Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectics of Dialectics DIA Negations of Negations

The Four Primary DIA Proto Paradigmatic Presumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Dialectic Interactive Approach is based on the dialectical way of thinking. Actually, here it is about deepening of the existing knowledge of dialectics, understood in terms of THE DIALECTICAL SYNTHESISING of it in time DIA space. In other words, the preserved written knowledge of dialectics was used for developing a Dialectical Interactive Approach, and then as the next step, on this fundament there were revived the missing links of this pre-ancient creative methodological approach by putting this dialectical creatively interactive content in the right dialectical context. As a final result of it, the preserved knowledge of dialectics was reconnected with these left (behind) traces of the hidden (lost) pre-ancient knowledge in time DIA space. The major advantage of THE REUSE of these left behind imprints of dialectics in time DIA space in purpose of creating knowledge is that these linguistical contents (dialects) of the past (space in time) are already (well) known to the (large number of) people. Apart from this, in full accordance with this pre-ancient dialectical methodological approach of creating a new DIA deepening an existing knowledge, it was emphasised the SYMBOLICAL MEANING of the left behind traces of the PICTURESQUELY imprinted, impressions of this hidden (lost) knowledge in time DIA space. In other words, it was used as some kind of the linguistic "pictographic script" for an advanced way of the CREATIVELY INTERACTIVE communication in TIME [future, emotively emotional dia physical presence, past] DIA SPACE [spirit, mind dia reason, matter] during the process of creating knowledge.

Culture DIA Religion

Germinating DIA Potentially Fruit- Bearing Eight-Pointed Star

The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Concept of the Physical Universe

A Blossomed, Potentially Ripe Fruit - Bearing Twelve - Pointed Star

The Methodological Creative Framework

Fruitful DIA Potentially Germinating Four-Pointed Star

The Concept of the Living God


A good example of this linguistic "pictographic script" is the picturesque presentation and interpretation of the three basic dialectical principles, aspects, properties and manifestations in (of) time DIA space. Who of you could think that a so simple picturesque presentation of these four antique substances (fire, water, air, earth) has SOMETHING TO DO with the three basic dialectical principles, aspects, properties and manifestations in (of) time DIA space? In short, this PICTURESQUE display of the worlds of dialectics is the major feature that distinguish the dialectical interactive approach from other methodological approaches. As a result of all this, the developed dialectical interactive approach is an UNIQUE methodological approach, just because of its picturesque linguistic approach, which allows that a very complex methodological content being relatively quickly adopted and understood without use of too many supporting words. Hope too, there is no need to be emphasised that the all accumulated knowledge in the past (within the realm of culture, philosophy, art and science) can be reused DIA dialectically contradicted and opposed with each other in TIME DIA SPACE by using this methodological procedure and the related techniques.

Introduction into Dialectic Interactive Approach

Couple Dialect: Thesis DIA Antithesis

Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

Synthese DIA "G" → The Renewed Thesis in the Time DIA Space

ETC. in the Time DIA Space UNTIL has been reached

Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

"G" → The Temporal Conclusion of / in the Time DIA Space

Recall, dialectical interactive approach considers each dialectical content in terms of the multitude of thesis DIA antithesis (the couple dialects), allowing thereby participation DIA FACTUAL CREATIVE PRESENCE, not only of the existing (still living) actors (physical presence) but also of the actors DIA THEIR GREAT (SPIRITUAL) IDEAS AND THOUGHTS of the gone past (emotively emotional presence), as well as of actors, who will one day cross the threshold of this great creative stage (desired emotively emotional presence). A great stage, intended and created in purpose of creating (pre)conditions for a FAR MORE HUMAN(E) clash of ideas, thoughts ... within this reintroduced spatial time MEDIUM - mind DIA presence, using available linguistic dialects of this revivified methodological approach. To remind me, thou, us, any creative achievement and upshot, in accordance with the major postulate of the introduced dialectic interactive approach is considered only as A TEMPORAL CONCLUSION of time (in time) DIA space. In other words, it is valid only so long, until it has been appeared on the horizon of these GREAT creative expanses, a RENEWED ANTITHESIS, or a multitude of them. Or put it in another way, by this creator of knowledge has been discovered again, that is, reopened the doorway of these hidden, enormous INNER (creative) expanses (spaces DIA times), as a substitute, and at the first place, a creative stage for the PREVENTIVE ACTING against the EXTERNAL physical (matter-like) fight of people, founded on the (evil-spiritually DIA mindually) implanted, embodied and then further cultivated beastly piece of them. Such a broad, deep and all-comprehensive creative framework doesn't offer neither of the existing methodological approaches.

