Earthly Thorny DIA Heavenly Illuminated Pathway of the Human Genus

Earthly Thorny DIA Heavenly Illuminated Pathway of the Human Genus

Dialectic Interactive Approach

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces


The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Humane Being: Symbol of the Human Genus

From the expounded in the previous parts of this creative article follows that the dialectically redefined time DIA space is an appropriate creative framework for orienting and acting of humans, captured within the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces [various possible scenarios in time DIA situations in space] of the worlds of dialectics. In other words, the made free dialect - spirit is an essential and key-dialect and feature of each human being, and of any truly humane being with (deep) human root, that is also a (pre)requisite for a proper dialectical synthesising (of various scenarios DIA situations) in time DIA space, understood in terms of distinguishing Good from evil (choices and ways). In short, by development of the dialectical interactive approach was opened the feasibility for initiation and existence of a THIRD WAY, as well as later a fourth, fifth .... way too. As an example, just reconsider and compare the (cap)ability (distinguishing good from evil) of the various decision-makers [members of the higher natiocratic elite], of the politicians in particular, within a very short period of time, based on their narrow-minded natiocratic (and national) interests DIA their presentations and views on the world, accordingly founded on their (neo-secular 'holy') books, if you so will, regarding the distinguishing good from evil, within which are always blurry implanted their personal interests, but which are obligatory presented on the "Big TV" in some form of the common human interests. In other words, just try to reconsider from a broader human(e) perspective, how they distinguished good from evil in a concrete (political, geo-strategic, ....) scenario in time DIA situation in space in the year xxxx, then a similar one in the year xxxx+ 6, .... in the year xxxx+yy, .... and compare it, to the wished, desired and needed (cap)abilities of dialectical synthesising in time DIA space, understood in terms of hundreds, thousands, .... years [of the events recorded in the Holy Books and Scriptures, antique books of history ....], that is a necessary feature of any truly leader of humanity during this long journey through the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces of the worlds of dialectics. In Christ’s words, "they have no inner human(e) (deep) root and they are at the mercy of the moment" (Mark 4.17, Matthew 13.21).

By bringing to end these initiated dialectical processes, it might be argued that these modern five-sensed proponents of the introduced concept of simple(st) mind possess very limited (UNDERDEVELOPED) (cap)abilities of dialectical synthesising IN TIME DIA SPACE. And by rereading the previously uttered dialectical content [related to the implanted defect ('hollow') in their "heads"], hope, it is not difficult to be grasped, why it is so. In either case, it remains a hope, it is now much easier to be understood, why this creator of knowledge prefers the recorded ANCIENT citations of actors of the remote past, who lived and creatively acted in these earthly expanses. Although some of you, seen from the perspective of the MODERN UNDERSTANDING and COMPREHENDING ROLE of art, science, philosophy and culture, might argue it is feasible to be substituted and uttered on a higher level of time DIA space the great thoughts of these actors of the remote past, it is not possible in any way to be substituted and replaced their TIME'S VALUE (THOUSANDS OF YEARS) DIA related spatial value. And as it was demonstrated by this creator of knowledge in the creative works and articles of his, their great thoughts are still VERY actual, valid and will continue to be it in the future as well. Otherwise, this (methodological) approach would not be met with so much resistance, demonstrated from the side of the proponents, ideologists DIA rulers of this latest established world order. READ: "The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Concept of the Natiocracy

The Concept of the Living God



Debtor's DIA Debt Economics: Part - 1

Ultimate Upshot of the Implementation of the Concept of Absolute Truth in the Rectilinear Space and Time

RECALL, dialectical interactive approach considers any dialectical content in terms of the multitude of thesis DIA antithesis (the couple dialects), allowing thereby participation DIA FACTUAL CREATIVE PRESENCE, not only of the existing (still living) actors but also of the actors DIA THEIR GREAT (SPIRITUAL) IDEAS AND THOUGHTS of the gone past, as well as of actors, who will one day cross the threshold of this great creative stage. A great stage, predetermined and created in purpose of creating (pre)conditions for a FAR MORE HUMAN(E) clash of ideas, thoughts ... within the reintroduced MEDIUM - mind DIA presence, using available linguistic dialects of this revivified methodological approach. To remind me, thou, us, any creative achievement and result, in full agreement with the major postulate of the introduced dialectic interactive approach is considered only as A TEMPORAL CONCLUSION of time (in time) DIA space. In other words, it is valid only so long, until a RENEWED ANTITHESIS (or multitude of the RENEWED ANTITHESIS) has been appeared on the horizon of these GREAT creative expanses. In short, in this case too, the ultimate and absolute judgment and any kind of truth, is an exclusive right of the Everlasting (Eternal) God. Or put it in another way, by this creator of knowledge was rediscovered, that is, were reopened these hidden, enormous INNER (creative) expanses (spaces DIA times), as a substitute, and at the first place, a creative stage for the PREVENTIVE ACTING against the EXTERNAL physical (matter-like) fight of people, founded on the implanted and embodied beastly piece of theirs.

