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1. Прoчитaјтe прeтхoдни дeo oвoгa крeaтивнoгa члaнкa:

Дoдaтaк 5: Импликaцијe Примeнe Koнцeптa Прoстo(рaзнoсaчкo)гa Рaзумa у смислу Тeoријe Прирoднe Eвoлуцијe ДИA Прирoднo Oдaбирaњe у Живoтнoј Рeaлнoсти (Joвaнoвић, 2004)

Извoр: "Свeт Диaлeктикa нaсупрoт Mултидимeнзиoнaлнoгa Прoстoрa - Диaлeктички Интeрaктивни Приступ у Упoтрeби

At the same time, they will find out, why it is so important that money circulate (capital), as well as other resources DIA undertaking of the creative activities and actions, within the "virtual" balloon DIA "virtual" balloons in time DIA space, that is they are getting opportunity to find the true meaning of the money in these transactions DIA transformations of the factors of the making DIA running/managing business. For example, they can find out, why some of the Latin American countries in spite of the private ownership did not manage to achieve the same level of welfare as the high developed countries. It seems, if the money were accumulated DIA concentrated in a few large pockets (staticsised) preventing in that way the circulation of money DIA its transformation in terms of resources, activities and actors, the expected development of the society was dropped/not achieved. Of course, this is not the only reason as well as it was not my intention to say that a Latino-American family that possess a few millions euros in cash is not richer than her/his counterpart in the Western countries, who possesses the same amount in various "worth papers" (shares, bonds, …) because when every one takes/derives its part ("lending DIA borrowing") during its transformation into cash, (s)he is much poorer than it was proclaimed on DIA by the financial market DIA various “Forbes’” lists, alias uttered in terms of the finance economics: Cash is king!.

Чeлoвeчијe Бићe


  • The “cash is king”, to opinion of this creator of knowledge, is more appropriate for individuals, although also for them is more important, seen from a longer family, age, ..., (and thus dialectic) perspective to have a continual DIA steady (in good hands source of) cash income (for feeling security). Propagators of the natiocratic finance economics justify the business policy of increasing market value of the company at any price DIA increase of the value share at the expense of not paying out dividends from the achieved profit by empty babbling of the simple(st) ones, that is, according to them, if a shareholder needs cash, (s)he can simply sell the share(s). Even by neglecting the influence of taxing the received income, selling/transaction costs, spent DIA dedicated time DIA space (with)in this business (ad)venture DIA in particular, the correction of it by the, in the meantime, accrued (DIA compound rate of) inflation, after deducting the own cash investment in this span of time DIA space is not left much, if anything (for small shareholders). But the point within this dialectic content is, that it mustn’t be forgotten that this shareholder lost (mainly fictive) participation in the ownership of company and the wished (steady DIA) continual cash income as well, respectively participation DIA distribution in the sharing of accumulated profit over time DIA space. Keep always DIA steadily in your mind that all developed ideologies DIA ‘theologies’ of this world, based on the crowd DIA group way of thinking, have their roots DIA have been just chained around this dialectic interactive DIA ‘creative’ content, respectively manifested in time DIA space as the class struggle, the “modern” natiocratic caste struggle, and the struggle of individuals (with them), captured within this crowd DIA group battle-framework (battle field), if you so will, for a tiny piece DIA bit of this milky and tasty DIA “darkend” cream taken from the top of the made (by all employees, shareholders or not) company’s cake. In fact, this is the (main) reason DIA driver for undertaking any business (ad)venture regardless of the ideological DIA ‘theological’ framework and for their DIA your struggle(s) with each other, in particular. In other words, it was not allowed DIA various ideological and ‘theological’ restrictions the feeling of joy of a small child (shareholder, as an individue, in the role of participating owner) after dipping its finger into this creamy cake DIA tasting it by licking up its finger.


Бeли Aнђeo

3 .

