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Wirtschaft der Schuldner DIA die Schuldwirtschaft: Teil 4

Die Erhebung DIA Erläuterung eines Einfachsinniges Wesens in der Zeit-DIA-Raum

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Appendix 5: Implications of the Implementation of the Concept of Simple(st) Mind in terms of the Theory of Natural Evolution DIA Natural Selection in the Living Reality (Jovanovic, 2004)

Quelle: "Welt der Dialektik gegen den Mehrdimensionalen Raum - Die Dialektische Interaktive Annäherung im Gebrauch, Jovanović, 2002 - 2???"

As a pragmatical example for this thesis of me, by the fall of communism were neither vanished the troubles within these ex-communistic societies (that in those time, the one-party way of society organizing seemed to be the major barrier for progress of these societies) nor it was increased the wealth of their ex-enemies but rather all of them stagnated as the consequence of [the weakened (global -DIA- regional) market(-networks) due to the] structural destabilisation on such a large scale, followed by the decreased level of the dialectic on the world level,

  • The "dynamisation" in terms of further instabilisation of the already collapsed network structure(s) [instead of stabilising the destabilised consequences of their activities and actions] caused by many-years launched (strategic) processes in all spheres of acting, manifested (with)in the network (actornet) by the weakened positions DIA breaking of the established relationships within it.
caused by the hasty, rush and light-minded actions DIA activities by strategists of the winning block/alliance after "the end" of the cold war in order to punish DIA crush, even the ex-allied and sympathisers of the lo(o)sing block. Furthermore, they even didn't stop here but continued by implementation of their interpretation of the stability DIA stabilisation of the global network (making war on), that in fact led them to a situation / scenario in time DIA space, where they neither managed to stabilise it nor it is visible in the sight/horizon the way, how and when they will achieve to stabilise it again. Seen from a netmodal perspective, the trouble / challenge in time DIA space for strategists always has been, how to stabilise the (regular) instabilised (netmodal) content DIA the dialectic/metamorphosed one instead of the stabilisation of the (abnormal) destabilised (netmodal) content DIA the dynamised one. By the way, (this dialect of) the netmodal management model DIA process, that is, how might be achieved dynamisation DIA stabilisation in a dynamic DIA dialectic network/environment including the global one was also introduced in my master thesis ("International Netmodal Management Process - Internationalisation Strategy for Virtual Software Companies - Network Approach", Jovanovic, 1997), as well as improved in the first creative work of this creator of knowledge ("Netmode - The Strategy for the 21st century - Dialectic Interactive Approach", Jovanovic, 1999).

Das Menschliches Wesen


Successfully turning the attention of the public (opinion) to the war's happenings/events (re-allocating tax-payer's money to the military establishment DIA weapon industry), all this period of time DIA space was shadowed by the destabilisation of the established global market - network (marknet) using different kinds of manipulative activities DIA actions (market and financial manipulations DIA speculations on very large scales) of the obscured DIA informal networks driven by their insatiable greed. Let you recall, it was time of the "East-Asian (economic and financial) flu", "Chinese (economic and financial) sneezing", "Japanese (economic and financial) flu", "The Russian (economic and financial) pneumonia", until it finally came turn on the USA and EU economic and financial area. In fact, almost none of the ex-high developed areas DIA countries is up till now fully recovered as a consequence of the afore uttered by me. Even these manipulative DIA speculative tendencies were broached by me in my first creative work ("Netmode - The Strategy for the 21st century - Dialectic Interactive Approach", Jovanovic, 1999), that is, before started the chain of financial scandals of large (international) companies on the financial markets throughout (the developed) world leaving thousands of people without job and the invested money into shares of these companies. Without mentioning the loses of different hedging funds (health, pensions, ..., even social funds).


Der Weiße Engel

3 .

In fact, in this way and the alike ones was previously paved/opened the prepense footpath into this wicked precipi(ce)tation by the omnipresent ideologists DIA ‘theologians’ of the concept of simple(st) mind, who had been deployed and employed to propagate, lobby and carry out such a simple(st) concept in all spheres of human/(wo)man's acting, creating and living DIA being, having and existing, using all available mediums DIA medias in order to form the wished public (and private and group ...) opinion. Or more simply, the obscured networks have at their disposal enormous resources, power and might and thus by definition (cap)ability to keep under control everyone and all. In the section: "Implications of the Conflict inside 'Simple(st)' Mind" contained in my first creative work written for five years ago, "Netmode - The Strategy for the 21st century - Dialectic Interactive Approach", (Jovanovic, 1999)", this "darkened-clouded-lightened" time DIA space was described, emoted and uttered by me as it follows: ПРOЧИТAJ, "Импликaцијe Koнфликтa унутaр Прoст(oрaзнoсaчк)oгa Рaзумa".

