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  Путешествования в Мирах Диалектики

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectic interactive DIA creative framework for the orientation in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces also can be used for the simulation of travelling in the future as it was understood in Einstein's terms. Because of the so-called Olber's paradox the major feature of this kind of travelling, seen from a perspective of (the dialect) emotive emotional PRESENCE DIA physical PRESENCE (understood in terms of mind DIA reason) is also UNCERTAINTY, but in both direction, that is, from the starting point (dialectul) of the time DIA space to the ending one (the aim of your travelling), and back if you want to be proved the statements of Einstein. Or more simply, as the longer and farther in time DIA space has been travelled, as the greater uncertainty in both direction is. Has this kind of the TWO-WAY "physical" travelling on very long distances through time DIA space any meaning (to the future, and then BACK TO THE PAST), except of proving its feasibility, might be argued DIA debated, because apart from the expected positive upshot of this kind of travelling, it might be also DIA far more probably be experienced a disappointed upshot. In other words, only one-way journey, understood in terms of necessity, as a consequence of a manifestation of some kind of apocalypse, for example, collapse of the Sun, has full meaning: No better choice. For further info, related to the uttered, can be read the section "Dialectic Reinterpretation of the Universe" DIA "Case 4.3 Training the Scientific DIA Artistic Dialect DIA Unravelling the Arrow-of-Time Riddle" (Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA space – Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanovic 2001). The major message from the "Case Study 4.3" acquired during such a creative journey on LONG-DISTANCE through time DIA space is that laws valid at the level of the "largest" one (universe) resemble to the laws at the level of the smallest one (quantum world), where is also difficult to distinguish DIA perceive, what is the past and what is the future, understood in terms of where begins DIA ends the past and where begins the future.

Case 4.3 Training the Scientific DIA Artistic Dialect DIA Unravelling the Arrow-of-Time Riddle

  • Let me-thou-us move together somewhere deep into time DIA space, as farther as possible from this place at momentum ……… ….….

  • My name is Bannad Ashurpan. I was born for 99 years ago in a module of spaceship during a space expedition. In fact, almost whole my life has been spent on the travelling, from a star system to another one; either with my parents together, or servicing different space agencies. I decided to retire as a commander-in-chief of a large spaceship and come back to the Earth, the lovely planet of my great-grandparents. Although almost 256 years old, they are in full life condition. Particularly, after my coming back they got an additional motive and will for living. I’m infatuated with a very tall and slim beauty, over 10 feet, in the prime of youth. Actually, she flirts with many boys, as it is usual in her age. But it doesn’t matter, she is my dream girlfriend! Probably, because of the influence of strong gravity, that means, birth in a spaceship, it managed me to reach with my forehead her thighs. She does not care for it as long as the thickness of my purse overtops the rest of her body. She is more concerned for my age, although I’m in full life strength of this time and space. A typical nonsense of a young maiden! I told her that my grandfather is married for the second time with a girl a few years older than she. The worst thing in our relation is that her parents, an academic pair, are against our liaison.

  • Sitting at the table of a modern cafe, completely absorbed by the love-troubles, my look by chance caught the great title in the local newspaper: “Einstein’s Dream Finally Comes True”. ‘Bullshit, even the dream of this great man of the very remote past comes true, when does it come turn on mine?’, was my first emotive reaction. Feeling me emotionally struck with this great news, but still experiencing the well-known pain of this manifesting earthly love, I turned my head in opposite direction, just to see the following title: “Be For Ever Young”! I have started to read: “It was finally developed a technology that enables a long journey in a spaceship by travelling at the speed of light: 300.000 km/sec. This is the greatest breakthrough in space technology, ever made …” The subtitle was supported by the well known story about Bertha and Albert, better known as the twin paradox; as well as that there is a searching for candidates to be fulfilled the crew of the expedition. No need to say that this content occupied the all thoughts of me and suddenly, all my love troubles were overwhelmed with the recollection of my former life as a space-traveler: spaceman. Is it possible that I could forget all the knowledge related to the astronomy and cosmology because of these silly love-troubles, including the story devoted to the twins Bertha and Albert, accordingly not to reacting immediately on the fulfilment of the Einstein’s dream? Really, to be in love is like to be out(side) of time and space. Suddenly into my mind came the memories of my earliest childhood, respectively the story of my father about the young Albert, who stays at home, while his twin sister Bertha is going off on a long journey in a spaceship. After many years Bertha returns from her travels. It is immediately apparent that she is much younger than her twin brother Albert who stayed at home. In Einstein’s words, the rate at which time passes depends on the strength of gravity in your closeness as well as upon your life activity and motion in time DIA space. In other words, the time is relative, not absolute.