These very complex dia-processes were graphically illustrated in a picturesque way by using various forms of stars DIA their qualitative properties, that is also a part of the hidden (lost) pre-ancient knowledge. In other words, for this graphical presentation was used the PRE-ANCIENT perceiving and awareness that within each hexagon can be drawn a six-pointed star and vice-versa. This essential feature (of dialectics) is valid and applicable FOR EACH KIND OF STAR, allowing within these star-like creatively interactive frameworks to be presented and taken place dialectical processes of different levels of complexity, as well as the giving possibility to be creatively combined and dialectically synthesised with each other. In this way was also opened a way for the qualitatively mathematical presentation of other two dialectical principles, aspects, properties and manifestations in the time DIA space, as well as showed, how they proceed from each other, and continue at each higher level (with)in eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces of the worlds of dialectics. These unutterable complex dialectical contents and the related aspects, properties and manifestations of the worlds of dialectics were graphically presented DIA symbolised by FOUR - TRIANGULAR STAR(S) [see also the graphical illustration of THE FOUR-TRIANGULAR STAR, shown on thy left side]. In short, if there is a way and method, by using the previously mentioned (linguistic) dialects, to be in the best mode approached the (absolute) truth IN EARTHLY TERMS, over passing this dialectical interactive creative conceiving and comprehending time DIA space, then this possibility enables the dialectical interactive approach.

The Concept of the (Recti)linear Universe: Happenings in the (Recti)linear Space and Time

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space

Implications of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind

Bipolar DIA Binary Way of Thinking

Debtor's DIA Debt Economics: Part - 6

Ultimate Upshot of the Rectilinear and Traditional Dialectic Way of Thinking within the Rectilinear Space and Time

In this purpose a particular emphasise was put on the smouldering conflict within the "simple(st)" mind, that means, on the INNER conflict between the dialects - (merged) mind and the subordinated dialect - spirit. At any rate, this inner conflict has already been EXTERNALISED in the living NATIOCRATIC reality, including its manifestation in the various forms of the so-called EMOTIONAL MADNESS, a kind of the (spiritual) illness of the soul. As it was shown in this creative article devoted to the smouldering conflict within the "simple(st)" mind, as a consequence of this inner conflict between the dialects - (coalesced) mind and (subordinated) spirit, the dialect - MATTER(ialistic) will fill up the abandoned (or weakened) expanse DIA place, primordially reserved for the (medium of) mind dia reason. In other words, various motives and incentives of the dialect - matter(ialistic) will by definition become prevalent in any EXTERNAL world (societal universe), within which the simple(st DIA vulgar) mind prevails. In short, within this (recti)linear framework of the caught (and captured) time and space takes place a continual process of a further vulgarisation of the simple(st) mind.

The problematic of vulgarisation of the simplest DIA vulgar minds is of crucial and decisive importance for political and economic decision makers, because of it depends on the survival of an established societal community (society), or the longevity (the lasting) of a civilisation, if you so will, what already has been shown and proved in the written past of humanity. From these reasons, the cultivation of the individuality DIA humanisation is of the decisive importance for the future progress of any civilisation, particularly in those, where the evil (choices and ways) became prevalent in a considerable degree. In other words, it might be argued DIA argumented that the existing problems (challenges) in time DIA space are a result of the stunted and underdeveloped spiritual and individual [ethical and human(e)] values, as a consequence of the intensive process of objectisation, whose an unavoidable by-product is a purposeful (and profitable) generating the vulgar mind (for the easier milking of money).

As a result of it, people are made incapable even to try to change this created natiocratic system of the debtors' DIA debt's economics, because of being spiritually suffocated and mindually uniformed (that is, both 'theologically' and ideologically), they are not able to hear ... sense ... comprehend and understand ANYTHING DIFFERENT that deviates from the firmly established patterns of thoughts of the (recti)linear time and space, and the suitable dual (binary: OR-OR) way of thinking as well, interpreted and presented in the everyday language, as the soul - body, yes - no, true - false, 0 - 1, black - white and the like. Because of the close and intertwined relation among space and time, this lack (deficiency) within the (recti)linear space will be reflected within the time dimension, in one or another way.

