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Echo of the Exposed Virtual Ideas in the Ruling Strategic Created Reality

The Human Being

The White Angel

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In this way, an alternative netmodal concept was imagined by this creator of knowledge, understood in terms of an antithesis to the existing, ruling strategic concept. Of course, there was nothing of that up till now because it seems that the strategic thinking DIA its implanted militant thinking, neither endure nor tolerate an alternative thinking as well as any kind of the mentioning of antithesis but only endless reformulation of the existing (absolute) dogma-thesis, that is either tittle - tattle or keeping silence. In fact, this is the major characteristic of all societies BASED ON THE MOB DIA GROUP ways of thinking(natiocracy). Furthermore, the cartel DIA bordello of easy women [state(s)], with their numerous lustful ashes [state's agencies and numerious (para-)state institutions], co-operating and collaborating together (globally) with their lovers (groupists: large companies, sympathizers of this way of thinking) did all to marginalize this creator of knowledge from this great creative stage. In other words, he was treated, as the greatest threat to their way of thinking, which is source of the concept of the simple(st) mind DIA vulgar one. As the living and working environment, where this creator of knowledge stayed, more heathenish was [as well as infiltrated by the followers of the "obscured one"], as the shorter his stay there was, and the lower quality of life, he lived. In the most of such countries, it was not feasible to get a job in accordance with his skills and qualifications, often followed by discrimination, which reminded on a modern "wild-westernised" edition of the (modern manifestation of) apartheid, supported by a constant chicane and performing typical natiocratic endless "plays of art" of theirs. If you compare this special treatment of me with my earlier in vain (UNREAL OPTIMISTIC) attempts to get a job as manager, IT professional or to attend a Ph.D. programme, I hope, it is clear to everyone, which kind of (perfidious) regime has been established within (the creative emptieness of) these "wild west" countries.

The Human Being


However, this public demonstration of their true value system and the revealed vile secrets of this kind of the established natiocratic democracy by their states', semi-state's and private institutions, allowed me among others, to grasp, what kind of the virtual organising, 'they' DIA them prefer. In short, BY MISUSING the 'virtual' opportunity of the so-called "flexible labour market", allowed by making the employment agencies main employer of the lower segments of employees [natiocratic ('democratic') outcust, for one or another reason], whereas the employed in the official job centres through their endless 'improvement' of obsolete qualifications of their CLIENTS (unemployed), including those as a result of their strategic failures and mistakes, at the expense of TAXPAYERS' MONEY. Actually, in this way, a kind of institution for correction and reform of ideologically unfitted ones for the benefit of various natiocratic entities was provided. If to this were added various ways of the very profitable issuing of the 'virtual (fictive) money' by the 'virtual central banks', thou got idea, why 'they' DIA them dislike in such an extent the virtual way of organising presented by me, as well as EACH DIFFERENT WAY OF DOING AND RUNNING BUSINESS.


The White Angel

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On the other hand, this 'flexy kind of the virtual organising' instead of being done in the companies positioned in the information and knowledge contained (intensive) business, it was implemented by THIS KIND OF NATIOCRATIC MANAGEMENT and THE IDEOLOGISTS of this way of business organising, believe or not, within the traditional organisational structures (factories), such as the sorting of "tomatoes", processing of meat, ..... Working (conditions and treatment of employees) in some of them, reminds me on a modern "wild westernised" labor camps, a modification and adaptation of the (existing PROFITABLE) gulags. In other words, this kind of the 'virtual' ('flexy') way of doing and organising of business is present in all labour intensive business sectors in much higher extent than there, where it should be present. Even here were retained the old working relations, including the 'rewarding' system for the accomplished (highly) CREATIVE work. In other words, regardless of whether work was done creatively or not, the 'virtual professionals' were paid ('rewarded') in the traditional way, but at the expense of having less rights (if any) compared to their fellows with company's contract. Or put it in another way, nothing has been done to offer different incentives to the (creative) employees (thesis), to be encouraged in this way, to bring out the knowledge that sits in their head (hearts) (renewed antithesis), as well as, to be given them an additional incentive to share and exchange knowledge with other employed co-fellows (synthesis DIA …). For further information read the section: "Process of Creating Knowledge in a Strategic Environment - A Dialectic View" in my creative work: "Netmode - The Strategy for the 21st century - Dialectic Interactive Approach", Jovanović, 1999.

