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  About the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind

This creative article deals with the topic of internal smoldering conflict within various forms of manifestation of simple mind, as an end-result of subjugation of dialect - spirit by mind dia reason. These abandoned expanses are gradually filled by dialect - matter through various manifestations of materialism precisely by taking advantage of this internal smoldering conflict within simple mind, that is, while two are arguing, the third takes advantage of the opportunity presented. This cluster of creative articles includes the early works of this emerging knowledge creator. You'll notice that he still hasn't fully dissociated himself from the ubiquitous "WE" way of thinking, or he simply didn't want to come to terms with the fact that the populistic mind of the natiocratic elite will continue so stubbornly with their signature hypocrisy that is the faithful companion of their natiocratic way into the future, which is described and elaborated in detail in the next part of this creative article. Although I still think that such sentences (for the mobilization of the broad masses of the people) sound very nice:

  • "CREATION INSTEAD OF DESTRUCTION, because creation is eternal, infinite, and therefore only creation DIA the manifested creativity leads to eternity...",

it seems that individualism and individual way of thinking, that is, the sincerity and innate naivety of the (great) individuals always contradicts the mob, accordingly group way of thinking within natiocratism precisely because of their very profitable hypocrisy for seducing the masses [for easy money-making]. For this reason, this type of innate naivety and sincerity should also be understood in the sense that every true human-loving being not only does not want, but also cannot accept something that belongs to the realm of simple and vulgar mind, even when completely identical sentences are uttered, such as the one mentioned above. In any case, please note that this nascent creator of knowledge has very precisely touched the core of a clearly identified problem or challenge for humane beings regardless of what culture or social class they belong to. Reading the other creative articles, you will see that this creator of knowledge sees both creative challenges ("problems") and their solutions within each individual, that is, in their inner realms, and not exclusively outside of them as represented by various types of ideologues and staunch supporters of natiocratism. Although at first glance it seems that within absolutist natiocratic societies this is easier to achieve than (numerically) within a natiocratic democracy

  • [far more than the necessary 50% +1 (individuals, not impatient and disoriented people) is needed to make it in (dialectically) long term sustainable],

that is, applying power versus free will, precisely because of the various forms of hypocrisy, it is unattainable in the social, natiocratic reality. In other words, since hypocrisy is embedded in inner being, accordingly it has its source there, it is deeply rooted at all levels of social organizing. Or expressed in another way, the content and essence of the inner being, including hypocrisy [time in space: NOW AND THERE] cannot be removed by some kind of physical operation [space in time: HERE AND NOW], and for that reason neither by using forces. As one example, take the efforts of the Inquisition during the medieval era of blackness rule to impose their understanding of Christianity by force, that is, to eradicate various non-Christian behaviors: manifestations of paganism, impiety, and the like. In short, this is far more complicated than unsuccessful attempts to remove a malignant tumor, accordingly short-term successes, because sooner or later it returns and is renewed from its natural source. In any case, it is worth reading about this inner simmering conflict within the various manifestations of simple mind. Since each of us is exposed to the ideological propaganda of various natiocratic political systems, both past and present, each of us more or less falls into their nets for catching or grouping and herding (naive) "fish".

Dialectic Interactive Approach

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Introduction into Dialectic Interactive Approach

Couple Dialect: Thesis DIA Antithesis

Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

Synthese DIA "G" → The Renewed Thesis in the Time DIA Space

It is important to emphasize that in the dialectical framework for orientation in time DIA space, there are neither boundaries (in objectivistic terms) among dialects - spirit, mind dia reason, matter, nor among dialects - future, emotively emotional dia physical presence, and past because each of them is a (multiple) dialectical synthesis of the two others. For example, the dialect - mind DIA reason as a MEDIUM of space [note, not the converged (fused) mind but the set free (released) mind] is a dialectical synthesis of the dialect - spirit "in/by/and/through/with/for" (≈ DIA) the dialect - matter. In the same way are defined the other two dialects. Similarly, the dialect - future, in the role of a driver-guide, is a dialectical synthesis of the dialect - emotively emotional dia physical presence DIA the dialect past and so on. READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space". The knowledge of these very, very basic assumptions and the initiated dia-processes allows creators of knowledge to RECONSIDER different scenarios in time DIA the appropriate situations in space ("movie - reconstructions"), using this (self-)awareness and the accumulated knowledge of dialectics, understood in terms of dialectical qualitative reasoning of this dialectical content.

