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  Creative Travellings in Time DIA Space: The Fifth Commandment - Part Two

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Before continuing to comment on this dialectical content, the used terminology has to be presented, what is a PRECONDITION for a successful communication, as well as for the participation in this dialectical debate using the dialectical interactive approach. In other words, this is a must and necessity, if its participants want to avoid a BARREN discussion, as a consequence of the misunderstanding or not understanding each other. In short, if the spiritual leaders, who both studied and numerously times read the content of their own Holy Books and Scriptures (or did it they?) are still not CAPABLE of understanding, which MESSAGES the (Great) prophets truly wanted to convey them from God (the topic of DISTINGUISHING good from evil), how this can be expected from the political leaders, who never even (finished with the genuine) reading of this complex dialectical content, but rather founded their ('philosophical', ideological, political, ....) attitudes towards this complex dialectical content, understood in terms of the famous 'heard said' DIA malicious and obscured intentions and plots of ideologists and theologians of the dark network, and then such a dark content is handed over to the blinded (DIA even more simple and vulgar) political, ideological, and 'theological' followers of theirs, to convey this' torch of darkness even further on the various 'stages and scenes' of theirs, until the level of 'primitive people of the street' is reached. In short, from the ALL previously said, it should be clear to everyone that these Great HUMANE Individuals of the past, have nothing to do with the current events and perceived trends, nor contributed to it in any way.

This creator of knowledge hopes, it is not difficult, after the all aforementioned to understand to which kind of 'paradise' the Earth is far closer as well as which kind of ticket 'they' DIA them perfidiously offer to the naive ones, including those who Christ freed during His three days traveling into the hell, but who later blindly continued to trust in all that came from their BIG mouth, that is, again 'willingly' most of them returned there! And now, no any of the followers of (the Living) God has the intention to rescue them again, nor anyone else, in order to be prevented encouraging of a further committing evil. In other words, there were used quasi-words of Christ, that He took all the sins of the mankind, understood in terms of some kind of open "bank" account for the collection of future made sins (or what?), so anyone who either did, still does or will continue to do evil in the future can simply get rid of it by transferring it to this open "online" account without real portfolio. And imagine getting all it in exchange for making (further and further) DIRTY his creative works by them, His true attitude to the life DIA living, ...., understood in terms of their dark and obscured actions as modern ('Christian') pagans: Inheriting only genetically the notion of Christianity from their (modern- heathenish, too?) parents, without any trace of the spiritual or mindual possession a dialectul of the true pathway of Christ inside the 'kingdoms of ???' theirs.

In fact, this forgery of Apostles' letters was ascribed later to the some of (DEAD) Apostles by the falsie earthly prophets in their 'Acts', and especially, by adding similar falsie contents after the Christianity became the official religion of the Old Rome empire, to be easier served dark interests of their natiocratic elite, whose consequences are still both visible and sensible in the Christian world. Keep in mind, each God's religion can only survive as well as (RE)FLOURISH it with the cultivation of truth, trust, love of His was continued, based on the first three commandments of God, within the content of this Holy Book, understood in terms of the true words and messages uttered by its creator(s). For this reason, all aforementioned should be understood as a contribution to the elucidation of these insufficiently clear events during these dark ages. Keep in mind, this creator of knowledge, similarly to his predecessors in time DIA space, has not any earthly spiritual or political intension or ambitions, so the creative works of his have to be considered in this context of the shedding additional light on these real happenings.

From all previously elaborated reasons, none including the priests has the right to misuse of the name of (the Living) God: The third commandment. Keep in mind, these first three commandments (triad) are the most important and essential compared to other ones because only based on them, understood in terms of a deep reconsideration of this dialectical content, can be successfully (genuinely) distinguished Good from evil (actions and activities). In other words, the rest of the commandments should be reflected through the prism of these three main commandments of the Eternal (Immortal) God, that is, each of them should be understood in terms of distinguishing Good from evil, starting with the fourth one (Luke-6:9) and so on, and not by starting with the tenth commandment. Keep in mind, none expects from (all of) you to be perfect (understood in the binary sense of all OR nothing) in this evil(-minded) world, characterized with a very low level of the achieved development of consciousness its inhabitants, and particularly, with a very low level of the achieved development of the spiritual (cap)abilities of theirs. On the other hand, an essential part of the life missions of priests, self-chosen by taking on the priest's mantle, is to be an example in the most feasible extent too, and to tend its flock in such a way to be PREVENTED committing evil, understood in terms of showing others (with own example) how Good (choice) from the evil (one) could be distinguished, based on these first three Commandments.

