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Static Dialect

Debtor's DIA Debt Economics: Part - 6

Ultimate Upshot of the Implementation of the Concept of Absolute Truth in the Rectilinear Space and Time

STATIC DIALECT: This gap in time DIA space, understood in terms of further development DIA revivifying of the dialectical way of thinking, lasted until the appearance of this creator of knowledge on this great creative scene. In the meantime, particularly after the appearing global way of thinking in all spheres human (creative) acting, all existing methodological methods, including also the previously mentioned dialectical one, were due to the static way of thinking outdated and not able (at least) to follow dynamic features of the changed world. Here there is no need to be mentioned the ability of following dialectical scenarios DIA situations in time DIA space, in this modern (paganic: quarrelling) world, being in the state of continual changes. This creator of knowledge, studing "International Business Economics" in Denmark, spent some time on the "problematic of dynamics", by crowning this period of his creative acting with the master's thesis, devoted to the development of the first dynamic business (netmodal management) model. This DYNAMIC model was based on a much more human(e) implementation of the basic ideas of the NETWORK approach, a methodological approach that was developed at the Uppsala University in Sweden. And then by concurrence of the life circumstances, he has shown again the interest for the dialectical way of thinking. Seen from the perspective of the already developed dialectic interactive approach, the 19th Century's dialectical way of thinking became obsolete, uttered in terms of the STATIC triad of thesis, antithesis, synthesis, applied (WITH)IN THE (RECTI)LINEAR TIME AND SPACE. Note, there is no "synthesis DIA the renewed thesis" in this kind of the dialectical of thinking, as well as they avoid to emphasise dynamical features of this methodological approach (made static), that is, the crucial words: "IN TIME AND SPACE". In nowdays, it can be considered as a kind of the "super-natural Monolog" in terms of the offered (DIA Absolute) Truth, and for this reason, it is also very appropriate for the various natiocratic political systems DIA the related way of thinking.

Ultimate Upshot of Implementation of the Concept of Absolute Truth in the Rectilinear Space and Time



Debtor's DIA Debt Economics: Part - 6

Ultimate Upshot of the Implementation of the Concept of Absolute Truth in the Rectilinear Space and Time, a kind of the Current (Earthly Understood) Absolute Truth

Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

The Endless Dialectical Worlds of a Six-Pointed Star in Time DIA Space

In pragmatically practical sense, when (political, philosophic, cultural, artistic, and scientific) natiocrats want to increase the level of freedom (of speech, creative expressions, ----), still following the basic principles of thinking, understood in terms of their linear time and (physical DIA converged mindual) space, they SIMPLY increase the physical surface DIA the related simple(st) mindual framework of their natiocratic static triangle (new level of the "Absolute Truth"). It might be argued, this is an additional initiative for chasing their well known (neo-)imperialistic, (neo-)colonialistic, (neo-)nationalistic.... objectives. by the goal at least to be accepted their natiocratic (mob DIA group) way of thinking WORLDWIDE, within the living reality in one or another way: Converged - mindual expanding of the physical space, in the similar way as the merged (fused) mind subdues spirit within the concept of simple(st) mind. In either case, after accomplishing it, in one or another way, their jammed inhabitants immediately beginn to feel themselves more free, understood in terms of having now (=present time) both more physical room and "air" (converged mindual inspiration), to even louder start with singing the recognisable natiocratic "kre-kre" songs, devoted to the various ways of manifesting this EGOISTIC DIA narrow-minded kind of the concept of freedom. For your orientation in time DIA space, such ones and the similar ways of thinking, uttered in terms of thesis and antithesis ⇢ synthesis (ABSOLUTE TRUTH), seen from a perspective of the dialectic interactive approach, has been predetermined for God. Only He is authorised in the worlds of dialectics of His to speak in terms of any kind of manifesting the notion "Absolute Truth". Hope, now thou art able to understand, why this methodological approach, proposed by this creator of knowledge, was named dialectical INTERACTIVE approach, as well as that such a triangle has been used within this methodological approach only in the purpose of presenting a dialect.

