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  The Concept of the Simple Mind dia Reason

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Basics of the Dialectical Understanding of the Simplest Mind dia Reason

Mathematics as a Broader Framework for the Coming into Being of the Way of Thinking in terms of Simple(st) Mind dia Reason

Impact of these two different Creative Frameworks for Orientation in Time 'and VERSUS dia' Space on Happenings in the Dialectical Societal Universe

Earthly Thorny DIA Heavenly Illuminated Pathway of the Human Genus

READ: Static DIA Dynamic Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

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Basics of the Dialectical Understanding of the Simplest Mind dia Reason

Implications of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind

Bipolar DIA Binary Way of Thinking

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'US'

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space

Debtor's DIA Debt Economics: Part - 1

Ultimate Upshot of the Bipolar DIA Binary Way of Thinking within the Rectilinear Space and Time: "PRESENT TIME", as An Ultimate Upshot of the Binary "OR - OR" Choice between the Bipolar Dialects - Abandoned Hollow and Present Time (of 'THEIRS')

By this introductory creative article was reconsidered topic of the concept of simple(st) mind and the suitable creative abilities, which have their root in this wide-spread (recti)linear (creative) framework for the orientation in time AND space. A particular emphasise was put on the smouldering conflict within the "simple(st)" mind, that is, on the INNER conflict between the dialects - (merged) mind and the subordinated dialect - spirit. In short, within this (recti)linear framework of the caught (and captured) time and space takes place a continual process of a further vulgarisation of the simple(st) mind. A recognisable feature of the concept of simple(st) mind is also the everywhere perceivable (external) simple-minded (simple-reasonable) manner of people's acting, stirred up and further fuelled by this smouldering (inner) conflict within the bi-polar DIA binary (OR - OR) framework of the freedom of choice, as well as for the (creative) orientation in time AND space. In a few words, all this is actually a consequence of the conflicting and absurd merging (fusing) dialects - mind and spirit

into the so-called "MERGED (CONVERGED AND FURTHER FUSED) MIND". In other words, within this imaginative place DIA expanse, the dialect-mind tries completely to put under control the dialect-spirit by continually suffocating (stifling) and subordinating it, and in such a coalesced and fused form is guide into the future within this concept of the (recti)linear creative framework for the orientation in TIME [past ⇢ PRESENT (TIME) ⇢ future] and SPACE [THE FUSED MIND, matter]. Here, the dialect - future is a compound part of the "dimension" - time, (recti)linearly comprehended, presented and interpreted, together with the other two dialects: THE PRESENT (TIME) and the past.

This artificially created whole was named the "simple(st) mind by this creator of knowledge", because this constellation is simple, artificial, absurd, abnormal and thus unsustainable in time DIA space, seen from dialectically long-run perspective, because the leading dialect of the "dimension" - space (spirit), to the opinion of this creator of knowledge, was omitted (or subordinated). In the case of the "simplest mind", the dialect-spirit was almost suffocated (compressed), through the acting in yoke of the dialect - matter and the dialect - mind by this simplified reason(ing), and as such one was put in the dialect - past [a dialect of the "dimension" - time, (recti)linearly comprehended, presented and interpreted], where the dialect - matter(lialistic: material incentives) is driver into the future (an inverse situation, compared to the simple mind). In other words, various motives and incentives of the dialect - matter(ialistic) will fill up the abandoned (or weakened) expanse DIA place, primordially reserved and predetermined for the (medium of) mind dia reason, and from this reason, by definition, it will rule over in any EXTERNAL world (societal universe), within which the simple(st DIA vulgar) mind prevails. In the texts, written on the serbian language devoted to the notion "simplest mind", it was used more descriptively determined term: "a Mind Simply created and used for the Conveying and Distributing (of the created) knowledge": [Prosto(raz)nosački razum]. READ the creative article, "Capabilities of the Modern Mind seen from a Perspective of the Creating Knowledge".

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'US'

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space


Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

By comparing the illustration of the concept of simple(st) mind, shown on your left side, to the "DIALECTICAL (Creative) Framework for the Orientation in Time DIA Space", it is clearly noticeable that this graphical illustration lacks one triangle, or the two right-angled triangles, if you so will. As a consequence of this deficiency, seen from the dialectical perspective, there is only place to be expressed DIA impressions, either the dialect - MIND OR the dialect - SPIRIT (with)in this "RECTILINEAR (Creative) Framework for the Orientation in Time and Space" [it lacks a triangle: abyss DIA an abandoned creatively empty hollow]. A consequence of this 'OR - OR' created defect is the rectilinear (bi-polar) DIA binary way of thinking, recognisable in the everyday language, as the brain - body, mind - matter, spirit - matter, soul - body, respectively yes - no, true - false, 0 - 1, black - white and the like. In the realm of the natural (pure) sciences, because of the scientifically established fact that the dialect - mind is immeasurable, and from this reason physically meaningless within the concept of the physical universe, it was SIMPLY "expelled" too, that is, excluded from the models of reality by scientists. On the other hand, in the realm of the social sciences in order to easier maintain the established natiocratic order, by to the order - loyal ideologists and 'theologists', the dialect - mind was SIMPLY ideologically ‘moved’ to, from its inborn destination in purpose of easier (direct) control of the dialect - spirit. Keep in mind, without spirit, there is no the voice of (heavenly) freedom. As a result of this continual ideological "brain - washing", in the all natiocratically established societal orders (slavery, feudalism, capitalism, socialism, communism) which succeed each other, these basic (inhuman) natiocratic values were simply transferred, mantled and then as such ones, implanted into the next established one.