Das Menschliches Wesen


Yes, so was emoted DIA experienced by me that already very remote year, 1999, after "only" two years of fierce struggling with "them" DIA them in the role of creator of knowledge. If to someone the afore recalled DIA revived time DIA space still seems as an exaggeration/going to far, I argue, that it is not too much changed in the meantime, supported with the argumentation of me for a pragmatical orientation in time DIA space, "Neither Stalin nor any other dictator persecuted those who applauded him/them or simply kept silent". Anyway, I neither kept silent in those time nor now, as you can read as well as see, hear, ... feel emote and imagine it nor I could do it (Job-32:17-22 + Jeremiah’s-20:9 + Acts-4:18-20) nor I will it. If someone argue, why it was done by me, the answer is that someone had to do it, as well as no matter what I did (danced in a disco or anything else) they still had something against me. I want to say that I had troubles by them before 1997 (the begining of decembar 1996 more precisely), but it was not accepted by me as something personally directed against me. Even later, it does not matter what I did (notice, I didn't spend all the time DIA space in the role of creator of knowledge but only a short/small part of it), they were "nervous" and "impatient" and always “unsatisfied” with the final upshot of their constant shikane DIA persecution. Believe me, less satisfied with the course of their lives DIA living than me! Probably, they wanted that I leave this Great stage DIA scene of His of my own free will. .......


Der Weiße Engel

5 .

...... From this reason, it is much better idea to elaborate at least material(istic) motives for such a conduct of the obscured network(s). Let me resume the already initiated dialectic interactive process regarding "tale" about market and financial speculations of theirs using different manipulations and malversations DIA (mis)use of its by-upshot, cultivated/encouraged/grown up on their "big TV" (the already mentioned concept of simple(st) DIA "vulgar mind"). In 1999, using as a starting-point the basic postulate of finance: "The value of the share today is equal to the present value of (all of) paid out future dividends", by this creator of knowledge was tried to be turned attention of public elaborating it in a pragmatic way, that by favouring the economy based on the value of the share (thesis) at the expense of the other dialect based on the paid out dividends (antithesis) by definition was opened the way for different kinds of manipulation (market and financial speculations) by the various proponents of the concept of simple(st) mind including the state/government (agencies) DIA (mis)use of their (self-)generated gully/credulous clients, triggered, driven and led by the way of thinking based on the principles of vulgar mind. In other words, it was favoured the choice of uncertainty (potential state), that is, expectations of the financial market, on the basis of all available information (market efficiency) including "told-said"/rumours and misinformation, what will happen in the future on the market of goods/services/consumers/customers, at the expense of the facts (factual state), that is, what really happened on the market of goods/services/consumers/customers in terms of achieved (accounting) profit DIA continual cash flow. Or more pragmatically, by the management of the company DIA board of directors was put focus on the strategy of hunting of the "pigeon on the bough" neglecting (putting in the second plan) the strategy of holding DIA growing "the sparrow/cash in hand", that is, the regular dialectic transformation of this "sparrow into a pigeon" over time DIA space. It strikes the eye of a dialectician the (word) "favouring" the thesis at the expense of antithesis, that is of course unacceptable, seen from a dialectic perspective. In other words, from the afore quoted postulate of finance, it is obvious that the value of the share and the paid out dividends is dialectically interrelated (conditioning each other). Seen from a standpoint of the classic market economy, the change of the trigger and driver of the classic economy [profit(ability)] is even more problematic.


