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Kултурa ДИA Рeлигијa рeфлeктoвaнa крoз Призму јeднe Ружe

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The concept of culture ДИA religion reminds on a rose, where its core is encircled by many leaves of its petal (crone), where each of them represents a constituent of the considered culture (cultural treasure). In the similar way, as in the nature there are a lot of kinds of roses, so there are a lot of various cultures in the world. The most distinguishable features of any rose is its specific colour and smell. Using this analogy, it is the religion that gives to each culture its specific smell, whereas the other constituents of the culture determine the colour of its wonderful petal. In the similar way, as thou canst not claim that a rose is better than another one, so thou, as an impartial observer, canst not claim that a culture is better than some another one. Perhaps, it might be argued, a "rose" is more smellful DIA more colourful, because thou art personally more inclined to a specific colour (combination), or were grown up in such a prevailing colorized DIA smelling environment, and from these reasons, more beautiful to thy opinion. Or simply said, it suits much better with thy inner DIA external views on the world.

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In the similar way, as in the nature it is both the core with its inner smellful content and its petal with its external colour(ful) one, that is, this rose as a whole, seen in all its goodness and beauty, that attracts and catches others, to delight in this wonderful spectacle DIA smelling its smell, so in any societal unit this role was reserved, once upon a time DIA space, for the considered cultures DIA God's religions. You could watch a wonderful rose, both from the heaven and earth(ly perspective), but thou couldest only truly and genuinely taste its smell, by approaching it from above: From the heaven. For achieving it, thou needed the wings to be propelled in its highs, because the access from the earth was guarded by its sharp thorns. It was a taboo even to think about approaching it from a so low (earthly) perspective, without mentioning an attempt of someone to do it. To the various reptiles and revellers in particular, the access was banished by its STRONG SMELL, that was enough to satiate and intoxicate anyone, who tried to approach it too near. As a result of this satiated intoxication, their sights never surpassed the highs of its thorns, being too busy with staring and greedy gaping for its green leaves.

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But what happens with a rose, when these devoted flyers lost their wings (1.Moses:6-1-7), leaving none to cultivate it, thou need not to travel so far and deep in the past, just throw a look around thyself. Simply it loses its specific smell, whereas the thorns its sharpness, allowing in that way to the various reptiles and revellers, as a first step, to approach its untilled podium. It lasted so long until creeper - plants started with growing up in its highs, wrapping the rose round, covering its sharp thorns. Later other creatures got enough courage to crawl them, breaking, infecting and making shorter over time DIA space its protective thorns. And what a "reptile" and grovelled is only able to do to a beautiful rose? Of course, a reptile only is able to eat its petals and core, what else. On the other hand, a groveller finds delight in boring its core, to be able to view the world from this new perspective. This kind of the "genetic engineering" [as well as the rendering into another languages], done in purpose of "improving" its smelling content, by the "creative" efforts of the "earthly scribes and prophets" (as an example, read, Jeremiah-8:8), modified gradually the smell of its core. On the other hand, the natiocratic secularists after the removal of the original core of a rose, to be placed in a well isolated 'secular' container, replaced it completely with their own self-composed content of the various earthly (scientific, artistic, cultural, philosophic --> ideological) smells, eventually, retaining some of the religious content in the form of (the modern pagan) customs and traditions. So came into being a remade neo-secular rose, by attracting those ones, who prefer its taste without any smell and the colourless appearance of the (falling down) leaves of its petal (one after another by passing time DIA space: No culture but "science, science, science, science", ....).

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In either way, a rose seen as a whole, including its gracious bush, symbolically represents both a warning and opportunity for the potential worshipers of it, because there is no rose without thorns. In other words, it could be seen both from a good and bad perspective DIA being used in either (more or less) good or (more or less) bad purposes, depending on at the first place, whether this symbol for a culture DIA religion was considered DIA approached from the heavenly or earthly perspective. Because in the God's religions were noted down the words of God, translated DIA rendered through the cleanness of the Inner DIA Inmost Being of the (Great) prophet, in this hierarchical order their content should be considered during the presentation and interpretation DIA practicing it. In other words, ideally at first should be reconsidered what (HEAVENLY) God and not the various earthly gods wanted to say me, thou, us. To be made easier this task, understood in terms of respecting the heavenly hierarchy, the words should be reconsidered through the prism of the (Great) prophet, who noted down them, reflecting his heavenly personalities instead of the use of comments of various 'earthly scribes'. In other words, in the worlds of dialectics, where prevails evil, "what Heavenly God would say" is mainly interpreted DIA simply-minded presented by their inner DIA inmost beings in terms of "what earthly gods would say". In the similar way, those who are convinced their fate is determined by the God's will ("God wanted so") should reconsider it in terms of "what earthly ones want", and if the final outcome coincidences, then probably it isn't that God wants. As an example, could you imagine, that either The Everlasting God or Christ as a Living One (a Christian interpretation of the Holy Trinity of Farther, Son, Holy Spirit in time DIA space) could utter such a content, considering particularly Christ's attitude to life DIA living:

