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  The Concept of Natiocracy: Another Product of the Linear Understanding of Time and Space

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'US'

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space, as a Source of Ideas for the Bipolar Way of Thinking

In this creative article are elaborated the basic aspects of the concept of natiocracy as well as some remarks in connection with the natiocratic understanding of secularism, the result of which is the emergence of a new big religion (movement): neo-secularism. Based on the OWN EXPERIENCE of this creator of knowledge, the western natiocratic 'democrats' have not been simply satisfied with the separation of the state from religious institutions (secularism) but 'they' DIA them want actually to separate the majority of their citizens from the Christ, (Great) prophets, and other emissaries of God. One way of accomplishing this set long-term objective is not to allow citations of their words within established natiocratic institutions in the creative purposes, which are completely pervaded with this latest emerged big religion: NEO-SECULARISM. In this way was clearly shown, who their true targets are. READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: The Concept of the Dialectical Time DIA Space versus The Concept of (Recti)linear Space and Time". In other words, by the continual implementation of their 'black-white' way of thinking using this time their newly selected natural-evolutionary 'priests' [employed at their natiocratic universities and the akin (semi-)state institutions], they intend with these obscurely hidden actions of theirs to continue the inhuman practices and activities of THEIR predecessors (medieval rulers and clerics).

In short, instead of proving that they have in truth given up the application of these evil practices WITH THEIR DEEDS and not with empty words that this inhuman way of retribution inflicted on those who think differently, characterized for BLACK events of the medieval age, 'they' DIA them continue with the persecution of those who do not agree with their views on the world, this time with their neo-secular views, by simply and one-sidedly transforming black into white and vice versa using their power and might. In other words, THE BLACK (visible inhuman) actions and activities in the medieval age were transformed INTO THE DARK and cunning (obscurely hidden) actions, that is, in carrying out secret schemas devised behind the obscured sceneries. Anyway, do not fail to figure out of this typical 'black-white' story that THEIR TRUE TARGETS, main heroes of the Holy Books and Scripture, NEITHER IN THE PAST HAD NOR THEY HAVE TODAY ANYTHING TO DO with these modernized events and happenings

  • including (their attempts of) the ignition of wars of the cultures, understood in terms of the involvement of suitable neo-religious movements, which are the result of the previously elaborated processes of the neo-secularization of all God's confessions: a continual deviation and distancing from original ideas of the creators of these confessions (Great Prophets), respectively, from God and Archangels, Seers,

as an end result of their 'black-white' all-saying plays of the art of theirs, which are performed worldwide. This is also proof that from these natiocratically closed circuits and circles of their endless spiral of the (recti)linear understanding of time AND space, there is no (proper, GOOD) EXIT.


Implications of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind

Bipolar DIA Binary Way of Thinking

Debtor's DIA Debt Economics: Part - 1

Ultimate Result of the Binary Way of Thinking: The Concept of Absolute Truth


Introduction into Dialectic Interactive Approach

Couple Dialect: Thesis DIA Antithesis

Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

Synthese DIA "G" → The Renewed Thesis in the Time DIA Space

Since each kind of religion, including also the modern-day heathenish and atheistic ones, is based on its own concept of the distinguishing good from evil, understood in terms of the developed and implemented conception using the (mob DIA) group way of thinking,

  • because some aspects of the religion have also individual character, including the inner need of each human being, or not?

these unsolved issues of complex relations between the state and religious institutions on the one side, and an individual citizen or a group of them on the other side, cannot be successfully solved by separation of them in this simple-minded and binary one-sided (OR) way (of thinking). Or put in another way, these issues of complex relations between the state's and clergy leadership [level of management of impersonal masses and mob: (crowd level)], various state's and religious institutions (group levels), and the appropriately organized groups of citizens (collective levels), as well as each citizen (individual levels), was each time solved by deducing all this on the separation (of the "good from evil") castes (collectives), institutions (groups), states (consisting of crowded groups and collectives) from one another in the way as all natiocrats make the distinction between good and evil: (totally) obedient, attached to the belonging group (leadership) and natiocratic elite in 'good' and evil times.... In other words, by ignoring the religious needs of believers [human beings as a counter-thesis to these animal-like behaving beings (modern pagans) in relation to the aforementioned religious needs], these ideologically colored natiocrats one-sidedly direct all their power and might on the further ideologization and 'theologization' of the established state apparatus and state's, semi-state, private, and religious institutions, as well as of all types of the collective organizing of their citizens.

For this reason, tensions, conflicts of interests, and the appropriate confrontations on each aforementioned level of organizing people (and very intertwined relations among and between each of them) have been a typical feature of all recorded history of mankind (the era of the rule of natiocratism). To cut this long story short, the challenge is always in the development of a value system, which allows easier separation good individuals (promoting them towards top) from the evil ones (pushing them down). And this, in the opinion of this creator of knowledge, cannot be accomplished without finding ways to install and cultivate the following wise words of Solomon in the developed value system, instead of the one-sided exclusion of this wisdom of the past times in a so simply reasonable way:

  • The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom [of God] (Psalm-111:10) and knowledge of the Holy One is its understanding (Proverbs-9:10).
  • All who follow His codex of humane attitude towards the life DIA living have good understanding [walking in the way of righteousness]. To Him belongs eternal praise (Psalm-111:11)

In other words, as an antithesis to the natiocratic (bipolar) "black OR white" approach, the developed juridical system of a state, and the humane values implanted into each God's creed of belief, need, supplement and complement DIA condition existence of each other in any humane collective, WHERE GOOD (INDIVIDUALS) DIA CORRESPONDING HUMANE INDIVIDUAL WAY OF THINKING PREVAIL. For all emissaries of God this heavenly code, being implanted into their inner beings, was the most important orienteer during accomplishing their life missions on the earth.

