of the guest house Trace, Tokio, Japan.

Prices: Trace Guest House Tokyo, Japan

One Person: from ¥ 5220 ≈ € 40


from ¥ 5900 ≈ € 45


from ¥ 5900 ≈ € 45


from ¥ 5900 ≈ € 45


from ¥ 5900 ≈ € 45


from ¥ 5900 ≈ € 45


from ¥ 6480 ≈ € 50


from ¥ 8000 ≈ € 61,5


from ¥ 8000 ≈ € 61,5


from ¥ 6480 ≈ € 50


from ¥ 5900 ≈ € 45


from ¥ 5900 ≈ € 45


from ¥ 5900 ≈ € 45

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Tokyo, Japan, Trace Guest House

See Location of this Accommodation in Tokyo, Japan on the Google Map

Type of Rental: Guest House

Name of Accommodation: Trace

Town: Tokyo

Country: Japan Japan

Number of Rooms at Guest House Trace Tokyo, Japan: 83

Pets: Not Allowed

Eating Info: No Kitchen: Coffee Maker
Boarding Info: Full Boarding upon Request

Guest Residance Fees: No

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Contact property:

Contact property Guest House Trace Tokyo, Japan by phone:

+81 3 6206 9105

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