The Human Being


This period of creative acting in the 'wild' west was a true clash between a great individual and the mobbed crowd DIA groups (crowdists DIA groupists), because common for all of them is that they are against any mentioning of individual(s), individual (different, DIVERSE and many-coloured) thinking and in particular the [creative] freedom [and (working) independence of] individuals, even in such a small extent, as it might be provided by the concept of the virtual organising. In other words, this was a modern version of the "fight" between David and Goliath, where this creator of knowledge in the role of David, has been slinging CREATIVE "stones", striking each time their numerous (transformed heads into) "ashes". Anyway, the head, whose prior fatal wound had been healed, which cannot be seen from its numerous "ashes", who once was and now is not, came again up out of the Abyss going to its destruction. It seems to this creator of knowledge, this head again got a fatal wound losing a lot of "blood and strength". As it was already once by me emphasised (read, "Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA Space - Methodology for Creating Knowledge", Jovanović, 2001), "An individual is always stronger than any group or mob (crowd) formation, except in terms of manual power. The reason is very simple: to each (great) individual is ever opened the door (access) to God. Their counterpart is only team way of the living, acting and creating DIA being, having and existing because it is also based on the principles of truth, trust and love of His".

The White Angel

5 .

In spite of enormous invested efforts and resorces DIA perfidious ('softly') measures applied by their specially trained forces, both official (state) and unofficial (private financed) ones, hoping that the creative potential of this creative knowledge will also, as a result of the undertaken measures, vanish over time DIA space, due to their constant attempts to "darken"the Inner Being DIA Inmost Being of this creator of knowledge. Actually, they achieved nothing, as it the written creative works and the creative articles show and prove. And more awfully for them, 'they' DIA them even didn't manage TO DISMAY this creator of knowledge. In other words, except in money terms, it did not managed to these special trained units of the mighty darkness of this world to break down this creator of knowledge, neither mindually nor spiritually. It seems, these miserable and wretched creatures (still?) believe that all knowledge comes from the shelves of libraries, from heads of their dull (and under full control) professors (teachers-tricksters) at the universities, in the money they possess and the like.

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF "US"


On the other hand, it seems, that the state and in particular, the step mother, known as the "social" state, as well as the various "step-fathers", better known as lovers of her, are even jealous on mentioning of family, God, the only true parents of its children, which are in the external (hard) environment known as humane individuals (citizens), as well as consumers DIA clients and employees DIA small employers. Keep in mind, in the case, when "they" DIA them CLOSE THE ACCESS TO GETTING ANY JOB, either in the taxpayers' financed institutions [(semi-)state(s) and its apparatus] or in [particular in the international and large] private owned companies which ACT JOINED IN A YOKE. Their way of comprehension of the "democracy"