From this follows that instead of the concentration of all efforts exclusively on the development of good juridical system of a state DIA its strict and barren implementation in a well-known natiocratic way (accomplishment of the legal, very expensive, formality), because this solo-approach by rule ends up with the encouraging evil of action. For this reason, the focus should be put how this, together with the akin value system can be PARALLELY cultivated within a healthy family, as well as to contribute to the raising and bringing up GOOD INDIVIDUAL persons. Or put it in another way, how these good individuals can be further supported and promoted (advanced) to reach the top positions in the societal scale. In either way, in a society, where the evil prevails, and especially, when this is additionally increased over the passage of time DIA space, by encouraging evil practices, the caused problems using this one-sided approach (black or white), cannot be solved, because too much of the available (financial, human ....) resources will be spent in carrying out these barren activities. On the other hand, a natiocratic world (its crowds DIA groups), established on the crowd DIA group way of thinking and the corresponding value system, characterized with a very low level of the achieved development of consciousness and conscience of its inhabitants as well as with the purposeful spreading and encouraging these (self-)destructive ideas of simple(st) DIA vulgar mind, READ, "Implications of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind", in order to be later exploited these fruits of darkness ('tame'), functions similarly to a centrifuge set in process. In other words, regardless of whether it rotated in the right direction OR left direction, the prevailing (parasitic) cockle will always rise up to the top, covering and overthrowing the remaining corn (with human root) under it.

Keep in mind, each of us (Luke - 12: 7), either (more or less) good or (more or less) evil one, possesses some kind of the inner being DIA inmost one (kingdom of ???) and for this reason, has some attitude to the relation between good and evil, which is ALWAYS IN LINE WITH THE PROPORTION of them contained in her, his inner being. READ, "Impact of these two different Creative Frameworks for Orientation in Time 'and VERSUS dia' Space on Happenings in the Dialectical Societal Universe". And only a beam of light (or darkness if you still insist on it) of the INDIVIDUAL "kingdom (of ???)", ignited with citations of the words recorded in Holy Books and Scriptures, for example, READ ALSO, "Creative Travellings in Time DIA Space: Plato-Timaeus - 1", in the way as it was done by this creator of knowledge in the creative works of his, can be used as some kind of orientation in the sea teeming with the good and evil persons (to be revealed their true nature). Because this inner being DIA inmost one cannot be separated in the sense of (physical) removing evil "part" from the good one, within each kind of the societal organizing DIA its consistuent group units (and established INSTITUTIONS) will be reflected this fact, including the secular ones as well. As a consequence of this one-sided (binary "OR") approach of addressing creative or social and cultural challenges of the considered realty, each way of separation of the group units and corresponding natiocratic established institutions, using this bipolar DIA binary way of thinking, READ, "Capabilities of the Modern Mind seen from a Perspective of the Creating Knowledge", MAKES NO SENSE, because some kind of the manifestation of religion will be manifested and present there, in one or another (hidden) form, SUCH AS, FOR EXAMPLE, THE NEO-SECULARISM in secularly organized societies (of the western type: natiocratic democracy).

Recall, the atheism is a PUBLIC MANIFESTATION of the neo-secularism, as well as the OFFICIAL IDEALISTIC form (symbol) of 'belief' of the communistic elite (THESIS). On the other hand, the neo-secularists of the DEBTISM - "capitalism" carry (innerly) all of these characteristics, either in the hidden (latent) form,

  • for example, the belief or denial in existence of God, respectively propaganda of any kind of religious ideas within their established OFFICIAL INSTITUTIONS, apart from the neo-secular one and the appropriate IDEALS;

or in the plainspoken and undisguised (public) form,

  • for example, SOLO (exclusive) teaching "The Doctrine of the Natural Evolution and Natural Selection" in their established public institutions;

including the (obscured) embodiment (and personification) of all these [barbarously vulgar and for this reason] inhuman ideas into the living 'natiocratically democratic' reality (ANTITHESIS). The synthesis DIA the renewed thesis: Because of its obscured MEANESS, the neo-secularism is MUCH MORE DANGEROUS than the atheism of the vanished traditional communism was, because this obscured approach is more difficult to be looked through by their inhabitants, that is, what their true intentionality is, especially, when they were made blind by this malignant (double-tongued: 'theologically - ideological') DARKNESS. In short, here the word does not go about some naive, evil-minded idealists but about very subtle and cunning proponents of accomplishing these ideas of darkness, the goal of which is the establishment of neo-secularism world-wide. For this reason, everyone, who tries to hinder the accomplishment of this vision of their neo-secular world, even if it is about a black-white reflection of it, but binary opposite and rivaled one, will come in conflict and confrontation with them, sooner or later.

Culture DIA Religion

The Background Simulative Methodological Assumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Or put it in another way, this INNER dialectical content DIA world of dialectics (INDIVIDUAL LEVEL) cannot be successfully SO SIMPLY (-MINDEDLY) REGULATED by the normative "(cultural, philosophical, artistic, scientific or ideological, if you so please) EXTERNAL acts and the suitable developed conceptions, based on the crowd DIA group way of thinking" (MOB DIA GROUP LEVEL). Keep in mind, each kind of religion makes the CORE OF CULTURE, including this neo-secular religious manifestation, READ, "Culture DIA Religion", and for this reason, this core (religion) embedded into a culture will determine the (future) development of this culture, as well as the attitude of its inhabitants towards the art, philosophy, science: world view, attitude to creation, freeedom of creative acting.... Furthermore, those who were not raised and brought up DIA learnt (edificated, by reading Holy Books, for example) to distinguish good from evil contained within their inner beings, READ, "Dialectic Triad of the Bringing Up, Edification and Education of New Generations", they will also not be able to do this in the EXTERNAL sense too, that is, to distinguish good persons, pupils, workers, politicians .... from the evil ones, knowledge from ignorance and the like: Light from darkness. In either way, this modern-day heathenish 'neo-secular religion', embedded into all their established institutions DIA their understanding of distinguishing good from evil, failed also to create a righteous (part of the) world because of applying bipolar, one-sided black OR white way of thinking. The TROUBLE is still in the modern 'kings' (TOP) and their suite (ELITE), who (mis)use all and everything for achievement their egoistic goals, including the modern-day philosophical, cultural, artistic, and scientific (ideological) 'priests'. In short, in a similar way as it did the former (medieval) kings, their suite and the "naturally selected" followers of theirs (dark network), who managed to seduce the clerics (during this gloomy age) for serving their narrow-minded interests, that is, so long they had need for them, these modern neo-secular priests deployed in their established institutions of the science, art, philosophy and culture (dia this neo-secular religion) play a similar role in their devised secret scheme.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The White Angel

