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Hotel Rose, Tbilisi, Georgia
Studio Flat Bosko, Beograd, Serbia
Hotel Bowery Grand, New York, United States of America
Apartmenthouse Laisteridge Village, Bradford, UK of Great Britain
Studio Flat Salacas, Riga, Latvia
Apartments Elegant, Chorvatsky Grob, Slovakia
Hotel Lotos, Nis, Serbia
Hotel Lucena, Blackpool, UK of Great Britain
Hotel Smarty, Cologne, Germany
Hotel Petrovka 17, Moscow, Russian Federation
Bed & Breakfast Soggiorno Primavera, Florence, Italy
Hostel Aowien, Vienna, Austria
Hotel Bgcity, Beograd, Serbia
Inn Bela Ladja, Novi Sad, Serbia
Hotel Srbija, Beograd, Serbia
Hotel Iris, Venice, Italy
Hostel Inn Downtown, Beograd, Serbia
Hotel Side One Design, Beograd, Serbia
Hotel Samsonov On Narvsky, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Pension Vorhofer, Landeck, Austria
Pension Paula, Innsbruck, Austria
Inn Hviezdna, Bratislava, Slovakia
Motel Kordun, Novi Sad, Serbia
Hotel City Apart, Brno, Czech Republic
Villa Zrina, Zagreb, Croatia
Hotel Collin House, London, UK of Great Britain
Pension Gartenhotel Baumann, Innsbruck, Austria
Apartments Stara Breza, Palic, Serbia
Room in House Elke, Stuttgart, Germany
Hotel Marnix, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hotel Halvat, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Guest House Gunduliceva, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hotel Heathlands, Bournemouth, UK of Great Britain
Hotel Real, Florence, Italy
Guest House Nana, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hotel Ambra, Milan, Italy
Hotel Melange, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Guest House Vorderegger, Wald, Austria
Hotel Abba, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hotel Roedelheimer Hof, Frankfurt, Germany
Hostel Orange Drive, Hollywood, United States of America
Pension Quo Vadis, Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hotel Rama, Luang Prabang, Lao People's Dem.Rep.
Hotel F1 Saint Denis Basilique, Paris, France
Guest House Mali Hotel, Subotica, Serbia
Pension Seewarte, Flensburg, Germany
Hotel Ariston, Athens, Greece
Hotel Broadway, New York, United States of America
Hotel St George, Great Yarmouth, UK of Great Britain
Hotel Niagara, Varna, Bulgaria

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