  • I applied for the position of a member of the command board. Although, the competition was very tough it managed me to get the wished position. Later, I found out that the chief of the scientific board, the most famous scientist of that time and space, was very interested for taking of me into the expedition. Furthermore, because of my enormous cosmic experience I was appointed for the commander-in chief of the spaceship. At the fare-well organized on the honor of this great event for the (wo)mankind, I was very surprised when my girl-friend introduced her father to me: the chief of the scientific board of this expedition. Although he was very kind towards me I felt that a big cleft was set between us. “This bastard, wanted simply to getting rid me of the beautiful daughter of his, was my first DIA ultimate thought! Anyway, it was too late to undertake something. The stake in the game was too big. Before the spaceship was put in movement, all partakers of the expedition were placed in a kind of “incubator” and send to sleep with a special narcotic, while the navigation of the spaceship was taken over by robot-pilots. Although in a deep sleep I felt at a moment how my head was suddenly pulled forward imitating a clip of the motor, while whole my body slowly was becoming a module within the spaceship. During the journey I had very troubled “sleep”. I saw funeral of my great-grandmother, love affairs of my girlfriend, even her wedding and many else of that.

  • After X years travelling at the speed of 300.000 km/sec I was aroused by a robot alarm. It was the worst moment in my life. I felt more helpless than a baby because I was neither able to move any muscle of my body nor to cry. Fortunately, the appliances built into the “incubator” have started with the basic muscle exercises. A few weeks later I was able to crawl while some members of the crew have started walking. It took a few additional months for recovering of all members of the expedition. The worst thing of all, in the whole situation, was the broken off communication with the Earth Centre. After many efforts and long time the communication was finally (re)established. The biggest surprise for all of us was coming to know that all news were in fact the very old ones, alias related to the first year of the expedition. The members of the crew started to protest against these news of the remote “past”. They wanted to hear the latest news about their families, their “more real presence” as they expressed it. Because it was in the realm of responsibility of the scientific board, I asked the chief to give an additional explanation.

  • “You should be very proud because you were the first ones in the written history of (wo)mankind, who managed to travel faster than communication waves”, were his first words. “News, pictures of your family and countryside travel in discrete packages of energy through space, slowed down by different obstacles. Thus, it takes time that they reach us. But once time more, the whole (wo)mankind is proud of you. who fulfilled the dream of all of them by travelling faster than radio waves. No one managed it before you”. “You went into the books of history”! When he had finished speaking, at first there was a dead silence. And than started murmur. “What’s he talking about?”, asked me a member of the crew. I shrug my shoulders, although I understood very well what he had talked about. “How long should we wait to get the current news”, cried a few members in a voice? “You should wait X years, roughly as you spent for travelling. Do not forget that you slept all the time suspending in that way the ageing process. All your fellow (wo)men, who stayed living on the Earth are Y years older than you”. After these words it started a new wave of murmur. “What’s he talking about?” “He is crazy!” “Deceit! Deceit!” and the like. This was the most difficult moment in my life. Since I was responsible for lives of all members of the crew it took enormous efforts to protect him and other members of the scientific department not to being lynched. But time heals all sores. The members of the crew began slowly to habituate themselves to these new circumstances. What else left to them? It took more than three years for building a small garden (paradise) on this desolated planet. The plants, birds and animals in the garden calmed down and pacified the most combative members of the crew. Particularly, after were discovered enormous quantities of gold, silver, diamonds, platinum and other precious metals. In the meanwhile I saw again the “true” pictures of the funeral of my great-grandmother, the same I saw in my dream. I didn’t get opportunity to see the love affairs of my girlfriend but I intuited that all my dreams were true.

