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  Implications of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'US'

A Dialectical View on the Simple Mind, Seen from a Mathematical Perspective

In this creative article were reconsidered further consequences of the bipolar DIA binary way of thinking, DRIVEN BY THE INNER CONFLICT INSIDE "simple(st)" mind [converged (fused) mind with the continually subdued and suffocated spirit], arbitrated and settled by the (rule of) dialect - matter. In other words, this inner conflict in the fundament, inside of (the elaborated concept of) the "simple(st)" mind, will be transferred, that is, be externally manifested in the living reality in various ways. As a result of it, this conflict within the fundament will be a part of the consciousness and sub-consciousness (unconsciousness, if you so will), both on the individual and particularly, on each group's (collective) level of the organization of people. In other words, these very, very dialectically fundamental assumptions [future, emotively emotional dia physical presence, past DIA spirit, mind dia reason, matter] are embedded into each humane individual [her/his "Bios" (DIA "Chip") for the orientation in time DIA space]. However, the qualitative mixture is different at the individual level of their Big Picture versus the humane Great Picture, as it was shown in the previous parts of this creative article, devoted to the concept of the "simple(st)" mind. Regardless of all this, that what makes basic assumptions on the level of (crowd DIA group) fundament, as it is the case with the existing ruling (recti)linear DIA dual way of cognition and comprehension of (the public) time and space, understood in terms of the mental (DIA emotively emotional) thinking, based on it, will determine my-thy-our life DIA the living. An individual (person) can try to push it out of the consciousness to the sub-consciousness, or further to the unconsciousness, or even further to the universe, if you so will, but it is still there. Our common burden. The burden of this civilisation.

Static Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF US

Furthermore, these very, very basic assumptions

  • [founded on the concept of the simple mind and the simple-bearing (simplest) mind DIA the mind simply for the distributing and transferring of the created knowledge (simpler mind)]

determine what "WE" (note, not what I-thou-we) will be able to (SHOULD) see, hear, smell, feel, etc., because the "modern" (curbed with darkness) senses [reduced on the five ("scientific") ones] are only able to interpret and present what "happens" in the existing (audial and visual) mediums. In other words, which "movie" is on the black - white Big TV [the so-called linear bipolar DIA bipolar way of thinking and deliberation]. ... A gigantic both medium and media. In short, as it will be demonstrated in other creative articles, READ, for example: "Debtor's DIA Debt Economics: Part One" , the dual (and bi-polar) DIA binary way of thinking is observable in the form of recognisable behaviour of each simple-reasonable person, as a final upshot of the conflict inside (fused) simple(st) mind. Seen from the methodological perspective of the developed dialectical interactive approach, all this is actually a consequence of the cognition and comprehension of the (recti)linear space and time, (externally understood) AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF US, which allows an easy redirection of the attention of involved actors within the methodological framework of the (recti)linear comprehension of space and time, far out of the real happenings (within the abandoned creatively empty, black hole), wherever 'they' DIA them want. In netmodal terms, this means that this fundament will be embedded into the network (power) structures on the global level. For further information, READ "Netmodal Management Process" , and then find the "Structure Netmodule", and read it. In short, if on the current medium, (re)presented by the Big TV is a movie about (their) vision of the future, all of "us" will (should or must) see and interpret with (these) five 'scientific' senses and words, this same "movie", in the "almost" same way, or at least, this ("we") WILL BE SO PRESENTED AND INTERPRETED on the Big TV by them.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Human Being

The only way, for the human, humane individuals of different way of thinking, is to create an imaginative "movie" in the invisible, but sensible, intuitive and emotive medium, controlled by the SPIRIT DIA by the help of the dialect spirit [the so-called emotively emotional potential, faculty (dialect) - antithesis] using the intuition, imagination, emotive emotions for interpretation of it, within her, his Inner Being DIA Innermost One (Light). Thereby (s)he has to be very careful, when using words [mind - mental capacity, faculty (dialect) - thesis] in order to achieve the full experience, expressed and understood in terms of both mental images, intuition, feelings and words (the mental- emotively emotional intelligence), because their dialectical synthesis belongs to the SPHERE OF KNOWLEDGE CREATION. Even if (s)he is talking to, with her-, himself. And as I-thou-we know, the knowledge is what has creative potential to make changes within the living reality. TO CHANGE their, our / thy, my (living) reality. In other words, this knowledge created and learnt on the alternative (INDIVIDUAL) medium can present a threat to the current "real" (objectivistic) medium (the "Big TV"), or to the existing living reality [their objectivistic reality, that is, imposed to others by them]. There (where the darkness rules), even the expression (notion), let's "dream" or imagine together with one or a few other individuals (the Great Team) is A RISK for her, his "movie", and for this related created knowledge, as well as for the involved individuals, but that is of the less importance. When (s)he drew the "cameras" (attention) of the ruling (dark, tamnih) "mediums DIA medias", her, his life is changed for ever.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The White Angel

