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  Consequences of the Vulgarisation of the Simple(st) Mind in Living Reality

Rereading the dialectical content, elaborated in the first part of this creative article, in connection with the further process of vulgarisation of the simplesst minds, it is not a coincidence that this creator of knowledge so harshly criticised the purposeful generating and breeding vulgar minds (for the merciless milking by the business actors). In other words, although in any low developed natiocratic society some representatives of this deeply vulgarised mind should be treated during doing some business and financial transactions in the similar way as it has been done with the mentally-retarded persons, that is, it should be forbidden by law validity of such closed (made) contracts (null and void contracts), it has been nothing done by the natiocratic political authorities. On the other hand, generally speaking, the dealing in the everyday living reality with the multitude of various (composed in many pages) contracts is not so an easy matter. Contrary, it is a very complicated subject, even for the specialists, first of all, in terms of finding the necessary time DIA space (spirit, MIND, matter) for studying them. In addition to this, here also nothing helps the justification that this complicated dialectical content was not taught during the (basic and obligatory) schooling period, despite fact that the knowledge of it is necessary for normal living of any person, and after the forming family particularly. In other words, the basic education was not properly (appropriately) designed for the coming challenges of life DIA living. Contrary to it, even the under-aged persons are encouraged to start very early with tasting fruits of the "Debtor's DIA Debt Economics" , by allowing them to take bank loans, too. This market opportunity was utilised too by appearance of various (business, financial) advisers and consultants (for additional squeezing money from the 'created' clients). But in the case of mis- (evil) guidance, there are by rule no legal sanctions for this kind of irresponsible (business) behavior. Recall, the irresponsibility is another COMMON FEATURE OF ALL INVOLVED ACTORS, including politicians too, in any natiocratic society ("WOE TO THE VICTIMS OF IT"). In other words, no punishments at all, or in the "best" case throwing over it on the burden of the tax-payers, in one or another way: The retirement (and a high pension) is only one of many examples.

Arising DIA Enlightenment of a Simplest One in Time DIA Space

Arising DIA Enlightenment of a Simplest One in Time DIA Space

IT IS FOR WONDERING (or FOR LAUGHING OUT?), in spite of the existence of these creative articles, which are GRATIS available for reading, that still there are so many persons, who have been caught into the network of various very simple financial secret schemes. For example, in the EU (within in the new members of the eastern-EU countries in particular), also after the year of big crush of the financial markets (2008), were still closed loan-contracts with the banks DIA mortgage by their citizens, where the money was taken in the domestic currency, whereas the fluctuation of the rate of exchange had been thrown over on the client, by obscurely hidden clausal (proviso) that the amount of debt will be recalculated in Swiss Francs (or in Euro), depending what is better (more advantageous) for the bank, and not for the client (there is no sharing of the business risk). Because this happens within the EU-business rooms, what does Swiss Franc or any other none-EU currency to do here? Or any none-domestic currency, if you so will. Particularly, if to the domestic citizen is not allowed to hedge her / his interests by opening a bank account in the foreign currency by her / his choice. In either case, even by a so simplest-mindedly developed financial secret scheme, that is, "The course of Euro down, of Swiss Franks up", were caught a lot of "fishes". So again, why this kind of contract on the INDIVIDUAL (Citizen's) LEVEL [dealing business with lay(wo)men] was not forbidden by the EU or domestic authorities. Keep in mind, the burden of such a carried out obscured scheme is a calamity for the involved citizens and their families (innocent children) particularly.