Here is important to emphasize that in difference to the pagans of the ancient and antique age, this (neo-)religion, neither knows FOR ANY TABOO nor its members are ashamed nor have fear of anything. As an antique example, take Herod's night-mare after executing Great prophet John (Matthew, 14-1:2, Mark, 6-14-16). By the way said, perceive, how they managed to make dirty in front of your eyes, not only temples of God, as earthly institutions, but also Christ self and other emissaries of God (EQUALISING THEM with the inquisitors of this gloomy middle-age), in spite of the fact that these great individuals are separated from these medieval evil-doers more than a thousand years

  • with kings and their suite, state clerks, most of the clergy, as well as almost all employed in these medieval established institutions of the science (universities), philosophy, and art, apart from a small number of them, who did not share the value system of those-day established cultural and societal natiocratic order.
  • But it seems these modern ruling elite failed to recognize their obscured images as well as the committed evil by them, imprinted deeply in the memory of this gone time DIA space. Or as it an African old proverb says: The presence of a lion has already been recognized by the imprints of his paws in the earth (spoors), and not when you see him (because it is perhaps too late).

In short, all this in spite of the WELL KNOWN fact (read the four gospels, for example), they also openly criticised not only those-days ruling elite, castes and their earthly institutions but priests too, showing thereby partiality to none, because they were representants of the Heavenly values. Let me quote Isa-56:9-12:

  • ”Come, all you beasts of the forest! Izraels’s watchmen are blind, they lack knowledge. They are all mute dogs, they cannot bark. They lie around and dream and they love to sleep. They are dogs with mighty appetites, which never have enough. They are shepherds who lack understanding. They all turn to their own way, each seeks her, his own gain. ’Come’, each one cries, ’let us drink our pitcherful of beer! And tomorrow will be like today, or even far better”.


The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

Guardian Angel of the Human(e) Genus and Family

In various (still) ruling natiocratic political systems, because of the well-known way of the rule of EARTHLY gods ('princes of the earth from old'), which is devised by their ideologists and 'theologists', their concept of gods is very simple because their gods have ALWAYS been visible, although wrapped in some form of "The Golden Calf" to be exposed in front of your eyes, even when they are not physically present in the numerous temples of theirs: "To go before 'us'" (2.Moses-32). For this reason, the (individual) human dilemma of distinguishing good from evil is not anymore so relevant within such established heathenish NATIOCRATIC societies, based on the mob DIA group way of thinking. In other words, this distinction between good and evil was simply ignored [because their omniscient gods, in either case, make final decisions about it] by giving priority [in the most developed now-days' natiocratic forms of the political organizing] to the concept of freedom (of will DIA choice). In short, as a result of this approach, in the case of conflict (collision) comprehended in terms of confrontation of good and evil, READ, "About the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind", please tell me, in the ULTIMATE sense, what is the good choice in the well-known (is it?) and omnipresent NATIOCRATIC dilemma, for a homeless, jobless person, without money (during the wintertime, particularly), when the concept of freedom (of choice DIA will) was deduced in the ultimate terms (of the 'natural selecting') on the simple fact, either to die (to be SLOWLY 'killed') in the silence of their darkness, OR to kill someone to get a "shelter", food, (medical) care, .....). In other words, the freedom of speech and free will, in such an (omnipresent) natiocratic, perfidiously obscured scenario in time DIA the appropriate situation in space means the moaning, sobbing, and groaning in the treacherous silence of their omnipresent natiocratic darkness. However, a natiocrat would never say this

  • [to commit some evil including to kill someone in exchange for getting a roof over head. Or put it in another way: Is this the true reason, incentive, and purpose for the abolishment of death penalty?]

publicly in plainspoken words, but this is so when this dialectical content of the obscured natiocratic darkness of theirs is reconsidered by a deeper insight into it, that is, by going methodologically behind these expressed thoughts. READ, "An Upshot of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind: The Concept of a Simple-Minded Person".

By the way perceive that just the capability of distinguishing good from evil in the human sense (and divine too) is actually it that clearly distinguishes human being from (the world of) beasts and animals, or from the 'beastly-people's' attitude to the meaning of life DIA living, if you so please. In short, seen from the METHODOLOGICAL perspective of the dialectic interactive approach, when the cultivation of distinguishing good from evil is neglected, ignored or simply was skipped as something not important, that is, given priority to some other postulates DIA developed conceptions, by definition, were opened the back-door that leads to the world of the doctrine of "Natural Evolution DIA the Natural Selection" (a postulate of the secularism as a neo-religion). This is valid even in the case when this approach was supported with on the first glance very attractive concept of freedom (of will DIA choice), that is, acquired without a deeper insight into the past times DIA the appropriate space.

Note, here the people's actions were not based on the previous PREVENTIVE reconsideration of their final deeds, understood in terms of the distinguishing good from evil, which is the second-class concept within this doctrine of the ("natural") freedom in the best case. In other words, the importance of considering, whether the real consequences of their free will DIA choice in time DIA space are going to be good, right ones or evil nature, bad ones for her, him, for members of the family and other societal units were completely ignored and neglected. Recall, even within this kind of the societal implementation of the doctrine of "Natural Evolution DIA the Natural Selection", understood in terms of the creation of a (natiocratic) environment (with suitable value system), the stronger and more adaptable (loyal, obedient, ...) ones will SURVIVE. Hope, the well-known culture of cronyism, nepotism and various manifestations of sycophancy, present in each NATIOCRATIC societal order (of the "things" and relations in it), embedded and mantled in the appropriate political system of time DIA space, was not difficult to recognize.