  • In my leisure time I started to think and speculate about the nature of time. I was aware of the fact that time does not follow the arrow (stream) of the river, respectively the well-known flowing from the past to the future. In these new circumstances everything was confused. All of us are receiving the “news” of the very remote past, sending to them the newest news, which will become for their receivers the very remote past. The worst thing of all was the awareness that you are not sure, whether you wrote to the alive, or to the dead beings: ghosts. Sometimes you are sending a letter to a lovely person, who in the meanwhile died. In spite of knowing this fact (TRUTH), there is no a physical way to be annulled the message, which was sent to the LOVED persons, nor there is a meaning to tender your condolences. And from this reason, there is no TRUST, and the related confidence in all what you brought with in your mind DIA reason from this remote past. In these very strange and confused communication relationships, as if there is a strange force, that transits and transforms the future into the very remote past, in only one purpose: to annihilate it. In short, I wondered what happened with the future. Actually, I knew the answer. If all beings and leastwise the all transportable things, I loved, were present on this planet, respectively if I had with them at least a close communication contact without this dead-like time delay, I would be able again to re-establish the “future”, that means, the familiar “arrow of time” on this very remote planet. In other words, where the love is, there the future is, and the closely related truth DIA trust. It appears that Empedocles of Acreages in Sicily (490 – 430 B.C) was in right by his famous statement that love attracts and unites, strife repels and divides and the everlasting elements of earth, water, air and fire are governed by the sway of love and strife (the unity and struggle of contradictions in time DIA space).

  • Aware of these “new facts”, although in the role of the most responsible for the success of the expedition I started to search for a way to come back to the Earth before the planned term. During an ordinary meeting of the command board I suggested that it would not be a bad idea to be transported the precious stones, metals and gold to the Earth because here it was worthless. I argued that in this way the costs of expedition would be paid out, while waiting for being approved by the Earth Command Centre and authorities is meaningless because it takes so long / much time. Despite this argument of me, the chiefs of the security and scientific board did not support my proposal. But when I developed further my arguments by statements regarding the basic issues of democracy, that is, to whom should be sent this appeal (“Dear ‘Unknown / Nameless’ President / Prime-minister, ‘ghost on the throne’ …”) as well as which legislative body and constituent assembly should approve this appeal, when it is now a fact confirmed and verified by falsifiable and repeated (scientific) experiments, confirmed by objective / objectivistic facts, “documents”, letters, pictures of our families, accordingly by the all five senses, that the statutory, legislative and legal competence and authority of those, whom the command-board and the members of the crew applying to, will be expired for a long time ago. In other words, all the “present” (DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED) legislators and authorities in the moment of sending DIA receiving this letter, will be retired from political life; moreover dead. In addition to the outlined, I asked them, do you follow on TV the “current” political tumult and disorder? Are you sure that this letter will be sent to a democratically elected government, accordingly will it be in the moment of receiving this appeal? All members of the command board accepted arguments of me apart from the chiefs of the security and scientific board, who still had very their reasons. Anyway, they were voted out, and the decision was made as well as legalized and ratified on the referendum by the participation of all members of the crew: By the legitimate voters (population) of this planet. After this democratic procedure, the spaceship was loaded with precious goods. The only problem was to find volunteers to stay on this remote place in time DIA space to making the company to the members of the scientific and security board.

  • After Z years the spaceship successfully returned to the Earth. This unplanned adventure was a “fiasco” for me and the other members of the command-board. We were accused by the state officials for rebelling as well as for conscious undermining and bringing into danger the whole economy. “Have you forgotten that in the very remote past, after Colombo’s discovering of America, too much gold from the Central and South America damaged, and later destroyed the Spanish economy?” Anyway, they decided to destroy a part of this “wealth”, the rest of it was transported into a hidden treasure-house, whereas these events were marked as the top secret. The all members of the command board spent some time in detainment. In my opinion, the behavior of militants and narrow-minded state officials is sometimes very useful because in any case, it would have taken some time to recover us: to come back into a normal human state. Although, saved of the further youth-process I started my ex-living again. When I met my ex-girlfriend, now a happy (great-...-)great-grandmother, and compared her to the girls of this time and space, it occurred me someone’s well-known thought: The most beautiful and charming girls are just coming!” In short, all my love troubles were cured and disappeared, and I finally found the true reason for my come\ing-back.