But this is even more a continual task of children's (grand)parents, as believers and attenders of the services of God in the temples of His, understood in terms of the conveyed messages of Christ and other (Great) prophets and seers, including thereby also role of the considered fifth commandment during the continuous accomplishing of this great goal during this LONG journey through time DIA space. For this reason, re-read this Christ's dialectos again [previous creative article (Luke, 12.49-52)], if you already have forgot its messages, and then dialectically synthesise it in time DIA space (thesis) by comparing later this thesis of yours with the emerging antithesis of this creator of knowledge related to this dialectical interactive content under creative consideration. In short, seen from this methodological perspective, as a consequence of each kind of the 'OR - OR' rectilinear bi-polar DIA binary (OR) way of thinking ("all OR nothing", in this specific case) in every kind of evil environment (a dialectical world in which prevails evil), this will result, as an utmost outcome of these initiated bi-polar processes, with some kind of the undesired (evil) result (NOTHING): Less and less (till none) of the ten commandments will be respected and observed, less and less (till no) sheep in the flock is left for tending ...

Similarly to the reading Holy Books and Scriptures, thereby emphasising the EMOTIVELY emotional dialect of the so called mental-emotive emotional intelligence, by paying visits to the temples of God and the appropriate kind of deep meditation (song of prayers), or by emotively emotional and mental sinking into the reiterative recitation of the content of a temple's religious ritual, which was conveyed from generation to generation of priests [during the dark DIA obscured age(s), too], that is, from the very beginning of acceptance of the concrete God's religion by the folk, each human being as a believer is able to revive (re-enlighten) the time (horizon) and space (scope), understood in terms of re-illumination of its actors, real life-content, those days’ happenings and events. In other words, here word goes about the RECOLLECTION of these dialectical creatively interactive contents, (with)in enormous expanses of thy inner being DIA inmost light (spiritual DIA mindual medium). And to the opinion of this creator of knowledge, this way of transmitting of time DIA space, understood in terms of conserving, preserving, and cultivation of the inherited rituals and songs of prayers from generation to generation of priests as some kind of landmarks and orientation points in these bygone times DIA spaces (SPIRIT, mind dia reason, matter), in particular, within the temples of God, is the GREATEST CONTRIBUTION of the priest order, regardless whether or not, they properly did the rest of their job.

Keep in mind, that each re-appearance of a prophet, or (special) emissary means that they DIA other political, business, ...., leaders DID NOT accomplish properly their job as WHOLE, seen from the human(e) heavenly perspective, regardless whether they agree with it or not. In short, a prophet or emissary of God will not apply for getting permission or authorization from them for carrying out the (special) mission of God, as this already had been demonstrated and proved by each of them. Or put it in other words, for your proper orientation in time DIA space, prophets, and emissaries of God, who acted in the past, would not have been 'awaken from their sleep', if those priests started with proper doing their job. For example, as a result of overtaking the leading role by a renewed highest order of priests or younger God-turned and directional progressive generations. Keep in mind, only key-actions and activities of believers are monitored because they keep and maintain in this aforementioned way a continually open connection with the heavenly forces as well as have appropriate ambitions, haven't they? The rest of the people follow their well-known earthly objectives (and masters). Happy journey and much of their success to them! For this reason, if you do not agree with the Priest's preaching out of the content of Holy Book and Scripture, tell them it, or leave the worship service because the ritual as its point was finished

  • [these (ideologically and politically motivated) speeches begins usually after the worship rituals were completed].

Or simply tell them that they better sing (a prayer song and other rituals) than they narrate and preach. In other words, a temple of God and its worship rituals can be easily separated in various ways from the earthly servants of ???? as well as from unbelievers (why should they go there?).

