“Angry" - out of the storm: It is very difficult to be found the right word that can completely present and interpret this dialectic interactive content. Considered from the standpoint of the developed dialectic interactive approach, the word "angry" is not for sure the right one. To this creator of knowledge, it seams like the dialectic synthesis DIA the renewed thesis (conclusion) of the following (similar) words DIA notions: displeasure, resentment, irritation, inflammation, indignation, and the like. For example, displeasure DIA irritation of His with this discourse of the time DIA space (spirit, mind, matter), and particularly with its end DIA the related (undesirable) conclusion of this initiated dialectic interactive process, understood in terms of the introduced dialectic interactive approach, regarding the dialectic interactive content under consideration. It was choosen the word "displeased" to be interpreted and presented this notion (out of the storm), that is, unsatisfied and uncomplied with such a bringing to an end of the initiated dialectical interactive process. Similarly, the notion "a jealous God", used within the ten commandments (or perhaps, the ten recommendations) is not the right expression, to the opinion of this creator creator of knowledge ["For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the mother and fathers, to the ... (5.Moses - 5:8-10)"] . In fact, it is a typical (wo)manlike interpretation of this old-Hebrew notion, used in those time DIA space, uttered without a deeper insight DIA the suitable knowledge of this gone (not adequately recorded) time DIA space. In other words, on what it God could be jealous in this world, characterised by a very low level of the achieved development of consciousness and conscience of its inhabitants!?