  • By this case study it was tried by me to give a few new methodological facts related to the arrow-of-time riddle. In other words, the scientists are wondering: ‘Why does time flow from the past to the future, accordingly what determines the direction of the river of time?’ The case study shows that these propositions and the suitable methodological presumptions related to the riddle (the linear way of thinking) are valid only in a “static dia dynamic” environment, where the distances expressed in terms of time DIA space are relatively short, when measured dia limited by the speed of light. When there is a vast distance between two places in time DIA space, it is remarkable in the above narrated example that there are at least two arrows in each direction: the first arrow-of-time expressed in terms of future as Planet X <--> (“past”) Earth, and the second one Planet X <--> future on the planet X (the familiar arrow-of-time to me-thou-us). If I-thou-we move from the Planet X to the Planets A, B, C, D, E, etc., thereby establishing dia maintaining communication relationships with the “lovely” beings on each of them, it is clear that there are infinity of arrows-of-time as there are infinite number of planets in the universe: in the worlds of dialectics of His. Anyway, the expressed DIA impressions acquired during that journey through time DIA space clearly shows that laws at the level of the largest (universe) resemble to the laws at the level of the smallest (quantum world), which cannot distinguish the past from the future, too. On the other hand, human(e) beings have ever a distinct orientation point in time and space, respectively in eternity DIA infinity, whose name is love DIA trust and truth of His.

  • In addition to the expressed DIA impressions of this creator of knowledge, it is also clear that if the limit of speed expressed in material (objectivistic) terms was really 300.000 km/sec, then the future of the humanity / (wo)mankind would be very gloomy. As for your orientation point related to the existing stage of technological development, the escape-velocity speed, that means. the speed necessary for escaping the influence of gravity of Earth is approximately 11 km/sec. The moon, the only place outside the Earth visited by a men crew is remote circa a light second. In other words, the future DIA presence expressed in material (physical) terms might be very easily spent on the past. What should the (wo)men do in this case? First, they should find a way either to prevent collapse of the Sun. or to move from this place before the apocalypse. But this “physical resurrection” is still only a temporal solution for “people”. The second possibility is reserved only for believers, THAT MEANS, for human(e) beings. A way also was shown by Christ for two thousand years ago: Resurrection. But to being able for this venture human(e) beings should spend this time for freeing dia purifying themselves of their burden, that means, of sins, from generation to generation, if you prefer this interpretation and presentation. With such a burden, inherited from TWO parents, no one can resurrect too far in time DIA space! Even the longevity of life of a tree is unreachable from this reason, as it has been proved in the everyday living reality. In addition to this, I recommend all to reading again the Revelation of St. John Divine and its messages. In particular are important the seven (7) messages to the seven (7) churches / temples of God / GOD'S religions in the chapters 2-3 interpreted and presented as “to the victor in the battle of life …. “ The eighth one is reserved for the victor in the battle of life: “The Victor in the battle of life will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my Son” (Revelation to John-21:7).

  • After the all above interpreted and presented, it is for grin endeavouring some people to build their “kingdoms” on a time limited DIA small peace of the universe at the expense of others (wo)men (nations). From the standpoint of Wisdom of God, since all of us are interconnected by the ancestors (in far eastern terms, with former lives), these ventures (undertakings) are meaningless, because there is no guaranty that you will be (re)born within the same family, or nation, if you so will. Or more simply said, who other a pit (grave) digs, (s)he will personally fall down into that place!

  • What is your opinion related to the expressions DIA acquired impressions of a scientific content DIA an artistic dialect? Interpret and present it both through the internal and external interaction!

Static Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF "US"

In difference to other models of reality presenting DIA interpreting world as four dimensional [three dimensions of the physical space (matter) plus time dimension] or compared to any existing multidimensional world, the model of reality introduced by this creator of knowledge also might be used for the SIMULATION of the travelling into the past READ, "About the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind", DIA giving some useful METHODOLOGICAL VIEWS DIA hints in which creative direction it should be searched for possibilities DIA feasibilities of such kind of traveling as well as whether this kind of travelling too has any sense DIA useful meaning, apart from the creative incentives. In other words, this creator of knowledge wants to show to scientists in which way they can suggest to their co-fellows, 'creatively' acting in the so-called social sciences ('scientists'), how they can "travel back" into the past at the aim to solve the scientific paradox "killing own grandfathers", preventing in this way to be born (again), because it is the only way for them to stop with continual persecuting emissaries of God and other followers of His as well as the individuals with different way of thinking, generally speaking. Before demonstrating it has to be presented DIA interpreted the scientific conceiving, comprehending and understanding of the so-called physical (scientific) space. By them the space has been always presented DIA interpreted as something outside “us”, stretching away and spanning everything in the external physical world, in order, for example, to be feasible to express these spatial relations in mathematical terms. Furthermore, the time dimension was uttered in spatial terms, too, from the similar reasons. Thus, the scientific physical universe consists of the physical / material things and of nothing else, because even the term mind was excluded from it. As far the spirit, it was excluded, not only from the scientific physical universe but from the “modern” scientific thought in general, because it is also objectively (COMPLETELY) immeasurable and physically meaningless. As a result, the models of reality, devoid, drained, and dried off of the mind and spirit became lifeless and dehumanized, consisting only of the dead matter, physical things and nothing else. READ, "The (Recti)linear Comprehending Space and Time: The Concept of the Physical Universe".

