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  Security Issues in the Living Reality

1 .

Static Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF "US"

The case study was not published, but this project study is a nice opportunity for making it publicly available (included as the Chapter 4). Were the e-mail messages I got authentic (sent by prof. Pascal Sieber), or not, I never found out. Even the fax-message was not answered. I am still under “control” of these secret forces. These secret forces are using each opportunity (occasion) to make my life unendurable. Probably they want that I stop with writing (creating). But I will never do it. By the way said, this project study started as a Ph.D proposal, which was submitted to the Department for International Business, Copenhagen Business School, for six month ago (19. 03. 1999). The project study was written in the period between 23. 05. 1999 to 28. 08. 1999, after I got the “first” refusal. I did not managed to enrol the Ph. D. programme, but it was created by me an interesting and original creative work. According to the opinion of the members of Study Committee (professors Torben Pedersen & Lee Davis) “It is very unclear how the project study is related to the existing literature as well as there are no references/citations and there where no attempts to place the project in an existing “scientific” discussion. It is therefore very difficult to assess what the project study can contribute related to the existing knowledge”. These stirring times that followed the writing both of my Master thesis (1997, its revision and publishing, 1998) and this project study (1999) will be presented in the second part of my future book, named by me as: Behind the Obscured Scenery Were Paged (down) the Pages of Darkness DIA Put Forth Leaves of Darkness.

  4.2 Introduction of the Case Study

This case study presents a proposal of netmode (strategy) for a small Catering/Canteen company. It is a true story, written in a week time, at the end of August 1998. Namely, I applied for a job-position in this company mediated by the local job-centre, although this vacancy of book-keeper (level of the secondary school) fit neither my qualifications nor skills. For professional reasons in this short case-study were used fictitious names for this company (XYZ) and Mr. X.Y. for owner of the company. Although Danish state subsidised this job promotion I did not manage to get this job. But readers have got a nice opportunity to become more familiar with the way, how international netmodal management process might be used to meet the coming challenges of the future. Besides of irrational inducements, my impression is that business people are not aware of the latest trends and modern concepts of business organising. Even consultants (and believe me also professors of University as well). They are still trained to think and do business in a traditional way.

The major news is that netmodal management model was applied this time in a service business sector, and not in the IT related business. The study demonstrates an approach DIA example, how a service company might be encouraged to use the potential of modern information technology in order to be created an interactive environment, which allows the company to do business together with its customers and end-users of its services, as well as with other network actors. This two-way exchange of resources, activities and particularly ideas, acquired knowledge, experiences, data and information between and among network actors offers a huge opportunity for involved actors to exploit fully advantages of the virtual DIA network organising. The establishing of relationships DIA continuous interactivity with other network actors allows the company to develop faster its business concept (process of creating and deepening knowledge) as well as to position and structure itself more successfully in the network structure through the formed DIA built in (common interests of) actornet.

The author of this case-study, in the role of a virtual consultant, has only got two small (marketing driven) brochures (prospects). From this reason, I was compelled to start the writing of netmode's (strategy's) proposal with getting an understanding the current events, trends and related processes in the global network (marknet) by the aim to finding ways for this company to play an active and particularly proactive role in it. In netmodal terms, this understanding, creator's inner being DIA innermost light, understood in terms of his spiritual DIA emotive emotional capabilities. and particularly interactivity in time DIA space, is the core of the process of creating (deepening) knowledge. The rest is the mental, imaginative and emotive-emotional thinking DIA relaxing. Intuition. And fantasy again. But here it should be emphasised that only a successful dialectic synthesis of these interpretive mental-emotional ideas (images) by creators of knowledge into a new quality (creative upshots), leads to a new (higher) knowledge, as an utmost result of these set in motion dialectical processes.

Copenhagen, 8. November, 1998.