Pair Dialect

Introduction into Dialectic Interactive Approach

Couple Dialect: Thesis DIA Antithesis


Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

Synthese DIA "G" → The Renewed Thesis in the Time DIA Space

ETC. in the Time DIA Space UNTIL has been reached

Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

"G" → The Temporal Conclusion of / in the Time DIA Space

COUPLE DIALECT: From the aforementioned, you are now capable to conclude why a triangle, following the basic principles of the dialectical way of thinking DIA the proposed dialectic interactive approach, was used for presenting a dialect in time DIA space, including also both of these triangles (couple dialect). Due to the postulate of the dialectical way of thinking that nothing (with)in the world of dialectics of His is able to exist DIA to be created without simultaneous existing both time and space, and that the time and space as well, is not able to exist without each other, all dialectical relations within dialectical interactive approach were presented as PAIR (COUPLE) DIALECTS, understood in terms of thesis and antithesis in time DIA space. This rule is valid even if it deals with the (dialectical) monologue. In other words, in full agreement with the dialectical interactive approach, one state presents in this concrete case (of ther monologue) the emotively emotional dialect, whereas the second one presents the mental (mindual - reasonable) dialect. Perceive that both thesis and antithesis were presented with the (dialectically contradicted) triangles because both of them contain some dialectical quality, and which in accordance with the dialectical way of thinking can be ONLY preserved by a further qualitatively synthesising in time DIA space during a dialectical creative séance, understood in terms of initialisation the related dialectical creatively interactive processes within these most simplified (triangular) surfaces. Or more simply said, this quality can not be preserved within a line or a dot. On the other hand, as it will be later in more details demonstrated, in dialectical interactive approach the point is neither in the couple dialect of thesis - antithesis [the initial scenario in time DIA situation in space], nor in their synthesis [six-pointed star] but rather in the RENEWED THESIS (G - hexagon) of this dialectical interactive contents, which is continually dialectically creative contradicted by multi-faceted RENEWED ANTITHESIS within the [creative framework of this] endless deepness of six-pointed star(s) DIA hexagons, respectively in TEMPORAL CONCLUSION (G - final hexagon) of this initiated dialectical séance (process) in time DIA space, as a final (but EACH TIME temporal) creative upshot of a myriad (renewed DIA complementary couples of) thesis - antithesis of the participants of that creative debate.

Dialogue Presented DIA Symbolised by Two Couple-Dialects

Bear in mind, this approach is not militant one as the existing ruling ways of thinking, where the all communication has been done on the PRINCIPLES OF ACTING in sense of threatening with the "gun or with the bomb" (closed line DIA dot), filled up with the explosive (mental-emotional) stuff, compelling during a debate (one) participant(s) DIA participant(s), with this (invisible, but sensible) "line DIA dot", to keep quiet, or to speak what 'they' DIA them would like to hear. On the other hand, in the dialectical interactive approach, the participant of a (multifaceted) dialog keeps quiet, when (s)he over passage of time DIA space of the initiated dialog carefully listens to the other participant(s) of the dialog, as well as (obligatory) keeps quiet when (s)he has NOTHING CREATIVELY to say DIA supplement her/him. For more information, related to the left traces (imprints DIA impressions of dialectics) in time DIA space, as well as the use of dialectical interactive approach in the ancient age, with more than two partakers, read "The Book of Job" in the Old Testament, or Socrates' dialogs, which were noted down by Plato. Particularly, if you are allergic on the dialectoses, preserved in the Holy Books and Scriptures, or if the multi-faceted dialogs are too complex dialectical content, to be digested (with)in your (merged) simple(st) mind.

