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  Debt Economics: Part Two

Here was presented DIA interpreted a dialectic view on the so-called syndrome of “Big”. Actually, in broader terms, it was put under critics the strategic approach of the running business DIA the suitable strategic way of thinking, together with their interpretation of the free (financial DIA EFFICIENT) market, supported by their STATIC (strategic) models of business reality. Although related to this dialectic interactive content has been written by many others, this creator of knowledge, regardless of the visible trend of mergers and acquisitions, emphasised the need for new alternative models for simulation of business reality DIA developing and proposing the netmodal management model, which because of its DYNAMIC nature has been better suited to follow the already sensible, accelerated pace of change, understood in terms of both time and space, particularly, suitable for development of netmode (strategy) in an internet environment, or in a knowledge intensive business environment. READ, "Netmodal Management Model". All this was supported by a dialectic elaboration of the caught challenge in the (coming) time DIA space in terms of dialectical summing up of its incentives DIA obvious avoiding by the management (a mindual upshots of teaching on the western universities by various kind of 'professors tricksters'), triggered, driven and led by their narrow-minded (short-term) interests, to finally tackle this challenge in time DIA space. Anyway, their stubborn way of solving of (self-made DIA formulated) problems transited DIA has been transformed in the course of time DIA space [as a consequence of low rate of growth that is the major feature DIA trouble of any "PYRAMID" way of running business] into truly big problems on the global level: Economic DIA financial crunch.

In any case, it is not so easy to tackle this challenge within the existing hard environment, in particular when so important role was assigned to the existing IMPERSONAL share-holders' property ownership, scattered globally, who have been only interested in high return rate AT ANY PRICE, expressed at the first place in terms of high (and higher, and even more higher ...) value of the bought share. For fulfilment of this UNSUSTAINABLE objective (business DIA financial "pyramid") in dialectically long-run, in the post "Bretton-Woods" period was created the appropriate DIA (morally and politically) suited form of (desired) management DIA board of directors, who strictly has controlled to whom might be assigned any role to participate in this kind of 'secret scheme'. In other words, if on the rhythm of this kind of management played music does not want to "dance Notwilly" then should be (globally) found "Willy" ("Aкo нeћe Нeћo oндa хoћe Хoћo")! Note too, how using the dialectic interactive approach had been contradicted the (theoretical) basic statement of finance "The Cash is King" (THESIS) with the (practical) basic statement of the finance 'understood DIA applied' by this sort of managers DIA boards of directors in terms of ANTITHESIS "Non-Cash (DIA Debt) is King", that is, favouring the share money and other varios kinds of the financial papers (of suspicious quality) issued by the various international 'virtual central banks'. This creator of knowledge specified this way of money issuing in the category of 'obscured schemas', because it is very difficult to get through this dialectical 'creatively' interactive content.

For your orientation in time DIA space just consider the following scenario DIA situation in time DIA space. If the same amount of money was issued by any central bank, the market would have immediately responded by inflationary processes WITHIN THE state DIA network structure (note, not on the global level at once), because in this case has to be sold REAL commodities, goods, real estate ... for obviously "worthless" (fictive) paper covered with no any kind of real portfolio. And no any business(wo)man (groupist) wants to do it. In the case of financial market, the situation DIA scenario in time DIA space is the opposite because it was sold cheap (worth?) paper in exchange for (sucking?) REAL MONEY (CASH) left over AFTER PAYING TAXES DIA owned by the (naive?) persons as well as by some (para)state run agencies (social-, pension-, health- ... funds), which although can be categorised into the groupists, keep in mind, they ARE NOT BUSINESS(WO)MEN. In other words, it was meant that in difference to the business(wo)men, they are "gambling" with the money that do not (personally) belongs to them but to to the 'faceless' state and 'private' runned (social) agencies. How many such persons were punished all over the world for such an obvious fraud DIA irresponsibility, in particular, if it deals with the state DIA tax-payers money? On the other hand, if you carefully reconsider who are members of the board of directors, you are going to note there also various financial lay(wo)men such as ex-politicians, leading members of political parties (spread on various regional levels), ex-top managers, professors tutors DIA well-known tricksters and the alike ("elitary") proponents of this way of running business DIA easy way of earning money.