  • {this latest stage of development of the natiocracy, is also based on the mob DIA group way of thinking by MISUSING and manipulating all and everything. The natiocratic democracy reminds me on a NATIONAL (potentially all-participating) PARTY CONGRESS of a modern edition of the communistic party, within which is tolerated existence of various fractions. Because it is neither in the 'spirit' of this NATIOcratic democratic political system, nor they can SOLVE THEIR INNER (BY MONEY AND MIGHT DRIVEN) DISAGREEMENTS, a chance was given to their citizens formally to vote and with this act to legitimate all and everything, what they intend to carry out during the given mandate. In short, by voting for the DELEGATED candidates, chosen (behind the hidden sceneries) and from this reason already ELECTED by each of the participating top parties' clique, that is, this crucial part of the elections within the participating parties had been accomplished in the similar way, as it was done in the traditional communistic party. In other words, citizens STILL HAVE NO INFLUENCE on this most important part of the 'democratic' elections, which takes place behind the hidden scenery.
  • If to this was added that the democratic elections almost have no influence on the (unchangeable) STRUCTURE of the state's, semi-state's and para-state's apparatus, on the BUSINESS SPHERE and other mob DIA group entities, I hope, you are able to feel the big picture of this 'TOO LOUD AND NOISY' natiocratic political system. If someone doesn't agree with me, let me tell, how in such a system can be in a creative way which was exposed in these creative articles, that is, be accomplished WITHIN this 'democratically' controlled educational system dia their autonomy, although it is financed by TAXPAYER'S money? Here, there is no need to be mentioned educational institutions financed by the (semi-)private sources. Or more simply said, where university professors were elected OR SELECTED and by WHOM as well as whose (ideological) interests they serve?
  • In short, how in modern societies these EVERYDAY AND UNAVOIDABLE, face to face, confrontations within the EDUCATIONAL SPHERE were handled, as a preparation for coming challenges within the business and WORKING SPHERE. These risen questions are far more important for the individuals (pupils, students, workers) than democratic elections, which are taken place every four, five years, and which, by the way said, can be omitted without the manifestation of IMMIDIATE HARMFUL CONSEQUENCES for them and the members of their families. Or more simply said, (relatively small number of) the ellected ones are too far (somewhere on the 'heavens') compared to (a multitude of) EARTHLY (NATURAL EVOLUTIONARRY) SELECTED ONES, seen from the standpoint of a individual, in the role of ORDINARY citizens, employees, pupils, students, .... people. As a consequence of this natiocratically democratic shortcoming, to an ordinary citizen, each (selected) professor, social worker, each employed in job centre, employment agency, (semi-)state apparatus and PRIVATE institutions, which are named "groupists" by me, is a kind of small tyrant, legally authorised with supreme-rights. Bear in mind, in the focus of my confrontation with them were CREATIVE ISSUES, which are the most important for the future development of a society, or of the world, if thou so will.
  • In short, whereas the SELECTED ONES were (made) busy with doing whatever they think it is good for the (future of) society, the governing elected ones spend most of their mandate, how to retain in their hands "the key of the safe deposit (of tax-payers' money)", the opposition (parties) do(es) all to undermine their governing position because this is only way to obtain this most valuable and precious key in each natiocratic order. Keep in mind, the duration of a democratic mandate is perhaps limited in terms of doing something good for the society as a whole, due to its shortevity, understood in terms of time DIA space, but the same is not also valid for the potential doing of harmful and malicious activities, with long-run consequences for the most members of society and especially for the coming generations. As a result of these typical natiocratic inconsistencies, the interests of citizens and development of the society as a whole, reflected through the prism of the ruling and opposition's parties, are (most of the time DIA space) DIVERGENT. Hope, it was not difficult to recognise the bipolar DIA dual (binary) way of thinking, so characteristic for the rectilinear understanding of space and time, where within its methodological postulates, there is only place for a side (political block, party), that is, for the WINNER of this endless naticratically democratic battle, followed with related ongoing conflicts within it. This natiocratic attitude to the meaning of life was very well dialectically synthesised in the proverb: When bisons fight, it is the (nameless) grass that suffers (under burden of the battle of these 'giants'). These arisen questions are not addressed by modern natiocrats, as well as the question is, can these observed problems and challenges of time DIA space be solved at all, which are of the crucial importance FOR THE ORDINARY PEOPLE (unelected and unselected ones), when dealing with the groupists within such an established natiocratic order, based on the mob DIA group way of thinking.
  • As it will be later shown during the post-netmodal era by the creator of knowledge BoBan, the understanding of the (recti)linear space and time, as something outside of us, whose direct consequence is generation of the heads with hollows inside them, left in this SIMPLE-MINDED AND VULGAR way without any defense, allows EASILY filling up of it with any (ideological) content. This also includes empty stories about the advantages of this way of business running FOR THE SOCIETY, AS WHOLE (or for the members of its elite?) compared to the classical way, about the supremacy of this kind of the natiocratic (representative) DEMOCRACY compared to other natiocratic forms of rule, instead of the speaking about their similarities. In other words, the hollow-minded heads are very easily approachable and accessible to be (ideologically) manipulated by each kind of content of the rectilinear comprehending of time and space, for example, by pointing at the (died) dictators and dictatorships of the GONE past AND/OR at the (still alive) dictators and dictatorships somewhere ACCROSS THEIR BORDERS, leaving to these hollow-minded beings, neither time nor space to perceive with their five senses the PRESENT dictators and dictatorship (in the creative sphere), established within the own (inner) borders (Matthew-7:1-5).
