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  Creative Travellings in Time DIA Space: The Fifth Commandment - Part One

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

In this creative article was presented Christ's view of the Fifth Commandment, which caused a lot of negative reactions to His contemporaries at all levels of social organization. Actually, Christ's remarks in connection with the perceived negative tendencies at all levels of social organization, especially, relations within the family, based on the individual way of thinking of His, stirred stagnant waters of those-days' entire Jewish community. The main reason for this was His observation that the leaders and shepherds of Jewish folk lost many good sheep in these 'troubled natiocratic waters' of spiritual backwardness, that is, a lot of sheep were transformed in the meantime into various kind of 'wolves' (Ezekiel-34:2-8), which neither know for the fear of God (wisdom), nor possess any kind of knowledge of the Holy one (Proverbs-9:10: The true understanding), nor possess a bit of the recognizable HUMAN prick of conscience (Ezekiel-34:10-12 + Ezekiel-34:22-24). For further info read: The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Concept of Natiocracy.

As a result of this, understood in terms of initiated processes of the scientification, artisation, philosophication and culturalisation .. businessation, and politicization of the spiritual DIA mindual core, contained inside the inner beings of the inhabitants of the earth, today the state of affairs and the appropriate set of circumstances is not the same as it was for 2000 years ago when still was feasible for a shepherd, paraphrasing Christ, to search one or a few lost sheep. In other words, when you lost too many sheep, or more than fifty percent of them (in a natiocratic democracy, in particular), you cannot leave ALONE the rest of the flock because you will spend too much time (future, emotively emotional dia physical PRESENCE, past) DIA space (SPIRIT, MIND dia reason, matter) in searching for the lost sheep [although they are visible on each step] in order to transform them into the sheep again. By the way, no good shepherd will put together ("ex-")'wolves' with sheep into the same box. In short, there is a great possibility that this approach will result at the end of this (ad)venture into the 'UNKNOWN' (perhaps for you?), with the scenario in time DIA an appropriate situation in space that in the meanwhile many more sheep was lost

  • [sheep left alone too long without being tended by a shepherd is unsustainable in time DIA space, understood in terms of various ways of temptation: the struggle between good and evil]

than they managed TRULY to enlighten the found 'wolves', understood in terms of metamorphosis of them into sheep back.

In such a scenario in time DIA the appropriate situation in space, the best advice, understood in terms of words of the Revelation of St. John Divine (3.1-3), is to awake from your sleep (as sooner as possible) and STRENGTHEN WHAT IS LEFT for it too is on the way to be lost...., and then to search one by one to make it easier to execute metamorphosis of it into sheep again. After you achieved it, make an obligatory time-break to rest yourself, understood in terms of rejoicing (the fruits of) life of a good shepherd to be able to see the genuine and real conduct of the (final) outcome of your work, which was put back in the flock. Take care, it is well known that a gram of such a "dirty" is enough to spoil the tone of "honey". And after your close monitoring its behavior, you are ready for searching another lost sheep, and so on in time DIA space (individual way of thinking), instead of the illusionary trying to search for all of them at once (mob way of thinking), or a few of them simultaneously (group way of thinking), failing thereby to truly transform ALL of them into sheep. In other words, the QUALITY of the flock is more important than its quantity.

Seen from the perspective of distinguishing good from evil, the putting excessive emphasise on the lost sheep (at the expense of neglecting the good ones) is also in full compliance with the observed modern trend in each mature natiocracy, that is, spending more time DIA space on taking care about evil-doers, as well as on perfidious encouraging and favouring evil (choices and ways) compared to the cultivation of good (sheep). In other words, here is about a form of modern paganic DIA NEO-SECULAR transformation of the second commandment of Christ

  • "Love your neighbour as yourself" (Mark-12:29-31, Matthew-22:37-39)
  • "Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbour as yourself. I am the Lord (3.Moses-19:17-18).

As an example, just try as a decent citizen to earn for a living (a "piece of bread") in these established natiocratic societies of the neo-secularism, "christian and god's ones" as they still claim it, and you will see or experience the real implementation of these citations of Moses and Christ in the business and working reality (modern manifestation of the gulags of theirs). Either way, a priest should not act as a farmer, remunerated by the number of sheep, understood in terms of the sold wool, milk, cheese ... and finally the meat and bones on the 'faceless' market (quantity: businessation of the flock) but as a SPIRITUAL (DIA mindual) shepherd of the flock: A heritage got from God DIA Great prophet(s) of His to be continuously tended! The true ideals understood in terms of what a true shepherd of God's flock should do, the words of David can be used: Psalm-40:6-1: .... I desire to do Your will [otherwise, in which another way, God's will can be done], O my God; Your commandments are within my heart.... DIA Isa(iah)-42:1-9. In short, from the aforementioned follows that true changes can only be genuinely and truly achieved FREE-WILLINGLY on the INDIVIDUAL (SPIRITUAL) DIA family level, initiated, inspired, and motivated by the power of TRUTH, TRUST, and LOVE of God. And just this was it what this creator of knowledge wanted to say in the creative works of his. In other words, by the FORCE and PHYSICAL POWER [based on the mob (way of thinking) DIA groups (way of thinking)] is feasible to be changed, or even to be removed the old political and business (world) order, but in the same way, the SPIRITUAL DIA MINDUAL order and the state of the things and relation(ships) inside inner beings of its inhabitants can not be changed in this way [individual way of thinking].