In other words, it is easy to understand why these INFLUENTIAL persons are ready to use all their might and power, by lobbing DIA to impose to the "current" leading politicians, who have any intention in the future post-political period to enjoy the taste of this most lucrative business "fruits" (one or a few yearly meetings: "All included"), or simply to take part in this kind of "gambling", spending the tax-payers' money DIA additionally increasing the state (internal) deficit. In short, because of the spreading on "big TV" the well known "rumours: told-said without any real cover", the financial (GLOBAL) market is not so efficient, as it has been claimed by the proponents of this way of organising of business, shown DIA proved by the latest financial crunch DIA previous numerious (chain of) financial scandals all over the world. The reason is simple, because in difference to the (physical) goods and services these fictive "infernal DIA narcotic-like" (worthless) papers can fly in terms of this kind of 'trust' a long period of time over the global financial spaces, blinding with their flash all who watch it, including the most of its owners as well. The exception are the organisators of this CASINO way of running business, who by previously done empting of the casino-like money-boxes, use this flashing period in purpose of deleting the left traces of their obscured acting. Or uttered in the words of this creator of knowledge: "What to say about those who perhaps a few years ago creamed the "milk", by leaving (over) its transformation into cheese to various small mousses to entertain themselves, joyfully drilling it until this ship of cheese finally reaches the bottom?" READ, "The Concept of the (Recti)linear Universe: Happenings in the (Recti)linear Space and Time".

Is it feasible that a financial expert DIA proponent of different way of thinking to be elected in the board of directors or as a member of (top) management by these kind of (impersonal) "owners" that might be globally scattered? The acquired experience of this creator of knowledge after confronting with them clearly shows it is impossible DIA infeasible to be casted a (deeper) look even in terms of approaching the enter of their obscured doors, controlled by the various loyal and obedient objects on the button. Before it has been continued with elaborating this dialectic content, it should be emphasised the true owners of these corporations are just their top managements and board of directors DIA the elitarian part of shareholders. In short for sure, it would not be allowed this creator of knowledge to attend a management course, not mentioning possibility to receive a MBE degree in international business economics. But their decisions were based on the wrong (methodological) assumption that someone who received a degree in (a heavy mobbed DIA grouped) communistic or socialistic society cannot present any danger in terms of such a deep financial (methodological at the first place) views DIA considerations. Bear in your mind, their decisions were based on the careful observance of ten thousands students coming from these countries to receive the same degree. And EU-NATO security zone is a (n e)spy organised creation that managed to won over their communistic counterpart: KGB. The true trouble for them was that this creator of knowledge, although frankly said, having a very modest previous knowledge of western finance, is a great individual, whose external ARTISTIC behaviour actually masks his scientific, philosophic and cultural (cap)abilities. READ, "The Dialectic Interactive Approach: The Methodological Creative Framework". Truly, when this creator of knowledge casts a look back, he appeared also to himself more alike to a very ordinary person than to a scientist AND philosopher AND culturolog AND ARTIST (later) dialectically synthesized in ONE (by God DIA teachers of His): THE CREATOR OF KNOWLEDGE.

In other words, any (great) individual cannot be estimated and particularly judged without acquiring a deeper INDIVIDUAL insight instead of using, as a pattern for orientation in time DIA space, the typical stereo-types, characterised for any environment ruled by the crowd DIA group way of thinking. On the other hand, the features which they ascribe to their typical western way of understanding of individualism are in fact truly egoistic and egocentric features of a person, known in my culture as "Namćor". In other words, a person "who" when even politely has been asked (for) something, immediately with hot-short tempered words responds: "Do you not see I'm bussy, relaxing, ...", but in the oposite scenario DIA situation in time DIA space when (s)he ("it") has need for something, does not follow the own cultural customs DIA "rules of behaviour" in terms of respecting privacy of others but rather MISUSES your own ones, which in that concrete case much better fits in the satisfaction of these typical own egoistic DIA narrow minded needs and interests. Continuing the started dialectic content, apart from the acquired degree in (socialistic) business economics, this creator of knowledge was specialised in DIA become familiar with the varios applied (economic) maths and the information technology on a high professional level, minimising in this way the well known burden of (socialistic or any other natiocratic) ideology, supported by the acquired working experience. And pay your attention on the fact, this is THE AGE OF ITC, but not in terms of western-like IT (or any other kind of) narrow specialisation! And then, equipped with such degrees, qualifications and the suitable working experience (mostlly in IT department), after finishing studies of the international management in Denmark, he received there also master's degree in international business economics (MBE). Because course of the finance was obligatory subject during both of the studies of the international business economics and management, its financial and business aspects DIA its suitable ideological features had drawn my PARTICULAR ATTENTION. Not the mathematical ones, because for someone specialised in the various kinds of the applied (business) mathematics, including the financial mathematics as well, the calculation of the present value of share was only a small part of it.