  • In short, the creative acting of this creator of knowledge completely unmasked the essence of this natiocratic democratic order, whose major feature is obscurity of their acting (behind the obscured sceneries) including the existence of various discrepancies in treatment, including the essential discrepancy, visible as the discriminative treatment of the individuals (citizens) compared to the numerous group and mob entities, which is the main common feature of the ALL past and existing natiocratic orders. Seen from a human(e) perspective, the discrepancy DIA the related gap between the words and deeds is THE WORST OF ALL. Just compare their 'big words' to the exposed CREATIVE CONTENT (IDEAS) in the exposed creative articles, to the real happenings within the time DIA space, which is under their full 'democratic' control, according to them. In other words, here is about the confrontation of a great individual with their intellectual, educational, humanitarian, social, ideological, management and business elite, but not in terms of the clash of ideas, in spite of their TOO LOUD CLAIMS that their democratically controlled system, allow freedom of speech and CREATIVE ACTING WITHIN THE OFFICIAL (PUBLIC) INSTITUTIONS. Based on my experience, already now in this established natiocratic regime, EVERY KEY-POINT of all essential spheres of the human acting is under control. Either way, this clearly shows that the exposed ideas and meaning of the notions human and humane (human-loving) HAS NOTHING IN COMMON, to my opinion, with their conceiving this dialectical content under consideration, that is, with their concept of the human rights, freedom (of speech and creative acting) and so on.
  • Concluding the initiated dia-process regarding the natiocratic democracy, seen from this standpoint of THE DISTINGUISHING GOOD from evil, within any kind of the natiocratic order DIA established political systems, it is more important of what kind of INDIVIDUALS the ruling elite consist. It might be argued, seen from the perspective of an individual person, each kind of the natiocratic system is a form of the dictatatorship, in more or less extent, manifested either in a open or (more) obscured form or in any other evil-minded way. From these reasons, seen from the human(e) perspective, the major problem of the so-called dictatatorships is not its absolute rule self, as 'they' DIA them purposefully OVEREMPHESISE IT, but the fact that its ruling elite favours and supports evil at the expense of the good (ones) within it. Particularly, the evil(-minded) behaviour of (many) members of the natiocratic elite, their suite and the members of their own families, circle of friends and the like. Or by uttering this dialectical content in another way, each societal order, where (the favouring) evil (at the expense of good) is present, and particularly in those societies in which is purposeful generation of vulgar mind [DIA a further and further vulgarisation of the simple(st) mind], for one or another reason, as a fundament for the evil-minded activities, demands by definition some manifestation of dictatatorship, that is, excessive use of various forms of force and power [of state-, semi-state apparatus and / or private ones]. And the worst of all, this 'created necessity' can be directed against the human-loving individuals, whatever the incentive for this inhuman behaviour is.
  • In regard with the purposeful generation of vulgar mind, it must be addressed another important 'democratic' issue or defect, if you so will: Are the vulgar ones capable with their developed mindual (and spiritual) abilities and competences TO ELECT the proper political candidate? It seems, seen from this "heavenly" perspective of ideologoes and proponents of THIS KIND of democracy, the answer is yes, that is, they are very "appropriate", suitable and competent ones for doing it, because only such ones are (cap)able to elect and support a further vulgarisation of their societies. The worst of all, it has global consequences, understood in terms of creating an ideal for organising others (alike ones) worldwide, that is, the continuation of existence of inhuman natiocratic political systems in their endless rectilinear understanding of space and time.
  • By dialectically synthesising this dialectical interactive content, a true democracy, based on the individual way of thinking, requires not only a relatively high level of development of consciousness of the (ruling) elite, which is measured by the well known human prick of conscience, but also a very MINIMALISTIC LEVEL OF IT for those who are not members of elite, unelected and unselected members of the society (of VOTERS generally speaking). If this democratic DIA human prerequisite is not fulfilled, the question is, whether the democratic rule is TRULY the most appropriate form of rule in such kind of societies? However, the answer is positive under condition that there is there a genuine intention, understood in terms of intentionality of the members of that concrete society, to be directed and guided in direction of the (gradual) coming into being HUMANOCRACY, as a counterpart to the continues ideological manipulation of the powerless members of that society by the (ruling) natiocratic elite. For all these reasons, the revival of the idea of distinguishing good from evil, supported by the appropriate CITATIONS FROM THE HOLY BOOKS AND SCRIPTURES, was the MAIN REASON, why the ideologists of the most developed political system of natiocratic democracy, later with such a dismay, horror and RESISTANCE confronted exposed ideas of this creator of knowledge (dialectical interactive approach) during "The Post-Netmodal Era"}.

