Societal Orders (of the Rule) of Natiocratism - Natiocracy as a New Established Political and Cultural System (of Values)

Societal Orders (of the Rule) of Natiocratism - Natiocracy as a New Established Political and Cultural (Value) System

Static Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Methodological Reasoning in the sense of Understanding (Recti)linear Time and Space AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF US, or around us, but not inside me ⇄ thee ⇄ us

Recall, all known societal orders to the present days (slavery, feudalism, capitalism, communism, socialism, debtism) are based on herding DIA grouping people using a "black or white" way of choice and thinking, where the main role play (in varying degrees of influence) the appropriate natiocratic institutions: the state, the network structure, (para-) state and private institutions, various ( societal and social ) organizations, (international) companies and the like. But in none of them, the focus was truly put on good and human-loving citizens (human beings) except in a formal (propagandistic) sense. Reconsidered from the standpoint of the INDIVIDUAL RESIDENT (citizen), all these former and existing societal orders have too much in common because they retained and inherited crucial features and properties from the prior natiocratic societal order, regardless of whether it was expressed in an open, and visible way or in the form of some hidden manifestation of these natiocratic features, such as different ways of manifesting dependence on the previously mentioned natiocratic institutions, modern ways of manifesting serfdom and slavery (subjugation) based on accrued debts, various ways of discrimination, and (vile) encouragement and favoritism of evil choices and paths. Apart from the fact that natiocratism is based on the black -white mindset of the mob organized into various groups as well as on the rectilinear and linear understanding of space [FUSED mind-spirit by reason, inner deserted spaces, matter] and time [past ⇢ PRESENT (TIME) ⇢ future], within which this multidimensional time container (the present) in interaction with the abandoned spatial hollow in a hidden way casts far its shadow both in the direction of the past and the future,

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'US'

(Recti)Linear Creative Framework for Orientation in Time and Space

an additional common characteristic of all natiocratic orders, which also has its source in this multidimensional time container of the present (time) in a blurred and obscured interaction with the hollowness of this deserted inner space, which was created by abandoning these innate inner expanses of theirs by the dialects - mind, and reason, is the purposeful reduction of spiritual and common sense abilities of their inhabitants to be able to govern the people more easily. Besides, it is easier to extract money from these simple-minded and vulgarized masses with no "I" of their own using a bipolar dia binary mindset, without taking into account the dialectically long-term consequences of this typically selfish natiocratic approach,

The Concept of the Simple Mind

The Natiocratic Pyramid

and the like, this creator of knowledge renamed and termed all these until now known societal orders: NATIOCRATISM. In summary, at the top of this natiocratic societal pyramid, as some kind of natiocratic dessert and an addictive drink from these modern princes of the Earth of Old, as well as some type of anesthetic to blunt, to obfuscate, to daze, and to herd together wide masses of people (crowdization: mobbing), the main characteristic of all natiocratic social orders is an abuse of the concept of the NATION [HENCE THE IRONICAL NAME OF THIS ESTABLISHED POLITICAL SYSTEM: "NATIOCRACY"], demanding the sacrifices of all and everything in its name and benefit, including its citizens too [making them physically and mentally dependent on this natiocratic opium for wide masses]. By going in a methodological way behind this dialectical content, the hidden selfish interests of members of the ruling natiocratic elite is not difficult to recognize. As a result of this approach to the (political, economical....) organization of society, IN EACH established natiocratic societal order, A FEW PERCENTAGES of its inhabitants (elitist upper castes) plays a main role, and therefore makes decisions about everything important to society as a whole.

The Methodological Creative Framework

The Background Simulative Assumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

In addition to this, by this methodological approach more light has been shed on the existing NATIOCRATIC way the various buzzwords are comprehended and understood, such as freedom (of speech, creative acting, .... of will, of choice), democracy and the like. As it will be shown, all major characteristics of the natiocratic form of the rule are also retained within the concept of (representative) democracy, including the intolerable DISCREPANCY, understood in terms of the preferential (privileged) treatment of group's societal categories (companies, for example) DIA crowd's (mob's) attitude and approach of the state [accordingly of the network of militar and market structure, for example], COMPARED WITH their treatment of individual beings (citizens). And the deeper this gap in the treatment of citizens and the established natiocratic societal institutions is, the greater the degree of (“enslavement's and serfdom's”) DEPENDENCE of citizens on them is, and for this reason, there is less true manifestation and expression of freedom (of speech, of will, of choice, ....) in such societies. Seen from the point of view of the developed dialectical interactive approach, criticising something or someone (THESIS), without proposing an alternative way of solving the perceived creative challenge (ANTITHESIS), reflected through the prism of the great pyramid of culture, philosophy, art and science makes no sense, this creator of knowledge suggested how another form of democratic governance could be implemented, which takes into account the interests of good and HUMAN(E) INDIVIDUALS (citizens). To make it feasible to put this idea into living, working, business .... creative reality, IT IS NECESSARY to reduce the accumulated EVIL within such a society over time DIA space (SYNTHESIS DIA THE RENEWED THESIS), whose source was very well explained and elaborated in the presented natiocratic concept of simple(st) DIA vulgar mind. Within such an established democratic political system, all decisions concerning the future of the majority of its citizens, and especially their children, should be OBLIGATORY (re)solved by a civil (DEMOCRATIC) REFERENDUM. The more important the content of the vote under referendum consideration, the higher the percentage is required to accept the referendum decision.