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Generally speaking, the Holy Books and Scriptures as well as the fair-tales, sages, myths, legends and the like books, (including those conveyed over a long period of time in oral form from generation to generation), the so-called treasury of culture, were the only content that was reachable to the people in large, regardless whether they were POOR or rich. However, you are welcome to read the other (various) older texts which do not contain the religious messages, if you are abhorred by them, but there is a very small probability that they were read (or heard) by your ancestors, especially, in the sense of special emphasis on this dialectical content with deep emotive (positive, enjoyable, rejoiceful) emotions, that is, a prerequisite to be deeply memorised in their inner beings DIA inmost light. Put in other words, this was a privilege reserved for members of the rich upper classes and castes. .... In addition to the expressed, you are able to comprehend, synthesise, sense and feel, why it is so important to preserve old (ancient) traditions, customs and the cultural heritage generally speaking as well as to cultivate and nurture them for future generations. Or uttered it in another way, even a chancy look (“seeing”), hearing, etc., at the old (ancient) costumes, tales, songs, music, folklore, and the like EVOKES THESE LULLED emotive emotions, unfolding these memories of past, hidden somewhere deep inside me-thee-us. I also hope that you were able, from this dialectical content to derive the right conclusion related to the importance of cultivation of art as well as other basic human dialects of expression (culture, philosophy, science) during this long journey in time DIA space. [Impact of the Ancient Wisdom on the Culture/Religion, Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA Space – Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanovic 2001.

In short, all the afore uttered can be used as a kind of training for the undertaking a CREATIVE traveling (journey) through time DIA space, by you as a beginner, for example. Keep in mind, even the most experiential travellers through time DIA space use all these contents [everyone is not prophet DIA emissary of God], as well as the scientific and historical sources, brought up from such creative journeys, understood in terms of RECOLLECTION of it in a reliable way. READ again, "Dialectical Concept of the Spiritual DIA Mindual Intelligence". All others, without these preserved orientation points and the appropriate landmarks in time DIA space, would be considered as a kind of a fairly-tale, because you cannot PROVE and VERIFY its authentication, that is, to document and veryfy it in a scientific way. Even if you distinctly emotes DIA senses these TRANSITIONS from one dialectical age-unit to another one, it is not feasible to be proved and verified this, by your arguing that some dialectical content was picked up from the 'historical events' of our ancestors during the epochs spent on some other planet, or some dialectical content from any other distant planet, situated within another galaxy, for example. What to say or to answer, if (s)he argues that (s)he picked up some knowledge, which originates from her, his previous life, or of some ancestors of her, his, for example?

Someone may ask, why a creative traveler in time DIA space can not pick up all higher knowledge, for example, from some other more developed civilizations. The answer is very simple. (S)He was not trained nor educated in that field of human creative activity. It would be similar, if a musical virtuoso allowed to this creator of knowledge both to listen to her, his creative performance as well as gave him the possibility to watch or to read the musical notes during this artistic performance. And after that, someone else requested from him to recreate or to imitate all that has been emoted, sensed, felt. In other words, school knowledge of this creator of knowledge of a few basic musical notes simply is not enough for the accomplishment of this too complex CREATIVE task DIA act. In addition to it, the role of the musical instrument (art) on which was played this musical work mustn't be forgotten, too. If to this was added that each music reflects its OWN time DIA space, understood in terms of the embedded culture DIA art within it by following the corresponding philosophical direction or ideological or theological one, if you so will, you are able to understand the complexity of this creative act, in order to be accomplished it, understood in terms of undertaking a creative traveling through time DIA space, even if it is as close in the physical terms as it was the case with the afore elaborated example. Recall too, during a creative journey through time DIA space, out of the existing alive one, are not valid such material-, physical-like notions of expression such as remembrance, memory, recalling, and the like. In addition to this, any creator of knowledge is capable to reveal as much (of this acquired) knowledge as God allows. Note too that this creator of knowledge avoids using the word 'my' regarding the noted down creative works by him but rather he uses the notion 'the creative works OF HIS', emphasizing in this way the fact that this knowledge does not originates from him, that is, this is not his own invention (creative upshot), understood in earthly creative terms, but rather he satisfies himself with the modest role: Scriber of it. Anyway, this creator of knowledge, hopes too, he gave you a few useful tips and hints as well as it has been managed by him to PARTLY demystify this complex topic of the so-called CREATIVE journey through time DIA space.