  • "...... SLAVES, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh. ...... (1.Peter:2-13-25"

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Although, no doubt, here it deals with an obvious, much later added, falsification DIA misuse of the given authority to the Apostle Peter in order to be easier and quicker promoted Christianity as the state religion, even if these words were truly written by Him, Christ is in heavenly hierarchy over him DIA this 'earthly prophet', without mentioning the role of GOD. It might be argued, this is belittling both Christ, Great prophet John (Matthew-14:1-12) and the first martyr Stephen (Acts-7) and so on, because neither of them was obedient nor loyal to the domestic nor to the imperial authority. Recall, Stephen also was chosen, together with other six persons (The Seven), by the Twelve (Apostles), "who prayed and laid their hands on them (Acts-6:1-7)", that is, by the Apostle Peter, too. In either case, this earthly approach to the "rose" opened a backdoor for the later serving by the church institutions the interests of the ruling elite, culminated with becoming a part of it. A task of a Christian is continuation of fighting for realisation of the exposed ideas of Christ ("Walking in His steps: John:14"). If you can avoid the suffering of Christ for doing it, that is very doubtful scenario DIA situation in time DIA space where still prevails evil, it is better for you. The full reward of God will get only those ones, who DO AND SPREAD GOOD. On the other hand, if you suffered supporting the interests of the so-called "earthly gods", for the reward or getting any compesation for it you should ask them. Keep in thy mind, no any HUMAN BEING, a true DIA genuine follower of the Living God, that is, an admirer of the all GOOD fruits of the life DIA living, will free-willingly chose to suffer, particularly to be a slave.

Just recall, how also Christ liked life DIA living, understood in terms of the SPIRIT, MIND, MATTER (space) DIA time, including the material joy of it, however when had been opportunity for enjoying it (recall, the last dinner), being called DIA mocked by the opponents as "a glutton and a drunkard (Matthew-11:9)". But in the case, when there was left on the disposal enjoying it at the price of following various evil ways, by each of true DIA genuine follower of God, including this creator of knowledge, was in the necessary extent chosen the self-sacrifice of material goods, money DIA related joy, to be preserved AT ANY PRICE THE INBORN and acquired DIA REENLIGHTENED spiritual (cap)abilities. In other words, the material joy was substituted by the related spiritual DIA mindual one within her / his personal medium: Inner DIA Inmost Being. By this statement was not denied that MANY (WO)MEN, whose developed spiritual (cap)abilities are not their stronger side, should try to acquire and develop DIA strengthen them over time DIA space. It might also include various manifestations of the "suffering", if it truly DIA genuinely helps. Anyway, the developed spiritual (cap)abilities can help them to ABSTAIN from committing evil, particularly, to the good ones. For sure is, the evil ones will try to avoid the suffering AT ANY PRICE, because their composed space is dominantly of the material nature! Thus, in this dialectic interplay DIA mix of the good and evil, some kind of suffering is (more or less) unavoidable.


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Keep in thy mind, in the time DIA space when Christ walked there, it was cheaper to buy slaves for ploughing and tiling soil than a pair of oxen, at the first place in purpose of the enjoying various material satisfactions, regardless of the Slaves' sufferings. In such an enormous extent and for fulfilment of these purposes, the SLAVERY was spread out there and in the surrounding Roman provinces particularly, as well as in the whole Roman empire, generally speaking. Hope, it is not difficult to be grasped from the previously said, BY DISTINGUISHING GOOD FROM EVIL, that any concept of slavery and the alike patterns of thought have nothing to do with the God, Christ, (Great) prophets, .... Recall, the slavery was THE FIRST NATIOCRATIC ORDER, whose basic ideas were conveyed and retained DIA implanted, in one or another way DIA extent, in the natiocratic orders which followed. In other words, its basic principles have not been extinguished, only the yoke was mantled in another linen. Just reconsider, for example, the concept of the "modern-days slavery", a product of the so-called Debtor's DIA Debt Economics. Note, too, even in the business sphere, it is not legally feasible avoiding the paying various additional "tithes" to the various "Mafioso". Or more simply said, if you try to avoid the indebting, that is, the paying (less) "tithes" to the privileged banking sector, you are going to pay (much higher taxes) to the state. The only other left alternative in some natiocratic forms is donating DIA supporting various natiocratic propagandistic ideas, in exchange for receiving tax-relieves. In either case, it is very difficult LEGALLY to be put money in the own "pocket", without mentioning various barriers for putting it in the citizen's one, that is, to transfer money from the business sphere to the individual (private) one. Even in the case you managed it, the next challenge is prevention of depreciation of it by passing time DIA space.

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7 .

