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  Debtor's DIA Debt Economics - Epilogue: Debt is king. 'Long live this King'?

Four years later (2008), came the crunch of the financial markets. Actually, their elite decided that was high time that the accumulated financial DIA economic problems over time DIA space should be tackled! But, they did it again at the expense of tax-payers money (Ooops, I did it again!) DIA increasing the debt burden (state internal debt). Since all crucial actors were involved in this financial crunch, in one or another way, the managements of companies DIA board of directors for this obvious mis-management were (almost) untouched as well as other actors involved in suppressing of those with different opinion, such as, for example, this creator of knowledge, related to the dialectic content under consideration. In other words, the old way of thinking, "DEBT IS KING", continues to darken this kind of natiocratic market's stage DIA scene. Bear in your mind, that each word noted down by this creator of knowledge including these typed at this very moment were known to the dark/tamnoj network and their omnipresent cuckoo’s eggs employed at state secret services. Multiplied in the last decade DIA masked under the known anti-terror measures, while trying DIA succeded to convince by public DIA obligatory demonstration, from time to time, their force (to intimidate) their citizens [?, otherwise is it possible to intimidate someone who is ready to give the life? DIA seen from a perspective of those who pays taxes, this demostration of force is NOT GRATIS]) DIA how they are important instead of allowing to be finally grasped: How they are EXPENSIVE. This creator of knowledge hopes that any human(e) being DIA other re-enlightened individuals, are able to grasp that none like to be any kind of rebel or terrorist. But to them was not left other choice to be worth of a human(e) being, apart from the humiliated ones, proper for the objects referred to.

Just consider the life story of this creator of knowledge experienced in the EU-NATO 'security' zone. Reading only these articles, comparing his brought qualifications, working experience and the degrees acquired here on the west (Denmark) with their famous natiocratic (deceptive) motto "to all equal opportunities" and compare all it with the true DIA real feasibilities and to each of you should be clear, what is the true DIA real source of any kind of rebelling or terrorism, if you so will. None (great) individual DIA human(e) being (either as God's emissary or as believer ) will allow to be continually humiliated, heavily discriminated and apartheided generally speaking by those (modern pagans), who are not worthy the thongs of her/his sandals to stoop down and untie! In particular if humilation was done on the cultural DIA religious foundations. It seems they continually misunderstand bowing down to God by these individuals in terms of thinking that 'they' DIA them can compel God's emissaries and believers to kneel in front of these 'earthly gods', as it has been done by the objects referred to DIA various kind of (modern paganic) objects on buttons. Truly the EU-NATO 'security' zone, in the role of leading world power, occupying a time DIA space without any kind of TRUE justice, apart from the natiocratic ones, neither on the individual level (this creator of knowlefge, as emissary of God, is more than enough trustworthy wittness) nor on the mob DIA group level, that can be wittnessed with many world-wide states belonging to various races, cultures, religions ... And that is not a true power at all nor it is long-lasting, seen from a DIALECTICALLY long-run perspektive, in particular, if it was involved in PERSECUTION of God's emissaries and other followers of His. There is hope, that other potential powers will conceive, comprehend and understand this MESSAGE to be finally taken over the related conclusions in terms of how should be made the distinguishing good from evil. Bear in the mind, any kind of manifestation of true power should be an ideal to others. In the case that it is evil/bad nature, its dark image will be reflected DIA cloned by others. Just look at other natiocratic states world wide, in particular those who are or which have ambition to be ideological DIA 'theological' clones of the existing power. And what is there, too: darkness DIA perfidity as well as what else could be expected?

By the way said, this creator of knowledge is not a terrorist (but rather the "rebel with dick reason") DIA does it make any difference in treatment within the natiocratic world? Furthermore, he has not any network because as a great individual does not want to involve anyone into carrying the life mission of his. In addition to the said, there is an awareness, deeply impressed by the predecissors of this creator of knowledge in the ("gone") time DIA space in terms of that 'they' DIA them would relatively easily, either buy services of these persons, on one or another way, or simply misused DIA decepted them in terms of "helping" to this creator of knowledge by playing one of numerous (humanitarian) plays of natiocratic art. In other words, this creator of knowledge tried to shield them from these kind of (VERY SINFUL) temptations in the greatest feasible extent. Paraphrasing the "Case Study for Thinking: My Mental-Emotional Interpretation" taken from the “Netmode - the Strategy for the 21st Century - Dialectic Interactive Approach” (Jovanovic, 1999)":

  • "It is amazing how people are cheap, when available resources are concentrated in a few (inter)related points as well as when the access to them is limited by different kinds of (natiocratic) barriers."