  4.3 Case Study: Developing a Netmode for "XYZ" - Copenhagen

The study

  • This case study is very dear to me because it was written during a very difficult period for me. Although the offered job position was at the level of secondary school (book-keeper), the author of this project study was asked by the owner of this company to write his vision of development of the company, that is, to propose a business strategy. Someone might ask, what has in common book-keeping with the strategic management?! In normal (“strategic”) circumstances not so much, but in order to be understood my own “circumstances”, it is needed to be conceived and comprehended “their” attitude towards the meaning of ARTISTIC, scientific, cultural and philosophic dialect, applied within very “their” DIA your typically western plays of art. In addition to this remark, the author of this case study was persuaded by a worker of this job-centre (my assigned tutor), understood in terms of alike statements that for (most of) “foreigners”, this is only way be begun with the working carrier, as it was also imposed to her, by accepting to do various manual jobs, although I had been fully aware of fact that roots of my troubles with them were much deeper DIA another (dark) nature. Since she was foreign (Bulgarian/Slavic) descent, I tried to explain it to her, based on the still fresh experiences, but without much success, because it is difficult to accept DIA understand something like it (believe or not, for me, too) in an (western) living environment, where each tenth word is freedom, democracy, human rights and the like. In either case, it was accepted by me this (mediated) offer, and after finishing (frankly said without exerting too much me), it was sent to the Mr. “X.Y” (Monday, around 21st August, 1998). It was the time before even my master thesis was published, being written one year earlier and sent as an e-mail attachment, during paying one of many visits to Sweden, searching for a job in Malme, Lund /-university/, that very “hot” summer in Denmark. In other words, I was still an anonymous outside of Denmark in that time, or at least I hoped it is so. I mean in the creative circles, but not for the obscured (dark) network, however, under condition that you are able to draw at least in your mind a clear boundary between these two (so close) forces of darkness/obscurity/tame. In other words, acting, creating, being, having, existing and living in such circumstances the author of this case study finally decided to throw off the mask-mantle from his body DIA face.

    After publishing the master thesis of mine [at the beginning of September, 1998, Bern University - Department for the Information Systems, The electronic Journal of Organisational Virtualness], it was tried by me to publish too this case study on the same web-site, but in the next issue of (the theme of issue: Virtual organising in business practice), because it had been already, plainly said, finished, without demanding any additional effort from my side, but this time without success, that is not important at all, if the events, which accompanied this obscured (dark) time and space, were different (read, again the e-mail messages). Or whether it was this (idle) proposal of writing a strategy a coincidence, or a (deliberate) part of their dull play of art, organised in purpose of the well known sadistic entertainment of them DIA making “a little bit” fun of me? For sure, the international obscured/”dark network had already begun to consolidate itself, taking a firm grasp of me that still is not “relaxed” (loosen). Anyway, they diminished applying physical pressure DIA measures for the coming two years, before restarting it again, directing their attention on the implementation of the so-called softly pressure [psychological, money, intimidation (threatening)] by their social, and other similar kind of "police", dressed DIA masked in civil clothing, and the like, trying to burry me alive, in hope to wipe thereby any trace of my acting and creating DIA being, having, existing and living. On the one hand, in creative terms, it did not help them too much, that is, to intimidate and psychologically to break me. Neither they managed to compel me to stop with the creative acting, nor to manage them to wipe traces of this case-study because the author of this creative work put it, as the chapter four in this creative work: Netmode – the Strategy for 21st Century – Dialectic Interactive Approach, 1999”, trying in this way to turn public attention on the security issues (of the creating knowledge) in an internet environment. By the way said, it is a well known fact, isn’t it? [Moreover, later, after the getting read of these scientific shacles, it was noted down the first TRUE creative work by me: "Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA Space – Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanović, 2001". READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach".]

  • In either case, 'they' DIA their omnipresent “cuckoo’s eggs”, managed to kill ('pacify') the idea of virtual organising, as a danger to their picture and understanding of the concept of “virtual” organising [various manifestations of the so-called flexi-working arrangements in their time and space, within the business sectors, where the knowledge is not intensively deployed], preserving in that way the existing order of relation(ship)s, things and objects (referred to), reducing this medium (the internet) as well as (mobile) telecommunication on the “Fargo Express in the Wild West”, that is, as a mean for an easier identification of the position in (real) time DIA space of undesired intruders: dissidents. For your orientation in time DIA space, although the editor-board of the “” was considerably (globally) expanded after the publishing of my master thesis (from two members to ? / count them by visiting this web site) nothing seriously was published on it after the 1998 as well as nowhere else, without mentioning the fact that by this scientific virtual crowd has not been made any (positive) impact on DIA change of the existing hard environment. To the (personal) opinion of me, that is, of someone, who acquired some knowledge DIA working experience in the IT business sector, their comprehension of the so-called E-business (supported by their internet strategies) are unintelligible (even for the IT professionals), un-applicable and thus un-useful to be implemented in such a form in business practice.