As a pattern for thinking, understood in the sense of what this creator of knowledge wanted to say by these words, just reconsider a REAL scenario in time DIA the appropriate situation in space, which is PRESENT in each manifestation of the natiocratic way of organising of a society, especially when reconsidered from the viewpoint of the role of culture DIA (God's) religions [which makes the core of each culture, including various manifestations of the natiocratic 'modern' paganism], READ, "Culture DIA Religion", where in the most of families, together with the broader or expanded (traditional) ones, at least a few or most of them, or even all members are 'modern pagans' or unbelievers. Someone might argue that in some countries this state of the cultural DIA the established religious order and the 'things' and relation(ships) in it, was a result of the clumsy, harsh, disproportionate over-reaction of the winning mob DIA group elite of the atheistic manifestations of natiocratism (traditional communism and socialism). Anyway, this was driven by the evil incentives, because for each wise leader (strategist) IT IS MUCH BETTER option that people spent some time in the temples of God than committing evil in the society. In other words, the major role of religion, understood in terms of a proper interpretation of the corresponding Holy Book (Scripture) by shepherds is to be given its contribution to the established society, that is, how to be distinguished good (ways, choices....) from the evil (ones), because they are not solo responsible for carrying out of this social objective.

Actually, it might be argued that the boundaries of this created (recti)linear reality hardly reach over the (captured dialect -) PRESENT TIME, that is, this (recti)linear concept of time and space was deduced in the living, political, business.... natiocratic reality on it [forget past versus fu?? future, live today]. In either case, the slogan of the ruling (recti)linear space and time "All is about money" was transformed in this dialectical understanding of time DIA space into the slogan "All is about (distribution of the available dia creatively accessible) time DIA space" (understood in terms of distinguishing good from evil). In the opinion of this creator of knowledge, seen from this dialectically long-term perspective, a society as whole can not be ruled exclusively by the means of power (of a constitution, laws and norms based on it) alone. Anyway, it cannot be hidden the fact, understood in terms of thinking what or who contributed more to the development of this unwished flow of events: The old removed leaders and elite or shepherds, who did not manage to tend its flock properly, understood in terms of a proper cultivation of the GOOD, respectively the new created (natiocratic) elite which nothing learned on their mistakes. The globalisation of the modern world, revealed that the old communistic and socialistic forms of natiocracy compared to natiocratic counterparts of the economics of debts DIA debtors had much more IN COMMON with the gone natiocratic societal systems than they are ready to recognize it, seen from the point of view of the culture and the suitable manifestation of the religion in its core. Just as an example reconsider the Darwin's "Theory of the Natural Evolution DIA Natural Selection", taught in both forms of the natiocracy: communism and debtism. READ: The Concept of Natiocracy

In short, the western form of the manifestation of natiocracy did not follow the revolutionary scenario in time DIA the appropriate situation in space but rather the so called EVOLUTIONARY way of development, but with a similar end result. Regardless of it, as it was already emphasized, the TRUE state of the cultural DIA religious order and the 'things' and relation(ships) within this form of natiocracy deteriorates each year, especially, after the fall of the 'Berlin Wall', as a result of the reduced competition in this new established world order. On the other hand, according to this creator of knowledge, there is no any doubt that in this part of the world, there is more empty words (modern paganism) than the true and genuine God's religion, because he was a witness of this (later) period of natiocratic development. Although, the role of (God's) religions experienced a kind of renaissance in the ex-communistic and socialistic countries during the SAME period of time DIA the appropriate space, there is also no doubt that this flourishing, seen from the DIALECTICAL (long-term) perspective, will be short-lived, if their leaders DIA shepherds REPEAT the mistakes made in the past by their predecessors, and especially, if this western natiocratic interpretation of the role of God's religions in a (continually) modernized natiocratic society was followed, which in each future scenario in time DIA the appropriate situation in space will result in some form of a 'new(er) and newer' RELIGIOUS MANIFESTATION OF THE MODERN PAGANISM.

So what can be done in such natiocratic societies, where the modern heathenism in the form of neo-secularism is largely present or the prevailing form of religious manifestation and social organization. Since seen from a net-modal perspective, the crucial role was given to the FAMILY, established and founded on the INDIVIDUAL way of thinking, the question is how with this complex and very complicated, self-pervaded and intertwined dialectical (creatively) interactive content can be dealt? Or more plainly said, what should be done in a family, when (some or all) its members: (grand)parents, (all or some of) their (grand)children are out of the tended flock? This is a very hot and important issue which cannot be ignored nor hidden, for as far as he knows all of us (apart from the Christ) had or have a mother and father, either known or unknown, and many of us have become already parents. READ, "Dialectic Triad of the Bringing Up, Edification and Education of New Generations".