Consequences of the previously uttered and the similar "genetic engineering" is a high price that has to be paid for approaching the "rose" from the earthly perspective. In other words, all such dialectical interactive content, originating from the earthly "sources", has to be maintained in time DIA space by creeping burdened with it from down (earth) to up, thereby being always ready to be scraped by numerous thorns of the rose. Recall, a rose, symbolically representing the concept of a culture DIA religion, can be only truly and genuinely approached from the heaven(ly perspective) because from there its source should originate, in terms of consideration of only it that comes from there by distinguishing good from evil. From this reason, each human being, even without the missing wings, should propel her- / himself above, AS AN INDIVIDUAL, in spite of the existence of various earthly shackles, founded on the mob DIA group way of thinking, triggered, driven and led by His truth, trust, love, in order to be able to properly distinguish good from evil. In other words, by using this approach should be Holy Books / Scriptures read (over). To be checked the validity of it in the living reality, that is, telling the truth DIA trust in / of God, confronted "face to face" with Him, will be revealed thy inner love of others DIA the extent of love around thou (hope DIA faith), or of the hate, followed by the unavoidable suffering, if you so will.

Чeлoвeкoљубивo Бићe


Hope, thou are able now to imagine, using the all previously said, how will be difficult maintaining the transplanted core of the "neo-secular" rose in TIME DIA SPACE by creeping this "rose", whose (almost) all content is of the earthly origin. As a result DIA consequence of it, each time DIA space when thou perceivest many people running around this "rose" like "flies without head" (waiting for their turn on the creeping) or running away of it (with the related burden around the neck), either because of the unendurable (inner) itching or simply believing the "rose" is a cause of it and of all troubles in the world as well, all that are signs of the accumulated difficulties in maintenance of the "rose" in time DIA space. Although, it seems, 'they' DIA them "like" to be "scratched" by the emissaries of God, the only trouble is, the "mangy and scabby" ones were always scratched in the places, where the most painful is, causing by definition suffering on the both sides.

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9 .

In either case, it has been already become perceivable, how the implanted legal, moral and ethical norms into the transplanted core of the "neo-secular rose" has been degenerated and distorted over time DIA space. For example, the elected "kings" are very reluctant to abdicate, that is, ENTIRELY to withdraw themselves from the structures of the might, as it dethroned kings did, after their countries were ruined DIA the heavily indebting future generations by their political, economical, financial, social, .... decisions, instead of 'the waiting in secret for the new opportunity, well positioned and provided. On the other hand, owners of the business ceased (decreased) with committing suicide after the bankrupt of their companies. Furthermore, not only they are able to recover the (self-)made losses at the expense of others by the help of the elected "kings" but to additionally profit from it. Note too, how politicians, even within the so-called parliamentary democracies [latest manifestation of the natiocracy in the currently most developed countries of the world], whose inseparable part of their profession is lying and giving promises, which cannot be carried out into the living reality, more take care, how will react on their made political, economical, financial, ...., decisions the business elite, respectively, financial markets than the "demos" (voters).

The reason is simple, that is, no matter which "democratic" party wins the elections, the natiocratic system (of values) will survive. In other words, whether the focus will be shifted from the group (company) to the crowd (state and para-state) level is of less relevance, seen from an individual DIA methodological perspective. In a world, where "all is about money", it is not difficult to promote in the parliament and other (para-)state institutions the "own" (desired) candidates, as well as to buy the necessary majority for carrying out their interests, in one or another way, if there is a need for it. All this is an additional argument, that also the political system of the parliamentary and the similar manifestations of democracy has little to do with the true DIA genuine comprehension of democracy. From this reason, it was named and referred in the creative works and articles, either as "democracy" or natiocracy. In other words, it is the most developed form of it, becoming the source of the (political and ideological) inspiration for others world wide, in spite of not being (cap)able to get out from the traps of the natiocratic way of thinking. Furthermore, it tries to camouflage its RECOGNISABLE NATIOCRATIC FEATURES by darkening it, behind the obscured scenery. If to this was added the omni-present feature of their neo-secular (naturally-evolutional) religion, that is, "Big(er) fish(es) eat(s) the smaller one" on the world level and regional level [Big(er) state(s) chicane(s) the smaller ones], group level (Big(er) company companies eat(s) smaller ones) and particularly on THE INDIVIDUAL LEVEL, hope, you finally grasped, what this creator of knowledge has wanted to say in the creative works of his and in the compiled creative articles, based on them. From this reason, the natiocratic way of thinking DIA acting deserves a special attention of the creators (of knowledge), because within any true form of democracy, the focus should be put on the "demos", that is, AT THE FIRST PLACE, serving the interests of its citizens, being controlled by them DIA RESPONSIBLE TO THEM. In such a democratic system, none has need for the empty words, mantled into the related public (crowd DIA groups) proclamations.

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Concluding this creative article, hope, it is perceivable why any kind of the "rose exporting", means in fact imposition of both cultural and religious content because the core has to be filled up with some (religious) content, otherwise the leaves of its petal might be easily blown out by any "wind (of the importer)". In addition to this, each kind of the cultural DIA religious fundamentalism, that is, misuse of the culture DIA religion for the carrying out some mob DIA group interests, within which are always blurred and hidden the narrow-minded personal ones, never reaches the essence DIA grace of a rose but rather the view of the mobbed DIA grouped ones is directed on its bush covered with green leaves and thorns. For some of them might be argued, they simply want to swallow something by their big mouth in order to fill up their insatiable abyss.

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