presents a proposal of netmode (strategy) for a small Catering company: "XYZ". Instead of applying a traditional model it was used a dynamic netmodal management model. This model was developed in purpose of the following and supporting the virtual/network organising, particularly its dynamics. The major reason for this choice was the fact the owner of company, Mr. X. Y., possesses a big experience in this business branch, and by definition the experience with traditional (strategic) models and the suitable way of thinking. Namely, he was already owner of a similar company during his stay abroad (Canada). So, I assumed to deal with a person already very (practically) familiar with the strategic way of thinking DIA running of business in international DIA multi-cultural environment. And why should I try to play the role of greater “disciple than this strategic guru”? ...... [The rest of this case study in not anymore relevant because the focus of this creative article was put on the security issues and on the various manifestations of their typical natiocratic 'plays of art' as well.]

    4. Netmode in Business Practice
    “Netmode - the Strategy for the 21st Century - Dialectic Interactive Approach” (Jovanović, 1999).

Static Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF "US"


Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

As it was in this footnote emphasised, this creator of knowledge neither got the book-keeper job nor the case study of developing a netmode (strategy) was published in the next issue of the Electronic Journal of Organisational Virtualness ( www.virtual, nor it was gotten any kind of the answer, neither from the owner of this company, nor an answer on fax message, sent to the prof. Pascal Fieber, from the Bern University - Department for the Information Systems. To remind me-thou-us, my master's thesis was published there in the previous edition of this electronic journal. READ the core of my master's thesis: "Netmodal Management Process". By the way said, try to perceive, how scientists, this time DIA the suitable space, in the role of the leading ideologists DIA 'theologists', in the age of globalisation, (mis)used the created knowledge, including the developed internet platform, for spreading world wide their approach towards the creation of knowledge, as well as the developed modern-pagan (neo-secular) ideas DIA the related elimination of the undesired intruders from the creative scene. Keep in the mind, although, it was used, both by me, during the writing of my master's thesis, and by these scientists (professors of the universities) the same scientific business concepts, known as the self-control and self-empowerment of the [(virtual) company's] employees, after all these scenes, it was finally grasped by me, that although there were used the same words (notions), this dialectical contents were not understood in the same way.

Namely, because of the fact that these creative utterings were based on the different methodological backgrounds, respectively on the [human(e), cosmopolitian's] individual way of the thinking VERSUS the existing ruling mob DIA group way of the thinking, the true meaning of it, uttered by me and by them had nothing in common. For example, their comprehension of the concept of the self-control, might be interpreted, something like, "Control (YOUR creative abilities) SELF, otherwise 'we' crowded DIA grouped together, within this 'security' zone will show you, our TRUE opinion regarding your creative acting ...." To find out more about such a kind of the omnipresent natiocratic discrepances between the uttered words and the resulting deeds, CLICK here to read, "An Upshot of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind: The Concept of a Simple-Minded Person". In either case, in order to be made a clear difference between these two creative approaches, this creator of knowledge later, after making one more paradigmatic shift of the way of thinking, having and maintaining no any contact further with these 'modern ideologists DIA theologists' [understood in terms of formation of the 'scientific boards' for this modern era of the endless inquisition], during development of "The Dialectic Interactive Approach", CLICK here to read it, enriched the creative approach of his with the using of cultural treasure [proverbs, and particularly citations from the Holy Books and Scriptures], that is, he rather quoted the predecessors of his in the time DIA space than these (too) modern scientists. Recall, in the refusal of my Ph.D proposal, one of their remarks was that "there are no references (citations)". From this reason, in the two folowing creative works of his, as well as in these creative articles, based on them, there are more than enough citations. Regarding the business concepts of the self-control and self-empowerment, to the opinion of this creator of knowledge, the most appropriate is the following short sentence of David (Psalm-32:8-11):

  • "Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be CONTROLLED by bit and bridle or they will not come to you."

There is a hope in me (DIA 1.Moses-1:28), this short sentence will help them to orient themselves better within the time (future, presence, past) DIA space (SPIRIT, mind, matter), during the process of creating knowledge, by finding the suitable place within this world (of creativity). If this THREE THOUSANDS YEARS old dialectical content is not enough to convince them, more about this typical scientific simplification of the preserved cultural treasure (Holy Books and Scriptures, particularly) in order to be satisfied the needs and the LIMITED MINDUAL DIA SPIRITUAL CAPABILITIES of the simple(st and vulgar) mind, CLICK HERE to read, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectics of Dialectics DIA Negations of Negations".