And finally, who has ever visited Ex-Yugoslavia had opportunity to perceive that it DIA its political and social system was not similar at all to any country of the "Warshaw pact", that is not the case today with the new established countries on this space in time. With these words there was no intention to be praised its political DIA societal (natiocratic, too) system, or to be proposed it DIA considered as the so-called "dream society" or the like considerations, but rather to be emphasised that this creation was the softest DIA mildest natiocratic system in which this creator of knowledge has ever lived. From this reason, this website creator also wrote the all texts on the main website portal on a fictive (unexisting yugoslavian) alphabet as a kind of gratitude to this EX-MULTI-CULTURAL CREATION, as well as a kind of respect to those ones (Yugoslavians) who intermarried with the individuals belonging to various nations, religions and the like, driven by the LOVE to bridge over these dialectic differences, diversities and the related social and cultural distances. Unfortunatelly, the dialect love, even accompanied by the dialect (mutual) trust, but separated from the dialect truth (making together the dialectic triad of truth, trust, love) is not the best driver into the UNKNOWN.

In other words, these "nationals" never possessing the own (part of the state's) TERRITORY and alphabet, left over without state DIA nation and everything else, but heavily (mis)used in replace for the above mentioned empty contents by the communistic ('interNATIONALa') and various interNATIONAL NATIOCRATS (recall, interNATIONALISTS are not cosmopolitans, although equipped with big mouth full of the empty contents) for satisfaction of their narrow-minded PERSONAL interests, at final instance of this relatively short-termed travelling in time DIA space had to be faced with the (dialect) TRUTH. This creator of knowledge hopes they (spread world-wide) will not try to "ennoble" their new nations by attempting to be "greater catholics than pope", as it is case in the EU-NATO security zone, an another example of the true interNATIONAL NATIOcratic creation. Anyway, concluding the above initiated diaprocess, just reconsider DIA compare the destiny of Ex-Yugoslavian dissidents, during the time DIA space this creator of knowledge stayed there, with the treatment of this creator of knowledge experienced in the EU-NATO 'security' zone, full of dying out "national" (FOLK'S) minorities without ANY KIND of cultural autonomy to be easier assimilated. Almost none of Ex-Yugoslavian dissidents was a manual worker, or only a temporal period of time. You can check it because almost all of them have been later presidents, (prime-)ministers and very influential persons in the new established states on the ex-yugoslavian rooms or compare it with the destiny of the so-called "war criminals", if you so will at final instance.

There were also the so-called global incentives for prefering to be issued the above mentioned "Non-cash", that is, this "infernal papers" without real portfolio can be easier transferred globally to the less knowledgeable DIA ignorant proponents of this way of 'financial' business, who simply heard rumours of it on the "big TV". In other words, if this issuing of money was done by their (controlled) central banks only in terms of a few percentages of this sum or promillies, if you so will, the consequences of this (irresponsible) act will be fatally manifested within the set state boundaries. In short, this kind of (continual issuing DIA propertiary conveying in terms of inter-twinning DIA mutual pervading within this global DIA obscured clue) 'share' money is much easier to 'sell' to the (global) inhabitants DIA (this another kind of natiocratic) voters (characterised with formal right of voting, too). The only left trouble with this GLOBAL way of running this (very lucrative) FINANCIAL business for the leading state players is to be agreed how this kind of money cake could be tackled in terms of TAXING it. Finally, it is worth to be emphasised that the basic ideas of this kind of propriety ownership are not at all useless in terms of reallocation of the accumulated financial resources in terms of implementing (truly great CREATIVE) business ideas into the reality, by the way solving, for example, unemployment issues DIA faster establishing new corporations without need or reducing the need for using in this purpose the tax-payers' money and the like. However, the major incentives for the above elaborated stereo-typical 'financial' way of running business should be dissolved, including at the first place, all that was said in the previous "useful comments" by this creator of knowledge, related to the approach DIA treatment of the individual and mob DIA group way of thinking; dialectic (co-)relation between the paid out dividends and the price of share and the like.