Christ was Son of God DIA son of the humane woman (Maria), understood in terms of the Christian concept of Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), that is, a manifestation of the eternal God in TIME DIA SPACE (Living God), according to this creator of knowledge. The Christian Great prophet DIA Archangel was John Baptist (Maria's mother and John's mother Elisabeth were sisters), and first after John Baptist was killed, Christ overtook carrying out His life mission. Note, Christ too was RELATIVELY inactive in his youth understood in earthly terms, that is, in some state of waiting in reserve to DIRECTLY involve Himself in these earthly currents of events, only if this is necessary. Note too, this inactivity and this behaviour are the major features of each (Great) prophets and emissaries of God, including this creator of knowledge. In other words, the creative SPIRITUAL inactivity during the so called pro-longed 'childhood', is a major characteristics of all HUMANS, because each of us still SYMBOLICALLY follows, that is, unconsciously 'imitates' the life cycles in the sense of its longevity-duration from the earth(en)ly DIA heavenly world's, were each of us is coming from. In other words, they are not the so-called fallen ones but the true and real prophets, (special) emissaries and followers of the Eternal (Immortal) God.

After this digression from the main topic under creative consideration, the right moment is to continue with the creative consideration of the Fifth Commandment. In short, Christ answered to them in connection with the content of the fifth commandment, that here is about the fact that priority has to be given to the SPIRITUAL origin of each individual, which is embedded in the inner being of each believer. For example, humans draw their origin from the humane stump of God [the spiritual heritage of this human root (Mark 4.17, Matthew 13.21)], understood in terms of emphasizing in this way belonging to His FAMILY. On the other hand, if your (grand)parents or (grand)children are evil-doers, or simply not believers and followers of God, this fifth commandment is not VALID at all, and how it can be if they do not know for God? In other words, the SPIRITUAL (DIA MINDUAL) heritage of this human(e) root is above the genetical one (dialect - matter) and for this reason, a humane being should not follow this pathway (of evil) of theirs.

However, this does not mean that the contacts with them should not be cultivated but in this humane way maintained. These differences among and between the genetic, spiritual, and mindual inheritance (and presence) are a dialectical upshot of the previous marriages of thy ancestors (dialect - past) because during marrying were not taken into account the dialectically long - term consequences of not distinguishing GOOD from evil, from one or another reason (no self-choice of antithesis, money and power incentives....). Everything else is or will be later deduced on the well-known (wo)man-like CURING of the consequences of the previously made decisions. And of these dialectical consequences of not distinguishing GOOD from evil is nobody exempted, who is born of two earthly parents, seen from this dialectically long-run perspective. For this reason, during this theological debate, Christ was not pointed at his own parents but at someone else’s, probably at the parents of the ruling natiocratic elite, or pointed at them in the role of parents, otherwise why those days, political, spiritual and elitary leaders reacted on these words so emotionally and fiercely. In fact, all (Great) prophets and (special) emissaries came to give an ADDITIONAL PIECE OF INFORMATION and appropriate MESSAGES, and the main role of Holy Books and Scriptures is teaching how to distinguish Good from evil. In short, if you can not actively participate in choosing thy parents (genetical path), thou can choose thy spiritual pathway (to follow).

Furthermore they were not satisfied with this reaction but used the physical power to make quite (silent) Him because of such and similar words. The answer is simple, Christ touched them in the right STINKY place of their dirty kingdoms of ???, in which are all of us true specialists (just ask the still alive persecutors of this creator of knowledge), because we had opportunity to learn this skills from such great teachers, as well as there is not so much time DIA (creative) space at disposal, and for this reason, it must be quickly acted. In the New Testament was left A TRACE behind of this creative struggle, but uttered in another context

  • [many similar ones were not noted down in the New Testament, or recorded as lonely islands in Gospel's texts out of their contexts].

