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 Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe:

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus, as a possible Solution of the Cosmological Containment Riddle

Dialectic Interactive Approach

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Introduction into Dialectic Interactive Approach

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces encompassed within this Six-Pointed Star

In this creative article was presented a concept of the dialectical interpretation of the notion universe. A particular attention was devoted to the dialectical SOCIETAL universe. It is amasing, how even a relatively small group of people through their multiple and multi-faceted relations is able to create in real terms its own universe of very complex societal relations and relationships within a dialectical span of time DIA space (a world of dialectics). Actually, this creative article is also a continuation of the dialectical content, presented in the creative article: The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Concept of the Physical Universe. Pay your attention, how this creator of knowledge immediately recognises the methodological content under consideration in TIME DIA SPACE, that means, the fact, the real world is not (recti)linear but at the first place a DIALECTICAL ONE, and suggests, as a possible solution of the cosmological containment riddle, the last picture of the unraveled Plato's dialectos 'Timaeus'. READ, "Creative Travellings in Time DIA Space: 'Plato-Timaeus' - Part One".

  • In short, the containment riddle (Harrison, 1985) asks: Where in the presented universe is the cosmologist conceiving that universe? By cosmologist is meant anybody who stands back (behind the devised universe) and looks at things in general. The riddle is made clear by using the analogy of a painter, who paints a picture of the interior of a studio. A complete and faithful picture must show the studio containing the painter in the act of painting the picture. But this entails an infinite regress: The picture contains the painter who paints the picture, that contains the painter who paints the picture, that contains … and so on indefinitely.


For more info related to the cosmological containment riddle [the all-comprehensive and all-inclusive picture of Universe which contains all within itself], READ, "The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Concept of the Physical Universe". Note too, how within this picture of the antique universe, presented as a rectilinear cross section in time DIA space, is recognisable 'The Dialectical Creative Framework for Orienting in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces', perceivable as THE THREE (3) DYNAMIC RECTANGLES (3 revoluted Race-tracks) DIA ONE STATICED RECTANGLE of this DIALECTICAL Creative Framework for Orientation in Time DIA Space. "By the way said, do not fail to notice that the both versions of Crosswise were depicted in this graphical illustration, that means, the narrow variant of the crosswise and the wide version (Two Crosses). Simultaneously, it is very important to emphasise that both the dialect mind and spirit, together with the dialect matter, might also be contained in a dialectical model of universe, that had been already demonstrated in the previous section. Of course, by this simple model of reality was neither tried by me to be solved the riddle of mind nor of the spirit. On the other hand, there is no any doubt that both the dialect time (future, emotively emotional dia physical presence, past) DIA space (spirit, mind dia reason, matter), (re)presented by the dialectical interplay of triangles of their multiple dialectic synthesises, are contained within this dialectical 'universe' (model of reality). In other words, imaginatively depict (add) the missing lines (the Cross) in this figure, using thereby the acquired knowledge of Dialectics."

"At the same time DIA space, it is very important to be emphasised that this creator of knowledge shows no ambitions to claim that this simple model of reality, although a dialectical one, is a complete and faithful representation of the universe. In other words, a creator of knowledge, in full accordance with the basic postulate of the DIALECTICAL INTERACTIVE APPROACH, READ: "The Dialectic Interactive Approach", should be fully acquainted DIA aware of the fact that such a right belongs to the Greatest Creator, Who created it, and by definition, only knows the Absolute (Ultimate) Truth. Taking the emphasised by me, this dialectical model of universe should be accepted AS AN ANTITHESIS to the existing representations (models) of universe, introduced at the first place, as a possible solution of the cosmological containment riddle. In addition to this, it is also important to stress that in dialectical terms, this model of universe, represented by a six-pointed star, is a starting level during a initiated dialectical process(ion) DIA (multi)interactivities and the related interplayof its dialects in time DIA space. Or more simply said, sooner or later within this model DIA this star, will begin the dialectical transition, transformation and metamorphosis into a multitude of myriad of eight-pointed stars, twelve-pointed stars and so on to the eternity DIA infinity, understood and dialectically synthesised in terms of the biggest / largest (expansion - thesis) DIA the least / smallest as well (contraction - antithesis)". READ: "Dialectic Interactive Approach: The Methodological Creative Framework".