Source: 3.2 Process of Creation of Knowledge in a Strategic Environment - Dialectic View -
    “Netmode - the Strategy for the 21st Century - Dialectic Interactive Approach” (Jovanovic, 1999).

Strategic Way of Thinking Understood in terms of Time and Space: Despite of the all afore interpreted related to potential advantages of virtual organising DIA drawbacks of the strategic way of thinking, I-thou-we are all witnesses of an unprecedented trend of acquisitions and mergers of already very big global companies into even larger giant-companies. There are many reasons for such a behaviour,

  • Here is worth of mentioning, the incentives driven by possibility DIA feasibility of issuing cheap (non-cash) “share-money”, at the expense of market value of corporation DIA the accrued value of shares in time DIA space, understood in terms of the acquisition of other coorporations, were intended for accomplishment of this kind of "business activities", supported by the related financial transactions. Put in other words, in spite of existence of the major postulate of (the same ?) finance economics, uttered as “cash is king” (thesis), these (international) “virtual central banks” were authorised to issue “non-cash” (together with other similar) worth-papers of suspicious quality DIA value, in such immense amounts DIA pumping it into the (financial) market (antithesis), playing role of sucking out DIA annihilating both the real and inflationary money issued by network structures’ and states’ central banks. Namely, it was properly observed the major drawback of the book value of the corporation, understood in terms of time DIA space (historical costs) DIA accounting value of the profit that neglects importance of cash (flows) for the corporation DIA simultaneously including some business transactions as a part of profit, which might not be (eventually) repayable in time and space. Pay your attention, that despite these facts such an accounting profit will be taxed.
  • On the other hand, if were allowed to being put such simple (scientific) statements in time DIA space, side by side, as thesis (cash) and antithesis (quasi/non-cash issued in such an immense amount), it seems to the author of this creative work, that a small child would be able dialectically to synthesise that in this story, developed by the simple mind DIA followed by crowd of simplest and vulgar ones, is something wrong. It might be also a reason, why in all ideological DIA ‘theological’ societal systems was sanctioned the utterance of antithesis, that is, dialectic way of thinking generally speaking, as a counterpart to their methodologically postulated hypothesis, as a ultimate result of the so-called linear DIA dual way thinking. In other words, in such political systems triggered, driven and led by the by-me-called crowd (DIA group) way of thinking, after it was ideologically DIA ‘theologically’ defined the (hard) “line”, that has to be followed within society by all others (both individuals and groups), as a utmost result of these “yes-no, right-wrong, …”, be-polar relations. READ, "The Methodological Consequences of the Way of Thinking based on the Static Mathematic". The ideological DIA ‘theological’ core of such firmly established “yes/right” is not allowed to be further (anymore) questioned by anything that is part of the (ideologically DIA ‘theologically’) rejected “no/wrong” dialectical content. Or more simply said, you are only allowed to continually redevelop and reinterpret this “hard core”, being creatively captured within this “back hole”, but again in terms of linear DIA dual way of thinking, that is, continually re-narrating in time DIA space what is “right/yes” and/or what is “wrong/no” WITHIN the defined boundaries of this “hard core”, thereby strictly following the “drawn line”, that is, leader(s) and major (key) players, understood in terms of both time and space.
  • As a final result DIA consequences of this way of thinking DIA the implanted hierarchical approach in terms of treatment of others, all such (crowd DIA group) organised societies reminds on a big cage DIA many inner group ones, where its inhabitants (captured) as parrots are singing (without stop) these “mantras” written by the leading ideologists DIA ‘theologians’, but each time firstly sang out by the leader(s) DIA on the played music by the orchestra of key actors (players). BUT (antithesis) when during this obligatory singing the text of any song was (purposefully) changed, no any of these fanatically enraptured parrots by singing will pay its attention on this change in the content of song, regardless was this change quantitative or qualitative nature. All the same, because they were used to DIA trained over time DIA space to sing DIA imitating and mimicking the motions of mouths of the leading singers in their cages, instead of the THINKING over the song’ (dialectical) content, respectively what they are currently singing. It seems, this contra-role is still intended for the proverbial black sheep(s), strayed DIA attracted by this tedious chanting (with)in such a cage(s), to articulate something else (Bee-e-e) in this mind-numbing (medium) time DIA space, to come into being at least for a while dialectic silence!