By re-reading DIA deeply impressing this miserable natiocratic content into thy inner being (kingdom of "??????"), this creator of knowledge hopes, it is clear, why should also be used as orienter, the words of Christ, of the (Great) prophets, and other emissaries of God, in order to be found a good exit (way), understood in sense of better dealing with the issues of distinguishing Good from evil. First of all, they lived and (creatively) acted in this world, thereby being only responsible to God for their actions, and not to the various partial and biased earthly institutions, burdened with their embedded selfish and narrow-minded interests. In short, these Great Individuals saw, ...., intuited, felt and dialectically synthesized, understood in terms of the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces, much better the essence of these very complex worlds of dialectics of God, what the previously uttered dialectical content has shown. READ, "The Concept of the Living God". Hope, you are also now able to understand, why this creator of knowledge used and creatively embedded the uttered words of these Great individuals in the creative works and articles of his. In short, by reading the Holy Books, Scriptures and other survived historical written sources, you are also able to figure out that not so much changed IN THE CORE (essence) of the natiocratic societal orders. For confirmation of it, re-read the Holy Books and Scriptures.

  • As an example, if you criticize this contemporary business elite including also the established political elite who allowed them to avoid paying overtime, night work, pension contributions.... to their employees, by using your own words, this will not have much impact on them because such and similar sentences are pronounced every day in a pub, for example. But if you apply a citation from a Holy Book and Scriptures, for example, as this citation is:
  • “Better little with righteousness than much gain with injustice (Proverbs-16:8). Woe to her, him who builds her, his palace by unrighteousness, her, his rooms by injustice, making her, his countrymen to work for nothing, not paying them for their labor" (Jeremiah-22:13).
  • Although this will not touch the 'hearts' of these modern godless pagans (neo-secularists) too because they do not fear of the heavenly God (Psalm-111:10). In other words, He is too far from them because their inner beings are occupied with a different master. What then, the problem for them is? Simply, the power of the feather and ink (pen) is mighty "weapon" on which these powerful and mighty with their small brains, surrounded with the suite of the simple-minded counselors, their "priests", militant and military staff, loyal state clerks and officials... have not a proper answer. Keep in mind, a myriad of the even more powerful and mighty established societal orders had fallen down, precisely because of the implementation of this powerful and very sharp weapon (Job-6:4): Pen! Just look backward in the past. And they very well know that.
  • Especially, when they boast with a highly developed political system of theirs (natiocratic democracy), externally to the masses presented as the embodiment of human rights, freedom of speech, creative acting, including also the religious rights and appropriate freedoms..... And for this reason, they can not me publicly deny this right and freedom of creating and 'speaking in the various kinds of Hide Parks of theirs' [prisoners of the own words], as well as in this way they will only make too much-unwanted noise and public attention. For this reason, they chose the option of using various hidden sadistic ways of the implementation of their power and might. On the other hand, to properly function the political natiocratic system of this established neo-secular religion, all traces of the emissary of God action (Holy Books and Scriptures) has to be wiped out. In other words, made busy with the 'enjoying' the first 'sweet' fruits of making fun with this person from the distant 'backward past', they failed to eliminate me from this creative scene at the right time.
  • In short, the citations from the Holy Books and Scriptures enlighten minds of those who did not step too far, sinking to the throat in these worlds of the obscurity and darkness: of the secret schemes of theirs. For more information in connection with the "the TIME VALUE (THOUSANDS OF YEARS)" of the words of these Great Individuals from this distant past, read the creative article: PECULIARITIES OF THE DIALECTICAL INTERACTIVE APPROACH. In short, you will understand that nothing essentially was changed in these few thousand years of the recorded history of womankind: a new utopian idea of the natiocratism.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The White Angel


Culture DIA Religion

The Background Simulative Methodological Assumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Simultaneously, you will also understand, why this creative approach has been encountered with so much opposition and hate, shown by the ruling natiocratic elite: (Inter)national dark (obscured) network.

  • "...... As an example, the author of this creative work studied in different cultural and societal systems, but he did not study as you could expect, neither science nor philosophy nor art nor culture nor religion but the (international) business economics, as well as the information technology that speaks on the behalf of the previosly uttered thesis by Christ. READ: "Dialectical Conception of Time DIA Space" And this greatest “unknown” for 'them', how and where the adherents of God will be born, in manger, as an orphan, hermit, in an ordinary family or where “?” drives 'them' crazy. Keep in mind that 'they' DIA them still strictly control the area of knowledge creation as well as everything else. In spite of the undertaken precautions and appropriate measures by them, suddenly appears a true adherent of God from “nowhere”, as “they” DIA them like to express it, with a new DIA the old fashioned style and way of thinking, (adapted) in the sense of that concrete time DIA space, compared to their own vision of it. As the first, to be revealed their obscured schemes, (s)he methodologically undermines all 'their' hard work and invested efforts during the past times DIA the appropriate space, to again revive the God’s plan of "things and relations" within this recreation. Thereby by the transfiguration of her- / himself, (partly) annuls their existing concept(ions), through the re-establishment of the foundation (stone) set by God, as well as by the creative acting other adherents of God, her/his PREDECESSORS in time DIA space, at a new, higher level of time DIA space (1. Corinthians-1:19-21). Or put it differently, this very cruel individual makes them in this way to cry and weep like a small child, left without the beloved rattle toy. Although 'they' publicly quarrel and make war with each other(a typical behaviour of all heathens), that is, they make in this way confusion on the world stage, bear in thy mind that 'they' serve the same master(s). In other words, this kind of the making typical natiocratic "shows, play of arts, performances" DIA "confusion" is the core of their obscured strategy (of acting in darkness). ......"