Since the owner of this company, Mr. X.Y., was always busy, this creator of knowledge tried to make an appointment with the job centre’s consultant (Blagoeva or something like it), to ask her, has she perhaps any info related to this vacancy, subsidized by the Danish state, that is, only a part of my salary would be paid by this company. But her office was closed each time. After some time, asking one of her co-fellows, where she was, I was informed that she had been moved (!?) to an another job centre (not on the vacation, as it I thought), and they are going to assign for me another job-consultant. It is not difficult to imagine that the involved secret services DIA the inserted (omipresent) "cuckoo's eggs", tried to make some fun on the account of my time DIA space. Just try to reconsider DIA dialectically synthesise in time DIA space, why the owner of this company shoud ask (a potential book-keeper) for the developing a (virtual) strategy (thesis) with the theme (antithesis) of the next issue of the Electronic Journal of Organisational Virtualness ("Virtual organising in business practice"). A coincidence? To my opinion DIA the acquired enormous experience of dealing with them, not for sure.

But this kind of the tyoical natiocratic 'plays of art' DIA suitable shows have continued in the years to come too, no matter, within which country of this 'security zone' of darkness, it was dealt with. For example, one year later, at the end of 1999, I got a letter (not an e-mail message), from the "Oxford University" ("Trinity College"), in which to me was offered to be lecturer there. Reading attentively conditions of this vacancy (salary was low: lecturer's one) but also there was emphasised that all what was created by employee there, it will be property of the university. Although this was not a dream offer, because I had already been fully aware of the fact, the (wild) west is not an environment for any kind of dreamers,

"Being caught in a land of the many lands of 'dreams',
seduced both by its flashiness
and my own superficial glare;
alone, without support and love of the family
and close friends,
powerless in the laps of many home-take-carers. .......",
CLICK here to read, "The Eternal Poem - Part Two",

so by me, after the New year was written a confirmation letter of accepting this (fictive) offer. Because there were needed REFERENCES, this creator of knowledge asked both the Pascal Sieber and prof. Zimmerman, from the Bern University - Department for the Information Systems for writing one, for there was published my master thesis. As it could be expected, on my readiness to be lecturer there has been never received any answer. Keep in the mind, by me was accepted each job-offer, so no one can say that I didn't want to work! Hope, it is also very amusing, to read my experiences dealing with them. No any doubt, in spite of finishing a creative work by me, they, as some kind of their intelectual elite, were still unable (year, 2000) to properly asses my creative (cap)abilities, thinking to have a deal with one of their typical clients. How this 'puppet-show' of theirs was wrong and deceived!

Someone might wonder, why was accepted this kind of apparent mockery of me? On the other hand, it should be understood how functions the western social system DIA receiving unemployment benefits. At the first place, the (semi)state by acting in yoke, in this case job centers, with the 'private' providers of various kinds of courses, ideally without an end, the unemployed ones were used as some kind of the clients (reason) for the endless sucking the tax-payers' money. Not a coincidence that this creator of knowledge so harshly criticised their social system, because considered from the standpoint of the tax-payers it is very expensive, mostly without a big benefits for the unemployed, preventing free movement of the labour within a country, and particularly, it can be used as an efficient instrument for the persecution of those, who think differently from them, and the like. Even in the next three years, it has to be written job applications DIA searching for job, although I was 100% sure, there is no any REAL chance to get it! By the way said, it was also used by me the internet platform DIA the cheap e-mail services, by sending job applications worldwide to the numerious multinational companies and universities as well. The only true 'benefit' of such a faceless internet way of acting, was additional drawing attention of the international dark network. Recall, they in those time DIA space still thought to having to deal with a dull surviver from their "middle age of blackness", although it might be argued that they are in fact the mindual DIA spiritual (perhaps genetical, too) clones of this still actuall age of darkness on these modern-pagan rooms.

“Here is one with the different light!
‘It’ has already begun to disturb and worry about us.
‘It’ says it is an human(e) individual!?”
“Ah so, let’s first play and entertain ourselves,
by making fun of ‘it’, through wreaking our malice on ‘it’ ….
Let’s enjoy,
all alone, ‘it’ is anyway an easy prey for us!”
CLICK here to read, "The Eternal Poem - Part Two".