Six-Pointed Star

SIX-POINTED STAR: After the participants of a dialog were faced with each other, that is, their ideas DIA thoughts, or within a monologue, comprehended this time in terms of thinking DIA preparing for the initiated dialog, respectively during the careful and attentive listening to the other participant, understood in terms of dialectical synthesising the exposed dialectical interactively creative content, symbolised DIA pictorially presented by the couple dialect (of triangles) of thesis DIA antithesis, the dialectical interactive process regarding the dialectical content under (re)consideration, can be initiated within this dialectical understanding of the time DIA space. After the careful and fundamental RAZmatranja of the exposed dialectical creatively interactive content RAStresajući RAZnovrsne RAZloge (logos) DIA RAZmatrajući, RAŠčlanjujući, RAZlikujući and RASuđujući DIA RAZborito (analytic) and RAZložno RAZgledanje, RAZaznavanje, RASpoznavanje, RAZabiranje, RAZdvajanje within an invisible but therefore sensible and imaginary imaginable "point-puncture" (kingdom of hers/his), managed finally RAStumačiti and RAZrešiti RAZlike on the RAZnim RAZinama (levels), RASponima and RAZmerama RASpremivši, RASplevši i RAZmrsivši, RAZdeljene, RASute, RAZasute, RAŠtrkane, RAZbacane, RASpršene, RAZlomljene dialectuls of the time DIA space in the RASprostranjenom and RASkošnom RAZumu of that initiated dialectical RAZdoblja, and finally they made decision to present DIA to interpret this interactively creative dialectical content under consideration in sense of a Synthesis (dialectic synthesising in time DIA space) DIA the Renewed (Qualitatively Supplemented) thesis.

This stage of the dialog DIA the initiated dialectical interactive processes in time DIA space (Dialectic synthesis) was symbolised, in accordance with the pre-ancient approach to the illumination DIA re-enlightening this unknown in time DIA space, with the six-pointed (David's) star DIA hexagon, whereas the "DIA the renewed thesis", respectively "DIA the amended antithesis", already imaginable (and perceiveable) within this hexagon, was symbolised by the centrally positioned six-pointed star DIA its inner hexagon. Perceive DIA imaginary imaginating, that although this dialectical process can "theoretically" take place DIA the undertaking "creatively quantitative" travel, understood in terms of eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces (the numeroussix-pointed stars DIA the corresponding hexagons), sooner or later, this traveller is compelled to get out from this creative "do while loop", on the way back creatively synthesising that dialectical interactive content of the implicated time DIA space, with the objective to expose and expound the brought (drops of) knowledge through the acquired awareness from this creative travelling. Following this pattern of thought, the initiated dialog has to be ended with a dialectical synthesis DIA the (temporally) conclusion, and this state in time DIA space was symbolised with the end of travelling of these initiated two triangles of the couple dialect, in the so called position "the back to back" (). To be able to feel the difference between the dialectical interactive approach [Synthesis DIA Amended thesis .... the Renewed antithesis .... until a (provisional, temporal) Conclusion in time DIA space was achieved] and the static dialectical approach (Synthesis of the thesis and antithesis in the linearly presented time and space), read again the dialectical content devoted to the dialectical presentation DIA interpretation of the notion "DOT" (in the previous part of this creative article).

Ellipse and Circle DIA Crescent

ELLIPSE and CIRCLE DIA CRESCENT: In the pre-ancient symbolism rounded surfaces presented DIA had been interpreted as symbols for the eternity DIA infinity, whereas in the today's modern science this could, for instance, present expanding of the universe, growth of something, because these surfaces could not be divided in the uttermost sense by triangles. In other words, (for) always there is left behind, as an ultimate result of this futile DIA illusionary dividing in time DIA space, the moon's or of any other heavenly body's crescent (the first or the last one or the any form of them). In short, ellipse and circle can be only divided by a circular line into various types of the crescent. For the elaborating a dialectical content under consideration in more details, an ellipse was used, as the symbol for imperfection, whereas a circle was used, as the symbol for the perfection. Dialectically synthesising this dialectical content, the circle was used for the creative uttering, understood in terms of the implementation of the pre-ancient comprehending the role of culture and science during an initiated creative debate, which required far higher level of the perfection, understood in terms of precision, compared to the pre-ancient comprehending the role of philosophy and art, whose task was to "deviate" a little bit this creative content by their imperfection. Or said it in other way, to disturb and prevent the coming into being in time DIA space a "perfect" world, an obstacle for any kind of (true DIA GENUINE) creative manifesting of "Babilon Tower", which is easily observable and perceivable to anyone, who is at illuminated DIA re-enlightened, and who has lived in this modern (automatic, senseless, greedy ....) world.

