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  Fundaments of the Mental-Emotional Intelligence

The dialectical interactive content, presented in the previous parts of this creative article, can be used for a further dialectical synthesising in terms of time DIA (this enormous inner) space, using imaginative, emotive and intuitive (with feelings) way of consideration of different scenarios in time DIA situations in space. However, it is assumed it will be used the mentally - logical way of thinking as well, in order to be achieved a full pictorial presentation of this very complex dialectical content (the mental - emotively emotional intelligence). Such a thought is: If artists, in the relatively close past, were unable to present nature in a lifelike three-dimensional world, does it mean that they were "able" to present (see) it even as an one-dimensional world. In my opinion, yes, it does. And not only that. If thou attentivelly look at the oldest preserved pictures of people [engraved in caves, vases, jars, etc.], thou will notice that the artists, who created and acted in those time DIA suitable space, not only omitted to paint the ears [two-dimensional seeing (presenting) the view on the world, instead of the three dimensional one with ears] but also omitted to present mouth and nose, painting only eyes in their art creatings. Read the following exercise.

  Exercise the Presenting of thy Impressions

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

Ellipse: The Unravelling of the Plato's Dialectos Timaeus

Imagine such a human(e) being [presented only as a vertical ellipse (0) with eyes]. Bingo!

1. Express thy first impression!

2. Try to go into the frame of reference of this painter. Bingo! Imagine (s)he wanted to present fear. Bingo! Try to express and interpret this impression within thy mind [or better within thy personal medium: The inner being DIA inmost light]. Bingo! Use thy personal impressions of this imaginative and imaginable DIA emotiv emotional scene in time DIA suitable situation in space, as well as all thy available knowledge, related to that age (time) DIA space (spirit, mind, matter). Interpret and express different scenarios DIA suitable situations, using thy impressions of that time DIA space, by starting from the individual level, family level, nation level, world level, .... , and finally imagine and express thyself from the level of Great Picture. Use thy imagination, intuition, emotive emotions, as well as mental-logical thinking [emotively emotional-mental intellect, potential, vitality and the related intelligence].

3. Imagine that this art-picture presents keeping silent and in the fear this individual, her / his family, nation, folk, world and finally the Great Picture. Bingo! Express thy impressions both through internal and external interaction!

4. Imagine (s)he has nothing to say [empty (blank) mind]. Bingo! Express thy impressions of this!

If I-thou-we continue together this creative voyage in time DIA space, using the dialectical thinking DIA synthesising, does it mean that artists were "able" to see and present people in their creatings of art without eyes. Or even further, to present them without any human sense, that is, presenting a (wo)man, as a vertical ellipse (0). Whether this ellipse presents my-thy-our (vague, hidden) common fundament, on which were initiated, in terms of both time and space, all human dia-processes, including also the process of development of the senses? In other words, whether it was here dealt with the common fundament (platform) for the development of emotively emotional potential? Bingo! THESIS. READ the creative article, "The Used Notions" , and then FIND the section: "ELLIPSE AND CIRCLE DIA CRESCENT".

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

If I-thou-we look at a (wo)man, I-thou-we will recognise the five human senses: Nose (the sense of smell), eyes (the sense of sight), mouth (the sense of taste), ears (the sense of hearing) and skin (the sense of touch). These five senses are already objectified and their existence is generally accepted. About the sixth sense (the sense of presentiment: intuition) it is talked, written, and the like. About the seventh, emotive - emotional sense (DIA the feeling of her- / himself), it was not talked so much publicly. WHY?? To be hidden the related emotively emotional potential? Express thy opinion, as well as my-thy-our impressions of this thought!. All this, although it is well known, that I-thou-we manifest various emotions, including the emotive ones, both internally and externally, during the process of (human) interaction. Imagine now a human(e) being with all SEVEN fully developed senses. Bingo! ANTITHESIS. Dialectically synthesise this antithesis with the previously uttered thesis. Bingo! What is thy first impression, feeling and thought at this very moment in time DIA place in the space [dialectical synthesis DIA the renewed (amended) thesis, ....]? Can thou imagine (creative) potential of the hidden emotive - emotional and the suitable mental capacity, potentiality, vitality of such a (developed) human(e) being?

The essential thoughts, related to the previously interpreted and presented are: Why I-thou-we do not use this (creative) potential (faculty), understood in terms of comprehensive implementation of emotively emotional-mental intelligence? Or why is development of the seven senses so slow? Or had I-thou-we already had developed all seven senses in the past? If yes, why I-thou-we have to start from beginning, or from the current level of development (of the five senses), and not with all seven senses? Or perhaps, I-thou-we started [as baby(ies)] with it, but lost them somewhere during the process of OBJECTisation? On the other hand, why I-thou-we are so SCARED to express my/thy/our (emotive) emotions, imaginations, intuitions, feelings and the corresponding way of thinking and reflection in the time DIA space, similarly, to the earlier introduced (wo)man from the deep past, impressed and imprinted in (the age of) caves? Does it exist SOME SECRET FORCE that prevents me/thou/us in doing it? If I-thou-we dialectically synthesise TOGETHER these uttered thoughts DIA the acquired knowledge, in regard with the concept of "simple"/"simplest" mind and the related inner conflict within it, by placing this dialectical contents into the currently ruling (recti)linear DIA dual presentation and interpretation of time (past ⇢ PRESENT TIME ⇢ future), it is noticeably that the confusion in its fundament has been transfered on the (emotively) emotional level (the up-building) and vice versa. READ, "The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Concept of the Physical Universe" .

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The White Angel

Particularly, if I-thou-we add to this awareness that emotive emotions are driven and guided DIA closely related to the dialect-spirit. Since the dialect-spirit was subdued and suffocated by dialect-mind, on the level of fundament, these dia-processes have influenced, and were reflected with the corresponding (emotive) emotions. In other words, I-thou-we have also subdued and suffocated them in the everyday living reality, triggered, driven and led DIA being compelled by the (incentives of) the (concept of) simple(st) mind, which rules (controls) this hard (crowded DIA grouped) environment by the means of its (common) linear DIA dual fundament [The Concept of (Recti)linear Space and Time]. READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: The Concept of the Dialectical Time DIA Space versus The Concept of (Recti)linear Space and Time". Furthermore, through additionally initiated mental-material dia-processes, they were transformed into negative emotions, which are in fact our (common) emotional poison. A silent killer that acts together with the suitable mental-material killing.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Human Being

If I-thou-we further dialectically synthesise these thesis, antithesis and synthesis [dialectical synthesis DIA the renewed (amended) thesis ... temporal conclusion], it is noticeably that manipulations on the fundamental level of space [converged (fused) mind - spirit, matter] AND time (past ⇢ present time ⇢ future), also allows manipulations on the mental-emotional level (up-building). In other words, my/thy/our emotions are/might be (mis)used (abused) in different [inhuman(e)] purposes. And the worst awareness, all it for the good of human(e) beings (humankind) and on behalf of our civilisation. Or it here deals with the (objectivistically imposed) carrying out in the living reality their (way of) conceiving and comprehending of the notion - civilisation? A COMPLETE confusion! .........

Source: "Netmode - the Strategy for the 21st Century - Dialectic Interactive Approach" (Jovanovic, 1999).

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