In the case of the new eastern European members of the EU, the amount of debt for the involved citizens often surpasses the personal income after taxes, that is, the amount that could be earned in the most developed EU-countries. But they receive the "EU-Eastern" wages, and each period of unemployment is an additional calamity for the children of these "modern slaves". The similar cases are also present in the southern EU states, where many of its inhabitants have been forced to dismount from the "promised horse on the back of a donkey", as well as in the richest EU countries, particularly among its lower castes. All this has been done by carrying out various market manipulations and financial speculations, including also the monetary ones. READ: "The Concept of the (Recti)linear Universe: Happenings in the (Recti)linear Space and Time". Apart from this, the basing the economic system on the subsidies of others participating member-states, by transforming all their domestic actors in the pure consumers, is not a proper strategy, especially if such an opportunity was not utilised for making these countries independent on this kind of help. Simultaneously, the developed countries are not too much interested for investing there because it can be much cheaper and profitable done in many places worldwide. Anyway, (re)export within EU-boundaries is very profitable, particularly, if the market is not over-satiated. Seen from a short-term perspective, what to be said about various monetary speculative and manipulative opportunities? In either case, if it is wanted someone truly (genuinely) to be helped, learn her / him to "catch fishes, instead of continual feeding them by the own produced ones". This clearly shows that any kind of the simple-minded "cooperationn" has need for the existence of simplest and vulgar ones (clients), in order to these devised secret schemes 'properly' function in this typical natiocratic way.

In the natiocratic systems (including the western ones as well), this is also manifested in terms of that even (very) pour people want to possess the same things as the rich elite (acquiring it at any price), although some of them are not able properly to provide human living conditions for the members of their families. As a result of this trend DIA way of thinking, thou art going to meet people possessing, for example, the latest developed equipments [although in terms the developed mindual (DIA related spiritual) capabilities are not able to use its basic functions] and the like, at the price of heavily indebting. In other words, they are not capable to comprehend that many of the rich people are purchasing most of such things [continually deducing them to the afore elaborated concept of "zero" by various developed natiocratic gravitational forces], although they do not (even intend to) use it. In short, simply because to them by the developed economic DIA ideological system, it has been left the choice, either to buy it or to pay VERY HIGH taxes to the state, for example. Keep in your mind, in all natiocratic societies the official rate of inflation is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than the interest rate on the deposits, so the afore elaborated incentive for the over-consuming behaviour is an appropriate substitute, (goods) for the money (PAPER) [it is not made from gold or silver anymore], without need to be mentioned the problematic of the various forms of the fictively issued money.

All these incentives are in fact a kind of locomotion (driver) within this kind of developed economic system (debtors' DIA debt economy). READ: "Debtor's DIA Debt Economics: Part One" As a consequence of this developed economical system, to have been acquired some goods and properties, for the group actors too, the 'cheapest' way is the INDEBTING, done in purpose of the getting of an adequate tax-shield, but received at the (high?) price of selling future (prospects) of the societally captured individuals within this (ad)venture into the (un)known for the many of its (good) inhabitants, as well as selling the (future) prospects of their offspring. By the way said, note, that in the various developed natiocratic concepts of FREEDOM OF CHOICE, to an individual (individual business unit, ...) is only in reality left the choice to choose, to whom will be given money [a kind of racketing by this kind of the official (legal) mafia]. For example, either by paying the rent to the various kinds of landlords or the mortgage to the banks, because there were not provided the adequate environment, in an ethical way, either to be retained the (most part of the earned) money or to be adequately invested. As a pattern for thinking, the people for a few thousands years were able to build such enormous pyramids, whereas today, despite of the made technological progress, it is STILL very expensive to be built SUCH A GEOMETRICALLY SIMPLE four-cornered "cage".

