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This internet portal is also specialized in travel topics and for this reason the right place for small or large vacation rental owners or anything in between, for making a responsive and customizable webpage with basic web statistics and analytics that looks awesome on any device, and which will immediately be promoted on web pages of this internet portal. Thereby, you do not need to be an IT expert to get your web page visible online in half an hour as programming and design skills are not required. In addition to this, you can link this web page back to your own website (backlinking). And all this aforementioned you will get FOR FREE. Keep in mind, the appropriate and relevant backlinks pointing to your site are of paramount importance for your tourist business if you want to increase the visibility of your own site in this created virtual universe.

Accommodation: BOBORAZ.COM

On top of it, you can choose a travel destination for your vacation by clicking the picture of the wished accommodation in the slider or by searching for an accommodation in database using its search engine form, which are present on almost all web pages of this internet portal. On this internet portal, the ADVERTISING service of any business is also offered. All (animating) images and its titles ARE CLICKABLE, connecting you to the most important web pages. An another SUMMARY of these creative articles can be read on the following web page: THE POWER OF PICTURES. See bellow a few links of this project for vacation rentals, developed by using PHP script:

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

Static Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

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