Either way, each time after such and similar Christ's words, MANY disciples of His deserted Him (John, 6:60-67). As a result of this, even the names of the (all) TWELVE Apostles is controversial and disputable in the Gospels. Keep in mind, that the New Testament was written as a kind of puzzle of parables, made by putting DIA wrapping various scenes DIA scenarios from that time DIA space, taken from the creative actions of Christ (using daily notebook of His and of some Apostles of His). Each piece of it was placed in such a way to be given HIDDEN hints on some unresolved issues and disagreements [such as this creatively considered attitude of Christ including His interpretation of the role of Fifth Commandment] during the disputes and discussions among Apostles (or some kind of later censure), which demands a very high-level spiritual DIA mindual (cap)abilities of dialectical synthesizing of this bygone time, in time DIA space to be grasped His true messages:

  • You must not suppose that I have come to destroy the Commandments and the prophets, I did not come to destroy them; I came to FULFIL them. This is the truth I tell you, as long as Heaven and Earth(en) shall last, not the smallest letter, not the smallest part of a letter of the Commandments will cease to be valid. It will remain until history comes to an end (Matthew, 5.17-18).

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Human Being

After dialectical synthesizing of these Christ's words with the true meaning of the first three commandments (in the sense of distinguishing good from evil), it is easy to understand that He didn't change the TRUE content and meaning of this commandment nor its "not the smallest letter...." but rather gave an ADDITIONAL interpretation of it reflected through the prism of these three main commandments for purpose of preventing the misuse of this lower-ranked commandment in the earthly sense for the satisfaction of various narrow-minded interests of the ruling elite, at the first place. For example, to compel their offspring to follow their evil path by misusing this fifth commandment for that purpose (or leading them in the WRONG direction) and vice versa. Or put in another way, whom a believer should honor the most (in the ultimate terms): your farther and your mother, or your Holy earthly Farther or God as thy true HEAVENLY Farther? Christ chose and clearly put God first, explaining and elaborating this choice on the basis of the first three main Commandments.

Recall, those who use the fused mind-spirit for (creative) orientation in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces have very limited (UNDERDEVELOPED) (cap) abilities of the dialectical synthesizing IN TIME DIA SPACE, that is, they are disabled of such a refined distinction between the role rank of each individual commandment, in this specific case under creative consideration. Either way, such statements of Christ encountered fierce opposition, not just within the Jewish natiocratic elite but the Roman leadership too. This made also a lot of confusion among his followers as well as among the simple-minded, simple-reasonable, and very conservative believers (especially among the vulgar ones) after interpreting or implementing these words of Christ within their families, and the established natiocratic society in more general terms. For further methodical information in connection with handling the complex relations of the topic of a quartet of notions and concepts with deducing and dialectically synthesizing this quartet in terms of the triad of key-notions (three main commandments) DIA one dialect [topic under creative consideration: the fifth commandment in this specific case], READ: DIALECTIC METHOD IN ACTION: ITS METHODICAL PROCEDURES AND TECHNIQUES.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The White Angel

Finishing this creative article, do you think there is another way for starting with real resolving issues of distinguishing good from evil in a family (individual way of thinking), if you want truly to change something in the established broader societal collectives VERSUS to skip this hot topic in order to continue with the well-known natiocratic pathways of making better and more human their established social institutions [not their members: they have to adapt themselves to them] and state apparatus [the way of thinking of the crowd DIA constituent groups], including solving relations in the family sphere through the intervention of social workers..... In short, if you can not debate within thy family such a hot topic as the distinction between good and evil is because of the lack of tolerance within it [how can you discuss this hot theme in broader, external social communities] then for sure the aforementioned external judges will be involved in solving these family disputes as well as will utilize this for the easier accomplishment of their egoistic objectives: the swimming in troubled waters of the natiocratism forever. In other words, this lack of tolerance within the family will be mirrored to external ways of organizing of society or the formed societal universe, if you so will.

Either way, since they had control over the physical, mindual, and spiritual 'rod for beating', understood in terms of mob DIA group way of thinking VERSUS this very early stadium of the development of the individual way thinking, who almost none could understand in those time, they publicly demonstrated with the implementation of these harsh measures of theirs during solving their troubles with creative actions of Christ. Do you believe something has been changed in the meantime? In the opinion of this creator of knowledge, nothing at all has changed, because he, as a proponent of this human, individual way of thinking (of Christ's, is he the only one here on the Earth?), came in conflict with the new 'theologians' of this modern time DIA space [proponents of the theory of evolution DIA 'natural' selection in the sphere of humanity], that is, professors of universities as well as with these modern thinkers and ideologists, humanitarians, business(wo)men, ..... supported, more or less, by rest of you.