By the way said, this was not an indigenous consisting part (dialect) of the primordial human being, and particularly NOT, a human feature of the heavenly one (1.Moses, 1:26-31)! In either case, such a broad, deep, enormous and all-comprehensive creative platform for a truly human clash of ideas and thoughts, offers neither of the existing methodological approaches. Recall, even the traditional dialectical way of thinking, in spite of the possibility of initiating dialectical processes, due to their taking place within the creative framework of the (recti)linear conceiving, comprehending and understanding of (the meaning of) time AND space, has to be rounded (concluded) at the very end of it by a static synthesis [forming a triangle of the thesis, antithesis and synthesis], a kind of the societally determined dogma. In other words, it is valid and as such one maintained more thanks to the societal authority, influence, position of its creator in the social scale and the like, that has little to do with the clash of ideas, thoughts .... with true creative power, potential and CREATIVITY, as a crown of all it: A rare talent and gift of God. Keep in mind, this typically natiocratic way of the evaluation of created knowledge IS WIDESPREAD, AND STILL VALID UNTIL NOWDAYS.

In the following parts of this creative article will be in more details considered the concept of the "simple(st)" mind. A particular emphasise was put on the smouldering conflict within the "simple(st)" mind, that is, on the INNER conflict between the dialects - (merged) mind and the subordinated dialect - spirit. At any rate, this inner conflict has already been EXTERNALISED in the living NATIOCRATIC reality, including its manifestation in various forms of the so-called EMOTIONAL INSANITY, a kind of the (spiritual) illness of the soul. READ the creative article, "The Used Notions" and FIND the section: "EMOTIONAL INSANITY". As a result of this (emotional) illness of soul, it is not difficult to predict, what kind of the destiny would expected the eventually found FEEBLER living beings, hidden somewhere within the universe. In order to be imagined and conjured up this undesirable future scenario DIA suitable situation in space (SPIRIT, mind, matter), it is enough just to be thrown a look around my-thy-our PRESENCE, understood in terms of both the "present time and past of theirs" [reread the happenings after the discovering of New Worlds (of America, in particular)]. In short, the incentives within the (converged and fused minds of the modern) science, philosophy, art and culture DIA the involved business, military and political actors are STILL MATERIALISTIC NATURE, and not the humane one, as it the various simple-minded persons of theirs try to present it on the ‘Big TV', under their full control. But who cares for it, apart from the very rare, brave and HEAVENLY ORIENTED human beings.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The White Angel

As an example, just try to imagine the scenario in time DIA appropriate situation in space, if it were again opened the gates of numerous 'CAGES OF FREEDOMS', created for the purposeful cultivation of the vulgar minds DIA simple(st) ones, which are driven by the insatiable GREED of the (existing) ruling elite, and then, as such (cultivated and breed) ones were settled on another inhabitated planet. READ: "The Concept of the (Recti)linear Universe: Happenings in the (Recti)linear Space and Time". What to be said about the endless spreading of their ideological concepts and the akin supporting ones? As it will be shown in the following creative article devoted to the smouldering conflict within the "simple(st)" mind, as a consequence of this inner conflict between the dialects - (merged and coalesced) mind and (subordinated) spirit, the dialect MATTER(ialistic) will fill up and occupy the abandoned (or weakened) room (expanse) DIA place, primordially determined for the (medium of) mind dia reason. In other words, various motives and incentives of the dialect matter(ialistic) will by definition overcome and dominate in any EXTERNAL world (dialectical societal universe), within which the simple(st DIA vulgar) mind prevails. By the way said, all societal orders until now (natiocracy), including the modern NATIOCRATIC manifestations of the societal organising [as well as DEBT(OR)ism, founded on the economy run in debtors' DIA debt way], were driven DIA based on this (inhuman and uncreative) pathway of the development of mind dia reason (intellect) and the suitable intelligence.

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Implications of the "Current" (Physical) Universe for the Living Reality

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Appendix 4 The Dialectic Interactive Approach in Use in the "Modern" Time DIA Space
The Human(e) (Re)Enlightenment DIA Divine Choosing versus The Natural Evolution DIA Natural Selection (Jovanovic, 2004)

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