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'US'

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space


Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Which kind of the economic and political union, or which kind of the state, if you so will, has need for so many poor citizens and the hopeless "modern slaves" of the developed political and economical system DIA the suitable secret schemes? ONLY THE VARIOUS FORMS OF THE NATIOCRATIC ONES have need for such a ballast, seen from a humane perspective! For thy orientation in time DIA space, a proletarian from the age of the industrial revolution (19th century) would be a "rich person" today, compared to the heavily indebted debtor of these modern days, because although (s)he possessed nothing, (s)he also had not (enormous) debts. The similar is valid for the other crowd societal categories (states, unions) and the group ones (companies, households, farms), too. In short, this established natiocratic order (debtism) is based on the economy of debtors DIA set in motion and further lead by this debt way. In other words, this kind of economy runs only by means of the further drawing in debts on all levels. It seems, also this successor of the "Old Roman Empire" has learnt nothing from the past: An empire of the poor ones and slaves, where each year there are more and more both foreign and "foreign" made alienated outcasts, who have nothing to lose nor to keep and defend there, when it was invaded by the Vandals and Goths. Even in the case, a "governor of its many provinces" has tried to change domestically something, the Newest "Rome" do not allow it, particularly, if the price of it is the "catching less fish" by their various obscured networks.

Considered from the methodological perspective of the developed dialectical interactive approach, the all previously said, clearly discloses the INBORN subordination of the mindual abilities and capabilities (skills) to the spiritual ones, in spite of the made efforts by the proponents of the concept of the simple(st) mind to be proved opposite: SUPERIORITY OF THE MIND. Recall, according to this creator of knowledge, the dialect - mind is AT FIRST PLACE A MEDIUM, an interface and interpretator between the dialects spirit and matter in time DIA space. Otherwise, anyone who still do not agree with these words, has to elaborate, how these examples of the omnipresent (simplest and vulgar) happenings and the other akin manifestations of it are possible, in spite of the achieved technological progress and of the fact that the majority of citizens in this most developed part of the world possess a relatively high level of education. Particularly, compared it with the previous epochs of their ancestors, when the most of them were NOT CAPABLE TO READ. From this follows that this kind of the (technological, educative ...) progress IS NOT ABLE TO COMPENSATE the lack of progress in development of the conscience of their inhabitants over time DIA space, where the spiritual (cap)abilities play a major role. In other words, in this SIMPLE-MINDED way it is not feasible to be ennobled in terms of distinguishing good from evil, the born, cultivated and conveyed simplest and vulgar content from generation to generation, which actually devaluates and destroys the major features and essence of the meaning to be human(e). Or put it in another way, the major feature of this kind of the (merged and fused) mind(-spirit) and the suitable intellectual (cap)abilities is its dependence of being previously made capable in order to LATER BE ABLE, for example, something to create, that is opposite compared to the dialect - (free) spirit: ALREADY BORN ABLE to continue with the improvement of its current abilities DIA further developing its capabilities. Apart from that, without the dialect - spirit there is no ability of (acquiring) DEEPER INSIGHT in the time DIA space. All this is an additional reason, why should be again reconsidered the major postulates of the presented concept of simple(st) mind, particularly the purposeful encouragement of its detrimental upshots in the living reality. Recall, the major characteristic of this concept of mind is, after occupying the place intended for the dialect - spirit, the everywhere present endeavoring the dialect - mind, to subordinate and totally suffocate and extinguish the dialect - spirit and the closely related spiritual abilities.

This hidden awareness of darkness, proved both in the past (discovering new continents) and OBSERVABLE in the choky barrel of the present time of theirs, cannot be hidden from any impartial human(e) observer. Nor it can be mantled (masked) by the concept of a simple-minded (simply reasonable) person, regardless whether (s)he has been employed within the sphere of "modern" science, philosophy, art or culture, without any need to be mentioned those engaged within the business and politics. As an example, just watch the movies (of the science fiction), by paying thereby a particular attention to their well-known comprehension of the distinguishing evil from the good (ones), how their (militantly) political establishment, still playing an essential and decesive role within this kind of their future, covered by the obscured mantle of their understanding of the (natiocratic) democracy, ..... READ: "The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Concept of the Natiocracy". In short, all this recognisable natiocratic all-saying "theatre" has been based on the inner conflict, which smoulders inside of the "simple(st)" (fused) mind. To remind me-thou-us, any simply-minded person is a further evolutionary development of a person already infected by the previously mentioned spiritual illness (of soul), such as are it, for example, the various kinds of chauvinists. If you thoughtfully put under observation DIA reconsideration this kind of people, first of all, it is perceivable, that they (DIA inner BLACK 'them') have an enormous need to SPEAK OUT ("to be got rid of") the inner black dialectical content, accumulated over times DIA spaces. Keep in the mind, this (wrathy) content of the illusionary venting, understood in terms of the emptying inner being DIA inmost one, is CONTAGIOUS, and if thou are not aware of it DIA not being innerly purified thyself (performed "vaccination"),