  • For crowd DIA group actors (state DIA companies ....) the more appropriate slogan DIA mission might be defined as it follows: ”The king is continuous DIA continual cash (flow) circulation DIA (made certain as possible) cashing of it”. In other words, the undertaken business activities DIA financial transactions should be cashed from time to time, because of the time DIA space value of money [valuable in terms of reconsidering in time DIA space what could be done with this cash (finaly received) in hand], but not in the sense to be retained any longer period of time, due to the time in space DIA space in time value loss/depreciation of money, but rather reinvested, under condition that the received cash is still profitable in time DIA space, transforming in that way this cash again into time in space, respectively preparing (stakeholders’) soil for successful DIA continual (group way of market) running business in this uncertain time (future) in space (spirit) DIA distributed to the employees and shareholders transforming in that way this cash into space in time, because after reconsideration many DIA various scenarios/situations in time DIA space, it was come to conclusion by the management of the company DIA board of directors, that this cash in hand might be more valuable DIA profitable for individuals in this concrete span of time DIA space, respectively preparing (consumer’s) soil for successful DIA continual (individual way of market) running business in this renewed space (matter) in time (past). To be enabled functioning DIA merging of the finance economics in such an (renewed classic market DIA netmodal marknet) environment, it should be developed financial (equity) institutions (antithesis), as a counterpart to the existing financial (debt) DIA bank institutions (thesis), in order that, for example, the flotation costs associated with selling equity would be reduced, as well as that this renewed DIA refined environment becomes more competitive. Keep steadily DIA always in your mind that the debt financial products DIA services are cheaper thanks to these considerably more developed [DIA favoured by the existing (natiocratic) ideological DIA ‘theological’ (global) regulative framework for running business within it] financial (debt) institutions DIA driven by the debt incentives.

Чeлoвeкoљубивo Бићe


  • On the other hand, in the existing DIA ruling natiocratic finance economics, its true attitude towards running business (within the by-me-called debt economics) DIA its slogan mission might be identified DIA diagnosed as: “The Debt is king”. In other words, to any impartial reader of the existing “finance books” is not difficult to grasp this obvious favouring debt at the expense of equity, of cash, of income, of profit and the like, after a careful one-time reading or perhaps twice reading any of them in terms of thesis and antithesis, to be easier synthesised in time DIA space this dialectical interactive content. Therefore, in such debt societies is present the continual (debt) crisis in terms of attitude to life DIA way of life (DIA cyclically living in the opulence of debt illusion, that in fact swallows the accrued wealth in/of time DIA space DIA created knowledge), as a consequence of the paying back incurred DIA accumulated and inherited DIA inherent debt, followed from time to time with big(ger) economic crisis DIA financial turmoil and distresses, as a result of the already spent space (matter) in time (past) by their “ancestors” DIA their own (continual) spending of the time (future) in space (spirit) at the expense of coming generations. Otherwise, in which other environment, apart from this casino one, is possible in short term by such a speed to be acquired such a fortune, allowing transformation DIA metamorphose of a (wretched) (wo)man “overnight” into a new rich one, or in similar inverse way to lose (all) it, if you so will. The exception might be the selling off former-public/societal DIA state property, created by (futile) efforts of prior generations, but this kind of selling off can be done once, respectively it is one-way street. The observed (multi) two-pathway in time DIA space in terms of denationalisation DIA (re)nationalisation various forms of property was termed by this creator of knowledge as malversation DIA political manipulation of its citizens DIA misuse of the democratic (political) system through the interplay in time DIA space of the so-called “left and right political parties”. As a final result, in such societies exists present time ‘for ever’, characterised by various manifestations of debt “diseases” DIA crisis for the most of their inhabitants. In other words, in full accordance with the linear DIA dual way of thinking, not only the past is over but the future never arrives, because it was already twisted DIA coiled into the existing (linear oscillatory) present time.


Бeли Aнђeo

5 .

  • The major purpose DIA objective in management of this debt (finance) economics is inventing various financial instruments by the ‘minds of the financial engineering’, but not in purpose to be truly hedged the taken business risk DIA its (uncertain) financial transactions, for the role of shielding return on the investment has been already left over to the debt DIA interest tax shield (transferred DIA paid by creditors DIA group taxpayers), promotion/advertising DIA marketing (expenses) tax shield (transferred DIA paid by consumers DIA individual taxpayers), (re)investiment DIA depreciation tax shield (paid by its suppliers DIA group taxpayers while the rest of it was gradually transferred DIA (additional) postponed paying by consumers DIA individual taxpayers) and the like, until the whole amount was transferred in time DIA space and paid by final consumers DIA (varius intermediatory) customers/stakeholders in the role of individual DIA group taxpayers, BUT rather to be (further) traded by them DIA continual resale of these financial products DIA services on various (global) secondary financial markets, putting in focus of this business (financial) strategy the entertainment of the involved highly dependable actors by gambling in terms of selling available financial time DIA space (with)in the created financial market casino DIA futures and (call and put) options in particular, having in the case of manipulative DIA speculative activities (in)direct impact on companies’ businesses. In this way was continued the started business story with debt as a kind of call option on the company’s assets through its transformation in time DIA space into the (true) gambling (call) option, valid so long the company is in debt, that is, in the existing natiocratic business DIA market framework of debt favouring to the end of its existence, that (all) brought together has direct impact on the companies’ business policies DIA management of its financial leverage DIA various forms of insurance DIA (real estate, …) guaranties as a kind of put option, having more indirect impact on the companies’ businesses, eventually at right moment DIA right place, (carefully) following (by their omnipresent cuckoo’s eggs) the espied phases of this repeatable DIA reapable business (life) cycle in time DIA space, to be transformed DIA (mis)using it for sucking out the accumulated cash (cream) within (it) the pawned/mortgaged (real) property. These two basic streams of the natiocratic debt economics are set in a kind of dialectic interaction, in a continual dialectic interplay of very complex (business) relation(ship)s with other issued financial (hedging) instruments, transiting (with)in the developed time DIA space from hand to hand in terms of the obscured/“dark”-hot and hotter inferno, uttered in the everyday business language as warming of the (debt) economics until finally was reached the stadium of hot (debt) economics: economic DIA financial crunch … DIA slowly recessionary DIA much faster depressionary cooling it, whose duration depends on the degree of hotness of these “inflamed dark business skies”, DIA repurchasing these depreciated assets fashioned by the crisis, to be recontinued the business life cycle in the way of spiral of this (debt) business “public time and space”.