Now it is easy to be noticed the differences between the scientific physical universe DIA four dimensional (multi-dimensional, if you so will) world, and the word of dialectics, introduced by this creator of knowledge. The scientific physical world was reformulated in the developed Dialectic Interactive Approach, by separating the time dimension from the MATTER, as the first step, because according to this creator of knowledge, they do not belong even to the similar entities, and particularly, because they do not possess even approximately the same value ("weight"). After that the separated dialect matter was used together with the (immeasurable DIA physically meaningless in scientific terms, but not in the CREATIVE terms) spirit and mind for formulating the space dimension. The linear presentation DIA interpretation of time (dimension) was dialectically transformed DIA reformulated into the thee dialects of time: Future, emotive emotional Presence DIA physical Presence, Past. READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space". Although according to the scientists the speed of mind DIA (their?) thought is slower than the speed of light; it is not valid for the speed of thoughts of a re-enlightened DIA re-illuminated individual, because when is (creatively) travelled on long-distance it has been always used travelling in terms of the smallest/least DIA Inner Being DIA Inmost One. On the other hand, the everyday process of thinking DIA external communicating these kinds of thoughts, has always used the travelling in terms of the larger, or largest one (brain, as a kind of universe in small), if you so will, and these "brain-like" thoughts is it what scientists tried to measure? Anyway, just these two neglected dialects (spirit and mind) enables the simulation of the travelling into the past because the world of dialectics of God in the true DIA living reality functions just in this way. Keep in your mind, in dialectic METHODLOGICAL terms the boundary between the organic and inorganic world is relative, seen from a perspective of birth DIA death --> life DIA living. Planets, stars, galaxies, universes.... (in terms of largest) as well as atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons ... quarks, photons ... dialectuls from the inanimate world also follow this dialectical life of continual transition, transformation and metamorphoses from a state to the another one DIA related living cycles, that is a (pre)condition for the life DIA truly living in the US well known, organic DIA living world.

Although scientists don't recognise the existence of spirit because they are unable to prove DIA verify it in any known scientific way, even the common sense DIA already acquired scientific knowledge, shows that if someone (something) wants to travel into the past, the limit of the speed of light should be prevailed DIA finding something SMALLER DIA FASTER: “Less energyless DIA Less massless”. In dialectic terms, although not in the scientific ones, the photon is not energyless DIA massless, because everything, seen from a dialectic methodological perspective, in the world of dialectics is defined DIA consists of time DIA space (spirit, mind, MATTER) DIA nothing can be defined, be formulated nor exist without each other. READ, "The Used Notions". In other words, if anything (dialect, dialectul or any other discrete entity) consists of matter in any form DIA state, it can neither be energyless nor massless. In short, even the dialect spirit in dialectic terms is neither energyless nor massless but not lifeless, too! It is only immeasurable times more dialectically COMPRESSED DIA condensed in terms of the smallest (time) DIA least (space) by the larger DIA largest one, done in any of the numerous "kitchens" within the world of dialectics. This is not completely unknown in the scientific world DIA living reality, but scientists are unable to perceive it with their famous five senses (getting rid themselves of the two most important one, to the opinion of this creator of knowledge), READ, "Fundaments of the Mental-Emotional Intelligence", and the dialect spirit as well, the most important diminutive "tools", not only for perceiving but for the DIALECTIC SYNTHESISING in/of time DIA space, AT THE FIRST PLACE. Finally seen from a methodological perspective, the dialectical content under consideration is neither scientific nor philosophical nor artistic nor cultural nature but rather a CREATIVE CHALLENGE!