  • Paraphrasing Christ: "Woe to you, infected ones, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. The infected blind ones! Firstly clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean (Matthew, 23:25-26)", that is, in this case, firstly (re)solve the conflict inside of the simple(st) mind, and then outside of you might be solved the external ones.

there is a great probability to be imported it into the own "kingdom of ???". This stage of the illness of soul, seen from the perspective of distinguishing good from evil, was categorised and placed within the stage of development of blackness, because (s)he still speaks, what (evil) (S)HE THINKS.

THE NEXT STAGE of the natural-evolutionary development of this decease is its transition and transformation DIA A FURTHER DARKENING of the inner being DIA the dark one ['kingdom of Tama(s)'], into the various manifestations of the latent emotional madness. This emotional decease of the soul can be manifested, starting from various kinds of the (relatively harmless) fleeing from the true evil-based happenings in the living reality to the various kinds of the SIMPLE-MINDED shelters of illusions, .... to the perfidiously masked (by empty-talking in terms of good) very evil-minded acting. In short, BY USING THIS SIMPLE-MINDED APPROACH, 'they' DIA them found a way, by empty-talking in terms of good (self-deceited) to be got rid of the accumulated blackness and darkness over time DIA space (the transfering this inner burden on others), that is, to achieve the basic objective of the previously mentioned category of people (the various kinds of chauvinists), but doing it in a very perfidious and malicious way. And the most important of all, 'they' DIA them managed successfully to draw away the attention of people (masses) from the true happenings on this falsie content. Moreover, BY SWALLOWING THIS VERY CONTAGIOUS CONTENTS, pay thy attention, how people, infected by this dark ideological DIA 'theological' content, self-deceived, too, without doing any effort to deeper reconsider and rethink over it, further spread the swallowed infection, by repeating it like parrots. In Christ's words, "What goes into a (wo)man's mouth does not make her / him unclean, but what comes out of her / his mouth, that is what makes her / him unclean (Matthew, 14:10-20)". At the same time DIA corresponding space, undisturbed, 'they' DIA (darkened) them accomplish in the background various EVIL 666 scenarios in time DIA situations in space.

Since this phase of the soul darkening is based on the MASKED EVIL DIA LIES, this DARK natural-evolutionary stage of development of THE EMOTIONAL MADNESS is far more dangerous than the suitable "black ones". Keep in thy mind, the people of 'darkness' are more focused on THE FINAL OUTCOME of the undertaken activities, by acting behind the obscured sceneries, whereas the people of "blackness" are more made busy with the TOO NOISY (oral) empting themselves. It might be argued, the committed evil by them, is a consequence of not achieving this (illussory) goal, that is, getting rid of this contagious content of blackness, in this simple-minded way, ending in the next NATURALLY-EVOLUTIONAR phase of this decease, that is, within the world of (inner) darkness. Furthermore, they as well as the most of people are actually each time DIA corresponding space, ABUSED BY THE DARK ONES, by perfidiously employing them in purpose of easier accomplishment of their obscured objectives. From these reasons, this creator of knowledge named these true opponents of the (ideals of) humanity, the (inter)national DARK (OBSCURED) network because they (mis)use all and everything, including the greatest and holiest HUMAN AND HUMANE VALUES as well. Here, a particular emphasise has been put on the obscured acting of the (para)state in yoke with the various "big private" interests. In short, by the previous dialectical content, devoted to the people of 'darkness' (obscurity), was introduced DIA re-narrated in plain words the concept of a simple-minded person. You can also read a methodological review regarding this dialectical content under consideration, understood in terms of a (final) upshot of the inner conflict within the "simple(st)" mind.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The White Angel