In short, only in families, where all its members clearly distanced from God, is a clear situation (not too much can be done). Keep in mind, a religion is not only a private thing but rather an individual need. For example, if God is not master of thy inner kingdom, then attending the service in a temple of God is not for you because you will feel there like "calves starring at the colorful doors and walls". As a result of this approach, although in the earlier epochs was feasible to enforce falsie transition of heathens of the old times into 'believers' using various means of power and bribe, this was not a long-term solution. In other words, after the shackles and clamps of this manifestation of the power loosened, each of them showed the true face of her, his inner being (dia master occupying it): modern pagans. In short, the implementation of force is not a lasting solution.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

What should be done, if a member of family is not only on the wrong way but publicly commits evil? And this issue was also addressed by the Christ, for two thousands YEARS AGO. But the way on which Christ dealt with this issue was unacceptable, not only for the ruling natiocratic elite but for many of 'followers' of Him too, who after heard these words of His, left Christ. Let me paraphrase Him:

Do you think that the result of My coming will be continuation of the STILLNESS (the well-known in now-days the concept of the FREEDOM OF SPEECH) in this (dark and obscured) world: A kind of the created bog marsh where the main role still play various too loud CRE-CRE-CRE creatures ('froshes'), various kinds of intriguers, plotters and schemers, witnessed with these quiet, obedient and loyal species ('fishes'), a kind of status quo that 'they' DIA them would like to retain as longer as possible (forever if it is feasible), in the same way as this all 'their' evil-spiritual predecessors had also wanted, while carrying out various dark schemes, devised behind the obscured scenery. FAR FROM IT. I tell you, the result of My coming will be to bring division (that is, dialectical tensions within the family, society and so on). From now on in the one house there will be five people (FAMILY) in a state of division

  • [1. The unity and struggle of dialectical tensions (contradictions) in time DIA space, within the 'institution' of family, which is the topic under creative consideration in this case, and for this reason by definition in the (entire) society].

Three (CHILDREN) against two (PARENTS) and two (PARENTS) against three (CHILDREN), or an another strategic constelation of "for-against" forces in another families. They will be divided

  • [in terms of the team DIA individual way of thinking (Christ's school of thought), or in terms of the still ruling mob DIA group way of thinking],

father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law (BROADER TRADITIONAL FAMILY)” (Luke, 12.49-52):

Source: Case 2.2 Train your Artistic Capabilities DIA Cultural Dialect Applying Dialectical Synthesizing, Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA space – Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanović 2001.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Human Being

This creator of knowledge during this creative traveling through time DIA space in order to be more authentically translated this Christ's dialectos in the spirit of this contemporary time DIA space, used the notion 'continuation of the STILLNESS' and replaced the more war-like interpretation of the notion of "breaking peace" because this phrase is not in the spirit of Christ's teaching. In other words, He was a peace-friendly individual without any doubt. Just read the words noted down by Gospell's scriber Luke-13:34. In addition to this, this dialectos was commented by applying the dialectical interactive approach. Following this methodological approach, READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: The Methodological Creative Framework", it is not difficult to understand what Christ with this dialectos truly wanted to say, not only to those-time alive witnesses of His creative actions, but to the future generations too, that is, to me, thee, us. Just reconsider this dialectical content in terms of the other two basic dialectic principles, aspects and manifestations in time DIA space:

  • 2. The transition of the quantitative and qualitative accumulation in time DIA space into a new, higher quality.
  • 3. Everything in time DIA space undergoes development and becomes its own contradiction or dialectical opposing and contrasting


  • 1’ - The unity and struggle of contradictions (dialectical tensions) in time DIA space at a renewed higher level and so on in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces (Wellspring of CHANGE: Life)


  • dialectically synthesised in terms of the quartet DIA trad of the DIALECTICS OF DIALECTICS, understood as a myriad of the (renewed) thesis and (renewed) antithesis DIA renewed dialectical synthesis DIA the renewed thesis until a TEMPORAL conclusion of the creatively considered time, in time DIA space was achieved and agreed. Recall, the ultimate synthesis, applying the dialectic interactive approach, is (in creative terms) in the hands of GOD: The dialectical reinterpretation of the so-called concept of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The White Angel

In the opinion this creator of knowledge, who apart from the "Dialectic Interactive Approach", also developed the netmodal approach (a creative upshot of his master's thesis), these questions addressed by Christ ARE STILL ACTUAL. Perhaps you, in the role of a parent can avoid, or try to avoid participating in this creative discussion, pricking your head like an ostrich into the sand, but you cannot neglect its consequences because this kind of the 'invisible' but sensible struggle of generations both within the family and within the various group and mob entities are present everywhere around you. In other words, this is VISIBLE everywhere around you as well as it is not only an issue of God's religions, because there are also unbelievers and neo-secularists, who are NOT satisfied with the conduct of some members of their family. What in this Christ's dialectos was contained that those days (spiritual) leaders as well as some of ex-followers of Him didn't like at most? In short, they accused Him among others, following the LITERAL interpretation of this dialectical content in terms of the STILL ruling mob DIA group way of thinking, that He actually undermined the fifth commandment of God too:

  • Honour you farther and your mother as the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you on the land the Lord your God is giving you.

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