    Source: Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA space – Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanović, 2001
    Case 2.1 Train your (Cap)abilities of the Dialectic Synthesising (with)in Times DIA Spaces in terms of Implementation of the Scientific Dialect DIA Cultural, Philosophical and Artistic Dialect

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Human Being

I hope, it is now much easier to be understood, why this creator of knowledge so harshly criticised the existing ruling [simple - minded] concept of natiocracy and the neo-secularism, where 'they' DIA them isolated the God's confessions (religions) as it deals with the nuclear (radioactive) refuse, thereby perfidiously imposing in background the neo-secularism as a kind of neo-religion (substitute), that is, this religious concept possesses (in a hidden form) all essential attibutes of a religion (of the middle-age'). Or said it in another way, only within such isolated (and under full surveillance) "containers and various catacombs" ("enjoying freedom of theirs") might be "FREELY" repeated (quoted) the words of these Great Individuals of His [Human(e) Beings]. Outside of this kind of the neo-secular world, for the uttering (CITATION) these great words (in creative purposes) has to be paid the adequate (well-known?) price. Simultaneously, 'they' DIA them in the name of their freedom of creative expression make fun of these Great individuals, by calumniating the Holy Books and Scriptures, as being the source of all evil of this world

  • [what is with the existing ruling elite and 'their new priests' and 'prophets' (ideologist) of darkness and their numerous published books?];

in the public institutions under their full control, they do not allow CREATIVE embeding the great thoughts, contained within the Holy Books (cultural treasure), including those financed by the tax-payers' money

  • [arising the "secular" question, why should believers pay taxes, which are only spent in purposes of the carring out of various natiocratic evil ways];

they suppress the freedom of speech of the priestly staff on the public media; they prevent (behind the obscured sceneries) believers to get higher positions in the society and in BUSINESS SECTOR IN PARTICULAR ("putting them in dark lists"); they DIA 'them' continue with the persecution of emissaries of God, as it their predecessors did, and so on.

As a result of these double ('secular') criterias, note too, how this creator of knowledge wants nothing to have in common with them, that is, truly "secularized" from the dirty acting the ruling (scientific, philosophical, cultural, artistic, bureaucratic, and business DIA political) elite, which share the afore elaborated NATIOCRATIC concept of values regarding the distinguishing good from evil, by giving priority other postulates, thereby perfidiously encouraging and favouring evil choices and ways. If to this was added the purposeful imposing of the concept of simplest DIA vulgar mind, [ READ "Capabilities of the Modern Mind seen from a Perspective of the Creating Knowledge" ] which is by definition able, as on a production conveyer, to generate potential customers DIA clients for the implementation of their various narrow-minded, simple-minded and light-minded objectives, within which are always mantled and hidden the "personal" interests of the (inter)national dark (obscured) network.

Unfortunately, only after the true fruits of their secret schemes from the deepness of their darkness were brought on the light of day, can be recognised the "BIG" picture of their created societal universe. But this is not the only reason for making this kind of distance ("secularization") between these two un-reconcilable views on the world (Matthew - 15:13-14), that was proved by experience of the predecessors of mine in time DIA space. By going METHODOLOGICALLY BEHIND the earlier uttered dialectical interactive content [METHODOLOGY IS ABOUT IT: "What writer wanted to say in the creative work"], this creator of knowledge hopes, it is not difficult to grasp by looking through it, what their real intention is DIA true targets are. In other words, 'they' DIA them in fact have wanted TO ISOLATE thee from them and the words of these Great Individuals, predecessors of mine in time DIA space, who by the way said had nothing to do with the events, which followed after they were killed by the members of dark network: The predecessors of the existing ruling natiocratic elite.


The Concept of the Simple Mind

The Natiocratic Pyramid

Recall, the major objection of this creator of knowledge to the NATIOCRATIC WAY OF ORGANISING of society or marknet, including its modern manifestations, regardless of whether this was based on the one-party system, two-party one, three-party one or multi-party system, is the intolerable DISCREPANCY in treatment of individual beings (citizens) and group units, that is, difference between the individual (human) way of thinking and crowd DIA group way of thinking. As a result of this discrepancy, the dilemma private OR state way of running business (linear DIA binary way of making decisions: Computer-alike on-off, black-white, ....) is FALSE ONE, that is, if the business failures will be covered at the very end from the tax-payers' money or even worse by the additional indebting, all such dialectical content seems to a (great) individual too similar, as it has shown the creative discussion in previous part of this creative article. In short, discrimination, discrimination... everywhere. But this dialectical interactive content, based on their common inner conflict within the (concept of the) simple(st) mind, is not also seen and interpreted in the same way by the grouped ones (fused-minds). READ, "About the Conflict inside of the Simple(st) Mind". Keep in your mind, each kind of natiocracy MISUSES all and everything DIA masking and doing it in the name and behalf of NATION [HEREFROM ITS IRONICAL NAME "NATIOCRACY"], while serving the ("higher") interests of the crowd DIA groups (elite), within which always were hidden (blurred) their personal, egoistic interests. As a result of this approach, IN EACH NATIOCRACY the main word leads A FEW PERCENTAGES of its inhabitants (elitist upper castes). The fulfilment of various moral-political (ideological) criteria ['competency' DIA letters of 'references', the searching for a 'suitable' mentor for the Ph. D. study, etc.], chicane, various ways of discrimination including the obscuredly hidden ones, apart-treatment and other various manifestations of apartheid DIA carrying out BY THE RULING ELITE varios kinds of 'inquisitions' adapted for the current time DIA space, are standard norms of behaviour in each (societal) manifestation of the (modern) natiocracy.

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'us'

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space

As an example, the major drawback of the natiocratic democracy (of the western type) is just the putting its focus on the INTERESTS of various group units, of which are the most known (interNATIONAL) COMPANIES and various para-state agencies and organisations [whereas in the communism and socialism this role was played by state's apparatus, state's and semi-states companies, agencies and organisations]. Within this developed political system, the role of state was reduced to the servitude of their (narrow-minded) interests, whereas the role of most its citizens is put aside, depending on, to which cast they belong, where the lowest ones are reduced to the objects referred to. Bringing to perfection the concept simple(st) mind, DIA recognisable behaviour of the simple - minded person, READ, "An Upshot of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind: The Concept of a Simple-Minded Person", is the major feature, which distinguishes this kind of the natiocratic democracy from other natiocratic political systems, including the past (gone) ones. Recall, the concept of the "simple(st)-minded one" (read Jovanovic, 1999) was developed on the basic postulates of the simple & simplest mind, where was used as the main pattern of behaviour a person, who is able to speak one linguistic content publicly [babbling / prattling - simply by releasing her,his subdued spirit, that is, speaking what people wanted to hear], simultaneously to think on something another (read too Proverbs-1:22-33), while accomplishing in background [within the earlier elaborated black (blank) hollow (hole)] a 666 one. In either way, seen from a METHODOLOGICAL perspective, because of this deeply implanted (crowd DIA group) way of thinking into the philosophical, cultural, artistic and scientific convictions DIA corresponding political and business order (ideology), political systems of the natiocracy cannot be significantly improved, neither by concentration of political and business power (might) into a point (crowding) nor by dispersing it into a few related ones (grouping into political blocks, for example), because each of these approaches has similar (wrong) focus. For this reason, re-considered from A METHODOLOGICAL STANDPOINT, only the change (PARADIGMATIC SHIFT) in the way of thinking can bring something new.