By the way said, pay attention, how both the natiocratic and nationalistic parties still have no intention to ACT PREVENTIVELY (in advance) to be prevented the purposeful destabilisation countries, around the (economically destabilised) boundaries of this "Newest Rome", in order to be reduced inflow of the previously mentioned unwished "intruders", although considered from a human(e) and individual perspective, everywhere are present various kinds of the dictatures, as they called ONE-SIDED such states, in one or another (obscured) manifesting form, but not inside of them, according to them. Anyway, it is better a domestic dictator than a foreign one. To the opinion of this creator of knowledge, based on the own experience, NO ANY HUMAN INDIVIDUAL would have deserted the own country, if it was not purposefully destabilised and then destroyed, in order to be made the 'fruitful parts of soil' for the various interested parties. The reasons for doing it are also simple-minded (reasonable) ones DIA the economic nature. Namely, the ruling natiocratic parties, by acting in yoke with the large business (weapon's DIA military sector, particularly) and social sector want cheap labour force, in order to this way to keep the wages as low as possible, in order to be able to compete on the world markets using this conventional (outdated) approach [instead of trying to achieve it by the creating new and renewed knowledge DIA eventually importing the high educated specialists (without transforming them into a cheap labour force, too)]. On the other hand, the excessively developed social and humanitarian "business" sector has need for such a kind of the "helpless" clients. In other words, they considerably contribute to the SELF-DESTABILISATION, apart from the purposefully doing it by the similar foreign big trouble-makers, in order to be easier carried out their all-comprising STRATEGIC GOALS DIA INTERESTS!

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Human Being

On the other hand, the nationalistic parties want to "recruit more contra-voices" for political elections by acting in their recognisable too loud way. To the opinion of this creator of knowledge, a much better political approach would be also for them to prevent the afore mentioned purposeful destabilising and destroying other "dictatures" world-wide, and THE NEIGHBOURING ONES PARTICULARLY, by the ruling natiocratic parties, instead of the barren attempts to be prevented "import" of the made countryless DIA "homeless", of the made poor, impoverished and wretched ones from there. The ending result of this (boomerang effect) is also the economical destabilisation of their own countries. Recall, ONLY THE PREVENTIVE ACTING is truly human(e) nature, whereas the solving, or manipulating, if you so will, with the consequences (of neglecting to do it) is (wo)man's nature! For their orientation in the time DIA space, even the Old Roman empire DID NOT MANAGE TO ACHIEVE THIS GOAL, because apart from the further continuation of the vulgarisation (and degeneration) of its inhabitants, (from generation to generation), being heavily "invaded" from the inside by the previously mentioned "helpless" made clients, without any (human) perspective there, such a societal formation, seen from a dialectically long run perspective, was made (in advance) unable to resist a continual pressure from the outside. In short, the claims of the ideologists DIA 'theologians' that in this way can be made AN UNION OF PEACE within this "Newest Rome Empire" are only empty and barren wants and dreams. In either case, the all previously said shed more light on the main feature of any natiocratic order (until now): The large (and intolerable) discrepancy in the treatment of individuals (citizens) versus the group and crowd societal categories, creating in this simple-minded (reasonable) an ideological background DIA framework for a further discriminating of its citizens (forming castes DIA casting). READ, "The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Concept of the Natiocracy". Until this dialectica content is not tackled, natiocratic way of organising of society remains an ideological pattern (of thought) and the SOURCE OF INSPIRATION for copying it worldwide, during this typical societal capering all the (spent) time in the (almost same) place.