Re-enlightening and illuminating the best creative path in this imaginative medium in time DIA space, created by their active and creative participants within it DIA the continual refining the created dialectical interactive content, understood in terms of retaining the best quality of the uttered thoughts. In order to be achieved this objective, all these dialectical contents have to pass through the numerous sieves set in (dialectic interactive) process, that in fact leads to the creating (higher) knowledge. To be reduced in the greatest feasible degree the undesireable partiality during these initiated dialectical interactively creative processes, it is desired the emancipation and dissociation of their participants from time to time of the well-known earthly shacles, that is, meeting the "face to face" with God DIA in the face of God. Pay thy attention, that the emissaries of God are also all the time DIA suitable space present among you [mostly as passive observers, even not aware of it], intervening only in the case when the desired direction of the initiated dialectic interactive processes (key-events) on the worl level turned to the unwished (evil) direction. However, if to the someone of them, after (many) attempts to be re-enlightened the Inner Being DIA Inmost One, managed to recognise the true purpose of her, his life mission, respectively to begin with the following path of (further) inner illumination, a very complex dialecticall content, that belongs to an another story. This aspect of the dialectic content under consideration was also demonstrated in this symbolically presented DIA interpreted dialectos by Elihu.