All this previously said makes a confusion in the mind (in inner being DIA innermost light particularly) of the reader (who reads it at this moment) because I-thou-we were not trained, or are not familiar, if thou like this interpretation, with the THINKING, REASONING AND ARGUING IN THE DIALECTICAL WAY: Thesis - antithesis - synthesis DIA the renewed thesis ... READ, "The Dialectic Interactive Approach", DIA dialectics of dialectics READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectics of Dialectics DIA Negations of Negations", ... understood in terms of the three basic aspects, properties, manifestations and principles in time DIA space. READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: The Methodological Creative Framework" Or perhaps all this sounds that archaic, as something from the deepest both time and space. I-thou-we were (re-) trained to think in terms of the simple (recti)linear binary relations [and-and, and-or, on-off, black-white ... logical (dual way of the) thinking], READ, "The Methodological Consequences of the Way of Thinking based on the Static Mathematic", using the concept of the "simple(st)" mind DIA the recognisable "behaviour" of each simple(st)-minded (reasonable) person elaborated thoroughly in the previous part of this creative article. As an example, think over about this case from the past:


Two-Dimensional Painting, with One Eye and One Ear



The Implemented Art, Embodied in the Golden MASK of the Dead Pharaoh

  • "… Forerunner of the creators of knowledge, Giotto Di Bondone (1266-1337), precursor to that remarkable birth of awareness known as the Renaissance, saw nature in a new perspective and for the first time painted rocks and trees in three-dimensional (life like) space. …" (1969, Rollo May)."

This happened for only seven centuries ago. Seen from today's perspective and the corresponding knowledge, can be arisen the following question: Was it possible that the knowledge creators (artists), who lived, acted and created in a three dimensional world, were not able to see these three dimensions, and then to "transfer" this simple image (fact) on or into a piece of paper? Whether it was something wrong with their eyes, or the world was two dimensional one, in those times DIA spaces? Using the previous presented and interpreted knowledge of dialectics I-thou-we are able now to answer to this question, as well as to understand

  • why both the (common) Egyptian people and the living pharaoh, who was an Egyptian embodiment of the living god (was he truly presented on this painting, as a god?), were not painted from the front side of them. By the way said, pay thy attention on this ancient way of the two-dimensional painting: one eye and one ear. It might be argued, by this way of the implemented ART was emphasised the role of their ("invisible", but sensible) 'controllers', obscurely hidden behind the golden mask of the dead (pharaoh). Only on this mask of death (cult of death) are clearly visible the two eyes and ears (three-dimensional artistic expression).
  • Still today in spite of the seeminglly made advance in the field of art, in realm of the implementation of earthly (natiocratic) power and might, nothing essentially was changed. The now-days 'mighty men' from the Big TV are actually just MASKS, which are governed and rulled behind the hidden sceneries by the (inter)national dark network.

In addition to the uttered, it is worth to understand that first in the 19th century, adherents of the subjective way of thinking and deliberation (actors approach is the most recent interpretation) stated out that it is CONSCIOUSNESS (medium) that creates our sense impressions, and not inverse [Franz Brentano in accordance with Thomas Aquinas, forerunners of the way of thinking of human(e) beings]. From this follows that who (what) controls the consciousness (medium) by BLOCKING [paralysing to the humans well-known sensation of] PRICKS (PANGS) OF THE HUMAN CONSCIENCE, strongly influences (controls) my-thy, our senses. In other words, this determines what I-thou-we will see, hear, smell, feel and the like. Read: HUMAN, CREATIVE, INDIVIDUAL WAY OF THINKING.

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF US

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space


Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Apart from this uttered thesis, due to the internationalisation (globalisation), there is no a safe place, where it can be fled and be found a new refuge (shelter). Moon is too far in material (physical) terms. Although very close in imaginative terms, the followers of the concept of the "simple(st)" mind are even trying to put under control, the imagination, intuition, emotions. In order to BE GOT THE TRUE INSIGHT and CORRESPONDING IMPRESSIONS of the "creative" atmosphere, reflected through the prism of the already initiated suitable typical 'play of art: theatre performance' of theirs (this Danish one lasted six month), and within which was written this potential Ph.D. dissertation at the "Copenhagen Business School" ["Netmode – the Strategy for 21st Century – Dialectic Interactive Approach" (1999)], READ, "Security Issues in the Living Reality". This dia-processes was initiated for long ago. For this reason, understood in terms of the acquired self-awareness of this dialectical content of the action of darkness, it is also important to BE SPLITED (SEPARATED) the dialects spirit and mind. To be made free of each other. Together, in this unnatural and INHUMAN "UNION", "it" in interaction with the previously uttered conflict inside the converged (fused) mind, is the main cause of the various manifestations of this conflict in the existing hard environment. My-thy, our common environment (read the following case study).