Reinterpreted DIA again presenting it from the perspective of the dialectical way of thinking, the objective of this was to be prevented a scenario in time DIA appropriate situation in space, whithin which prevails the bipolarly binary way of thinking (black/white, yes/no, ...). Recall, the point of the dialectical interactive approach is neither in thesis, nor antithesis, nor in the thesis-antithesis (couple dialect), and for this reason, neither in the (concluded (recti)linear) synthesis, but rather in the previously interpreted dialectical synthesis DIA the renewed thesis .... DIA the amended and supplemented antithesis .... until [each time] a temporal(ly) conclusion was reached, that is able to encompass the quality of that concrete span of the (considered) time DIA the appropriate scope of space. Keep in mind, for your orientation in terms of time DIA space, each manifestation of the dialectical universe, either in terms of the smallest dia the largest one, is in continual state of the dialectics (of dialectics), that is, in a continuos DIA continual state of dialectical transition, transformation and metamorphoses, understood in terms of the three basic dialectical principles, aspects and manifestations of/in time DIA space. As a result, such a kind of the (immense accumulated) DEVIATION in time DIA space, as it can be in terms of the largest one, for example, the so-called Olber's paradox of the space in time (matter captured within past ), manifested as a clearer and more distinct (in)seeing the face of past (events), as farther you look out in the universe. In other words, this phenomenon is a result DIA consequence of the absence of the physical presence of yours there, where you have already been present in emotively emotional terms [time in space: future spirit].

Triad of Crosses DIA (one) Cross

Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

Triad of Crosses DIA One Cross in Time DIA Space

TRIAD OF CROSSES DIA (ONE) CROSS: In the pre-ancient science, when precision was of the critical significance, understood in sense of the active presence DIA creative presence of the creator (of knowledge), as it is, for example, the thematic of quantum physics (Microuniverse), then the circle of a six-pointed star DIA hexagons was divided with two crosswise (diagonal crosses) and one cross, respectively with the three crosses DIA (one) cross, depending on which position of this two-dimensional space, of the twelve available ones thou are situated, as well as depending from the viewpoint DIA standpoint thou are watching this picture. In dynamic terms of the considered two-dimensional space, this graphical illustration presents a rotation DIA revolving of the imprints DIA impressions of a Cross in time DIA space (understood in terms of spiral: linear way of thinking) that is altogether a base of the DIALECTICAL ONENESS. In dialectical terms of the worlds of dialectics, it makes the methodological basis of the dialectical triad (trinity) DIA unity and oneness (with)in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces.

The Broad and Narrow Crosswises (Diagonal Cross)

The Broader and the Narrow Diagonal Cross: (Dialectically Synthesised the Axises of the) Two Crosses in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

The Broader and the Narrow Diagonal Cross: (Dialectically Synthesised the Axises of the) Two Crosses in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