For example, this can be applied FOR THE RECONSTRUCTION of a past scenario in time DIA an appropriate situation in space, by assigning to the dialect - past the role of driver-guide, and then by using the dialects future DIA (creative) emotively emotional presence (of the actor), as a medium for presentation of this reconstructed past. Note that in this case was used the dialect emotively emotional presence AS A MEDIUM because I ⇄ thou ⇄ we are able only to present something in terms of my - thy [physical DIA the emotively emotional (imaginative)] presence, regardless whether it has been dealt with a future or past scenario in time DIA corresponding situation in space. Since here it is about a DIALECTICALLY qualitative way of thinking, creator (of) knowledge has to know something about that age [the past age, which is in focus in this example], and about the key-individuals as well, and about the people generally speaking: Spirit, mind dia reason, matter both on the individual and collective (and whole crowd) level. Creators (of) knowledge have to take into consideration that what were basic assumptions on the individual, collective and whole (crowd) level was different, compared it to the present (existing methodological) ones, understood in terms of both time and space. As a pattern for thinking, read thoughtfully the following case - example.

 Implementation of the Acquired Knowledge of Dialectics - a Case Study Example

For example, what was accepted on the collective (material and mind) level was different in Europe and America comparing these continents before than they were reconnected by Colombo. Due to the internationalisation process, these differences were reduced. I mean, on the level of the dialects matter and mind, people in Europe and America in those-days were separated. In other words, separated in terms of what was accepted as the reality, and as such one presented in the existing ruling mediums. On the other hand, on the spiritual, imaginative, and intuitive level of the Great Picture, they were not separated. Although Columbus discovered a new continent searching for India [driven by the dialects - mind and matter: by the logics and materialistic motives, determined and defined from the perspective of the big picture of those gone times], it might be argued that the discovering of America was driven by the eternal desire (of the SPIRIT) to find out (to disclose): Who I ⇄ thou ⇄ we are, where I ⇄ thou ⇄ we come from, are I ⇄ thou ⇄ we alone in the worlds of dialectics and the like. Expressing and interpreting this interactively creative content in a dialectical way, the meaning of it is that in their inner being, they INTUITED, sensed, felt and "knew" it, that is, they (subconsciously) were aware of the existence of each other. Similarly to this, still driven by these same incentives and motives of the "simple / simplest" mind, the "WE" [notice not I ⇄ thou ⇄ we but always "we", either on the behalf of nation or group of them] explore universe, searching for new resources (matter), and even (by the way) for the existence of Life [as a result of the power of subdued spirit]. At the SAME TIME AND SPACE, "we"

  • [in the dialectical sense, on the fundamental level of Great Picture, as a consequence of the imposed crowd DIA group way of thinking, responsibility is the common due to the multi-interactivity DIA multiple-(inter)dependence, understood in terms of various (divergent) actors’ intentionalities, although this can be qualitatively graduated by separating it on the level of world, genus, folk, nation, clan, family, individual]

are destroying our common environment, resources, continue with the killing human(e) beings, annihilate life and the like. Perceive this CONFLICT: THE "WE" search for a new life environments, resources and life in the universe (LOOKING FOR THEM TO SUBJUGATE OR KILL THEM??), and at the same time and space, 'we' destroy the existing living environment, resources and life. In other words, they DIA ‘them’ are destroying all and everything [human and humane] common to me ⇄ thee ⇄ us, triggered, driven and led by the conflict inside the simple(st) mind.

Express thy opinion related to this conflict inside "simple" and ”simplest” mind, as well as thy spiritual, imaginative, intuitive, emotive impressions of the process of internationalisation, and of the process of cosmosation (universesation) as well.

Static Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF US

This conflict is the conflict in our common living fundament, DRIVEN BY THE INNER CONFLICT INSIDE "simple(st)" mind [coalesced (fused) mind and continually subdued and suffocated spirit within this strange and inhuman creation] including the appropriate compromise between them through mediation of the dialect - matter as well. A perceivable consequence of this INNER CONFLICT within the (concept of the) "simple(st)" mind is the cognition and comprehension of the (recti)linear space and time, (externally understood) AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF US. As an end-result of this understanding of space and time, not only it the source of all problems accordingly of all challenges that mankind faces in everyday reality but their solution is also found, that is, it should be sought within these outer physical spaces. On the other hand, this creator of knowledge argues that the solution for our civilisation is the (re)establishment of a "new" fundament, by separating dialects - spirit and mind, giving them back the right (inborn) roles and place, understood in terms of both time and space. This can be only done successfully, by starting and finishing these dialectical processes on the level of Great Picture (whole), by involving each (most of the) talented individual, humane beings. For sure, the dialect spirit [ truth, trust, love in pure "form" (sense), although the most advanced individual is for now very far from this ideal] will lead in the long-run our civilisation into the Great Future, which begins with the Moon, Mars and so forth (to Heaven). The existing problems caused by this inner conflict within the inner being DIA inmost one will gradually disappear. The freed power of the (higher) knowledge can be used as the locomotion for making (positive) changes. Instead of spending dialect - matter (resources), mind (creative medium), spirit (feelings as well as other emotive emotions) for destroying the (living) environment and humans, as well as our common fundament, I ⇄ thou ⇄ we [all humans, who share the appropriate system of HUMAN AND HUMAN-LOVING VALUES] can use them for the making positive changes in the created hard environment on the Earth by them, and after that to continue with this approach and attitude to the meaning of life (dia living) on the Moon, Mars ...., by settling it by life, etc. CREATION INSTEAD OF THE DESTROYING, because the Creation is eternal, infinite, and for this reason, only creation DIA manifested creativity leads to the eternity DIA infinity; DESTRUCTION NOWHERE, or to the very very beginning, if you still like the dark interpretation of this dialectical content (read the following case study).