  Exercise further thy Inborn Intuition by using the Acquired Knowledge of Dialectics

If I-thou-we find a solution (a new dialectical synthesis) for this "common" conflict in the time's DIA spatial fundament, together through interaction, our lives will be completely changed. Of course, in positive sense. Even the life of individuals will become longer because natural (too early) death is her, his "unconscious" decision, as a final result of the fused mind's control over spirit on this fundamental level. In other words, that person was not able to resist (withstand) to her, his own as well as to our common burden of the commited evil (sins if you like this interpretation) by choking up this imaginative and intuitive channel, which is linked to our fundamental conflict inside "simple(st)" mind at the level of their big picture. Neither (s)he was able to transfer this burden to others, as (s)he was able in the (youth of its) past, (at least some of us) in the role of "simple-minded person”. On the contrary, (s)he is feeling her-, himself as a burden to the family, society, world. Even to her-, himself as well. To God. Spirit was subdued (subordinated) by mind during the whole life. By passing of time DIA the suitable space, her, his (by spirit driven) positive emotions (emotive emotions) are transferred by the "little" help of the dialects mind & matter into negative ones. Too much envy, egoism, selfishness, hating, etc. during the life, manifested in the form of anger, fury, rage, bitterness, ….., stress, depression and the like. And at that (old) age (state) a further subduing and suffocating her, his emotions is only that (s)he is able "properly" to do. (S)he was drilled with it all life.

Dialectical Concept of the Spiritual DIA Mindual Intelligence

DEATH dia AFTERLIFE, seen from a Perspective of the Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

(S)he is neither able anymore to refresh her, his inner being DIA innermost light, because there is no enough the light (with)in it. Even her, his "I" is not able to embrace (anymore) the change leaving periodically (and temporally) the Ego and then back again, after the overcoming this created gap in order to re-enlighten both itself and ego by this Light (positive change). Neither in the converged mind exists enough the light, nor in her, his body (matter). The only light (s)he is able properly and clearly to see and to recognise, is the Spirit(ual) Light (Being), regardless whether it was suffocated, subdued over time DIA space or not. Even the dialect-matter cannot help to the dialect-mind. Furthermore, there is no sense to try this because the dialect-mind is already too weak. It became so useless even in the material (physical) terms. Almost pure matter. In such a critical scenario in time DIA the apptopriate situation in space, her, his "I" gives instruction to the dialect mind to disconnect all of them (her-, himself) from the dialect-matter, and to finally release the Spirit. The collapsing mind finally executes the first instruction, and the dialect matter is (becomes) the ultimate winner in this material (physical) world of the SPACE IN TIME (matter embedded in past). The second instruction is not carried out by each mind at that very moment. Perhaps later. IT IS SO A PERSONAL STORY. In other words, the dialect merged - mind is scared to surrender the control to the Spirit, whom it subdued during all its life. No truth-trust-love DIA confidence even at that very special moment. Furthermore, it finds a new blind-alley: Ego which was abandoned by "I" at that very moment.

The dialect-mind of individuals, who loved, trusted, trusts into the Spirit (Trust, Love and TRUTH in the pure form) immediately surrenders the control to Spirit to be able to enlighten and to illuminate the ego, giving in that way the additional power to the inner being DIA continual re-enlightening and illumination of this inner expanse by the Innermost Light (Being), and the pathway too during this long journey. A journey into an uncertain future, where individual's "I" is the personal driver, while the inner being is their "space shuttle", kept in motion by the accumulated light (over the previous life DIA living) inside it (its fuel), and led by the Spirit. After the passing through the gate of death {dialectical sign 6, the very starting point of the dialectical spiral of our universe: whereas the pathway back through the gate of life (dialectical sign 9: the point-puncture)}, they are already in the world of obscurity, duskiness, dimness, luridness, sombreness, heartlessness, cruelty, pitilessness. In the world of the "obscured mind", whose master is Tama. The higher the quality of the preserved Light, Spirit, I DIA Ego, Mind and the related mentally - emotively emotional intelligence, collected over the passage of time DIA space, the more pleasant is this yourney. Journey until s(he) was picked up and rescued by a Great Driver, as a sign (proof) that s(he) has (had) CONFIDENCE into Him. In other words, (s)he has trusted Him and into His love. His Truly Spirit.

Impress and express thy view related to the "LIFE & eternity (of times) DIA infinity (of spaces)". Use thy acquired knowledge of the dialectics.

Source: "Netmode - the Strategy for the 21st Century - Dialectic Interactive Approach" (Jovanovic, 1999).

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