Barriers to Development of the Spiritually - Mindual Intellect

Barriers to Development of the Spiritually - Mindual Intellect

After the all mentioned in the previous parts of this creative article, dedicated to the Dialectical Understanding of the Spiritual DIA Mindual Intelligence, it is not a bad idea to be expounded, why this creator of knowledge does not use the notion "Spiritually - Mindual Intellect", because the Greatest Creator of all cannot be "greeted" without the possessing some kind of these (cap)abilities? In short, although he personally experienced the power of the higher spirits and the Highest (Holy) Spirit as well, all it was a relatively short state of the inner DIA inmost being. In other words, in order to be feasible the living and creatively acting in this way, there is a need for an appropriate human body, including the adequate spiritual dia mindual framework for the realising (and coming into being of) such an inner DIA inmost being as well, to be born within it such a great (spiritual DIA mindual) personality.

Or more simply said, there is a need for a much higher level of developed (sub)consciousness, that might be only achieved by a continual breeding these (cap)abilities from generation to generation, that in fact is not the case in living reality from well-known reasons, which have already been expounded in these creative articles. For thy orientation in time DIA space, just pay attention that in the last a few centuries, here on the earth, there were not born [a lot of (great)] spiritual individuals, that means, cultivated a FRUITFUL "SOIL" (inner DIA inmost being) for sowing the seed of these great spiritual individuals, who could be compared to the (Great) prophets of past, and who had enough the courage to be voices of the Heavenly forces. Just thoughtfully read the Holy Books and Scriptures, including the Holy Bible too, from the Age of prophets and seers. Is it a coincidence? Not at all, because the (inter)national dark (obscured) network has been managed by holding firmly all threads in their hands, covered by the "gloves of darkness", to perfidiously destroy and to set aside the "fruitful soil" as well as the seed of humanity.

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Arising DIA Enlightenment of a Simplest One in Time DIA Space

Arising DIA Enlightenment of a Simplest One in Time DIA Space

Static Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space, as a Fused-Minded Fundament for Coming into Being a Simple-Minded Person

In either way, seen from the perspective of the already corrupted "fruitful soil" and the degenerated human seed, understood in terms of the quality of its dialects - SPIRIT, Mind, Matter (space) DIA the suitable time, capabilities of the spiritually - mindual intelligence belong to the very remote future, if it ever manage to start with the germinating here on the Earth, because by them was chosen the natiocratically adapted way of the so-called naturally-evolutionar selection within (wo)mankind: The well-known culture of cronyism, nepotism and various manifestations of sycophancy. Regardless of it, the focus of this creator of knowledge was put on the worlds of dialectics of God, within which everything is feasible by the (high enough) developed spirit(ual) capabilities DIA the suitable speed of spirit. READ, "The Concept of the Living God". Related to the importance of the cultivation GOOD, respectively creatively fruitful soil, instructive are also the following words of Christ:

How far is the age of the spiritually - mindual intelligence just compare it with the existing, generally accepted, scientifical arguing that all processes, including the emotively emotional ones too, take place within the "head" (brain). Although, it could be argued that this attitude to the dialectical content under creative consideration is trully valid for these followers of the natural - evolutionary pathway (up <-> down),

it mustn’t be neglected the launched dia-processes of the degeneration, understood in terms of the continual concentration of these kinds of the evil-spiritually mindual processes (the converged and the fused mind - spirit ) within only ONE "area" of the body. In other words, according to them, all happens within DIA rotates around the"head" with the (cold) brain within it: A recognisable consequence of the dual (dia binary) way of thinking (body - mind, brain - heart, yes - no, black - white, ....) DIA the EMBODYING AND PERMEATION of this dialectical content under consideration by the suitable content of the dialect - matter, inside of the abandoned "black" (creatively empty) hole.

