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  Contemporary Understanding of Time and Space

Introduction into Dialectic Interactive Approach

Primary School of Dialectics of Two Dialects


Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

Time (Thesis) DIA Space (Antithesis) Presented and Encompassed within the Endless Dialectical Worlds of a Six-Pointed Star [Synthesis DIA Renewed Thesis .... Renewed Antithesis ... until Has Been Achieved a Temporal Conclusion]: Macrouniverse DIA Microworld of 2x3 dia 3x2 LEPTONS - QUARKS

This DYNAMIC way of comprehending and understanding of THE LINEARLY curved space and time is still actual and valid in the scientific and philosophical circles. On the other side, as the general theory of relativity is not applicable within the Microuniverse (dialectical worlds of elementary particles), in spite of the fact that such a genius, as it Einstein without any doubt was, spent the rest of his mature-life on chasing goals (and fantasies) of his worshippers (- scientists), postulated on the wrong methodological (DYNAMIC) presumptions and assumptions of the considered reality, compared to the fruitful creative years of the young Einstein (until 1916), creatively acting completely separated from the direct influence of theirs, the only alternative to it are various scientific attempts of (linear) speculating on multidimensional space (by adding fifth, sixth …. tenth dimension), in hope that in this way it will be again fitted (at least approximately or better) the unsustainable gap with (in the meanwhile increased requirements of) the living reality. An example of it is the string theory of elementary particles.

In the twenty-firsth century, the cosmologists try to reconcile the antique static and dynamic approach of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries by introduction of triad of matter (mass and energy), space and time, as their response to the DIALECTICAL understanding of time DIA space, presented by this creator of knowledge. In other words, in this way it is easier to solve dilemma whether space is just an infinite emptiness that underlies everything (passes through, interweaves and pervades everything), or it is the gap (emptiness) between things; the concept-space is separately considered from matter; otherwise, the distance between the two particles can not be measured if there is no space between them, accordingly the particles can not move within the world of quants (micro universe). Regardless of these efforts of theirs, the dialectical interactive approach and view on time DIA space works both on local level (Earth DIA Solar System), on global level (Universe) and on miniature level (Microuniverse). In other words, within the worlds of dialectics, the micro-universe mimics and “mirrors” in an inverse way [understood in terms of speed of taking place of dialectical processes .... density: compression dia dialectical synthesising in difference to the expansion] the behavior of universe and vice versa, because all of them are built of the same dialects (constituents), uttered by this creator of knowledge as time [future, presence, past] DIA space [spirit, mind / reason, matter]. Moreover, because of the fact, where any manifestation of the dialects - time and space exists, DIALECTICS (worlds of dialectics) has already been present there, in one or another way, and consequently there the principles of dialectical interactive approach are also valid. An example of this is the societal dialectical universe. For additional information, read: Puzzle of Time and Space: Aftereffects of the Dialectical Understanding of Time dia Space.

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