  Train both thy Imagination and Intuition as well as thy Emotive Emotions

Reconsidered from a strategic viewpoint of interpreting this conflict, the question is, what would happen, if a "foreign" civilisation would managed to find (and visit) us. By definition, even in the strategic sense too, this means that this cosmic civilisation is technologically much more advanced than our civilisation. They found us and not reverse. What if they are not humanlike friendly, and decide simply to utilise this omnipresent conflict by subjugating a part of us, and (mis)using the rest of us in this purpose. It is not unknown in our very rich 'strategic' past. In "strategic" terms, the meaning is very simple. We suddenly found us in a bad (strategic) position, in troubles, problems or in bullshit, if you like this interpretation.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The White Angel

From the dialectical point of view, expressed and understood in terms of dialectical understanding of time and space, this is only a question of luck, fate, intentionalality as well as dependent on the skills of the Driver of this universe. But this Driver can only properly listen to our fundamental wishes, or "instructions", if you like this interpretation, expressed and understood in terms of co-ordinates of Future, Emotive Emotional dia Physical Presence, Past (Time) DIA Spirit, Mind dia Reason, Matter (Space). It is very difficult, by listening each of us to fulfill all our wishes. But, Driver is still trying it, as well as to avoid the related confusion by making decisions in the State of Great dialectical Synthesis of His Great Picture. When the situation is too confused He sends His (Arch)angels. In an emergency situation, He sends His Son. All Human and humane beings are His children. They respect and love Him because He respects and loves all of them. He is Holly Truth because He never lies. He is Absolute Trust because He shows trust to all of them. He is Absolute Love because He loves everyone. He is the Best Guide (Strategist) because He only knows the way in(to) the Great Future. He is the Greatest Creator: Holly Ideal of all creators (of) knowledge.

What is thy opinion related to the afore uttered dialectical content? Bingo! Express it using thy imagination, intuition and particularly thy emotive emotions. Interpret it too through interaction with others.

As far as I understand the scientists, they claim that our universe is expanding (better said, grows). Note, not creators of knowledge because scientist sometimes interprets only what is actual in the existing (ruling group's) mind (medium), based on the mental faculty (capacity). On the other hand, a creator of knowledge always interprets from her / his inner DIA innermost being, understood in terms of spirit, mind dia reason, matter DIA the appropriate time (future, emotive emotional dia physical presence, past), based on the mentally - emotively emotional intelligence. In dialectical terms, the better interpretation is to present the universe as a gigantic “space shuttle", which is driven by the Driver, and constantly qualitatively expanded (understood in terms of good: The phase of growing) to be prevented its contraction (and decay). In other words, relations are neither static nor dynamic but rather dialectical ones: Intentional, stochastic and sporadic, as well as unitive, contradictive, transitive, transformative, annihilative, annulative (negating), negative. Hence, even a catastrophe (particularly, chaotic one) measured in terms of milliards light years can change considerably the "position" of our Earth, of Galaxy, understood in terms of both time and space, that is, where and when we are going to finish the given mission.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Symbol of Human Genus

Seen from this dialectical poiny of view, this event means a new multiple (multifaceted) dialectical synthesis(es). In other words, Earth, Solar System, Galaxy (Milky Way, for example) can theoretically drop, lift up in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces, in any direction, resulting with a new position (dialectical synthesis), understood in terms of both time and space. Cataclysmic earthquakes, volcano eruptions, deluges, ice ages and the like can be consequences of it as well. Our common presentation of time and space is only our (illusion), forged in the mind through (subdued) spirit (a medium) and interpreted by (the five common scientific) senses. At the same time DIA space, this illusion is very useful in the simple(st) world of time and space because it gives choice to the individuals to see (perceive) objects both (either) as static (thou are sitting) and (or) dynamic (thou are running, flying), although each of these states is actually dialectical, all this time DIA the appropriate space. Reconsidered from this methodologically creative standpoint, it allows any of us to be aware of (existence of) various divergent intentionalities, giving in this way to individuals, teams (groups) the opportunity DIA ability, understood in terms of the time DIA the suitable space, to create, adapt the existing environment as they want. Seen from the human perspective, to create, adapt the environment for the good of human(e) beings in the broadest feasible sense, and not only for the satisfaction of narrow-minded interests of akin groups.


Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'US'

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space


Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

It will be tried to conjur up in a dialectical way the present situation in space DIA the appropriate scenario in time, where the dialect PRESENT (TIME)

  • [the existing medium, understood in terms of the so-called (recti)linear understanding of time DIA related bipolar way of thinking],

interpreted as the dialectical synthesis of the dialect future (driver) DIA the past, fitted by the (masked) "SIMPLE(ST)" MIND

  • [the existing (deserted) central medium (creatively blank hollow), understood in terms of the (recti)linear understanding of space],

which is a dialectical synthesis of the "simple" mind (notice again the "simple" mind, presented as the fused mind - spirit) DIA the dialect - matter. Recall, it is very difficult to be determined (a personal story), whether the dialect mind (illusionary) abandoned its innate room DIA place, or / and from there SIMPLY OCCUPIED the innate expanses DIA place, reserved for the dialect - spirit. In either case, the role of the past was assigned to the dialect - matter because knowledge workers (scientists "modernists") are more interested and focused on the mental processes, which are, according to them, more related to the dialect - future, generally speaking. READ, "Capabilities of the Modern Mind seen from a Perspective of the Creating Knowledge" But due to the dialectical tensions between the dialect - past and / through / by / with (≈ DIA), the dialect PRESENT (TIME) DIA future, uttered and understood in terms of the dialect-matter(ialistic conceiving of all and everything) using the concept of the "simple" mind, especially in this constellation, where the dialect - "simple(st)" mind plays double role [both the dialects future and the present (time)], it is very difficult to tune (or to fit) a proper (qualitative) dialectical synthesis within this (recti)linear presentation of time and the appropriate space. Due to this unnatural mixture, the dialectical synthesis on the level of whole can only be achieved by a strong (over)emphasize of the dialect-matter. In other words, seen from the dialectical perspective, the dialect matter RULES in such a conceptually developed (dialectical) world understood in terms of its continual binary (recti-)linearization of the encompassed SPACE AND TIME.

In strategic terms, considered from the standpoint of the crowd (DIA group) way of thinking, it might be argued, the dialect matter UTILISED THIS INNER CONFLICT between the dialects mind and spirit at the level of the whole. In other words, the dialect converged (fused) mind - spirit has used too much time, by spending (spent) my ⇄ thy ⇄ our future (life) and resources (dialect - matter), that is, it spends (spent) my ⇄ thy ⇄ our resources, transforming thereby itself into a kind of drug addicted person, where the dialect-matter is narcotic (opium) for this kind of mind. And all this in order to be further subdued and suffocated the dialect-spirit. Or expressed this in the words of everyday language used, all this was done to be subdued and suffocated emotively emotional potential, capacity, vitality, and the related emotive emotions, heart, soul and the like. The utmost RESULT: This kind of the fused (converged) mind - spirit has ILLUSION of possessing "real" POWER (illusion to rule) at the level of the whole.

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF US

A Dialectical View on the Simple Mind, Seen from a Mathematical Perspective

Reconsidered from the dialectical perspective [synthesis always means neutrality (impartiality), otherwise it is not a dialectical one], the dialect - fused mind-spirit is dependent, and by definition subordinated to the dialect - MATTER, because it is HIGHLY dependent on it. In this interpretation, seen from the crowd perspective (level of the world), I ⇄ thou ⇄ we are able to observe two (more accurately seven DIA seven and so on) main dialectical processes (dia-processes). The first one, where the dialect - mind tries to push the dialect - spirit [emotively emotional potential and the related emotive emotions] out of the spatial (and time's) medium, by further subduing and suffocating it. The second one, where the dialect - matter FILLS UP THIS DESERTED, EMPTY SPACE AND TIME [the ossification of this desolated dialectical world], actually A BLANK HOLLOW without bottom, seen from the creative perspective, that emerged as a result of the further vulgarisation of the simplest DIA vulgar mind. Or by uttering this dialectical content in another way, this scenario in time and the suitable situation in space, where two actors (dialect fused mind and spirit) were made busy with the quarrel and dispute with each other, the third one (dialect matter) utilised this opportunity TO OCCUPY this abandoned time and space, although not so creative and skilled "one" at all. As an end-result of all this, the dialect simple(st) mind is neither the Great Driver NOR A GREAT MEDIUM, READ, "The Concept of the Simple(st) Mind in the Living Reality: The Training of the Philosophic DIA Artistic Dialect", and never will become it UNTIL GETTING RID OF ITS ILLUSIONS.

Source: "Netmode - the Strategy for the 21st Century - Dialectic Interactive Approach" (Jovanović, 1999).

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