THE BROAD AND NARROW CROSSWISES (DIAGONAL CROSS): In the scenario DIA situation in time DIA space when it wanted to be emphasised the quality of some dialectical content, understood in terms of eternity (of times) DIA infinity (of spaces) of the worlds of dialectics, there were used the BROADER and the NARROW crosswise (diagonal cross). In short, by them was always dialectically synthesised a dialectical content in terms of deepness, remoteness and wideness of eternity DIA infinity, by ONE (LEFT) AXIS of the dynamical (DIA dialectical) images a cross, understood in sense of the created and left behind imprints DIA impressions within these MULTI-THREE DIALECTS' times DIA spaces. In other words, it is not a plain presentation DIA interpretation of the (depicted) cross in TIME DIA SPACE, but always combination of them, understood in terms of deduction DIA deducing the left behind impressions dia imprints of the (axises of the) two crosses (in the two supreme times DIA spaces) DIA one (cross), understood in terms of their DEEPNESS, REMOTENESS and WIDENESS within the encompassed (eternity of) times DIA (infinity of) spaces of the particular dialectics (dialectical content under creative consideration), symbolically interpreted DIA presented by the wide DIA the narrow diagonal cross.

In the graphical illustations of these three crosses DIA one cross, which were depicted by this creator of knowledge, pay thy attention that each axis of the crosswise has been presented BY A DIFFERENT COLOUR of the parential crosses, symbolising in this way the previously outlined DIFFERENT DEEPNESS, REMOTENESS and WIDENESS of the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces within the worlds of dialectics. In the linear terms, the moving in terms of spiral (not in terms of circle or line in particular) is the most approximate way to be conjured up the prior uttered dialectical interactively creative content. Both of these dialectically synthesized crosswise were implemented DIA their using, and demonstrated in the second creative work of this creator of knowledge "[Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA space – Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanović, 2001"], as well as, to the opinion of this creator of knowledge, by Plato was used the wide (broader) crosswise in his creative work devoted to the "Timaeos". By this creator of knowledge was demonstrated through dialectical decoding (unraveling) of this antique dialectical content, known in the pre-ancient terminology as the DIALECTOS way of expressing, how such a dialectical content can be retrospectively recollected and revivified.

Rectangle and Square

RECTANGLE AND SQUARE: Since a dialectical interactive content, which was encompassed and interlocked by an ellipse or circle could not be closed in ultimate terms of the meaning of this notion, that is, the quality of the "captured" time DIA space would have flowed out through this POROUS (DIA SYMBOLIC) dynamically dialectical circular line (recall of the non-terminal and non-repeating decimal "PI" value), this kind of the encompassing and "capturing" time DIA space, understood in terms of the retaining quality within it [in order to be, as the next step, finely filtered out through a myriad of triangles set in dialectical progress (process)] was SYMBOLISED by a rectangle or with a square, depending on the aforementioned level of the required precision of the dialectical content under consideration in time DIA space. Perceive too that both the rectangle and square in difference to an ellipse and circle can be divided with triangle (in the three triangles), as well as with the crosswise (diagonal cross) in the four triangles, while by drawing a diagonal (cross) line can be divided in the two (diagonally " back to back") triangles.

Pentacle and Pentagon

PENTACLE AND PENTAGON: After decoding Plato's dialectos "Timaeus", which was written by him for 2400 years ago DIA a continuation of this started (Plato's) story by this creator of knowledge, understood in terms of undertaking a creative travelling through the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces of these reopened worlds of dialectics, was revealed also the meaning of the pre-ancient symbols "pentacle and pentagon". Here is important to be added that all these aforementioned pre-ancient symbols, although this complex dialectical content also can be reconsidered in terms of why just THEY wee used in the religious rituals of the God's confessions [six-pointed star (of David), cross, crescent and star(s) ...], it must not be mended in terms of equalising these religious rituals with the process of knowledge creating DIA discovering unknown in time DIA space, applying in this purpose exactly these pre-ancient symbols. In other words, they existed DIA were used before the God's religions were established.