Apart from the above emphasised, any of emissary of God is DIA should be aware of the true meaning of Christ's words in any scenario DIA situation in time DIA space while acting DIA (re)creating in any earth(en)ly environment deducing that dialectic content under consideration (financial "obscured scheme", for example) in terms of (higher) heavenly conceiving, comprehending and understanding:

  • "As in the days before the flood PEOPLE spent their time (DIA space only on) eating and drinking, marrying and being married, right up to the day when {any emissar of God appeared on this great stage DIA scene of His to accomplish the life mission of his DIA given by God} ... (Matthew, 24.38 - THESIS)" DIA "Human(e) being does not live on bread ALONE, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God (Matthew, 4.4 - ANTITHESIS)."

  • SYNTHESIS DIA RENEWED THESIS: “But if I say, ‘I will not mention Him or speak any more in His name, God's word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot’ (Jeremiah-20:9)”.

Anyway, in spite of being not a terrorist but "the mouth of God", in the last 14 years this creator of knowledge has to indulge the constant chicane and discrimination, similarly any predecissors of this creator of knowledge in the time DIA space, apartheided and terrorised by the various kind of domestic 'terrorists DIA terroristic group units', including the official ones. To the opinion of this creator of knowledge, the terrorist is everyone who terrorize others triggered, driven and led by the evil incentives.

And the worst of all is the awareness that it has been known to their numerous DIA omnipresent (para-)official anti-terror services, who not only did not want to undertake anything, even when in the earliest phase to them had been turned attention on this unethical DIA godless conduct. Instead of it they also organized DIA actively participated in it. On the other hand, if this creator of knowledge, would have physically attacked any of these (para)official "(s)he-bears", protected by special ("super-human") rights, as they did it against me, or would have bought any kind of weapon, even in terms of using it in self-defence, these same anti-terror units of theirs would immediately have "contacted" him. But because this creator of knowledge knows it, he continues to CREATIVELY treat upon all of them. And 'they' DIA them are also un-mighty to respond on this way of acting and by what as well: With their simple(st) DIA vulgar minds? Now it is clear, why 'they' DIA them applied their so-called "softly" (dark DIA obscured) measures including physical ones. By the way, are their inhabitans able to perceive, who they allowed to reach DIA occupy all tops of their societal pyramides? And the worst of all for them is awareness, even the physical liquidation of this creator of knowledge or their favoured dark DIA obscured killing (quieitly dying in the silence of their darkness) will not change it. The killer is killer! And this kind of true (dark DIA obscured) ones is the worst kind of all known killers, far more dangerous than the terrorists, because they are true generators DIA initiators of any kind of killing. And any dark DIA obscured acting, including this one, organized DIA designed behind the obscured scenery, is the main reason of appearance on this (dark DIA obscured) stage DIA scene of this creator of knowledge. In short, they 'terrorize' DIA humilate in terms being of not only satisfied to do it within the domestic DIA network structure set boundaries but do it on the world level, too. In other words, these well known double standards, one for the domestic or obedient ones, and other for the "foreign" or unobedient ones are in fact the TRUE DIA REAL CAUSE DIA INCENTIVE of any kind of rebelling and the terrorism as well. Or uttered it in different way, if there is no chikane, discrimination and apartheid in any form of manifesting both on the individual and mob DIA group level, there is no terrorism, too!