but the most important is that the strategic way of thinking, based on the military theoretical background DIA the existing managerial concept, the developed methodological approaches and the related developed (static) models of business reality for their implementation, have (almost) no alternative. One thing is developing a theoretical concept or approach, a quite another is its implementation into business practice. Namely, without the related models, the theoretical concepts and approaches are only dead letters put down on the paper. Even when a new model is developed, there is a long way before it will be accepted in the business practice, due to the deep roots of the traditional/existing way of thinking. History learns that old models were replaced by new ones, first when they were almost completely out-dated in terms of both time and space, and thus these events in time DIA space were often promoted DIA accompanied by big economic crisis. To remind me/you/us, although strategic way of thinking has very deep roots, the first modern business models of reality, based on it, were appeared after the second world war. On the other hand, this way of thinking and the related models for strategic way of the running of business were entirely accepted after the “Oil crisis” of the 70-ies.

In managerial terms, the major incentives for the mergers and acquisitions are economy of scale and scope, making faster and better utilisation of the new available research & development potential, diversification of business activities and the like, but at the expense of flexibility and agility of the predecessor’s companies. In addition to this, an important incentive is rooted in the material motives and the related power incentives as well, interpreted in the everyday language as syndrome of “Big”, that in the course of time DIA space (as a consequence of low growth) might transit DIA be transformed into big problems. As it was already emphasised, in the existing hard environment, driven by the corresponding way of thinking, people only trust into money/material objects and the related power, being simply fascinated by the emerging (self-wished) might in the horizon of time DIA the suitable space. As an indicator as well as a confirmation of this statement might be used the often favourable reaction of stock market on such signals and particularly, (in longer run) after the merger and acquisition deals were accomplished.

After all afore interpreted, the related thought is: Does it mean that there is no need for a new way of thinking, for new concepts of business organising and the related models. To my opinion, there is a great need for new concepts, (methodological) approaches and the related models suited for the (Bio)Information Age. Even the previously interpreted trend of mergers and acquisitions has no impact on this statement of mine, because this statement is postulated on the basic knowledge of dialectics and suitable principles. In dialectical terms, quantitative summing up parts into a new whole, driven by problems and difficulties, cannot be a long-run solution, because by this act were also transferred and dialectically summed up these incentives (problems, difficulties and the like). In other words, the term for solving of problems and the related difficulties can be prolonged in terms of time (of course, at the expense of the future generations) DIA transferring to/sharing it with others (globally) in terms of space, but they have to be tackled sooner or later. Seen from a dialectic perspective, due to the accelerated pace of change, understood in terms of both time and space, it will be more and more difficult to prolong time DIA spatial horizon for the transfer and share of accumulated problems within the existing hard environment.

It would take much time and space a specifying all these problems DIA challenges in time DIA space, but in general it is obvious and plain that there are almost six milliards people, distributed unequally on a still limited space (Earth), who want to live longer, to use more resources (matter), to have better life (spirit+mind) than previous generations. Translated into dialectic language, (wo)men/human beings will be suffocated in this available time and space in a (dialectically) long run. For exercise multiply the number of (wo)men, the anticipated (unequally distributed) demographic growth rate, the anticipated age and increased future consumption, understood in terms of needs, wants and desires, or greed, if you so will, and put it in the available time span and space scope DIA trying to emotionally emote, intuit, feel and sense the related (already) set in motion dialectic tensions in time DIA space. Even in the mathematical / static terms too this state of affairs is unsustainable in (time DIA) space. By applying the dialectic mathematics, the scenario in time DIA the suitable situation in space is even worse, because in dialectic terms the measured increase/growth in time DIA space, compared to mathematical one, such as, for example, 1 + 1 is always > 2, where the related increment is exponential by passing of time.