All this is not at all unknown in the living reality, because till this modern time pupils world wide use these signs als symbols (+, x, *, ), ... while solving problems of the everyday (quantitative) math, parallelly with using these symbols in the religious purposes. Thereby they were neither mixed nor equalised with each other by this pre-ancient way of understanding of the role of culture (dia religion in its core) and science. In the similar way, these symbols, presented by this creator of knowledge, also can be implemented for the solving dynamic DIA dialectical challenges in time DIA space. By the way said, just compare one extra implementation of the cross (+), as the coordinate system for the solving two-dimensional mathematical problems, or together with an added HALF OF AXIS of the crosswise, it is used for the solving three-dimensional mathematical problems, and thou art already going to intuit DIA feel that all the above interpreted dialectical interactive content by this creator of knowledge is not a coincidence at all. In other words, this dialectical interactive content ( higher knowledge) has its root in the hidden knowledge, which unfortuanatelly over passage of time DIA space was lost.

The fact that these modern pagans, members of the dark (international) network, are ready on all in order to prevent the further revivification of this lost knowledge of dialectics is not something unknown to this creator of knowledge and to the predecessors of his as well. In particular, 'they' DIA them WERE scared of the giving another meaning to the existing God's confessions, understood in terms of uniting them around the symbol of human genus, thereby retaining and cultivating it in terms of the aforediscussed methodological core of proposed dialectical INTERACTIVE approach DIA based on the retaining differences and diversities (of the rituals, views ...), instead of carrying out into living reality the recognisable DIA purposefully and perfidiously imposed the quarrelling feature DIA behaviour of the world's inhabitants by the (international) dark network, as the only meaning of life, taking as an ideal just the natiocratic way of thinking of these omni-present modern pagans. For thy orientation in time DIA space, just look at around to (in)see, how many of the genuine DIA truly believers have managed to occupy any higher position in a NATIOCRATIC society. In particular, to have become owner of a company, member of the board of directors, (top) management team, professor at an university, under their full control and influence, an advisor of a higher rank, high ranged politician, who would be able to provide a kind of (higher) employment to those, who visit the houses of pray of God and think differently, and who are still not ashamed to read the Holy Books and Scriptures (of all God's religions). How many of such ones art thou able to see? In either way, by summing up this dialectical content, apart from these pre-ancient symbols of the primary school of dialectics, later it will be revealed even more such star-like symbols, used by this creator of knowledge in the creative works of his DIA passed over from the undertaken creative travelling within worlds of dialectics of God, which can be only imaginarily PICTURESQUELY DISPLAYED and conjured up .

Emotional Insanity

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'US'

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space


Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

EMOTIONAL INSANITY AND MADNESS: This kind of perfidious manifesting of this kind of the insanity (madness) is caused by the darkening fused (converged) spirit and mind during the dialectical synthesising emotional and mental dialect, within the 'kingdom' of theirs (inner DIA inmost being), infected by the accumulated darknes over time DIA space (from generation to generation). This emotional-mental state ('of the soul') is not a new kind of the spiritual-mental illness at all. The best documented case is the well known Saul's persecuting DIA tries of his to kill David, driven by such dark attacks of manifesting emotional madness within his inner DIA inmost being (1.Samuel-18 & 1.Samuel-19). What to be said about the even more known and the oldest described case, finished with Cain's killing Abel, noted down by the Great Prophet Moses (1.Moses-4). Unfortunately, this sawn seed of darkness/tame for long time ago, manifested in terms of various kinds of emotional insanity and madness, is very wide spread in this part of the world.

Frankly said, everyone in less or greater extent, at least for some time DIA space, had opportunity to feel and sense the destroying acting of the softer forms manifesting of the evil-spirit as a temporal evil-minded seizure of the emotional insanity, uttered in the everyday speech as anger, wrath, rage .... bad-temper, impetuosity and the similar manifestations of this gush of the emotional poison of the accumulated inner darkness/tame. In the case of these softer ways of manifestation of the emotional (short- lasted) madness, the best cure is to find a human way [for beginning a walk, for example, to take "fresh air from this great room of God", ....] to empty thyself and get rid of this kind of manifesting of the acummulated inner darkness' by evarporation DIA dissolution of it. After that thou should apologise to the HUMANS, who suffered of this abnormal state of thys, because it is the best help to thee, calming down the prick of conscience; a well known state of the soul of a human(e) being.