Challenges of Creating a Broader Social and Humane Environment for Practicing Freedoms

Capabilities of the Modern Mind seen from a Perspective of the Creating Knowledge

(Recti) Linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time and Space

In this dialectical methodological context of the redefinition of existing understanding of time and space, the dialect - spirit was used in the metaphysical and figurative sense to refer to the unknown, puzzling, (outer and) inner (non-physical) expanses of the mega-dialect space, understood in the sense of time in space (now and there), which are from the dialectical point of view unpredictable, invisible and imperceivable by the five basic senses [of the physical worlds understood in terms of the space in time (the now and here)]. On the other hand, attempts of 'scientists' (the new priests of the neo-secularism) to get rid of the dialect - spirit, as a part of a much broader process of the dechristianization and infidelization of science [as their response to the scientific and creative happenings during the medieval Age of Blackness], as well as their efforts to exclude mathematically inexpressible aspects of mind (dia reason), is not that easy and so simple as they thought. Or to say otherwise, these simple-reasonable actions and their corresponding efforts have led to over-simplification of [scientific, and especially social and living] reality,

  • [where ordinary people too, as some kind of captives of this (relativistic) dynamic understanding of relations and affairs in the created physical universe, are also reduced to the "things referred to"],

The Methodological Creative Framework

The Ultimate DIA Probable Methodological Presumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach


Culture DIA Religion

The Background Simulative Methodological Assumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

understood also in the sense of segregation of the science from the culture, art, and philosophy, as a first step of the initiated dialectical processes by this simple-minded act, and then to a big leap dia the corresponding sinking into primitive mental worlds of the vulgar mind (its further and further vulgarization). In short, where the simplest and vulgar mind prevails, there cannot be manifested and practiced real properties and values of this dialectical understanding concept of freedom. By the way, a similar way of the segregation of the culture (dia religion) from the art, science and philosophy in the medieval age led to the aforementioned persecution of those, who thought differently.

  • To remind me, thee, us, in the early epochs some of the main creative breakthroughs were made within the established institutions of culture dia religion. Furthermore, because having at disposal adequate resources, the only available way for the ordinary (poor) people to get some education was to enroll various programs of religious education. Especially, this was true for the cloister 's manners of organizing, because they, apart from the necessary knowledge, material, and financial resources, had also (created) enough time (dia space) for education and creation of knowledge. Something similar, outside of these cultural dia religious institutions, was (only) achieved in the small polis-states of antique Greece, during a relatively short period of blossoming philosophy, science, and art, as well as in a much lesser extent in the realm of culture dia religion.

  • But after dismantling cloisters, not only in the physical sense, but rather by a gradual institutionalization of them through the appropriate measures of the ruling clerical institutions, they lost their autonomy and related freedom of (creative) acting until they were simply reduced to the places of prayers [note this redundancy and the related excessiveness in relation to the institution of church], hard (physical) work, fasting and (almost complete) isolation from the events in the external world. To cut this long story short, these processes in the realm of culture dia religion at the end led to the completion of initiated, much broader processes of segregation, not only of the culture (dia religion) from the art, science, and philosophy but to the segregation each of them from one another.

  • These medieval events and related happenings are also recognizable in this modern manifestation of the segregation, not only between and among them [science or philosophy or art or culture (dia religion)] but within each of them too. In other words, it was again achieved some kind of the (ostensible) division of the spheres of influence ["do not touch my (narrow-minded") interests, and in return, we will not interfere in your sphere of influence (on your loyal customers)"]. As a result of this division, ordinary (pour) people (without connections), and humans in particular, are left at the mercy of these inhuman powers [which are real masters of the created social physical universe].

  • Although, in the contemporary interpretation of these events of the medieval age the whole blame was put on the religious institutions [in order to mask modern manifestations and misuse of corresponding neo-secular institutions?], it was not so in reality. According to this simple-reasonable interpretation of these past events [a recognizable feature of the simple (st) mind to merge and fuse these multiple and multi-faceted (and-and) happenings on shoulders of the one (selected, or main] scapegoat in terms of bipolar (or-or) dia binary [or] way of thinking], the established medieval institutions of science, philosophy and art, either were not involved in these processes, or moreover, they were presented as good "guys", who fought for the good and welfare of mankind. It is ridiculous to think in this way, respectively, was it so?

  • As an argument for this, Nicolaus Copernicus and Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), to mention only a few of the most famous ones, were members of the clergy. To cut this long story short too, the inquisition could not arbitrarily and autonomously act without the knowledge of those days' state institutions. The real power of the state institutions (of the kings, on the first place) "the mighty" Roman Popes also felt on their skin during these happenings in the medieval age, as a result of the gradually decreasing and descending influence of (the already discredited) religion. It could also be argued that these happenings were driven by the key-personas, which were selected not only from these four essential institutions but also the most influential members of state institutions, as well as of politics and business were recruited and involved in these secret activities (by acting behind the dark scenery).