Meтoдoлoшкo Сaoбрaжaвaњe ДИA Пoимaњe (Прaвo)линeaрнoгa Прoстoрa и Врeмeнa, рaзумљeнo KAO НEШТO ИЗВAН "НAС"


  • As a result, within this business DIA crisis life cycle none has been (cap)able to trace its source DIA end in terms of true purpose of the initiated dialectical processes in time DIA space, respectively to catch DIA grasp these multitude of papers “neither by t®ail nor by head”. In this way was considerably reduced DIA kept by them the (re)investiment in cash on the global (financial) market as low as possible, that is, it was redirected into ‘their (bottomless) pockets’. In other words, none has been able to grasp in this very their “public time and space”, that the real cash (cream) had been already sucked out (for a long time ago), living over to these followers of simple(st) DIA vulgar mind the illusionary flying of these worthless ‘papers’ issued by various (global) virtual ‘dark’-business (network ‘central’) banks within this inflamed “skies of theirs”, but without reflecting any warmth DIA mercy, apart from the infra-“dark”/tamnog light, visible DIA sensible and reasonable only to the followers of God. Furthermore, they went so far, that whole companies (and other businesses as well) were grown up for (re)sale instead of putting focus of their business strategies on the production of some kind of output (products and services) within them. If you add to these various “modern” (internet) companies, which sell some kind of the “special (drawing) rights” for participating in ‘virtual’ buying DIA selling, renting, leasing and the like, but not necessary to be bought the offered products but rather to be increased the competition DIA self-paying for it to these intermediately companies, emerges slowly the full ‘big’ picture of this hard environment for living from the deepness of this “dark”/tamnog time DIA space. Pay your attention that was put aside not only the production of goods and services DIA basic principles of the classical market (trading with these classical outputs) but profit(ability) as the major reason for establishing (classical) companies as well, without mentioning, in netmodal terms, the highest possible level of employment DIA deployment of actors, activities and resources of the marknet/actornets DIA (pro)active and creative actions. In other words, by the collapse of the “Bretton-Woods agreement”, as a result of various manipulative DIA speculative activities, too, began this unprecedented manipulative DIA speculative “modern financial era”, marked by (purposefully) made instability DIA destabilisation of (global) market by the obscured/”dark”/tamna network DIA various malversations and manipulations of this (made global) market DIA various financial speculations.


Бeли Aнђeo

7 .