Anyway, the true trouble with this way of solving the accumulated DIA self-made problems over time DIA space is that the whole structure remained untouched. Bear in your mind, the REAL MONEY nowhere "disappeared" from the Earth but the 'VIRTUAL ONE' issued by the numerious world-wide spread 'virtual central banks'. But the worst of all the mentioned, is the awareness, if a share DIA its shareholder has managed to retain the value of '0,0000001' cent, it can, by the help of tax-payers' money DIA (further) increasing the state (internal) debt, be revivified [natiocratic 'THEOLOGICAL' manifestation of business (group) 'resurrection'] DIA further deterioration of working conditions, labour market, social .... situation, to be faster squeezed additional financial resources, and at the final instance further deterioration of political and economic DIA financial situation generally speaking. At the same time, higly dependable gamblers DIA 'narcomans' have already unpatiently waited for everything to be gone DIA be forgotten, to be continued with the performing of this dark DIA obscured natiocratic "master play of art". Perhaps it is interesting to be mentioned, that this creator of knowledge, also wrote something regarding the market malversations DIA manipulations and speculations, and of many other themes as well, but on the Serbian (mother) language in Rotterdam (Netherlands), where he lived at the end of summer 2008. It was also written there that the state should play a more dynamic role, but in PREVENTIVE sense, by establishing new (virtual) business units in purpose to be increased marknet competition, and which should be later sold on the same marknet to be earned some money in terms of decreasing tax-payers' burden. The establishment of these virtual (temporally in the state's ownership) group units was limited on those business sectors, where state by law has imposed various OBLIGATORY insurances to its citizens and group units as well, and everywhere where the state is the FINAL GUARANT for the outcome of their business in terms of undertaken risk. Since it was not watched TV nor read news-papers, to this creator of knowledge was not known what's happen in the (financial) world. Even in the May, Netherlanders were proud with achievement of the lowest unemployment rate in the decade. Of course, that way of achieving it for someone who lived in Denmark or in Scandinavia generally speaking has not sounded impressible at all.

Anyway, at the beginning of September 2008, after finishing with writing DIA coming back in the normal life DIA living, watching the TV was found out about the financial crunch of the (world) financial market. No doubt, this creator of knowledge was the last one to be truly surprised with these 'news', perhaps more with the way how they handled this crisis, if already decided to reveal the true "state of things" to their citizens. They could do it DIA would be less painfull if it was done by them before the stating Iraq war or even 10 years ago, or after the fall of "Berlin Wall" or earlier if you so will. To the opinion of this creator of knowledge, as anyone could insee it, reading this article related to the way of running finanancial economics by them, there were no any true news, in particular NOT FOR THEM. In other words, all the written by this creator of knowledge was well known to them. But it seems 'they' DIA them preferred to use this precios time DIA space "to close the babbling mouth of it". For more info related to this dialectic interactive content, read the "Appendix 2 The Eternal Poem, Jovanovic, 2003; Multidimensional Space versus World of Dialectics - Dialectic Interactive Approach in Use ”.

No doubt, if they followed the above mentioned preventive measures DIA have already established state run financial institutions {antithesis} as a counterpart to the existing (heavily) indebted ones {thesis}, they could temporally overtake the financial system, in particular by using so large DIA unprecedented issued financial resources [but regardless of this possibility they should be later sold in purpose of reducing tax-payers' burden, without forgetting their citizens - tax-payers], by the way chose the best (additional DIA available) personal from these dying financial institutions and other dying companies. But since this way of thinking was unacceptable for them from ideological DIA 'theological' reasons, even in terms of any kind of state intervention, apart from the subsidising agricultural sector, or the business primary sectors in which they were competitively feeble in terms of (world) "free" market competition, if you so will, there were no proper fundaments for doing it. It seems, even starting with establishing new financial institutions from scratch at that moment by using these enormous financial resources, in particular seen from a dialectically long run perspective, has been a better solution, in particularly, in terms of being got rid of the 'mentally feeble' ones on the whole level of society. According to the basic principle of free market run economics, anyone who undertakes business risk, should be ready to accept all it's fruits, regardless of whether they are good or bad nature. But it seems the natiocratic elite likes only to win, AND AT ANY PRICE, and such an attitude towards the running of business or to the life DIA living generally speaking, is a true DIA real danger for all inhabitants, who live in such societies, including these kind of 'winners' at the first place.

  • Further information related to this dialectic content you can find in the Serbian version of the article devoted to the "Debtor's DIA Debt run Economics". Keep in your mind, these texts taken from the original creative work were written on the Serbian language in the year 2008.