The didactic message of the aforementioned, seen from the perspective of the dialectical interactive approach, which is based on the pre-ancient methodological approach to the unknown in time dia space

  • [by reconsidering a dialectical content under creative (re-)consideration from the point of view of culture (dia religion), philosophy, art and science in terms of the appropriate Ultimate DIA Probable Methodological Presumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach],

is that where this previously mentioned [or] division is present, or any manifestation of the alliance of any two of them, or any combination of the three of them against the left-over one of them, there can be no word about the freedom of speech, creative acting, or any manifestation of the REAL freedom in general [understood in terms of distinguishing Good from evil]. In other words, some members of the established society in this recognizable natiocratic manner suffer in one or another way. Seen from the standpoint of this methodological approach, the essential question is finding ways for continuation of their (common) influence on the course of events in the established society, understood in terms of cultivation of both human and humane values in this created broader environment for the practicing freedoms [of speech, creative acting.... in a human and humane way], as well as how to transfer it to new generations [by desirable improvement of it during the passage of time dia space]. Keep in mind, (almost) all its inhabitants are involved and interconnected with these four essential spheres of human acting throughout the entire lifetime, either directly or indirectly. In short, the point of this aforementioned is in the continuous (common) influence of these four essential fields of human acting on an established society as a whole, by reflecting the interests of all its participants through the prism of distinguishing Good from evil, instead of the widely spread focus on the narrow-minded interests of established entities of a group, which are in the natiocratic reality each time reduced on the satisfaction of the selfish, personal interests (of the ruling elite).

Or put it in another way, how to empower their inhabitants regardless of the chosen natiocratic form of rule as well as to influence in a positive, but direct and public way, the decision-makers in the realm of politics and business. In particular, how to have an impact on the ruling elite as well as on a (too) slowly changing, adapting (and inflexible) state apparatus to the ongoing social, technological, economic, financial, demographic, political changes in the society as well as to the corresponding global happenings and changes, none of which in the created global village is spared. Or to say otherwise, how (on a long-run) to put aside the influence of acting behind the (dark) scenery [by various (inter-) national secret organizations and societies], as well as to gradually over the passage of time dia space to replace and push them out. In short, in an established society of the real rule of freedom in general, there is no need for secret organization and the corresponding acting. Is it so or not?


The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

As a consequence of all previously elaborated, as an example, AN ANOTHER KIND OF THE DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL SYSTEM that puts in focus the (GOOD) citizen IN DEEDS and not in (the empty) words, by (at least) reducing the previously mentioned discrepancy in the treatment of the established group societal units compared to the individual citizens, is a way that IN DIALECTICALLY LONG-RUN COULD LEAD to the humanocracy. By the way said, pay thy attention to their MOB DIA GROUP WAY of comprehension of the meaning of INDIVIDUALISM, that is, how they saved 'INDIVIDUALLY' chosen group units: BIG ONES, their sponsors, bosses, .... for them THERE IS NO BUSINESS RISK, discussed thoroughly in the previous creative article. Here it is important to emphasize that this eventually made paradigmatic shift in the way of thinking would not automatically have led to a more righteous societal and social order but AT LEAST this would have revealed a more true state of the "things and relations" within it, and which are today covered and masked by the so-called concept of facelessness of the market. In other words, in such an established political order would have emerged, for example, from their obscurity the NAMES of the hidden 'market' actors, whose casino losses were covered by the tax-payers money. In short, this kind of the market would not be so faceless, as it is case in the existing democratically natiocratic social order [DEBT(OR)ISM]! democratically natiocratic social order [DEBT(OR)ISM]!.

Recall, the humanocracy CANNOT BE PROCLAIMED by the normative acts because, seen from the perspective of the struggle between the GOOD and evil, the evil part of the inner being DIA inmost one, as it was previously elaborated, cannot be removed in any physical (material) or normative way but it must be innerly purified. From these reasons, this creator of knowledge, apart from the harsh criticising the purposeful production of the vulgar minds DIA simplest ones, in order to be satisfied their INHUMAN narrow-minded interests, has also stressed the importance of the CONTINUAL increasing the level of the achieved development of consciousness of its inhabitants and the suitable level of [the human prick (pangs) of] CONSCIENCE, that actually says someone, whether it was handled in a good or bad (evil) way, whether something good or evil nature is and the like. Keep always in mind, that only in the societies, where the humans are majority, can start to germinate (a implemented conception of) the humanocracy!

Within such an established political system, all decisions, concerning the future of most of its citizens and their children in particular, such as covering the debt-holes of "slave-owners", or of the too indebted "slaves" [or none of them: market way], exceeding the limits of the adopted military budget, entering in the military or economic blocks, economic sanctions with boomerang effect that affects most of the citizens [on the global level too because it reduces the global purchasing power, leads to the poverty, hunger, bloodshed, accelerated coming into being hyper-production DIA satiation of market, ... : Higher prices of oil, food, electricity, ...], and the similar important dilemmas that DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY INCREASE DEBT of state(s) should be OBLIGATORY resolved by the all-citizens' (DEMOCRATIC) REFERENDUM. As more important the dialectical content under consideration, as higher percentage is needed to be referendum's decision accepted. To be reduced the costs of organizing of referendum, participation of voters less than 51 % means automatically the negative decision of citizens(introducing a public "holiday" during elections). In either case, to "bribe" [lobbying DIA any kind of trading with the political might should be constitutionally forbidden] DIA (by party's ideology) to seduce so a large number of citizens is more difficult (expensive), than a small number of "their" representatives, using various ways and methods. Only in such a way can be limited this very cheap incentive, and from this reason, a very attractive one for the various informal (inter)national networks and structures, either through the inserting their 'cuckoo eggs' into the parliament, or through the "BRIBING" the elected representatives, in one or another way, for accomplishment of their well-known natiocratic (reaching far away into future) goals.