In either case, the final result of this dia-process is the tendency that there is less and less number of humans (were born). By reconsidering this dialectical content from the methodological perspective, if it was compared such a being, compressed into one-point, to the needed dialectical one, who possesses the suitable spiritual and mindual capabilities, including the (stunted and died off) (cap)abilities of "telepathic" communication on long distances, that means, "head with the brain" (thesis) - "chest with the heart" (antithesis) --> inner DIA inmost being (dialectical synthesis DIA the renewed ...), it becomes obvious discrepancy between these two concepts of the intellect [in regard with the needed spiritual and mindual (cap)abilities]. In other words, in order to be able properly to function, live and creatively act such an imaginative dialectical being, equipped with abilities of the spiritually - mindual intelligence, there is a need for "two points" (thesis - antithesis: The couple dialect) in order to be feasible for MANAGING AND HANDLING in the time DIA space with such powerful forces and corresponding initiated dia-processes within (such) a (prepared) inner DIA inmost being

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Hope, this aforementioned, especially, when it is reflected through the prism of the dialectical content, expounded in the previous part of this creative article, gave thee an idea, why it is so difficult to manage and handle such a complex concept of intelligence, such as the spiritually - mindual intelligence [NO ENOUGH PLACE: Time DIA space, or eternity DIA infinity, if thou so will] by the existing level of development of the inner DIA inmost being, understood in terms of the currently achieved level of development of the (sub)consciousness DIA conscience of inhabitants of the earth. Or more simply said, thou cannot life-long move thyself and live in such a state of the spiritual DIA mindual "Deep Blue" approach, that means, being steadily out of the current external living environment. By uttering this dialectical content in the practical terms, it is a similar scenario DIA situation of a computer, consisting of the corresponding hardware ("body") and the various software components, where it is attempted by the existing (old) operative system

  • ["the achieved level of the development of the (sub)consciousness"],

which is installed in this hardware("body"), to start a large software package (developed and based on the "spiritually - mindual intelligence"), and then to spend (waste) the time DIA space waiting (life-long?) for the appearance of a visual (running) programme on the screen. In vain, because the computer is blocked (paralised) from one or another reason [in a state of coma: being even not able to send a message in order to inform what's happening within this world of dialectics]. But luckily, thou ART with own time DIA space (inner DIA inmost being) OUTSIDE of these initiated dia-processes, so thou can simply switch it off (exit it by returning from this state of coma) and restart it again [start with a renewed (session of) life].

But imagine it deals with the achieved level of the development of thy own inner DIA inmost being, that is, the hardware of this computer (body) with various software components is within thee, respectively thou art not outside of this dia-process, so thou can resolve the spotted problem by simply switching off - on it. In short, if the involved person in this initiated dia-process is clever enough [warned by the prick (pangs) of the conscience], (s)he is going to start with the appropriate life (software package) DIA (proper) way of living, which is in accordance with the level of the of the achieved development of the (sub)consciousness, understood in terms of utilising it for the cleaning and improvement of her / his own inner DIA inmost being, in order to be achieved the level of the needed capabilities, which enable her / him to start later a higher "software" package: If not during this life, then in the next one (initiated by God), accordingly if (s)he did not manage to achieve it, then her / his children (future generations) will realize it.

In spite of all this aforementioned, THE MOST STUBBORN AND WAYWARD ONES, want to spend again and again (IN VAIN) their lives in the SAME OR SIMILAR WAY of living

  • [usually ONLY on the material enrichment at the expense of others, on the related external self-decoration, on commiting evil to others ...],

by continually trying in the described way to (re)start the previously mentioned programme. The less stubborn ones, go straight a (de)evolutionary level down and stay there (in the world of flora and fauna) enough long, by making in this way FEWER PROBLEMS in the higher worlds.

On the other hand, emissaries of God, because are fully aware of the (consequences of) previously expounded problematic, never try to ascribe to themselves the possession of such a high level of the spiritual DIA mindual capabilities, but rather, being inborn modest and honest, they ascribe the noted down words to the God and Helpers (Teachers) appointed by Him, because the initiated dia-processes were each time successfully resolved by their "little" help, that is, it was enabled the EXIT from this kind of the "do while loop - until these started dia-processes are finished". Concluding this dialectical interactive content, if (s)he has not full control over something, that is, (s)he is not (cap)able SELF to resolve any scenario in time DIA situation in space, related to the dialectical content previously elaborated, because of being dependent on the mercy of the higher spiritual power to do it instead of her, of him, (s)he will not ascribe to her- / himself the possession of anything that is not genuinely and truly hers / his [(the possession of such extraordinary spiritual DIA mindual (cap)abilities].

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