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“Книга Йова - Святая Библия, Часть 4 - Comments of this Creator of Knowledge after Compilation of this Creative Article

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces


A Dialectical View on the Simple Mind, Seen from a Mathematical Perspective


What to say after all that has been said in previous creative articles? First of all, it's a pity, that the "Book of Job" is not a part of the obligatory educational program, taught there as a CREATIVE WORK. Keep in mind, if thou want initiate dialectical tensions of the accumulated time DIA appropriate space within thy kingdom, one way of achieving this is to read ancient creative works too, which managed to survive the period of continual rule of darkness, either in an open or more or less hidden form. In particular, the folks DIA their inhabitants, who bear the seed of the ancient civilizations, should be encouraged to do it (DIA cleaning it), as a pre-condition for finding the (collective) inner peace, achieved by reconciliation of the imprinted traces of acting left behind by thy ancestors. From the exposed thought by this creator of knowledge follows, the folks, which had once upon a time DIA suitable space a great past [unfortunately in evil terms, otherwise they would not have been pushed outside of this great all-saying stage of His] DIA learnt something from that, can also have a (even) better future, under condition they manage to find access to the left (cultural, philosophic, artistic, scientific) treasure, imprinted and impressed into this bygone time DIA space. Recall, the introduced dialectical time [future, emotive emotional presence dia physical presence, past] DIA space [spirit, mind, matter], READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space", does not follow the pattern of thinkig, characterised for the (recti)linear time [past ⇢ present time ⇢ future] and space [simple(st) mind, matter]. Read, "The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Concept of the Physical Universe".

The Human Being


The similar case is valid for the Ex-Yugoslavian expanses, where the external manifesting national intolerance (hate) from time to time among its people has its root in intolerance (hating) (consisting part of) each of common ex-ancestor of theirs within themselves, re-considered from a genetically DIA mindual (and spiritual) perspective. Keep in mind, the notion of folk is created of free will by love and mutual trust of its inhabitants, unlike the notion of nation which is created from some natiocratic reason, and for this reason is actually an artificial societal category. In other words, the nation is based on the various material interests DIA by MONEY expressive reasons for their establishment, as well as this is an appropriate instrument for easier control (DIA division) from the outside by other (greater) established neighboring nations, and by the great powers, at the first place. For these reasons, within the already formed nation, everything that bears attribute and epithet of multi-cultural is considered as a kind of threat (for its further existence). Thus, also both established two Ex-Yugoslavias, being formed

  • [by the (foreign) big powers: perceive, neither by love and mutual trust nor it was even tried to be created a central Yugoslavian district for the mixed marriages based on these values by the domestic national(istic) leaders, although it is true that some of them were born and raised in mixed marriages, or they founded a mixed marriage. And the worst of all, some of them tried to present themselves as the great Yugoslavians; For this and the similar recognisable (natiocratic) behaviors of the simple(st) person(ification)s, READ, "An Upshot of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind: The Concept of a Simple-Minded Person";]

on the already described national(istic) and natiocratic principles, might be considered as a kind of MULTI-NATIONAL failure of this societal experiment DIA the suitable project of the great (DIA domestic natiocratic ) powers. In other words, since the basic preconditions were not created, both these natiocratic formations were destined in advance to failure, without involvement of foreign powers. Notice, unlike nationalists, national-chauvinists, and nacists or rasists, who are relatively easy to indentify, the hidden intentions and intencionalities of natiocrats is very difficult to see through. For this reason, natiocrats are far more dangerous earthly powers of darkness, precisely due to their cunning, hidden, evil acting: similarly to making distinction between the blackness and darkness. Moreover, natiocrats always manage to employ national chauvinist forces to carry out their hidden goals by performing various dirty tasks.

