Mathematics as a Broader Framework for the Coming into Being of the Way of Thinking in terms of Simple(st) Mind dia Reason

Mathematics as a Broader Framework for the Coming into Being of the Way of Thinking in terms of Simple(st) Mind dia Reason

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'US'

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space, as a Source of Ideas for the Bipolar Way of Thinking

The Static DIA Dynamic Mathematik in the Living Reality: The Training of the Philosophic DIA Artistic Dialect

Four Basic Mathematical Operations presented like a Road of Triangles


Gravitational Abysses ("0" - Black Holes) Bounded with the Numbers (Values) TWO (2) AND ZERO (0)

In fact, as it was elaborated in the previous part of this creative article, within these in "chip" implanted patterns of thought, and thinking, based on the static math, lies hidden, READ: "Static DIA Dynamic Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach", the so much emphasised by me DIA this creator of knowledge within me, the rectilinear (bi-polar) DIA binary way of thinking, uttered in the everyday language, as the soul - body, yes - no, true - false, 0 - 1, black - white and the like. In methodological terms, the ideas and thoughts, graphically illustrated, presented, elaborated and argumented in that creative article, dedicated to the quantitative math, might be considered, as an objective (observable) "proof" that the concept of simple and simplest mind has its origin in this (basically) simplest concept FOR THE ORIENTATION in (recti)linear space and time.

I hope too, in the graphical illustration, as a final result of the dialectical reconsideration of four basic mathematical operations, shown on thy left side, it is not difficult to be recognised the images of the "(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space". In short, the developed concept of the simple(st) mind is not a fanciful invention of this creator of knowledge, as it one of you perhaps thought, but rather, it is based on a deep reconsideration of the four basic operations of the dynamical mathematics (addition, multiplication, subtraction and division), perceived and reconsidered from the DIALECTICAL methodological point of view. In other words, this dialectical content of the dynamic (quantitative) math was reflected through prism of the Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces.

It might be argued too that this simple - minded concept of the rectilinear space and time, actually creates a "creative" framework, for the recognisable behaviour and way of thinking of (the concept of) any "simple-resonable" person. READ: "The Methodological Consequences of the Way of Thinking based on the Static DIA Dynamic Mathematics", To remind me - thou - us, this five-sensed "simple(-reasonable)" person (with a hollow in "head") is a person, who is able to speak (preach) one thing publicly (“babbling”), simultaneously (within the deserted empty hollow) to think a quite another, to do something third (behind the obscured sceneries), etc., until was accomplished (realised) a 666 scenario in time DIA suitable situation in space. The source, as well as the inspiration for this multiprocessing (multi-acting) this "simple-minded" person finds (with)in the lacking triangle, respectively (with)in the abyss of "dark hole" (behind the hidden, dark sceneries). READ, "An Upshot of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind: The Concept of a Simple-Minded Person".

Dialectic Interactive Approach

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

On the other hand, in the dialectical framework for orientation in time DIA space, the dialect - spirit was again set free (released), in order to take over its innate place DIA expanse within the mega-dialect space. This spatial mega-dialect, in this dialectical constellation, consists of the following three dialects: spirit, mind dia reason, matter, instead of the two dialects in the case of both the "simple mind" [merged mind - spirit and matter] and the "simplest mind" [matter and the even further fused (suffocated) mind - spirit], as a final upshot of (their) bipolar (linear) way of thinking. Here it should be emphasised that this well elaborated dialectical content, related to the capabilities DIA division of the modern (contemporary) comprehension of mind [the simple mind, simpler mind, simplest mind and the vulgar mind], has been done from the viewpoint DIA standpoint of the CREATING (NEW) KNOWLEDGE, determined DIA manifested by the degree of creativity (and the creative potential) within AN INDIVIDUAL, a societal unit, society, .... dialectical societal universe. Not from the perspective of THE CONCEPT OF INTELLIGENCE, because it is a multi-sided dialectical content DIA process, which can be considered from many sides and the related aspects (short-term - long term, profitable - inprofitable...).

As it was afore mentioned, the concept of the simple(st) mind was even more simplified and deduced within the sphere of (pure) science on the concept of the "physical" universe. Within this scientific concept the dialect matter has been included in it, at the expense of excluding not only the dialect spirit but the (fused) mind, too. The reason is simple (mathematical), that is, it cannot be proved the existence and reality of these dialects (with)in the developed concept of the physical universe, nor in any other concept of (real) universe, according to them. READ, "The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Concept of the Physical Universe". Simultaneously, by thoughtfully looking at the graphical illustrations of the "(Recti)linear and Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces", it might be argued that the 'scientific' exclusion of the dialect - spirit is actually a by-product of the continual subordination and suffocation of spirit, and the corresponding spiritual abilities as well, over a long span of time and space, that is clearly observable (even by five scientific senses) in the "(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space" within the dialect - merged (fused) mind and spirit. In other words, the voice of the suffocated spirit inside of them cannot reach the external living reality, and thus be heard by this kind of the mind dia reason.

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