By the way said, their inborn vulgar simplicity, manifested in the everydat reality, as the arrogance, lack of the basic upbringing and the like, cannot be hidden by the CREATIVE BARREN titles and the related societal status, nor to be masked by any kind of the EXTERNAL clothing. Perceive, although this creator of knowledge is self higly educated, he does not hide some kind of the scorn (disdain) towards such innerly empty, but highly educated persons. CLICK here to read, "Dialectic Triad of the Bringing Up, Edification and Education of New Generations".

In either case, the only way to be reduced the number of these typical "plays of art of theirs to be active at the same time DIA space, is to be reduced on the MINIMUM the having any direct contact with them. But never think this is all their repertoire. Actually, all this can be categorised as very soft measures. Here, it is important to be emphasised that 'they' DIA them managed to achieve an important part of their set goal: Not getting any qualified job, as well as SUPPRESSING THE IDEAS, laid out in these creative articles, TO SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY within their official EDUCATIONAL scientific institutions. And to each human(e) being WORLDWIDE, by reading only these creative articles, should be clear, why it was handled in this perfidious and malevolent way by them. Simply, the very mighty people from the (wild) west were deeply involved into performing of these natiocratic 'plays of art'. Have you perhaps heard rumours of it? In spite of their enormous invested efforts, among others, by playing their tedious 'plays of art', 'they' DIA them didn't manage to achieve their main 'dark' goal. On the contrary, these pages of darkness were noted down, as a remembence on this time DIA space of obscurity, that is, it was acted similarly, as it had been done by the predecessors of mine in time DIA space. And as everyone should be aware,' for playing such vulgar 'artistic' perfoming will be paid the adequate price. For sure! Alleluja!

  • By Paraphrasing Solomon, the son of David: "How long will you simple(st) one(s) love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge? ... Since they hated knowledge and did not choose to fear the Lord; because they would not accept my advice and spurned my rebuke, they will eat the fruits of their (evil) ways and be filled with the fruits of their secret schemes. For the waywardness, spiritual retardation and backwardness of the simple ones will kill them, and the self-esteem, false pride, vanity and self-complacency of fools will destroy them; but whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at easy, without fear of harm" (Proverbs - 1:22-33).

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

This creator of knowledge, after being faced DIA confronted with these forces of the darkness, created the first creative work of his: “Netmode - the Strategy for the 21st Century - Dialectic Interactive Approach” (Jovanović, 1999). Since this creative work was a potential Ph.D. dissertation, to this creator of knowledge hadn't managed to get rid himself of the typical scientific way of thinking, manifested in terms of the (ruling) concept of simple mind, where the suppressing and subduing of SPIRIT [manifested during any kind of the external uttering (writing), too] is the major feature of it. CLICK here to read, "Capabilities of the Modern Mind seen from a Perspective of the Creating Knowledge". Anyway, never forget that just within this creative work was reformulated and redefined the (recti)linear time AND space into the dialectic time DIA space, CLICK here to read: "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space", developed DIA elaborated the concept of simple(st) mind DIA the recognisable behaviour of a typical simple(st) reasonable person, CLICK here to read: "The Concept of the Simple(st) Mind", and then on this new methodological fundaments was rounded the development of the netmodal management process DIA netmodal management model, that was additionally elaborated in a dialectical way. CLICK here to read the core of my Ph.D. proposal: "Netmode in a Virtual Environment".

And the most important, within this creative work, it was revealed the unsustainable gap in time DIA space, seen from a dialectically long run viewpoint, understood in terms of the discrepancy (in treatment) between the individual DIA human(e) way of thinking VERSUS the (still) ruling mob DIA group way of thinking. All that, taken together, were preconditions for the completion of development of the dialectic interactive approach, in the next creative work of this creator of knowledge: "Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA Space – Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanović, 2001", at the first place its methodological part, CLICK here to read, "The Dialectic Interactive Approach: The Methodological Creative Framework". At the same time DIA space,

"Acting, creating, being, having, existing
DIA living in such circumstances,
the challenge was officially accepted,
followed by introducing of me.
Throwing off the mask-mantle,
the great individual, in all his truthfulness,
was transfigured in time DIA space into a continual becoming,
understood in terms of dialectic spiral,
and publicly debuted on the creative world stage".
CLICK here to read, "The Eternal Poem - Part Two".