Although to someone the statements of this creator of knowledge might sound as making jokes DIA constantly teasing scientists, it is not so, because that way of creative expression DIA drilling is exclusively used against the true "scientists" among them and, AT THE FIRST PLACE, against the 'teachers' DIA employed 'scientists' within the so called social sciences (true spirit, mind, matter DIA money SUCKERS), while trying to induce DIA provoke within them the gift of CREATIVITY DIA finally finding the answer in terms of convincing himself: Whether they at all possess something like it. Otherwise how can you (scientists) explain DIA verify in scientific terms, if you are not believers, that this until recently an ordinary person, educated in (international) business economics and management, and information technology as well, intends to reformulate, at the first place from the METHODOLOGICAL (dialectic) perspective, the known in all spheres of human creative acting: philosophy, culture, art AND SCIENCE, too. A PART of the answer is in the arming himself by the all what was thrown away by you, because either as it was considered by you as useless, inexistent or as meaningless, if you will. Just consider the role of dialect past by the so-called 'scientists' modernists. READ, "Capabilities of the Modern Mind seen from a Perspective of the Creating Knowledge".

Anyway, whether you agree or not, just consider female pairs of chromosomes DIA gens (THESIS) and the corresponding male one (ANTITHESIS), which are so small DIA invisible dialects by naked eye (compressed DIA condensed in/of/over time DIA space) but (cap)able to keep track on so many information, and when DIALECTICALLY SYNTHESISED in time DIA space are able to produce such a large, for example, tree and then again in time DIA space to produce so MANY small (compressed DIA condensed in/of time DIA space) seeds .... producing even more trees ... (DIALECTICS OF DIALECTICS) (with)in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces of the world of dialectics of God. READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Three Basic Dialectical Principles, Aspects, Properties and Manifestations in the Time DIA Space". This is similar to the scenario DIA situation in time DIA space when your predecessors had discovered chromosomes DIA gens, but were not able to encode the genetic code, so your followers will continue the (creative) travelling in time DIA space in terms of smallest to discover DIA reveal something that might be felt in spiritual DIA mindual terms, but that was invisible (for you) in physical terms. Thus, either search for something smaller DIA faster than the photon or create it, because there is no other way, to be established DIA simulated how it functions in the living reality.

Bear in your mind, into any physical "black or worm hole", including the creative one as well, is easy to fall down, but how, as a whole in terms of time (future, emotive emotional DIA physical presence, past) DIA space (duh, mind DIA reason /of your travelling/, matter) to get out and where to and how else except in some dialectic form DIA manifestation is another question. Carefully observing DIA creatively (re)considering various manifestations of "black and worm holes" around us, it seems that you/it can get into a (manifestation of) "black hole" using various (manifestations of) "pipe-like worm holes", but can only get out of that "black hole" through the (alike) hole previously "wormed" (or through you get in), only if it managed (you/it) to dialectically transit, transform, metamorphose or transfigure into something enough strong to germinate it in terms of finding the way out, remembered DIA shown in one or another way. In addition to the said, it can be also provoked, but in any case it has to be got out from the blackness [thesis] on the "LIGHT (of some kind of the sun)" [antithesis] DIA managing to stay there further dialectically transiting, transforming, metamorphosing and transfiguring [dialectic synthesis] as longer as possible into something again enough strong to survive there [renewed thesis] finding place under the "LIGHT (of that kind of the sun)".

The alternative is the finishing through another kind of "pipe-like worm holes" into another kind of "black whole" [renewed antithesis]. For the consolation, in any case, you are / it is going to get out from there, sooner or later, in one or another way, seen from a perspective of eternity DIA infinity, but EACH TIME transited, transformed and metamorphosed [synthesis] into something else [DIA renewed thesis], either in terms of good or evil! Is this "something else" [dialectics] it, what it [an outcome of dialectics] is wanted to be achieved by the travelling through time DIA space is another question [temporal conclusion]. Just reconsider some bullshit, which came out from a kind of manifestation of the worm hole here on the earth. For some species it can be very useful, understood in terms of creating of a societal universe of these creatures. In short, the one-way (entry-exit) black hole is less risky choice than two- or multi-exit worm hole, seen from the perspective of uncertainty of the final outcome of the initiated dia-processes. Compare this statement of mine to the known manifestations of "black holes" on the Earth. By the way said, each of us get out from a one way - "black hole" (the same entry the same exit), either the final upshot was good, less good, evil, less evil one. Similarly, in the universe too, some manifestations of the black holes play a very important (creating) role in its maintenance, as fabrics of the dark matter and energy, for example. From this follows that each manifestation of a world of dialectics within the universe was re-manifested (utilised) on the level of its smaller consisting dialects (parts), in one or another way. Pay also your attention on the fact that scientists are still not able detect the dark energy by their five senses, as they are not able to detect in the similar way DIA from similar reasons the dialect - spirit.

