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Dialectic Interactive Approach

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

To be satisfied all above mentioned requirements, a rectangle or square [or ellipse (circle), if it is needed to be even more precise] was divided by cross (+) and crosswise (x) in six (DIA eight right-angled) triangles, within which then were placed ("quartet") three (3) dialects of space (spirit, mind DIA reason, matter) DIA one (1': SPACE). Simultaneously, in an analogous way, it is placed in this creative frame ("quartet") three (3) dialects of time as well: future, "emotively emotional presence DIA physical presence", past DIA one (1': TIME). By keeping them dialectically apart, the cross (+) (re)establishes DIA splits and separates all this comprised time DIA space. In other words, it does not allow the complete merging and fusing of time and space, as well as the dialects time in space (future within spirit), and space in time (matter embedded in the past). Simultaneously, the diagonal cross, that is, crosswise (X) prevents fusion of the dialect - future DIA dialect - spirit (time in space) and the dialect - matter DIA dialect - past (space in time). As a final result of all that, it was in this way created a time DIA space (MEDIUM) for the emotively emotional presence dia physical presence of someone or something (time-medium) in terms of mind dia reason (spatial medium). All this together, seen from the METHODOLOGICAL perspective of the dialectical interactive approach, is a continual wellspring of change and the life DIA living within this created (creative) framework, and of everything else as well, in a broader, farther and deeper sense of this way of DIALECTICAL conceiving and understanding of time DIA space. This creator of knowledge hopes, it managed to conjure up these very complex mega-dialects for understanding (time DIA space) using this "Dialectical Creative Framework".

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