Or perhaps, the dialect - mind illusionary "run away" from its inborn destination, trying to avoid in this way to being caught in this created "scientific, ideological .... black, obscured, and creatively blank hole (hollow) for the "mind - washing" by the dialect reason, and then after being accepted by the dialect - spirit, from one or another reason, it abused this hospitality, and then started with the subordination of the dialect - spirit. Who can know it now? Perhaps, all of the previously mentioned as well as the unmentioned reasons have contributed to the creating of these hybrid five-sensed beings, walking, (creatively) acting and firmly holding the major word in all crucial spheres of human acting, being 'appropriately' equipped with this hollow in the "head" for doing something, for which are only 'they' DIA them (cap)able to do to others. In either case, in the everyday life (and in their models of reality), by using this simplyfied and significantly weaken dialect - reason, the dialect - mind continues to communicate with the dialect - matter (with body) INDIRECTLY through this deserted hollow in the omnipresent and clearly recognisable natiocratic ways. During this time and space of theirs, through doing various concessions by the merged mind-spirit dia reason, it is made much simpler for this kind of the dialect "matter" to gradually fulfill (occupy)this abandoned time in space DIA space in time. To cut this long story short, here it takes place a continual process of the further vulgarisation of the simple(st) mind within this (recti)linear framework of the caught (and captured) time and space.

Static Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF US: Note, there is no inner space "and" time in the head of this simple-minded and simple-reasonable person but an abandoned hollow, as a consequence of relocation of the mind dia reason from its innate place [as a result of it, it is only perceived external space and time, while each spiritual, minded and reasonable content also has to be "depicted" in this external space and time in order to be perceived and verified by the five basic (scientific) senses]

Or put it in another way, the dialect - matter was sacrificed DIA spent on the paying a kind of tribute to this "dark" hole. An example of it is the purposeful (and profitable?) generating of the vulgar mind DIA further (and further) vulgarisation of the simple(st) mind. By the way said, pay thy attention to the fact that many of the people do not possess well developed INNER individual medium [on the place of the blank hollow, occupied by the dialect matter], which would allow them to spend some time DIA space ALONE within it, respectively to withdraw themselves there, when the reality of the external societal universe becomes too hard and unendurable. READ, "Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe". An alternative to this human way of solving this challenge in the time 'dia VERSUS and' the space is the temporary runaway into the world of inner illusions, understood in terms of a short stay within this abandoned cavity (hollow) in the "head" [in the 'kingdom' of ?????] using various types of narcotics, including excessive (mis)use of tranquillisers, alcohol, cigars ..... as well as a combination of all this (because if they are mixed, it is the easiest to drink that). In fact, all of this speeds up, or masks, if you so will, the initiated process of emotional insanity ('madness'), as an end result of continuous subordination and choking of the dialect of the spirit by the mind dia reason within this limited space

for manerving while solving various unwanted life scenarios and situations.

Final Thoughts

As a consequence of this inner defect [space and time outside of "us"], their capabilities of the inner interaction are very limited. In other words, the most of time and space [within the fused (converged) mind and spirit, MATTER] was spent in USING VARIOUS FORMS OF the external interaction, understood in physical (dialect-matter) DIA mindual terms, for example, understood in sense of manifesting various forms of the (simple-reasonable and simple-minded) external conversation and communicating with others. Another alternative to this external interaction, is the passive (external, too) interacting with the various objectivistic mediums, created by others, in order to be fulfilled these (purposefully) made blank hollows (in their heads): The watching television, sport events, listening to radio, playing (computer) games and the like. At the "infected ones (souls)" with the evil, this inner defect will be manifested in terms of their unrestraint inner need for an external venting DIA the empting themselves (to get rid) of their inner accumulated burden, that is, an attempt to transfer this spiritual (psychic) infection (of soul) to others, or at least to be shared this burden with others.

From this follows, the societies, based on the concept of simple(st) mind, do not await a great future, considered from a dialectically long-run perspective [review this statement through prism of the fate, understood in terms of the decay, fall and disappearance of all ancient and antique civilisations]. In other words, within such societies, where there are too many simplest DIA vulgar minds, and who are unable INDIVIDUALLY to find a way to entertain themselves, by using some kind of the ethical organising of the available free time DIA space, at least, a part of it (self-control DIA self-empowerment), the free (leisure) time AND SUITABLE SPACE [fused mind and spirit, ABANDONED HOLLOW, matter] pays its big price, that means, it costs additionally in such an organised living (working, educative, ...) environment. For these reasons, the cultivation of the individuality DIA humanisation, understood also in the SPIRITUAL terms, is of the decisive importance for the future progress of each civilisation. In other words, it might be argued DIA argumented that the existing problems (challenges) in time DIA space are a result of the stunted and underdeveloped spiritual and individual [ethical and human(e)] values, as a consequence of the intensive process of objectisation, whose an unavoidable by-product is the creating of vulgar mind. READ, "Dialectic Triad of the Bringing Up, Edification and Education of New Generations". The topic of vulgarisation of the simplest DIA vulgar minds is of crucial and decisive importance for political and economic decision makers, because of it depends on the survival of an established societal community (society), or the longevity (the lasting) of a civilisation.

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