The White Angel


And then AGAIN it was put in focus of the endless YU-eventments, a smaller (surrounded by all sides) multi-national edition of it (BiH), formed too by the greatest world's trouble-makers on the Berlin Congress (1878), and which within themselves still contains the all domestic trouble-makers (Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks) of the two fruitless "Great" Yugoslavias followed by an obligatory adding and conserving a new segment of intolerance, which actually creates conditions for a MILITARY supervision and observation. This time, the national intolerance manifests in an open form, which is a recognizable natiocratically democratic form of expression of freedom of speech and creative action. In other words, various public ways of (the officially allowed and tolerated) expressions of vulgarity [the "empting" and venting (getting rid) of the accumulated anguish and wrath over time and space] in a MOB DIA group way of doing it [by making big squalling, shouts, venting rage and fury .... on the source of it], is one of the greatest achievement of the so-called natiocratic democracy DIA its famous concept of the freedom of "SPEACH". Anyway, it is well known where to this previous YU-scenario in time DIA appropriate situation in space led, [The First World War, then establishing the First Monarhistic Yugoslavia ... The Second World War, then establishing the Second Communistic Yugoslavia ...], and by adding a new (smaller and ENGER) hoop this YU-spiral continues to grow in time and space. Either case, considered from a human(e) and individual (long-run) perspective, being, having, existing, living and SURVIVING within any kind of the (multi-)national(istic) formation is not so simple and easy. But due to its world-wideness, it seems, the confrontation with (international) natiocrats cannot be avoided, because "they" DIA them are everywhere present that shows and proves the life story of this creator of knowledge, experienced here, within the multi-national [and obscurely nationalistic, that is, natiocratic ] EU(-NATO) 'security' zone. The only remained alternative to such an [not well "structured and ideologically DIA theologically integrated"] individual, is changing the well-known living environment understood in terms of replacing it with the less experienced. And first then it is possible to be conceived and understood the MOTIVES DIA the inborn instinct of the migratory birds to abandon the coldness (and frigidity) of the north in exchange for the unendurable broiling heat of the south!

The Human Being


If to this was added the process of assimilation, characterized for the higher forms of the (nationalistic) natiocracy (EU-Zone, for example), including the merciless assimilation of the occupied and incorporated folks ('minorities) within their national state's formations, a new face of their Big Natiocratic Picture emerges. A good example of it is the destiny (or fate?) of the other half of the old Serbian folk (Lusatian Serbs), who decided to stay in the old home-land (now part of Germany), after the today's Balkan's Serbs, led by Dervan, abandoned these spaces for 14 centuries ago: There is no any kind of autonomy for the remaining Lusatian Serbs, including the cultural one as well, no own universities (nor secondary schools?), no TV or radio stations, no ...., even it is difficult to find a large internet (website) portal on the old Serbian (Sorbian) language. In spite of the fact, seen from a religion's perspective, they were relatively good positioned: a half of them are Christian Catholics, whereas the another one are the Christian Evangelical Protestants. This helped them nothing bu to be more easili assimilated. This is an apparent PROOF that the religion, at all times (DIA corresponding spaces), including also the so-called "Medieval Black Age", didn't played a big role within any form of the (nationalistic) natiocracy, as it 'they' DIA them want to prove. On the contrary, it was rather misused or simply used as an appropriate "spiritual" instrument for the easier carrying out of the BIG NATION(al) interests. What to be said about remnants of the Celtic genus, in the today's Ireland (and Scotland), who in spite of the achieved NATIONAL sovereignty still use as the official language English? And so on, and so on ...

The White Angel


And now only try to imagine, considering this dialectical interactive content from Heavenly perspective, as a HUMAN(E) BEING DIA a (great) individual, that is, "face in face with God DIA the face of God", such natiocrats want to find a solution for the similar "demographic" pictures, present world-wide. In other words, a rebellion against similar powerfull (political and military) natiocratic formations in order to be easier carried out their own political, military, economical, .... interests (by risking thereby to be exterminated), although within some of them the conditions and prospects for their eventual survival are (much) better [having at least some form of the (cultural) autonomy and the like] during this long journey through the time DIA space. Keep in mind, within the presented worlds of dialectics of His the quantity (great numbers) is not so important but rather the quality. From all these reasons, here it is also not a bad idea again to be quoted the words of Christ DIA the wise words of the prophet of God Jeremiah:

