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  Retrospective Recollection: Dialectical Understanding of the Spiritual DIA Mindual Intelligence

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Koncept of the Retrospective Recollection

Retrospective Recollection as a Source of the Great Creative Discoveries

Concept of the Mentally - Emotively Emotional Intelligence

Barriers to Development of the Spiritually - Mindual Intellect

Creating Knowledge by Implementing Concept of the Retrospective Recollection

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Plato Timaeus - Part Two: A creative Traveling through the Dialectical Understanding of the Time DIA Space

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Dialectic Interactive Approach

Abstract Methodological Creative Framework: Four Key Concepts of the Dialectical Understanding of Time and Space, expressed through its Two Paired Dialects: Time in Space ⇄ Space in Time DIA Medium of Time ⇄ Medium of Space

ABSTRACT METHODOLOGICAL FRAMEWORK FOR CREATIVE CONSIDERATION OF THE CONCEPT OF RETROSPECTIVE RECOLLECTION: This creative article explores the concept of retrospective recollection and reminding, accordingly the revival of traces of deeply experienced emotively emotional impressions left behind, which as such were imprinted in time DIA space [spirit, mind dia reason, matter].

In other words, the concept of retrospective recollection was used in this cluster of (four) creative articles, instead of the corresponding term that describes a (still-living or in other ways recorded) remembering the events of the past (reminiscence) because the focus of this manifestation of mental - emotively emotional intellect (retrospective recollection in this particular case) is put on the COLLECTING and reviving the extremely faded traces of some forgotten remembering, which is memorized and preserved inside time in space (a concealed future embedded in spirit) after the ultimate separation from its physical (bodily) space in time. To cut this long story short, only after the future physical reunion with the appropriate space in time (matter embedded in the past),

that is, with the re-establishment of this dialectical understanding of time and space, conditions are created for the realization of this manifestation of the potential future hidden in the spirit (invisible, hidden time in space) in terms of transmission, unzipping, and re-enlightening this extremly compressed collection of (spiritual) dialectuls. This initiated dia-process is followed by the deciphering, unriddling, figuring out, and revealing this vague, hidden creatively interactive content within the dialectical understanding of the medium of time (emotively emotional dia physical presence) and space (mind dia reason) (Luke 8.17 and Mark 4.22 –23).

Or expressed this in another way, retrospective recollection is about inititiating the dia-processes of collecting variously shaped dialectuls of its belonging collection which is deeply engraved in the inner time in space (NOW and THERE) in accordance with their shared values, common characteristics, as well as with their spiritually reasonable similarity, match, and resemblance (harmonizing their "colors", for example, in thy temporal dia spatial medium) while continuously unfolding and sorting, disassembling and reassembling an enigmatic ("jigsaw") puzzle of the dialectical understanding of time and space by embedding this dialectical creatively interactive content into some manifestation of the external space in time (HERE and NOW). This abstract idea can be further generalized and elaborated, and then applied for the purpose of retrospective recollecting and reviving some forgotten or lost knowledge, deciphering hidden meaning of a dialectos, unriddling and figuring out the full meaning of a parable and the like. Apart from that, it can be spotted, detected, and disclosured a misinterpreted, fabricated or (later) added content to Holly Books and Scriptures (by earthly 'prophets and scribers'), which are incompatible, inconsistent, and in discordance with the original statements, as well as that can be veryfied by undertaking the appropriate creative traveling through this dialectical understanding of time and space (spirit, mind dia reason, matter).

general methodical creative framework of the concept of retrospective recollection

Culture DIA Religion

The Background Simulation Settings of the Dialectic Interactive Approach


The Methodological Creative Framework

The Ultimate DIA Probable Methodological Presumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

In order to methodologically explain such a complex topic, such as retrospective recollection, understood in terms of retrospective resuscitation (revival) of these embedded (dormant) thought patterns, that is, their transmission and translation in the medium - mind dia reason, the linguistic dialects of the "Background Simulative Methodological Assumptions of the Dialectical Interactive Approach" (culture, philosophy, art and science) were again used, understood in terms of putting this in an appropriate dialectical creative context by means of the "Ultimate DIA Probable Methodological Presumptions". In other words, these very complex dialectical content has to be reconsidered in time DIA space, from the perspective of their consistuent dialects DIA appropriate:

It should be here paid attention to the use of notion - remembrance (memory), which unlike the previously explained interpretation of the term - recollection, encompasses the dialectical contents, which were factually experienced in the past, understood in terms of the physical presence of someone in time DIA space, somewhere here on the Earth (or solar system), and for this reason, their authenticity and validity (truthfulness) can be witnessed (and be verified), both by personal statements and by (recorded and filmed reports and) statements of other participants (witnesses) in these events of the relatively near past. On the other hand, hidden (dormant) dialectical contents, which once took place in some uncertain, subconscious or "unconscious" (unknown) time DIA space, but which were experienced with VERY DEEP EMOTIONS, either in person, or by thy distant (genetic and) SPIRITUAL ancestors [there are no living witnesses or behind left written testimonies and archeological findings], somewhere within the worlds of dialectics (universes), and as such they were impressed and imprinted into the vast expanses of the inner DIA the innermost being [some kind of the (outer) universe in small: Thy kingdom], can ONLY BE RETROSPECTIVELY RECOLLECTED, reminded, and revived in the medium - mind dia reason with the help of (spiritual) EMOTIVELY - EMOTIONAL PRESENCE dia thy physical presence.

Life-Vital Four-Triangular Star, as a Creative Upshot of the Three Basic Dialectical Principles, Aspects, Properties and Manifestations in the Time DIA Space

Life-Vital Four-Triangular Star, as a Creative Upshot of the Three Basic Dialectical Principles, Aspects, Properties and Manifestations in the Time DIA Space

These ideas were also suggested by Plato, during his creative efforts to explain and conjure up the process of learning and reviving an (unknown) knowledge with help of retrospective recall, or more precisely of retrospective recollection of what the soul already knows, because the soul is eternal and remembers everything it has already experienced. In doing so, he uses his theory of recollection and recalling by applying the concept of Anamnesis, that is, recalling some deeply engraved dormant knowledge in the soul of a person during a previous life. This innate knowledge that every human being carries within himself needs to be brought to light through learning and teaching with the help of an external guide. Keeping this in mind, according to Plato, who was cognizant of some secrets of the Egyptian hidden knowledge, and later teaching this brought knowledge in the school, which he established after his return to Athens, the efforts of a teacher should be directed and focused on the retrospective recollecting, reminding, and reviving this in deep sleep dialectical content instead of re-teaching and relearning it as something completely new and unknown, that is, redundantly impressing and imprinting it again in the memory of reason, accordingly re-experiencing dia impressing and imprinting it again in the memory of time DIA space.