Die Methodologische Erwägung DIA das Begreifen des (Gerad)linearen Raumes und der Zeit, verstanden, WIE ETWAS AUSSER "UNS"


In such a situation/scenario in time DIA space, where instead of principles of profitability DIA achieved profit, focus was put on something that in the business practice often finishes/deduces on the simple(st) expectations of the simple(st) one(s), imagined DIA expressed in terms of easy-making money (DIA speculations, manipulations and malversations). Although running business on a free market is risky, it should not be the same as gambling in a casino. But because of the ruling crowd DIA group way of thinking, that is exclusively applied in the existing business practice, it is very difficult and expensive for an actor (individual shareholder in particular) to leave the ship, even if (s)he intuits that it has started with sinking. Was this limiting of the freedom of choice DIA free will imposed by chance/accidentally? I don't believe into such a possibility. In short, in this way by the ideologists DIA ‘theologians’ of the concept of the simple(st) mind was treaded down way for employment DIA deployment of the various/omnipresent "cuckoo's eggs" in all spheres of (wo)man's activities DIA acting. In other words, such a high levelled organised fraud, based on the concept of simple(st) mind DIA (re-)generating, (mis)using of the created / developed clients, driven DIA “thinking” based on the principles of vulgar mind, was in fact designed and re-thought on the international/global level by the obscured/dark network, sponsoring DIA investing enormous resources and other efforts [bribing, implanting, buying tutor-tricksters at universities, in international (audit) consultancy companies, in international (head-hunter's) employment agencies, on medias, and other essential mediums] over many years, is only one of many alike "master-secret schemes".


Der Weiße Engel

7 .

By the afore uttered of me was introduced a pragmatical framework, that is, how the concept of the simple(st) mind DIA its by-upshot functions in the reality and where it leads. The concept of "money-pyramids" in the most of Balkan-states is another well known (not so "elegant") example of its implementation into (business) practice. Sucking tax-payers money from the side of different providers of ill-minded/foolish courses under patronage of different state agencies is also such an example. The worst awareness of all is that the state / government (agencies) were also involved either directly or indirectly, finding a lucrative and additional source of income for financing their increased burdens/requirements, by charging/taxing the financial transactions. By infiltrating its "cuckoo's eggs" within the state apparatus was given an additional incentive for development of un-market behaviour embodying into it a culture of cronyism and nepotism [including the use of a typical communistic practice for keeping its "objects" under control, known as "moral-political competency", using the so-called "references of ex-employers, ex-professors, etc., before getting new (any) job, promotion, enrolling PH.D. programmes"; using very perfidious procedure that a PhD candidate has to find a mentor before getting opportunity to enrol a PhD program (even if the financing of it was solved) allowing in this way "them" DIA them full control over "what is knowledge and what is knowledge about", that is which knowledge will be conveyed to the new-born generations (in the future)], so the environment DIA market really reminds on a organised prison-medium DIA casino.


Das Menschliches Wesen


Driven and led by their short-terminism's incentives and objectives [limited DIA bounded on the length of their (democratic) elected mandate], it seems, the state/government (agencies) prefer even mis-represented financial statements in terms of a small fictively shown profit because it offers an opportunity for taxing of it (at the expense of the shareholders of this "black/blank hole"). Governments are even ready to close its five-senses avoiding to discover financial scandals when the political climate is hot (in particular before elections). Furthermore, some government agencies invested or gave "green light" for investment of the entrusted money by clients to different (hedging) funds including pension-, health-, even social-funds) into numerous world-wide "duty-free shops and casinos". Why not when this kind of paying visits to different casinos will be transferred / financed at the expense of numerous impersonal and harmless tax-payers, who will cover this hole as well as any another one, directly and/or indirectly.

Der Weiße Engel

9 .

When scandal was disclosed it is a nice opportunity for different medias to earn some additional money, showing DIA performing different actors in both role of losers and in good light, that is, the various generals after the battle. Sooner or later this financial scandal is going to fall into oblivion, punishing eventually a few (sacrificed) members of the (mis)management, while those who consulted and audited their financial books (often large international consultancy/audit companies, whose names are present at all scandals) are going to continue darkening-clouding-lightening business stage DIA scene. The state officials as well as the members of the board of directors, whose (well-paid) job was the control/audit the business activities of the shareholders company, will continue to leave in their large villas, drive expensive cars, ... simply by becoming members of the board of directors in other companies using both their political connections and "secret" informal network. What to say about those who perhaps a few years ago creamed the "milk", leaving (over) its transformation into cheese to various small mousses to entertain themselves boring DIA drilling it until this ship of cheese finally reaches the bottom?