What is a solution? To my opinion, the available strategic ones are not for sure. Even the old-fashioned extinction of human beings and people by hunger, making war and alike, is not a solution. In particular, not in a (dialectically) long run (do you remember of the three strategists, their weapons and the related danger), where events were triggered, driven and led by inhuman incentives, based on the simple(st) mind DIA vulgar ones: various unprecedented manifestations of vulgarism. READ, "The Concept of the Simple Mind". Even if the existing number of people remains the same or even decreases, it would not be a lasting solution, because simply future generations will not accept DIA satisfy them to live (the life-standard), which is on the level, I/you/we live today, that is not so a bad news, as it seems at first look, acquired without a deeper insight into this dialectic interactively creative content in time DIA space. DIA inborn dialects of intentionality, it is implanted into human(e) beings the need, want and desire for more and more [here, I mean in positive terms, too, that is, NOT ONLY driven by the material incentives), understood in terms of both time and space (SPIRIT, MIND, matter).

  • "The Ending Thoughts: By dialectical synthesizing of this dialectical content, probably you perceived (inseen) that the dialectical interactive approach considerably expanded the horizons in time [future, presence, past] DIA space [SPIRIT, MIND, matter] compared to the physical (modernly-scientific) space (matter) and the (recti)linear time [past, present time, future]. .... Keep in mind, the different way of thinking in SUCH DIA with such fundamental dialects, as it is the time and space, requires REDEFINITION DIA REFORMULATION of all and everything, and not only of the dialects in the sphere of culture, philosophy, art and science, as it someone, without a deeper insight into this dialectical content under consideration, could think. From the previously uttered dialectical content, it is easily to be perceived that it too offers a chance to the small folks, and particularly to individuals, with the opening new dialects in time DIA space, allowing them to participate in the so endeared DIA popular this-terrestrial "imperialistic" conquests of this renewed time DIA space, understood in terms of its INNER dialectical (creative) wideness, remoteness and deepness. Do not forget that this modernly-scientific (physical) space (matter) only enables and allows the so-called territorial expansion DIA the conquest of these "enormous terrestrial physical rooms (spaces)", and this, seen from such a perceived DIA cramped this-terrestrial perspective, could be even proclaimed as the main offender for such a manifested BELLICOSITY of these modern this-terrestrial pagans. On the other hand, it should not be deceived that the dialectical way of thinking, by definition, leads to a peaceful Earth's globe, because it simultaneously has too opened the all accumulated darkness (in / of) eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces of the world of dialectics of His, and put this dialectical content as it is, and not as some of them wanted, from one or another reason, to be presented, in front of all your seven DIA five famous "scientific" senses. Only those who managed to preserve the good-hearted, free-hearted and human features in the head DIA heart, consciousness DIA soul, within her-/himself, by using the wisdom of God, will manage to successfully orient themselves in this eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces during this long journey within the worlds of dialectics of God.

    Concept of the Free Will DIA Freedom of choice Versus the Wisdom of God (Jovanović, 2008)
    Source: "World of Dialectics versus Multidimensional Space – Dialectic Interactive Approach in Use"

For example, for not long time ago there were fewer cars than there are private airplanes or yachts today. Thus, in dialectic terms, the solution is o be tackled DIA transition and tranformation of this quantitative accumulation (problems) in time DIA space into a new quality. As I/you/we already learnt from the attanding of school of dialectics, this can be only achieved DIA creation of a new knowledge, related to the enlarging of available space scope (spirit, mind, matter), as well as the time horizon (future, presence, past). From all these reasons, forward to Heaven/Cosmos by your (pro)active, interactive and creative presence in time DIA space. In other words, in order to have been achieved this great human goal, there is a need for new theoretical and methodological backgrounds, concepts, approaches, the related models and all other creative activities, by expanding the available space also in terms of mind DIA spirit, that is at least theoretically easier feasible, and particularly a more human approach towards life DIA living for most of us [compared to the corresponding (military DIA militant) expansion in physical (material) terms], which by definition follow all these initiated diaprocesses, understood in terms of creating DIA implementation of the (acquired) knowledge of/in time DIA space

  • "If someone asked me, what is my first association and impression after the mentioning the notion knowledge, or for the simplest definition of knowledge DIA related creative process, my answer would be: (It is about) spirit, mind and matter dialectically placed DIA synthesised in time [future, emotive emotional DIA physical presence, past]. Put in other words, knowledge DIA the corresponding creative process as well as everything else in my/your/our life, in universe and in eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces is about dialectic synthesis of spirit, mind and matter (them) in terms of dialectics of dialectics (in time), where the way in which they were placed in terms of both time and space, and then dialectically synthesised by the intentionality of creators of knowledge into a new (higher) quality is also a (kind of) knowledge and creation (creativity)".