with its postulates HELPS NOTHING to the ordinary citizens. So put in thy mind, what the battle arena is during the period of war, the (educational and the) WORKING one is it during the period of peace. So if you want to find out, what's the true level of the achieved freedom, including the freedom of speech (and creative acting), spend some time DIA space working in the places determined for the natiocratic outcast, because only here, there is no place for any kind of (political and ideological) manipulation. As far as I could understand their messages, all what had been done by them was completely legally, that is in accordance with their democratically adopted laws and supporting legal procedures, that is, (lawfully) legitimised by votes of their citizens. This reveals an another feature of the natiocratic democracy, lack of incentives for RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR within it, including no effective way of sanctioning and punishment of the made (strategic) failures, mistakes, (economical, social, ....) downfalls, made by groupists, hidden behind the mask of the natiocratically established "faceless" mass (market, network structures, states) DIA various group institutions. In other words, through the (formal) delegation of political and economical power to them by your 'democratic' votes, they were made unaccountable to any other kind of higher (real) authority, because apart from them, by the concept of neo-secularism is nothing else left, including the imaginative heavenly one (fear of God), which always has been in natiocratic conditions more formal nature due to the ruling mob DIA group way of thinking: Too mighty earthly groupists.

The White Angel

7 .

Although, every one can hear each day, how almost without stop, as parrots, they loudly speak DIA repeat on the all available mediums DIA medias, including the "big TV", using their numerous speakers [simple(st) ones] the word "freedom" and its meaning understood by them, it seems, none of them conceives and emotes its real meaning appropriate for this time DIA space, similarly to the relation between the mind-illuminators and the ex-slaves

  • [as it the acquired experience of the Great Prophet, Moses shows and proves dealing with the ex-slaves, while trying to implant within their darkened Inner Being, the seed of the divine DIA human(e) interpretation and real meaning of the freedom]

in their time DIA space. They simply can not properly communicate in terms of this dialectical interactive content, that characterises all political systems, based on the crowd DIA group way of thinking, which only can function and survive under condition that any form of real (true) antithesis is not manifested. But unfortunately for them and their 'mindual and spiritual' offspring, the ANTITHESIS is already here. TO REMIND ALL OF YOU, the SEED sown by the eternal heavenly forces, in accordance to its origin, germinates very SLOWLY, and nothing can stop it. Paradoxically enough, in spite of this all experienced, this creator of knowledge was the most free person, if it at all can be talked about freedom in the natiocratic orders, because he had courage, similarly to the predecessors of his in time DIA space, OPENLY to say to the 'mighty ones' of the biggest political, military, economical power in the world

  • [(EU-)NATO 'security' zone, as an umbrella organisation, able to mobilize and direct all constituent institutions within it (allies and sympathizers of theirs, as well) against the unwished ideas and their creators: intruders],

whatever the price had to be paid. It was done in the written form too, including the use of the INTERNET platform in this purpose.

The Human Being


By the way said, the forces of darkness, which stood behind it, who share their system of values, are the same international forces, which actually stopped and wiped out the Post-Fall of Berlin Wall's idea of the unprecedented level of openness, trust, freedom, the free (and unrestrained) access, sharing and exchange of information, data and knowledge among world citizens across the national borders. Simply in those time DIA space, there was left no other force, neither capable to do it, nor to oppose and stop their initiated inhuman processes. In fact, by behaviour similarly to the proverbial "elephant in the shop made of glass", they annihilated the achievements of the fall of Berlin Wall. Not the terrorist's organisations, which are A BY-PRODUCT of their endeavouring to extend their hegemony in the political, economical and military sphere in the cultural and religious sphere too, by trying to implant there, using various ways of the manifestation of force, their religious ideas of the neo-secularism, their mob DIA group understanding of freedom (of speech, and creative acting), human rights and so on. This shows that in each kind of natiocratic society, there is only freedom and the suitable "human" rights for the various groupists, backed by the "faceless" power of various mobb DIA group units, understood in terms of the acquired and delegated political, economical (money) and legal DIA militant might.

On the other hand, if this cultural and humanitarian content of theirs, as well as their neo-secular religion, that is, their way of DISTINGUISHING GOOD FROM EVIL (ONES), is SO SUPERIOR and 'good' compared to other ways, why to this creator of knowledge was not allowed by them DIA their OFFICIAL institutions (universities, for example), WITHIN THEM to be promoted as an ANTITHESIS the exposed ideas in the creative works and articles? Actually, it might be argued, that the [fight against the (self) caused] terrorism helped to the ideologists and proponents of this natiocratically created democratic order, to be distributed unprecedented financial resources from the state budget into the military, militant and security sphere, in order to be FULLY controlled the (creative) activities of their own citizens. Just pay thy attention to the observation of mine that within their societies, even in the time DIA space of big economical crisis, crunches and other failures, caused DIA masked by the various 'faceless' forces, that is, by blaiming market for it instead of blaiming the irresponsible, careless and incompetent groupists, there is NO DISSIDENTS, as it is case in other natiocratic societies. Why it is so?

