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  Time in Space DIA Space in Time

Introduction into Dialectic Interactive Approach

Couple Dialect: Thesis DIA Antithesis

Dialectic Interactive Approach

Dialectical Quartet: Couple Dialect - Time dia Space (THESIS) DIA Couple Dialect - Time in Space dia Space in Time (ANTITHESIS)

Dialectic Interactive Approach

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

The other two consisted parts of this dialectical creative framework for orientation in time DIA space were also presented as the COUPLE DIALECT. In short, the dialect - SPACE IN TIME (matter embedded in past) actually presents the memorized contents of the past as well as the dialectical worlds around me - thou - us, which I - thou - we are able to perceive by the five basic human senses: Nose (the sense of smell), eyes (the sense of sight), mouth (the sense of taste), ears (the sense of hearing) and skin (the sense of touch). In other words, these dialectical worlds are physical (material) nature, and they surround my - thy - our physical presence, as well as they influence and inspirate my - thy - our emotively emotional presence, in order to be (under)taken suitable (creative) travel, as well as other forms of human(e) acting. In the (symbolical) dialectical sense, within the "Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces", the dialect - SPACE IN TIME was presented in the form of the already embedded matter into the dialect - past. On the other hand, the dialect - TIME IN SPACE (future in spirit) actually presents the inner (hidden) dialectical worlds within me - thou - us, which I - thou - we are able to sense by two typical human senses: The sixth sense (the sense of presentiment: intuition) and the seventh sense [emotively emotional sense DIA the feeling of her- / himself]. Keep in mind, only those who possess these two human senses (human beings), that means, those who managed to preserve them during the fiery struggle with forces of objectification (reducing people to objects) from generation to generation, are (cap)able to recollect and potentially to revivify these left behind deeply imprinted traces, preserved within memorance of time DIA space. The rest of the people are only potentially able to "mimic" it through some kind of mindual DIA reasonable manifestation of these dialectical contents of the dialect - time in space, while some of them are not able at all to be present emotively emotionally within these inner dialectical worlds, or a very short period of time, because this inner INDIVIDUAL medium (own time DIA space) was not enough developed, or it is underdeveloped. In short, these dialectical (INNER) worlds are spiritual nature, and they are hidden within thy physical presence DIA spatial medium - mind dia reason. Or more correctly said, it is hidden inside thy inner DIA inmost being (thy kingdom). Actually, it's exactly these two typical human senses, which gives me - thou - us the sense and feeling of emotively emotional (spiritual) presence within these enormous inner dialectical worlds [the sense and feeling of (presence of) herself, of himself].

Simultaneously, this human ability to be SPIRITUALY PRESENT within these enormous inner dialectical worlds (time in space), for example, in order to be devised something within this mega-medium of time DIA space by undertaking suitable CREATIVE TRAVELING, and that will be transplanted as the next (concrete) step in some form of CREATIVE ACTING, understood in terms of dialect - space in time (externalisation of it in the form of dialect - matter embedded in the past), is a recognizable feature of the dialectical interactive approach. Pay attention to the fact that both internal (own) and external time DIA space continuously continue to flow regardless of the events inside the time in space DIA space in time. In (symbolical) dialectical terms, within the "Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces", the dialect - TIME IN SPACE (now and there) was presented in the form of imaginary dialectical creative contents: Dialect - future within the dialect - spirit. I hope, there is no need to be reminded that the dialect - time in space will be (also crisscross) copied DIA be contra-copied and influenced by the dialect - space in time (here and now) in the ALIVE mega-medium of TIME DIA SPACE. By summing up the all above mentioned, generally speaking in full agreement with the higher knowledge, the dialect - time in space represents unknown, hidden, invisible .... dialectical contents in time DIA space.

The dialect time in space (future in spirit) DIA space in time (matter embedded within past) as a (doubly synthesised) couple-dialect was used in this dialectical context for imprinting DIA expression of any kind of DEVIATION in time DIA space, regardless of whether it is manifested in terms of the least (smallest: Microuniverse), or of the greatest (largest) in time DIA space (Universe), respectively whether it is of the emotively emotional, mental, physical (material) or of any other nature (Societal Dialectical Universe). A further example of the deviation of time in space (NOW AND THERE) DIA space in time (NOW AND HERE), as a consequence of the limit of speed of light, are various phenomena and the related optical illusions, as an utmost result of the perception of time "AND versus DIA" space by the sense of sight. For instance, we see the Sun (space in time: matter in the past) by the sense of sight how it looked out (now and here on the Earth) for eight minutes ago, and not how it exactly looks out now and there (the invisible time in space) at that moment. In short, all these known and unknown deviations, phenomena and optical illusions are in fact consequences of the rendering (translation of) these complex dialectical processes, understood in terms of re-interpretation of them in the (recti)linear sense: (over)simplification DIA (recti) linearization of these complex dialectical contents by the (abilities of) sense of sight that is constrained by the EXTERNAL (limit of the speed of) light. Apart from this, on the individual (inner dia external collective and societal) level of dialect - time in space DIA dialect - space in time, will also be manifested various forms of deviation within dialects - time DIA space, understood in terms of dialectical tensions between needs, wants and desires (dialect - time in space) DIA feasibility of realizing it in a business, political, and working reality (dialect - space in time), accordingly in living reality, generally speaking. In other words, (the MEDIUM) time DIA space [understood in terms of triangle of this pyramid - physical dia emotively emotional presence DIA triangle - mind dia reason] is a kind of interface, mediator and interpreter between these concrete (external) worlds of dialectics [dialect - space in time] and more abstract (inner, unknown, hidden, invisible) worlds of dialectics [dialect - time in space].

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