    1. Methodological Aspects of the Study - a Dialectic View: Spirit, Mind, Matter
    Source: "Netmode – the Strategy for 21st Century – Dialectic Interactive Approach, Jovanović, 1999"

by using the (inborn) creativity.

  • ".... This largely unconscious and subconscious (cap)ability, GIFT OF GOD, to be dialectically synthesised in time DIA space the uncorrelated, unrelated, unconnected ideas, thoughts, feelings, nonsense and who knows what else, in terms of reason and heart (thesis – antithesis) in soul DIA I - ego (Inmost Being/Light) into [a dialectical synthesis DIA] a renewed (deeper) knowledge in/of time DIA space [the renewed thesis:] is interpreted and presented by the everyday language as CREATIVITY".
  • "THE BASIC PRESUMPTIONS OF THE STUDY: This is a study about knowledge and creativity, and about its major actors, creators of knowledge: Synthesizers and conquers of time DIA space. It is also a creative story about these eternal travelers in time DIA space. Let’s briefly present and interpret a few presumptions on which this study about Knowledge DIA Creativity in Time DIA Space was based:"
  • "Creativity is attitude to life, about life, rejoice of life as well as devoted to life, whose implementation is in fact a (creative) presentation and interpretation of life in time DIA space. From this reason, creator of knowledge tries to find the right (best) feasible dialectical “mix” of time (future, presence, past) DIA space (spirit, mind and matter): the proper dialectic synthesis. This helps her/him to create a right, inspirative, stimulative and creative life atmosphere. Creativity might be also interpreted DIA presented in terms of the “struggle for survival”, if you prefer this much less optimistic antithesis". Perceive, how within this dialectical content, there is much rejoice and joy DIA all this radiates with the optimism. Even within the antithesis too, uttered in terms of the "struggle for survival", there is no place for the black thoughts and pesimism. Contrary, it has been tried to be illuminated DIA enlightened by using the notion DIA word: optimism. In other words, in such a (black) pesimistic case there in no CREATIVITY, and thus, neither the (renewed) knowledge (and acquired awareness).
  • "Only subject (individual) led, motivated and inspired by the eternal principles, based on the truth, trust and love, is able to create. Objects not. Each creator of knowledge, although often seen as an eccentric, utopian, dreamer, childish-man, odd person, "crazy", or whatever your presentation about her/him is, is actually a very strong, self-confident, trusted (great) individual with the “emphasised” I DIA ego (inmost being/light), who in fact allows the conquering and bridging over enormous distances of time and space DIA CREATIVITY. The afore external presentation about her/his individuality (“appearance”) is because (s)he often directs this powerful individual ability towards the so-called imaginative sphere. Sometimes (s)he also exaggerates. But in any case, (s)he tries unconsciously, subconsciously to resist (withstand) to the process of objectation and objectisation, in order to be preserved her/his most precious, valuable “instrument”: I DIA ego (inmost being). Oftenest at expense of the material joy and satisfaction. It is very important to be emphasised that the very powerful forces, manifested in different forms of objectation, robotisation, “mechanicalsation”, bureaucratisation, materialisation … ⇢ annihilation of human(e) (beings), intentionally work in this direction."
  • "Creator of knowledge is led by the greatest ethical and esthetical values and ideals. (S)He knows very well that anything that is not in accordance to them will be annulled (annihilated), forgotten, that is, not deepened and refreshed in the future by other creators of knowledge (to come). Often, from the ethical and esthetical considerations, creator of knowledge will refuse to create and externalise the knowledge from her/his heart DIA brain, respectively inner being DIA inmost light (for example, in order to be prevented its misuse)".
  • "Creator of knowledge intuits, feels, senses, knows that any two subjects, objects (things), words, etc. (thesis – antithesis) are (can be) “connected” and dialectically synthesised in a “point-puncture” in time DIA space. Of course, to be “located” the exact (approximate) position of this “point-puncture(s)” in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces [synthesis DIA the renewed thesis until was reached a (temporal) conclusion] is a very difficult task: A true challenge. But creativity is, in fact, about it. In other words, awareness of the existence of such an imaginative fact is enough for her/him (them) to attack, to challenge, and even dialectically synthesise and conquer the unconquerable at that time DIA space. Of course, under condition this objective evokes her/his/their creative attention, matches to her/his/their intentionality, as well as that is in accordance with the highest ethical and esthetical values (ideals). This creative act might be also interpreted DIA presented in terms of “disconnection”, that is, breaking up the time DIA space, but the full meaning is always in the dialectical synthesising of it within the creator’s inner being DIA inmost one."