In methodological terms, the ideas and thoughts, graphically illustrated, presented, elaborated and argumented in the creative article, devoted to the quantitative math, might be considered, as an objective (observable) "proof" that the concept of simple and simplest mind has its origin in this (basically) simplest concept FOR THE ORIENTATION in (recti)linear space and time. It seems, this abandoned hollow (of darkness in "head": in inner being) serves as a kind of the well isolated buffer between these two (spiritually, and thus mindually also) separated worlds, based on different (building blocks of) understanding of meaning time "AND versus DIA" space. I hope too, in the graphical illustration, as a final result of the dialectical reconsideration of four basic mathematical operations, shown on thy left side, it is not difficult to be recognised the images of the "(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space". In other words, the developed concept of the simple(st) mind is not a fanciful invention of this creator of knowledge, as it someone of you perhaps had thought, but rather, it is based on a deep reconsideration of four basic operations of the dynamical mathematics (addition, multiplication, subtraction and division), perceived and considered from a DIALECTICAL methodological point of view.

Here it should be emphasised that this well elaborated dialectical content, related to the capabilities DIA division of the modern comprehension of mind [the simple mind, simpler mind, simplest mind and the vulgar mind], has been done from the viewpoint DIA standpoint of the CREATING (NEW) KNOWLEDGE, determined DIA manifested by the degree of creativity (and creative potential) within AN INDIVIDUAL, a societal unit, society, .... dialectical societal universe. Not from a perspective of THE CONCEPT OF INTELLIGENCE, because it is a multi-sided dialectical content DIA process, which can be considered from many sides and the related aspects (short-term - long term, profitable - inprofitable...). As a result of it, even also the vulgar mind, considered DIA reflected through the suitable prism, might appear not so unintelligent, as it seems at the first look, that is, acquired without a deeper insight into this dialectical content under consideration. Here, it is very important to be emphasised that these different ways of orientation and abilities of dialectical synthesising in time "AND versus DIA" space are not genetically (matter-like) determined, but rather it is individually determined (and inherited), that is, these aspects of the considered dialectical content are spiritual nature (inner DIA inmost being).

From this follows that the dialectically redefined time DIA space is an appropriate creative framework for orienting and acting of humans, captured within the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces [various possible scenarios in time DIA situations in space] of the worlds of dialectics. In other words, the set free dialect - spirit is an essential and key-dialect and feature of each human being, and of any truly humane being with (deep) human root, that is also a (pre)requisite for a proper dialectical synthesising (of various scenarios DIA situations) in time DIA space, understood in terms of distinguishing Good from evil (choices and ways). In short, by development of the dialectical interactive approach was opened the feasibility for initiation and existence of a THIRD WAY, as well as later a fourth, fifth .... way too. On the other hand, the rectilinear methodological approach, because of being based on the dual (bipolar) way of thinking, all essential processes within this imaginary line were concentrated on its two poles (0-1): The everything else between them was simply attracted by the strong "gravitational" forces of these poles, understood in terms of the mutual approaching these two different points (of views, for example), including the forcible one, thereby pressing together all between them. In other words, all it that was not incorporated by these two (OR - OR) poles (DIA one), has been dispersed and excluded, that is, neglected, neutralised.

The Static DIA Dynamic Mathematik in the Living Reality: The Training of the Philosophic DIA Artistic Dialect

Four Basic Mathematical Operations presented like a Road of Triangles


Gravitational Abysses ("0" - Black Holes) Bounded with the Numbers (Values) TWO (2) AND ZERO (0)

By dialectically synthesising the all previously said, I hope, you are able easier to comprehend and understand, why it is so difficult to convince, or to encourage, if you so will, the actors, who work and create within the essential realms of human acting, such as science, philosophy, art and culture, as well as their creative upshots (decision makers) in the area of business and politics, to be abandoned this bipolar DIA binary way of the thinking. In other words, to be crossed over the magical boundary of the number two (2), during their (creative) orientation in the time and space: 0 - 1, 1 - 2, 0 - 2: The greatest span of time and their range of the space (0 - 2), understood in terms of creative abilities of the simple mind. By bringing to end these initiated dialectical processes, it might be argued that these modern five-sensed proponents of the introduced concept of simple(st) mind possess very limited (UNDERDEVELOPED) (cap)abilities of dialectical synthesising IN TIME DIA SPACE. And by rereading the previously uttered dialectical content [related to the implanted defect ('hollow') in their "heads"], hope, it is not difficult to be concluded, why it is so. By the way said, so long it was not changed this way of conceiving, comprehending and understanding of the 'time and space', and the corresponding (recti)linear binary [OR - OR] way of thinking, there is neither possibility nor feasibility of any kind of traveling in an another way, including the journays in spiritual DIA mindual terms, that is, in the creative sense, as a precondition for undertaking the corresponding physical (matter-like) voyages.