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Human Being

"In the dialectical 'universe' (model of reality) presented by this figure (shown on your left side), I hope, it is also easily to recognise the cosmologist, who conceives and thinks about this universe, respectively two of them in the perfect union (Matthew, 19:6), the human(e) female and male as a pair, (1.Moses-1:26-27, 1.Moses-5:2. For additional information read the case 3.1, if someone (additionally) would have questioned, how cosmologists multiply themselves. Within pentagons DIA pentacles were presented numerous future - DIA - past images of the cosmologists IN TIME DIA SPACE, who differs from the two original cosmologists in the sense that they were differently positioned within this dialectical presentation of the universe. In other words, they are not simple copies (repetition) of them IN TIME AND SPACE, as a result of the infinite regress [(recti)linear way of thinking]. If someone questions the infinite dividing DIA multiplying in the eternity DIA infinity, it is argued by me that no any creator of knowledge wants to stop neither time nor space, respectively they are neither (self)murderers, nor destroyers".

"In addition to this statement, the creators of the knowledge are very emotionally sensitive, in particular related to the eternity DIA infinity, expressed in sense of the left imprints and impressions of/in time DIA space understood in terms of the least / smallest, because thanks to WISDOM of the omniscient and omnipotent Greatest/Holiest One, these invisible, but self-aware 'channels' enable them to survive and fulfil their life missions, while being, having, existing, living, acting and creating, in any environment. Put in other words, the 'NATURAL' SELECTORS are able, what was demonstrated by them numerously times in both the past and present time, to close for the creators of knowledge, and other emissaries of God as well, the access to the eternity DIA infinity, understood in terms of the biggest / largest, that means, to close the 'sky' arcade, by putting them in the detainment, (house)jails, graves and the like (Jeremiah-37:16-21 & 38:1-6). At the same time DIA space, they are not still capable, as well as they will never be able to close these, for them, these invisible channels for communication, that means, these channels for the living and surviving in a broader, farther and deeper meaning. ....." (A possible Solution of the Cosmological Riddle, Jovanović, 2001).


Introduction into Dialectic Interactive Approach

Couple Dialect: Thesis DIA Antithesis


Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

Synthese DIA "G" → The Renewed Thesis in the Time DIA Space

In any presented (objectified) dialectical model of the reality (the universe), the individual conceiving, comprehending and understanding "things and relation(ship)s" within it (INDIVIDUALISATING) is the main feature of this dialectic way of thinking. As an example, in a societal dialectical model of the reality (the societal universe), the individual (person), presented in terms of thesis - antithesis (as the pair dialect), whether in the spiritual, mindual or the material sense (“so they are no longer two, but one” - Matthew, 19:6), (re)presents the basic unit (with)in it. Recall, the point of dialectical way of thinking is not in the "thesis - antithesis", but rather in the resulting DIALECTICAL SYNTHESIS DIA THE RENEWED THESIS of them: An AGAIN dialectically individual upshot of the dialectical interplay of the three basic dialectical principles on a higher level of the time / in time DIA space, achieved through dialectical synthesising of this dialectical (both qualitative and unqualitative) content by the dialectics of dialectics DIA negations of negations of numerous initiated dialectical processes (with)in the eternity DIA infinity of the worlds of dialectics. READ: "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Three Basic Dialectical Principles, Aspects, Properties and Manifestations in the Time DIA Space".

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'US'

A Societal Dialectical Universe

A static cross section in time DIA space

"The model of dialectical reality (the dialectical universe) is (re)presented by different forms of stars in various stadiums of the development. For example, in a 'societal' universe, the each star (re)presents an individual in time DIA space, in various stadiums and phases of development (age, social, societal and cultural status, the achieved educational and life-experiential level …). In short, in a dialectical universe, each dialectical individual unit has the (distinguished) name (Holy Sign) and her / his own time DIA space as well, within the assigned world of dialectics. As any model of reality, it is in fact too a dialectically idealised and simplified expression DIA imprints and impressions of the (concrete) dialectical content under consideration in time DIA space, using dialectical way of thinking. In the case of this societal model of reality, it has been demonstrated the fact that individual persons live, exist, act and create both individually and collectively in a social context, evolving (gradually transforming and maturing) over time DIA space within these dialectical worlds DIA corresponding (initiated) dialectical processes in various states and stages of development".