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

In other words, the dialectical understanding of time DIA space, has addressed a very important issue of the democracy, that is, whether the democratic elected representatives of folk, in spite of the fact that their political mandate is limited, both in terms of time and space (usually, four years), have ethical and POLITICAL RIGHT to extend, or to sell, if you so will, this (limited or absolute?) political time horizon DIA the suitable space, SO FAR OUT OF THE GRANTED political mandat? Keep in mind, for such dialectically long run political decisions, there is no democratic way to be made later responsible its past decision-makers! For this reason, REFERENDUM is the most appropriate democratic solution and political instrument for such kind of hot political topics. Hope, it was not difficult to be recognised, one more, OBSCUREDLY HIDDEN FEATURE of the absolute form of rule within the existing natiocratically democratic political systems. In addition to this requirement, in such a new-established democratic political system each EXCESSIVE dismissals of the employees in the business sectors should OBLIGATORY be followed by the adequate reducing the number of employed ones in the (para)state's apparatus (sharing the burden of crisis: DECROWDISATION). Apart from this, any kind of the unethical behaviour of those, whose salaries are paid at the expense of tax-payers' money should be additionally sanctioned, comparing to those, who are employed in the private business sectors, as well as it should be forbidden to get any job in any (public) institution. In other words, to such ones it should be only allowed to earn for living in a market way. Keep in thy mind, the regularity and guarantee of the receiving a income (stability) is very important and highly valuable in any kind of manifestation of a humane political system, particularly, seen from the viewpoint of (the establishment of) family. All this should be also constitutionally regulated, so no any ruling party can avoid doing it, and thus being compelled on prevention of occurrence of this undesirable political and economical scenarios in time DIA situations in space (instead of creating that).

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

Guardian Angel of the Human(e) Genus and Family

As an ideal for the collective way of organising can be used a healthy family, and from this reason, it ought to be devoted the special attention to the topic of family. The SAME IS VALID FOR OTHER POLITICAL SYSTEMS as well, because all known political systems (natiocracy) have handled the above emphasised discrepancy with the help of various ways of manifestation of force, by starting with the (raw) physical one to the various soft (perfidiously hidden) measures. To be made easier the transition from the old societal system DIA preservation of the newest created natiocratic order of "things" and relation(ship)s within it, their ideological ELITE always mantle the (old) natiocratic values of the previous societal orders into the new established political order. Just perceive how still are present the hidden manifestations of the slavery and feudalism. If to this was added their purposeful generation of the vulgar and simplest mind, supported by the favoring evil ways, their well-known 'big picture' appeared again. READ, "Consequences of the Vulgarisation of Simple(st) Mind in the Living Reality" .

Keep in mind, the major reprimand to the all known forms of the absolute rule, including also this darkly hidden feature of the natiocratic (representative) democracy, characterised for all societies, where prevails evil, supported with a low level of the achieved development of consciousness of its inhabitants, is not the chosen (or imposed) form of the rule self but rather why this dictature was not implemented for the pushing down to the bottom the evil, less competent persons DIA the advancing (promotion of) good ones to the top of the societal scale, IF THEY ARE SO TRULY GOOD (righteous), as they want EXTERNALLY to present themselves to other (absolute rulers). On the other hand, no matter, how GOOD the normative acts DIA their law-makers were, this will be understood by its inhabitants in the extent of the cleanness of their inner DIA inmost beings: Level of the achieved development of consciousness DIA the recognisable human (pangs of) CONSCIENCE. For thy orientation in time DIA space, in an IDEAL, imaginative dialectical societal universe, inhabited by truly human and humane beings, there is no need for any kind of laws at all, but rather for some kind of human(e) guidelines, based on the inborn human codex (implanted by God). From this follows, as more normative acts DIA strong developed (obscured, semi-)state apparatus there are, as the lower level of the achieved development of consciousness of its inhabitants there is, and is consequently more distant from this human (heavenly) ideal. Recall, each natiocratic form of the rule, the former, the existing or the eventually coming one is some kind of the absolute rule, seen from the standpoint of an individual (of a human being: a common citizen) because this is based on the crowd DIA group way of thinking.

Culture DIA Religion

The Background Simulative Methodological Assumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach


The Methodological Creative Framework

The Ultimate DIA Probable Methodological Presumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

As a consequence of it, no any crowd DIA group societal category cannot be made more human(e), without previous making INNER more human(e) their containing INDIVIDUALS. And this requires the (paradigmatic) shift in the way of thinking: THE INDIVIDUAL WAY OF THINKING! As a result of this, in the societal dialectical universes, where the evil prevails, and especially, when evil choices and ways were additionally (perfidiously) encouraged and favored, there can not emerge and be developed GOOD crowd DIA group societal categories (companies, nations, religions, states, network structures ...) but only good individuals (citizens) with human root, who actually determine the quality (goodness) of theirs. In short, the major obstacle for achieving this objective, is the imposed crowd (mob) DIA group (INHUMAN) way of thinking and deliberating, that is, omnipresent NATIOCRATIC crowding DIA grouping of people, understood in terms of black-white, yes-no, FOR-AGAINST .... grouping in the aforementioned societal categories. As an appropriate example, just allow changing the lovely home - environment of your pet (dog) with a wild 'societal' environment of the pack (of dogs) during the period of matting (pairing), and watch the pet's (behavior) transformation. The people, who follow this (down-up) path of the natural evolution behave (conduct) in a similar way, because of the infeasibility of development of the deep(er) HUMAN ROOT (Mark 4,17, Matthew 13,21) as well as growing in understanding.

Perceive, how again I-thou-we returned to the problematic of the cleanness of INNER DIA inmost beings of all its individual persons (working in the background within each of them: the kingdom of ???), what among others, also determines their spiritual and mindual (cap)abilities, as well as the abilities of the human way of conceiving and comprehending, attitude to the life, the meaning of life and the like (read too, John - 14:9-10). Because of this inner gap that separates us, the essence of these creative (CULTURAL, philosophic, artistic, scientific) contents can not be explained to a simple-minded person, as it the personal acquired experience of mine, while creatively operating within the EU(-NATO) 'security' zone shows, as well as the similar experiences of the predecessors of mine within the akin natiocratic environments proves this statement of mine. Looking back in time DIA space [spirit, mind, matter], it is not a coincidence that THE ONLY TRUE opponents to them were actually the great individuals, at the first place, the main heroes from the Holy Books and Scriptures, and for this reason, they were quoted by this creator of knowledge in the creative works and articles of his. Simultaneously, this is an additional reason, why 'they' DIA them want to wipe out from the people's remembrance (memory) the words contained within the Holy Books and Scriptures, do not allowing to BE CITATED within their established natiocratic institutions, as a key-feature of this neo-secular religion.

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