  • "Although role of “analysis” DIA breaking up time DIA space into the smallest piece of dialectuls [her/his subjective and individual DIA imaginative interpretation and presentation of the smallest (least) (with)in time DIA space.] is a precondition of the successful dialectical synthesising process, the role of the dialectic synthesis is of the decisive importance during this creative process. Considered from a perspective of the dialectical way of thinking, analysis in traditional meaning is too superficially to the past oriented (shallow presence: generals after battle) and thus, is much more important as a starting point DIA process, during the dialectical process of the creating knowledge. On the other hand, the role of the dialectic synthesis is the creating a new proper whole (composition) by creatively putting together the “broken up” pieces of dialectuls in (the creating) time DIA space. In this dialectical interplay in/of time DIA space, something that was considered (treated), for example, as past becomes presence / future, whereas something that is present, or already seen as the future becomes past. Even something that was (entirely) forgotten (between and among columns, rows and diagonals: “emptiness”) becomes revivified. As farther, wider and deeper a creator of knowledge is able to travel in terms of time and space DIA breaking them up/apart into the smaller and smallest piece that is possible, imaginable, feasible (dialectul) by the available mentally - emotive emotional potential (faculties), constantly dialectically synthesising them into a (re)new(ed) time DIA space using the power of mentally - emotive emotional intelligence, conveying it into her/his mind DIA emotive emotional presence (of the spirit) for further decisive dialectical synthesising, by putting it into the imagined context [situation DIA scenario] of the time DIA space (Great Picture), and finally to successfully externalise (communicate) this dialect to others, as the greater creator of knowledge (s)he is".
  • "And finally, what connects creators of knowledge with each other. At first place, they are connected DIA matching their intentionalities. All creators of knowledge share and disseminate the light of the same torch that in fact unites all of them whatever, whenever and wherever they acted and created".
  • ".... The dialogue between the involved actors and the creator of knowledge should function as an incentive to further emancipatory and creative dialogue (interacting), in order to be directed creative actions between these various actors and the creator of knowledge, understood in terms of dialectic interactive approach. The purpose of dialectical way of creating knowledge DIA dialogue and interactivity in general, understood in terms of their intentionality DIA multiple-(inter)dependency is to be diagnosed (identify) the creative challenge in time DIA space, in an interplay of their creative engagement, emancipation and dissociation, from time to time , in order to be created a dialectical tension between (DIA UNUTAR) the creator of knowledge and other participants (actors) during this creatively interactive process. Put in other words, this dialectical tension should set in motion, evoke, even “provoke” too, the mentally - emotive emotional potential, in the actors concerned, otherwise there is no reflection (feedback) among them –> creative action. From this reason, the process of creation of knowledge is driven by philosophical (ontological), epistemological and intellectual (scientific) ⇢ mental dialect (thesis) DIA the cultural, artistic ⇢ emotive emotional dialect (antithesis), in order to be triggered the actor’s mentally - emotive emotional potential (faculty), and the related intelligence (synthesis), whose upshot will be creatively uttered in the resulting creative work (DIA renewed thesis until was reached the (temporal) conclusion)". ....
  • "Ending Thoughts: Creativity, knowledge and the related creative process attracted all time the attention various actors, from different inducements and reasons. Simultaneously, these dialectic interactive contents were a very difficult theme (subject) to be understood, presented, interpreted and particularly to be transferred it to others. I’m not sure that creativity can be taught, but I deeply believe that it can be set in motion, be evoked or be “provoked”, if you prefer this interpretation and the corresponding presentation. It can be also encouraged, even subdued. Suffocated, “killed”. In any case, the knowledge of the afore presented and interpreted methodological presumptions, placed into the created dialectical (interactive) framework for orientation in time DIA space, respectively in the eternity DIA infinity, shed a new light on this dialectical interactive content under study". ....

    Source: "Knowledge DIA Creativity in Time DIA Space - Dialectical Interpretation, Presentation and Implementation of the Actors Methodological Approach, Jovanović, 2000 (a Ph.D. proposal - Essen University, Germany)"