  • Keep in you mind, at least for a while, the simple fact that might be market(ing)ly (mis)used, that higher return on investment {thesis} requires riskier market {antithesis} including, for example, such (made) instable DIA destabilised (particularly global) market. From this dialectic interactive content is not difficult to synthesise in time DIA space that true shielding DIA hedging of this (financial) business on the (global) market leads towards making a less riskier environment {synthesis}, that is, to lower (rate of) return on investment {DIA renewed thesis}. And this scenario/situation in time DIA space doesn’t suit to any key player on this (financial global) market {renewed antithesis}, including the easy woman with lustful ashes (state) and various (international) para-state organisations in particular. Keep always DIA steadily in your mind, that just these (para-)state institutions control DIA hold in ‘their hands’ all key instruments for destabilising (global) market including the business ones (economic, financial, fiscal, monetary ….) such as for example: Taxing/Fiscal policy (DIA instabilisation) DIA tax rates, pricing policy (DIA volatility) DIA inflation rate, financial policy [DIA (in)stabilisation] DIA interest rate, monetary policy [DIA (de)stabilisation] DIA money rate (for example, by pumping printed ‘paper’ in the financial market), international financial-monetary policy [DIA volatility] DIA exchange rate, labour policy (DIA instabilisation) DIA unemployment rate, and the like {dialectic synthesis}. In other words, any actor holding in hands such powerful DIA mighty instruments in terms of their dialectic interplay is in market terms very sellable/tradable DIA convertible into money, making such actor on the (global market) stage potentially vulnerable and temptable DIA targeting these key-instruments by various (“dark” money) means {DIA renewed thesis}. The counterpart towards these (official) state and para-state institutions in terms of might DIA (power of) money can only be large (network of) international institutions DIA organisations including global companies and banks {renewed antithesis}. After the all previously uttered, it is not difficult to imagine, what happens in the case of merging DIA converging their narrow-minded interests on the global level: obscured/dark/”tamna” network DIA networks {synthesis}. In either case, the after “Bretton-Woods era” was characterised by the unprecedented instability (in terms of the destabilisation) of global market DIA networks (marknet), manifested as (high) volatility of (commodity) prices, interest rates, exchange rates, tax rates (both company and personal ones) in terms of their dialectic interplay (on the global level) {DIA renewed thesis DIA Argument-1}. Was all this a coincidence? This creator of knowledge is the last one, who could believe in that scenario/situation in time DIA space, because on his own “skin” he experienced the true “meeting with this third kind” in terms of their might DIA power (of money) DIA their continual endeavouring “to close for ever the voluble and babbling mouth of it”. {the renewed antithesis DIA argument-2}. Anyway, the existing financial turmoil DIA sucking out of shareholders’, taxpayers’ money, including various kinds of savings, is another proof for their existence {synthesis DIA (temporal) conclusion}!


Чeлoвeкoљубивo Бићe


At the same time, they are getting opportunity to insee the importance of the wealth created by God within these "virtual" processes, taking as the starting point, the knowledge DIA deeper insight in terms of wisdom of God, reconsidering the role of the four ancient substances/elements DIA principles (dialects), that is, fire/sun, water, air and earth dynamising them (setting in motion) by simple combining them as, for example, fire/sun + air DIA transforming/transiting of them (dialectics) into light/warm/sunshine, fire/sun + water  evaporation/vapour = clouds; fire/sun + (warm) air (day - thesis)  (cold) air (night - antithesis) = wind; water + earth = mud/soil; cloud + wind  cloud = rain/water + lighting/fire ... let you continue with their (multiple/multifaceted) combinations until you manage to emulate DIA simulate photosynthesis, even metabolical processes if you will in broader and deeper dialectic terms, and the like. As a didactic message, keep in your mind, that there are many ways to present/interpret the same phenomenon, dialectic interactive contents in time DIA space in symbolic terms, and not only one, as various "tutors" are trying to impose their obedient "pupils". At the same time, the virtual strategists will be reminded by this creator of knowledge, not to forget to include in their scientific consideration the role of minerals and other inanimate (raw) resources as well as the organic and living resources during running DIA making this "virtual businesses".

Бeли Aнђeo

9 .

Anyway, it is a better idea making scientific social experiments in such virtual environments than directly in the living reality. Please, try to understand these five sensed creatures [simple(st) ones] with their simple(st) minds, which only trust/believe what they have seen, heard, touched .... with their eyes, .... and understood by their simple(st) minds, that is, everything must be proved in objectivistic scientific terms DIA experiments. In their words, a statement to be true/valid, it has to be falsified DIA verified by repeated experiments/tests, that is, confirmed by the objectivistic facts. I hope, that human(e) beings/(wo)men, after leaving them over this ("new") virtual medium to them for their entertainment in terms of falsifying DIA iteratively verifying their social experiments and tests, now are able to understand why it is so important to trust DIA believe in God, at least in sense of exercising DIA developing their inner emotive emotional capacity/faculty, as an important dialect of the mental-emotive emotional intelligence (used and implemented by this creator of knowledge during writing these creative works of his), that is a necessary (pre)condition for being able to trust, truth and love others, without previously confirming/falsifiabling it/everything in objectivistic terms DIA examining its payablesness, usefulness, profitability of doing it, as these five sensed simple(st) ones DIA their simple(st) mind are obliged to do it. But the afore interpreted/presented dialectic interactive content by this creator of knowledge is not the end of this story by any means, that is, the inquisitive inquirers can find out answers, of course if show interest for it, within this suggested virtul framework on many other un-answered (business) questions.

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