"Pay your particular attention that each individual person within this dialectical societal model of reality has retained her/his own space DIA time, as well as potentially her/his own view on the world / universe, including the potential possibility of getting the opportunity, understood in terms of its feasibility, to actively DIA creatively change the created universe over time DIA space. Apart from the so-called 'lonely' stars, that means, the individuals, who do not want, from one or another reason, to accept the current 'state of things and relations' in the existing universe, as the appropriate and suitable living environment for them. Or simply said, they are not able to find their place in the external dialectically objectified reality (accepted by other persons), respectively in the so-called objectivistic reality (imposed by others). In this illustration were emphasised and shown many team's, collective and group formations (clusters of stars). They were formed by the individuals with similar way of thinking and views on the world. On the other hand, they could also be simply grouped into them, understood in sense of any manifestation of the objectivistic comprehension of this dialectical content under consideration, using different means and the methods of force, including the implementation of the various 'soft' forms of power DIA compulsion."

5 .

A Societal Dialectical Universe
A static cross section in time DIA space

Source: "Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA space – Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanović, 2001"

"It is very important to emphasise that this picture of the societal universe is in fact a static cross section in time DIA space (STATICS). In other words over time DIA space, the individuals (individual dialectical units: Diaunits) may, in some scenarios DIA situations in time DIA space, change their chosen (imposed) group / collective / team (DYNAMICS). For example, by changing the sport club, company, party, country, family (marriage/adoption) ... In addition to the emphasised, they will dialectically evolve over time DIA space into a new form of the star (DIALECTICS). For example, due to the ageing process (becoming a parent, a pensioner and the like). At the same time DIA space, an individual might be member of different group / team formations. Said more simply, this dialectical reinterpretation of the universe 'mirrors' and mimics the real universe in terms of both the smallest [quantum world of dialectics (Micriuniverse): Dialectul] and the largest one, consisting of planets and satellites within a star system, within galaxies, clusters of galaxies and the like. Simultaneously, it is important to be emphasised that for some individuals (diaunits), it might be infeasible (impossible) to prevail the related distances uttered in the terms of time DIA space within the created (societal) universe, that means, to move freely from a 'system/galaxy' to an another one, from different reasons, both subjective, objectified, objective and OBJECTIVISTIC."

"From the prior emphasised dialectical content, it is visible that the dialectical model of reality (universe) is able to modulate, emulate, simulate, and 'follow' both the collective and individual way of thinking, as well as their combination. Furthermore, it is able to emulate and simulate the hierarchical way of organising, acting, creating and living, characterised for any (objectivistic) imposed universe by force. Or more simply said, the dialectics (of dialectic) DIA negations (of negations), READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectics of Dialectics DIA Negations of Negations", will dialectically synthesise in time DIA space EACH DIALECTICAL CONTENT, regardless of its quantitative - qualitative characteristics, (more or less) good or bad nature, origin, .... all and everything. In spite of this possibility, keep in your mind, that in a dialectically long run, only the (most available) QUALITY will be retained within any dialectical reality. Simultaneously, it is important to emphasise that this project study was written in purpose to support the human, creative, individual way of thinking, as well as its (dialectical) collective interpretations, based on the dialectical way of thinking."

"As an orientation point in the time DIA space might be used the family and team's collective organising, based on the principles of truth, trust and love of His. But the future development / progress within the existing universe also depends on the many factors, both objectivistic, objective, objectified, subjective and the (great) individual ones. In other words, which model of the realty DIA which kind of the universe will prevail in the future depends on, apart from the choice, that means, of the possibility of choice DIA feasibility of doing choice (the concept of free will DIA freedom of choice), in the great extent also from the way of thinking related to the (way of) choice of good (right) versus evil (wrong) alternatives in the realms, where it created was. This creator of knowledge hopes that the way of thinking presented in this project study or a similar one, that cares for the prosperity of humanity/(wo)mankind as a whole, will prevail in the future" (Dialectic Reinterpretation of the Universe, Jovanović, 2001).

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