Das Menschliches Wesen


Such market manipulations on large scales are done by (formal, para-formal, informal/obscured) network power structures managing to create/develop such a (global/international, inter-regional ....) environment DIA the related atmosphere for selling (special financial) products and services (making them saleable) using hidded/”soft” power/force DIA implementing into (business) practice the major (aggressive) principle of the strategic (marketing) management, literally uttered in sense that "the market should be developed in order that customers (as powerless clients) could be created. An example of such a market manipulation DIA malversation and speculation is the actual oil crisis, characterised by high prices of the raw-oil. Notice how their speakers [including simple(st) ones], as reasons for such a situation DIA state in time DIA space allege DIA justifying it by the irrelevant statements [such as, for example, the war in Iraq, although for two years ago Iraq was under economic embargo/sanctions and the oil price was half price of the today's one], the irrational statements [such as, for example, hurricanes in the Mexican Golf as if in London and other oil-markets, (as far as I know they are still not an official part of the USA) the oil prices are not high/going up, too], the half-rational statements [such as, for example, disorders/riots in Nigeria without talking who stirs up DIA support it, just now and why, as well as why were not such riots during the dictatur in this country and there is in period of democracy; to discredit democracy DIA (mis)useing it by outsailing democracy DIA various typical ‘democratic’ products and services, which can be easily converted into money or what?] and so on. As well as the rational ones. Of course, the increased consumption by the developing countries

  • China, India, .... or they want to suggest that these countries should desist of "their" free will DIA abstinate of the further (economic, technological, social, ....) development on the behalf of the (existing) high developed countries or what?.
drives oil prices high, too. No doubt too at me, that the increased price of oil over time is unavoidable because of the (very) limited reserves of oil. But the point of all these market manipulations (on such large scale) by various actors/group units is that the bill is going to be paid by individuals/citizens, either directly, as consumers and tax-payers or indirectly, for example, by the lost jobs due to the high prices of oil.


Der Weiße Engel

11 .

In fact, the truth is that in market manipulations on such large scale are always involved either all or the most of the different power structures including the para-formal, informal and obscured ones, who although have divergent interests on some other fields, common for all of them is that in their interests are always hidden/blurred the "personal"/group .... interests but narrow minded interests triggered, driven and led by their insatiable greed. For example, even states have their interests in high prices of oil because of the increased tax income needed for choking up of the numerous hollows in their budgets for financing, for example, the costs of war, costs of terrorism, costs of social benefits ... Or put it in an another way, all these players manipulate and malversate DIA speculate. By this uttered dialectic interactive content this creator of kowledge wanted to say that market manipulations are characterised by the mix of rational, half-rational, irrational, irrelevant, .... factors and reasons DIA causes and justification of them, making such a confusion, that it is very difficult anyone to orient her/himself within such an artificially made environment DIA concept based on the lies, mistrust, greed, … envy, hate and the like. And that was their aim/goal. In other words, the fishing in troubled waters by different trouble-makers is another name for market manipulations DIA speculations. The crucial question is who makes troubles (in the water/market) and whose forces support it. (Para-)states/organisations are not the only trouble-makers, but even if they are visible, the question is, who stands DIA support, behind & beyond their perfidious activities DIA actions? Is there between them any "secret" connection/link?

Das Menschliches Wesen

12 .

An recent example of such a market speculation DIA manipulation, were the Olympic games in Athena, where a fourth part of its overall costs/budget was spent on providing its security. Try to imagine, what could be built for 1,2 milliards dollars? Anyway, only by creating/developing such an environment DIA the related atmosphere of fear, it was possible to create the customer and sold the relevant service. An even more recent example using the same created environment DIA atmosphere is the duty of all passports holders to change the existing/current passports by the new ones, although they still have not expired, in order to be applied the latest digital photo and fingerprint technology because they (the USA at the first place) believe that it will be more difficult for terrorists to penetrate these high developed countries. In other words, giving impression DIA manipulation of the public opinion that the terrorists were not recognised the last time because of the traditional applied photo technology, although the fact is that they for entering did not use forged passports but the regular-valid ones (with American visas, that is, they were checked out before they were allowed to enter the USA) and from this reason, it was not relevant/important which photo technology was applied: digital, traditional or anyone one other. And just such manipulations with the public opinion DIA lobbying the state apparatus/government (agencies) are the recognisable characteristics of market manipulation. ....

Der Weiße Engel

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