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF "US"


Anyway, to be accomplished it, 'they' DIA them WIPED OUT AND SUFFOCATED EACH CREATIVE IDEA, which haven't supported their interpretation of the notion freedom and the humanitarian meaning, that is, in money expressible, "human rights", which can be bought for money, as everything else in their (ideological) system of rule, imposed by the various means of force: On the world (mob) level, group level and individual level. Just compare the life destiny of this creator of knowledge to creative achievements of their top intellectuals, while living and acting within their system of values [regarding distinguishing good from evil], honestly said, persons with average intellectual (cap)abilities, but supported and "backed" by the obscured activities of their secret services and informal networks. In spite of that, this power was not able to improve and increase the CREATIVE abilities of their protégées? Truly, it is ridiculous, on which level these hollow-minded ones tried INTELLECTUALLY to reduce this creator of knowledge, similarly, as it earlier, had been tried to be done with the predecessors of his in time DIA space. But it doesn't go so SIMPLE-MINDEDLY with the great individuals, because they do not belong to the category of the simple-minded (hollow-headed) ones, who allowed that the reality (space and time) takes place outside of "them" (ROBBED of it by them), nor they are the created mob DIA group entities (states, companies, ...) dominated by such persons. It seems, these hollow-minded and simple-reasonable persons NOTHING LEARNT from the past.

In either way, anyone can be free in the extent in which (s)he is able to say her / his opinion in THE NAME OF TRUTH, TRUST, LOVE OF HIS, without waiting for the disappearance (death, for example) of still 'alive mighty ones', in one or another way! Or said it in another way, in this impartial way was shown, how much freedom (of the creative acting), human rights and the like, TRULY there is in this established political (DIA ideological) order of theirs. And these true events WERE NOTED DOWN by this creator of knowledge, in the similar way, as it had been previously done by the predecessors of his in time DIA space. From this also follows that this creator of knowledge (within me) has been much more free than these so-called 'mighty' ones. Actually, most of them are the (well-paid) marionettes of the international dark network, whereas the rest of them, even in earthly terms, are PRISONERS of the self-established natiocratic orders and self-imposed relations and rules within it.

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF "US"


Because the exposed ideas in the previous parts of this creative article were a potential Ph.D. dissertation at the Copenhagen Business School, let remind me, thou, us, with the words, noted down in a letter, as a responce to the organising, a typical "EU-NATO" spread natiocratic artistic performance. Here is the concluding part of the eight-pages letter (8. september, 1999) regarding my Ph.D. proposal – "Netmode - the Strategy for the 21st Century – Dialectic Interactive Approach" that was sent to the dean of the Copenhagen Business School [Gert Bechlund (Danish citizen)] trying to turn his atention on the proved "extremely creative artistic and gifted" talent, possessed by the members of the study committee [prof. Torben Pedersen (Danish citizen) and Lee Davis (American citizen)], after a six month long, typical Danish "play of art", where the dean himself was one of many art-directors. Let me recall it:

"Finishing this letter, I would like to remind you that regardless of your endeavour and the similar to you, to minimise and diminish my acquired qualifications, skills, experience, knowledge and particularly my creative potential, you will not succeed it, looking from a long run perspective. See and read, for example my Master thesis. Its creating and the way to become public was accompanied by a similar story and flow of events. At this moment, I am sure that I was one of the most creative individuals, who lived, acted and created in the area of social science (not only management) in the last two years of the Century (Millennium) in Denmark, and perhaps much broader. That will be shown and proved, either in a closer or in a further future. I claim it because I had no support (apart from God and the "living" reality, that is, common human beings) but only harassing, disturbance and troubling during its process of creation. In spite of creating in such conditions, I managed again to create a really creative work for only three month. If my Master thesis can be compared and placed in rang with your PhD Dissertation(s), this project study is a few steps beforehand, understood in terms of both future and place of its creating. Who knows maybe it helps you and the similar to you, to start with creating something, which is in accordance with your titles, professions (knowledge workers, creators, professors of the University), and in particular with conditions and creative environment, which are provided by Danish society at the expense of tax-payers".

The White Angel

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