'Them / tam one' is the best to avoid, if it is feasible, or at least in the greatest possible extent. Any kind of the genuine apologising (to anyone), they are not able to conceive, apart of doing it formally in purpose of getting some kind of benefit. Keep in mind, modern heathens, neither are ready to accept the existence of angels (to mediate between them) and God. For this reason, their apologising has no any genuine DIA true meaning because of this barrier, and it is superficial (formal) nature, uttered by a simple(-minded) one, which obscurely acts within each of them. Since the master of their inner DIA inmost 'kingdom' is the darkness, that is, having nothing holy within themselves, nor knowing for anything holy in external sense, starting from paying attention to the meaning of a Holy Book, for example, and for this reasin, having no fear of God, to them all it is like to say a FORMAL "hallo" during a phone conversation. For additional Info related to the "Concept of a Simple-Minded One DIA Simple(er) Mind", read the creative Articles, devoted to the "Simple(st) Mind":

But emotional insanity and madness, previosly described, is of chronic nature, and it seems it is incurable DIA being "Cain's" inborn.Transcarriers of this kind of various manifestations of perfidious, malicious manifesting emotional insanity (souls's infection) do not know for the human prick of conscience, for mercy and the like, because 'they' DIA them belong to the "tam onom" Cain's offspring. Woe to the group formation, where 'they' DIA them prevailed and managed to crowd it by the suitable inhuman way of thinking. These layers in "tam" 'their kingdoms' are so deep, for they were imprinted there from the very beginning, with the more dangerious and perfidious manifestations of the emotional madness, such as hate, envy and jealousy, well MASKED with their EMPTY STORIES [The Concept of a Simple(-Minded) Person], externally manifested by the various ways of the greed, as an ultimate result of the inner conflict inside of the (deeply) VULGARISED simple(st) [simple-bearing DIA distributing & transfering] mind within the deserted and empty HOLLOW of theirs.


  Creative Works:

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Human Being

  • "Netmode – the Strategy for 21st Century – Dialectic Interactive Approach, Jovanović, Denmark - Copenhagen, May - August 1999"

  • "Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA space – Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanović, Denmark - Copenhagen, February - May 2001"

  • "World of Dialectics versus Multidimensional space – Dialectic Interactive Approach in Use, Jovanović, Denmark - Copenhagen, May 2002 - 20??":

  • - Appendix 1: More about the Fourth Dimension , England - Manchester, November 2002
  • - Appendix 2: The Eternal Poem, Germany - Aachen, August 2003
  • - Appendix 3: The Book of Job - Holy Bible, Austria - Salzburg, February 2004
  • - Appendix 4: The Human (Re)Enlightenment DIA Divine Choosing versus The Natural Evolution DIA Natural Selection, Germany - Münster & Nürberg, October 2004
  • - Appendix 5: Implications of the Implementation of the Concept of Simple(st) Mind in terms of the Theory of Natural Evolution DIA Natural Selection into Living Reality, Germany - Nürberg, November 2004
  • - Appendix 6: Holy Scripture: The Teaching of Buddha – Vakkali Sutta, A Fragment for the Initiation of Dialectic Interactive Process, Netherlands - Rotterdam, March 2006
  • - Appendix 7: Feodosian Spring Rhapsody, Programming in Java – A typical earthly creative Travelling: A short Fragment from this Travelling for Initialisation of a deeper Dialectic Interactive Process, Ukraine - Feodosia, May 2007
  • - Annexing 7-1: Concept of the Free Will DIA Freedom of Choice versus Wisdom of God, Netherlands - Rotterdam, August 2008
  • - Annexing 7-1: Natiocratic Concept of Secularism versus the Distinguishing and Separating DIA Discerning and Recognition Good from evil, Netherlands - Rotterdam, August 2008

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