In addition to it, this creator of knowledge got rid himself of the modesty, as an inappropriate burden during acting DIA creating in such a hard environment. as it is the western natiocratic creative environment. By the way said, the modesty was a major feature of him throughout his previous life DIA living until these days, and as he was perhaps remembered in the memory of those, who earlier knew him as such a person.

Although perhaps implementation of the dialectic interactive approach into the living reality, for example, in the financial business reality, seems more impressive, CLICK here to read: "The Concept of the (Recti)linear Universe: Happenings in the (Recti)linear Space and Time", the development of this methodological approach, as an antithesis to the existing (static) ones, is far more important, seen from a creative view- DIA standpoint. "At the same time, if were allowed to being put such simple (scientific) statements in time DIA space, side by side, as thesis (cash) and antithesis (quasi/non-cash in such an immense extent), it seems to the author of this creative work, that A SMALL CHILD would be able dialectically to synthesise that in this story (secret scheme), developed by the simple mind DIA followed by crowd of the simplest and vulgar ones, is something wrong." [Strategic Way of Thinking Understood in terms of Time and Space, Netmode - the Strategy for the 21st Century - Dialectic Interactive Approach” (Jovanovic, 1999)]. CLICK here to read: "Debtor's DIA Debt Economics: Part Two" . Yes, always the point is in such a small detail, as it is: "IF IT WERE ALLOWED". And as an old proverb says, the (tailless) devil is always lies hidden in such small details, including the afore mentioned one as well! Or uttering this dialectical interactive content in another way, for such a "small child" will be very difficult to develop the needed capabilities, because the well known fact, understood in terms of who (what) controls the consciousness (medium) strongly influence (controls) our senses (Franz Brentano in accordance with Thomas Aquinas). In other words, it determines what we will (be able to) see, hear, smell, sense and the like.


Two-Dimensional Painting, with One Eye and One Ear



The Implemented Art, Embodied in the Golden MASK of the Dead Pharaoh

As an another example of this kind of the inner darkening spirit DIA the simple(st) mind, reconsider the words of Rollo May (1969), regarding the creative acting of the predecessor of creators of knowledge Giotto Di Bondone (1266-1337), precursor to that remarkable birth of awareness, known as the Renaissance, who "saw nature in a new perspective and for the first time painted rocks and trees in three-dimensional-life like space (in time)." CLICK here to read, "Implications of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind". What followed after this kind of the artistic re-enlightenment DIA the illumination of that time DIA space, including the later discovering of new continents too, both in positive and NEGATIVE meaning and sense, it is well known. On the other hand, keep in your mind, that this re-enlightenment was enabled by the plague that wiped up a lot of those days simple(st) DIA vulgar minds, by accomplishing this sweeping away in terms of the mob DIA group way of thinking, that is, without perfect selecting good from the evil ones. Although, no doubt, in order to be redirected the course of future events in a more proper direction, relatively far more evil elitary members of the entangled traditional feudal societies had been paid by a high price for it. In either case, in this new light shed by Giotto Di Bondone, try to reconsider the art of Old Egyptians, two-dimensionally painted persons, with one eye and one ear (see also the image of the living pharaoh; Does it he look like an alive person (god)?). In other words, in full accordance with the DEEPLY IMPRINTED (recti)linear way of thinking into the those-days art, CLICK here to read, "Static Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach", the (common) egyptian people were not painted from the front side of them. It might be argued, in this ARTISTIC way was emphasised the role of their ("invisible", but sensible) 'controllers', obscuredly hidden behind the golden mask of the dead (pharaoh), where are cleary visible the two eyes and ears. This is an typical (ancient) example of the cultivation of the so-called cult of death.

This kind of the darkening spirit DIA mind is present in each society ruled and kept under control by the mob DIA group way of thinking (natiocracy), manifested in one or another way. CLICK here to read "The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Concept of the Natiocracy". As a result of this (inhuman) approach, the entire creative acting, in particular in the sphere of culture, philosophy, art and science, was affected by it. Even in the case that there were illuminated artists , who were able more truly to conjure up better the (material) three-dimensional world, for example in the Age of Ancient Egyptians, by directing any source of light to a photo model, and then by an "artist" drawing DIA painting the reflected shadow on the wall, from the previously elaborated reasons, it DIA this kind of the creative acting would not be accepted in the (captured span of) time DIA space as ART. In other words, this apparent deviation from the adopted creative" norms and standards would be sanctioned in one or another way. For example, uttered in the mildest way, none would have bought such an artistic work.