  • "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to THE PLANK in your own eye. How can you say to your brother, let me take the speck out of your eye, when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, FIRST TAKE THE PLANK OUT of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye (Matthew-7:1-5)."
  • This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says to all those I carried into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon: Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce; Marry and have sons and daughters; find wives for your sons and give your daughters in marriage, so that they too have sons and daughters; increase in number there, do not decrease. Also seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pay to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you also will prosper. Yes, this is also what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: Do not let the prophets and diviners among you to deceive you. Do not listen to the dreams you encourage them to have. They are prophesying lies to you in My name. I have not sent them, declares the Lord Almighty" (Jeremiah-29:4-9).

The Human Being


In addition to this, it has to be emphasised that the Balkan's way of thinking DIA the suitable solving of the accumulated problems in this NATIONalistic way was imported from outside [almost two centuries after the similar western one, ended by the so-called "West-Fallen's Peace (Agreement)") on these, earlier in far greater extent, multi-cultural (Balkan's) expanses, because being subdued there to the world powers, for the most of time (and space) of their history, it never were created nor existed conditions to be born there (great) native thinkers. How low level of the developed intellectual capabilities there was, it shows the example that the name of the first common intellectual movement was not Yugoslavian but the "Illyrian Movement" because they thought the south Slavic people was (Old) Illyrian Origin. Nevertheless, without this historical multi-cultural background DIA the appropriate inheritance, a great (cosmopolitan) individual cannot be born within the so-called pure national(istic) formations. It could be argued that inherited (DIA imposed from outside) ignorance is the cause for other similar worldwide (hidden) manifestations of these negative and (self-)destructive emotions. In either case, to the opinion of this creator of knowledge, the various racist’s, nationalistically discriminative theories and the various ways of the apartheid(ing) as well, unfortunately STILL VERY PRESENT AND MANIFESTED worldwide, particularly BEHIND THE OBSCURED SCENERIES, are (already) outdated. By the way, such a "pure" nation within these modern NATIOcratic societies has been never met by this creator of knowledge. Unfortunately, racism and various ways of the apartheid(ing) in this modern pagan's world is not anymore only of 'white' colour.

The White Angel


A reason for the afore said in this part of the world, where this creator of knowledge creatively acted, regarding the "Book of Job", the intolerance might be also implanted during raising and bringing up new generations, artificially made by separating scriptures of the Old Testament from the NEW ONE, that is in full accordance with the bipolar way of thinking of the (recti)linear time and space: Black-white, yes-no, true-false .... Evermore, as a result of this bipolar way thinking, interpreted by this creator of knowledge, as the CROWD/MOB (DIA group) way of thinking, even in the religious circles, valid to the present days, to these consistuent scriptures of the Old Testament are given various VALUES and significance, taken and considered as wholes, instead of considering their contents from each single sentence. In other words, considered from a Christian perspective, each content of "The Old Testament", after being placed in the right (social) context of the considered time DIA space, and which is not directly against the words of CHRIST, noted down in the Four Gospels, IS IN FACT STILL VALID. Keep in mind, almost all major actors of "The New Testament" were HEBREWS, as well as it is very difficult TO UNDERSTAND the Holy content of "The New Testament" without previously being familiar with the Scriptures of the Old One, particularly, for those whose human(e) root is not enough deep.

By the way, for those who do not possess a bit of the GOOD within their inner beings DIA inmost One ("kingdom"), it is in fact impossible to understand any Holy content, contained in any Holy Book. On the other hand, it might be argued, first by reading other Holy Books and Scriptures DIA a deeper insight in the full meaning of their common essence, thou art able to conjure up DIA understand the imagined Great Picture by God, and thus by definition better to understand the own God's religion. Listening the numerous modern pagans, who by avoiding exposition of themselves to the temptations of other religious thoughts DIA DIFFERENT way of thinking, because in Christ's words there is so little or not at all true faith DIA trust into the own one, because they only GENETICALLY DIA reasonably inherited it from their grand-( grand) parents (note, NOT SPIRITUALLY too).

