Time and Space VERSUS Time dia Space, a Dialectical Interactively Creative Approach

Time and Space VERSUS Time dia Space, a Dialectical Interactively Creative Approach

Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space

FOUR PRE-ANCIENT ELEMENTS in the Role of Four Primary DIA Proto Paradigmatic Presumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach


The Unity and Exerting of Dialectical Tensions in Time DIA Space

This methodological approach is inspired by the individual (creative) way of thinking, applied within a dialectically REDEFINED TIME [future (within thee), emotively emotional dia physical PRESENCE, past (around thee)] DIA SPACE [spirit, mind dia reason, matter (materia)]. Turn thy attention to the fact that in the mega-dialect time, the so called PRESENT (TIME) was replaced by the dialect "physical presence (of body)" DIA "emotively emotional presence". Here the first dialect speaks of someone's active (physical) DIA creative presence, understood in terms of SPACE IN TIME (matter within past), whereas the second dialect speaks of emotive DIA emotional presence of some dialectical content in her / his mind DIA the reason, understood in terms of the TIME IN SPACE (future within spirit). Seen from this methodological perspective, the major dilemma in this case is: Where in this constellation of time is the DIALECT - FUTURE? In short, these inner [time - in - space(like)] aspects of the dialect - future (WITHIN THEE) were reconsidered in detail in the creative article: Dialectic Interactive Approach: The Concept of the Dialectical Time DIA Space versus The Concept of (Recti)linear Space and Time.

Dialectic Interactive Approach

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

In the dialectical interactive approach, the mega - dialect space (spirit, mind DIA reason, matter) was also completely redefined, that is, space CEASED TO BE (in)seen only as a (external) physical (material) room, and as a converged mindual room [Simple(st) mind], understood in sense of some kind of converging, coalescing and fusing mind AND spirit. In this dialectical comprehension of space, to the "physical" space (the dialect - matter) was added the set free ("released") dialect - spirit in order to be recreated a mindual medium (the dialect - mind dia reason). Concluding this dialectical content under consideration, the remaining two components of this dialectical creative framework for orientation in time DIA space were also presented as the COUPLE DIALECT. The dialect - SPACE IN TIME (matter embedded in past) actually presents the memorized contents of the past as well as the dialectical worlds around me - thou - us, which I - thou - we are able to perceive by the five basic human senses: Nose (the sense of smell), eyes (the sense of sight), mouth (the sense of taste), ears (the sense of hearing) and skin (the sense of touch). In other words, these dialectical worlds are physical (material) nature, and they surround my - thy - our physical presence, as well as they influence and inspirate my - thy - our emotively emotional presence, in order to be (under)taken suitable (creative) travel, as well as other forms of human(e) acting. On the other hand, the dialect - TIME IN SPACE (future in spirit) actually presents the inner (hidden) dialectical worlds within me - thee - us, which I - thou - we are able to sense by the two typical human senses: The sixth sense (the sense of presentiment: intuition) and the seventh sense [emotively emotional sense DIA the feeling of her- / himself]. In short, generally speaking in full agreement with the higher knowledge, the dialect - time in space represents unknown, hidden, invisible .... dialectical contents in time DIA space.

The Concept of the Living God

CREATIVE EXPANSES OF A FOUR - TRIANGULAR STAR: The Ground Plan of the Pyramid of Cheops

As a result of all previously said, this dialectical approach is able to follow more authentic the dialectical processes of transition, transformation and metamorphoses .... negation, annihilation, annulment DIA renewal and regeneration of various states of the dialectical reality, which are omnipresent around DIA within of each of us. In other words, anywhere you see a couple dialect of statics DIA dynamics, there has been already present dialectics, regardless which way of thinking prevails. In short, the major drawback of the existing (recti)linear conceiving and comprehending TIME [past ⇢ PRESENT TIME ⇢ future] AND SPACE [the fused mind, matter], is the mathematically verified fact, that as it was farther travelled out of the dialect - PRESENT TIME in direction of this (recti)linear conceiving and comprehending dialect - future, either in terms of the largest conceivable (for example, universe), or in terms of the smallest conceivable (world of quants), as this kind of comprehension of the time and space is less and less appropriate, unreliable, imprecise, .... ILLUSIONARY one. Or said it in another way, just the use of these five basic (animal's too) senses, whose purpose at first place is orientation on very short distances of space AND time, is the major cause of deviations of time in space (future in spirit) DIA space in time (matter already built in past), if afore mentioned complex dialectical contents were not (properly) interpreted dia reflected in time DIA space through the prism of two TYPICAL human senses within the suitable (human) medium: Mind dia reason, understood in terms of physical dia emotively emotional presence (inner DIA inmost being). From this reason, as you already had probably perceived, in order to be clearly distinguished these two different concepts of conceiving, comprehending and understanding time "AND versus DIA" space from each other, it was introduced a new preposition - conjunction "DIA".

Static Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF US

Actually, seen from the perspective of the developed dialectical interactive approach, all these kinds of "optical" illusions and phenomenon (paradoxes) of the remote time and space, or the compressed one, are a result of the ABSENCE of physical presence (dialect - matter) on the place in time DIA space, where it is wanted (EMOTIVE - EMOTIONALLY) to be present (dialect - spirit) by somebody in that very moment DIA place. No doubt that this dialectical topic is also present within the dialect - present time, that is, within the (recti)linear way of conceiving and comprehending time, but in this concept of the time and space it is less relevant and observable within the relatively short and close distances of the dialect - present time. Or put it in another way, within this way of thinking, these DIALECTICAL considerations were simply assumed, neglected, swallowed and vanished within endless deepness of the abandoned, CREATIVELY BLANK HOLLOW of the (recti)linear way of conceiving and comprehending space. In either case, consequences of this disintegrity of the dialect - (physical AND emotively emotional) presence (perceived by the five basic senses), that is, the ability of being spiritually present somewhere outside of the physical (matter-like) presence, within the MEDIUM - mind DIA reason, are various manifestations of DEVIATIONS AND PHENOMENONS of the time in space (future in spirit) DIA space in time (matter in past). From this reason, in order to be understood and properly managed such kinds of deviations, accordingly to be understood the various manifested paradoxes, phenomenons, self-deceptions and (optical) illusions of the (recti)linear time and space, instead of the dialect - present time, it was used the dialect physical DIA emotively emotional PRESENCE for the various kinds of journeys, including the creative ones as well, through this dialectically conceived and comprehended time DIA space.

Apart from this, the reasoning and comprehending of the (recti)linear space and time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF "US" [note, this dialectical content was symbolically presented by the (creatively) abandoned hollow in the head of this five-sensed being, shown on thy left side, because simply said it is all that such a (simple-reasonable) person with five senses is able to perceive], allows various ways of the manipulating of the public opinion. For example, by a tricky and seductive presentation of a dialectical content within the artificially created MEDIUM of the merged (coalesced and fused) dialect mind - spirit, it can be redirected attention of inhabitants from the more important happenings, which in meanwhile take place within the graphically presented "abandoned, CREATIVELY BLANK HOLLOW, that is, behind the obscured sceneries. Moreover, in this way have been also enabled various ways of fleeing from the facing with the (causes of) problems and challenges within DIA around you in the society. In other words, all evil (of this world) was seen (Matthew - 23:25-26), or searched for, around you [space and time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF "US"], inside of others (Matthew - 7:1-5) .... everywhere, but not there, where (probably) the core of problem (challenge) is.