The Human Being


Unfortunately, the above uttered dialectical content, related to the Holy Bible, is not one way road. After the re-organisation of Hebraism, the focus in the similar way, previously elaborated, was put on the five Books of Moses. As a result of these two artificially separated processes, the all other Holy content that lies between these two created dialectical worlds has been NEGLECTED, and put in the second, third, ... (?) plan. Although, this creator of knowledge paid a lot of attention to the all acting GREAT PROPHETS, to Moses, John Baptist and to the Christ particularly, related to the content of the Holy Bible, it does not mean that the other ones, as a reflection of the earthly way of thinking, can be neglected in such a way. Notice, this creator of knowledge always gives the priority to those, who acted prior him and in that order. Keep in mind, this order of creative acting might be different in some other places of the worlds of dialectics of God. By the way, if someone truly has need for the earthly comprehension of hierarchy, the best advice to her, him, is to stay here on the Earth until its very end, in any living form, or even to follow them in their 'kingdom'. Keep in mind, the God is GOD because He is the best (understood in terms of being GOOD) from all of us (their faithfully followers), considered in any way, and the ONLY ONE, who is able to create life and give the (gift of) LIFE.

The White Angel


Even in earthly sense of the interpreting notion GOOD, a good person will never compel the another (less) good one to do something against the own will [that is always in accordance with the purity of her, his inner DIA inmost being], but rather this is a (main) feature of the evil ones. In short, within any higher world, understood in terms of Good, particularly within the highest one, none will nor can, uttered and understood in terms of Good DIA (notion of the) GOD, be COMPELLED by force to visit the lower worlds], so long until there is light within her, his inner DIA inmost being, what actually determines what is a good, better, .... less good, .... evil world. In other words, thanks to the great wisdom of His, as more the created world is evil, as the shorter is duration of the life there for the human beings because none of the truly followers of His would like to spend her, his "eternity" there. For thy orientation in time DIA space, the highest world is created in such a way that the GOOD is everywhere around thee, that is an opposite scenario in time DIA situation in space, compared to the life-environments, where the evil prevails, as well as how else it could be. Anyway, this self-awareness of the importance of preserving higher (GOOD) worlds from these unwished EVIL intruders is another issue, and for all previously uttered reasons, the heavenly intervention is a necessity for achieving it, done from the pure heart, as a result of the highest level of the developed consciousness DIA consciousness. Or put it in another way, it is her / his free will to do it DIA a necessity to be done it from time to time, to at least try to direct the flow of events in the right direction. So, if God is ready to do it, then also the most faithfully followers of His, follow His example.

The Human Being


On the other hand, this creator of knowledge, avoiding to be accused for favoring the religious contents of the God's religions, recommends for reading the great Sumerian epos "Gilgamesh", as a part of education programs in the similar purposes, just due to its ancient roots, too. Since in the veins of mine still runs, both the blood of ancient civilizations and the surrounding ones too, regardless of being holder of an EU passport, I do not feel any need nor wish for making any additional effort for becoming a "SPIRITUAL" DIA MINDUAL part of the ("NEWEST") Europe, just from the previosly elaborated reasons, that is, "we" neither share the same nor similar values system (for the orientation in time DIA space). The gap between "us" and the suitable DISAGREEMENTS is so big, as an end result of their sick endeavor to diminish, undermine and belittle my creative (cap)abilities.

The White Angel


The reason is also of individual nature, for the uttered COSMOPOLITIAN thoughts of this creator of knowledge, who acts within me, WERE NOT AT ALL WELLCOMED by the ruling elite of this newest Europe, and by reading the previously said, as well as other creative articles, it is also clear why. It seems, this straightforwardness DIA frankness, so characterised for the people of Balkan, even WHEN DOING EVIL, is a kind of rebellion against the more hidden DIA dark acting behind the obscured sceneries, so characterised for this ruling (natiocratic) elite, which tries to regenerate (this newest "civilisation" of) Europe. Hope reading these creative articles, it was not difficult to be conjured up, how this in fact functions in the living reality of this natiocratic formation.

Moldova, Chisinau, Jun, 2011


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