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

The dialectic interactive DIA creative framework for the orientation in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces is the most appropriate for the creative journeys where are under consideration dialectical manifestations in time DIA space. The gathered DIA accumulated wisdom of God DIA acquired knowledge and awareness by the predecessors of this creator of knowledge in time DIA space, related to the life true travelling into the past, unfortunately shows that it is not only feasible realising (in the 'future') the afore discussed scientific paradox "killing grandfather" but travelling so far to be killed "Abraham", if were continued the current trends DIA tendencies in the future here on the Earth. In other words, if the seen DIA experienced here, in the EU-NATO security zone by this creator of knowledge, was also followed in countries of the Near East DIA all around world in terms of gradual extinction of the Abraham's DIA his son's seed, then this kind of killing will lead to the extinction of both Hebrewism, and Christianity and Islam. And if this dark/'tamna' DIA obscured (hidden) scheme, already set in process, would have been accomplished by 'them', what else it might be called than the spiritual DIA mindual killing of the "Abraham" (s' dream). But not even think that can be destroyed the world of dialectics, READ, "The Concept of the Living God", but rather an unutterably small part (dialectul) within it, because thanks to the wisdom of God it is self-regenerative DIA all key actors are living for ever, and thus all can be re-established, if not here on the earth then somewhere else in the world of dialectics of His, from the inexhaustible source DIA core of the eternity DIA infinity. From this reason, in the world of dialectics of God the point is in the eternity DIA infinity and not in time DIA space, that means, there are its KEY-building units.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The Human Being

Just because of the similarity of (allready experienced) happenings here on the Earth, it is not a coincidence that the time in the ancient age was earlier presented as a "wheel of time", although seen from a dialectical perspective, this linear reformulation of the related (more trustworthy) dialectic one is more appropriate to be called "spiral of time", because the passed time DIA space is not identical from the reason that all KEY actors are not present there all the time DIA space, but rather their spiritual DIA mindual and genetic upshots (their children DIA offspring). With a deeper insight into the written time DIA space it noticeable that many notions DIA events, as some kind of left traces DIA reflections in time DIA space, can be recognized, although hidden under different names. In spite of the fact that many would wish to travel into the past in order to correct DIA change the stream of the already known events, in the reality of the world of dialectics, understood in terms of the all afore said, it is mainly not it what would have been happened, but rather the (similar) past event will be repeated, always reflecting the cleanness DIA dirtiness of Inner Beings DIA Inmost ones (kingdoms) of the actors playing on the living stage DIA scene, anywhere in the world of dialectics, including the concept of "parallel universes". In other words, in the so called low worlds, it is difficult to choose the right choice in terms of Good, surrounded by the evil, blinded by the burden of the past DIA unwillingness in terms of emotional/physical presence DIA mind/reason (life DIA living) to be changed it, as well as the known fact that the wrong DIA evil is much easier to do. Just think about it DIA watch around, and you are going quickly to perceive DIA be aware of how it is easy to do wrong (commit evil) compared to the doing DIA selecting the right options, understood in terms of available DIA creatively accessible ones. From these reasons, as in the real life DIA living, the travelling into the past is more certain (to be predicted, repeated, experienced ...). Recall, not only the matter-like (genetic) features will be inherited but the (evil-) spiritual ones too (inner being), which will occupy its inner (inborn) place. Keep in mind, a snake is able to change its skin (external cloths), but not its INNER essence (temper, customs, behavior...).

Concluding the dialectic interactive content related to the travelling into the past, for the creators of knowledge, an important part during their creative acting play the so-called CREATIVE travelling into the past, either in purpose for acquiring knowledge DIA related awareness, from curiosity .... or simply as a part of the training. As an example of this kind of travelling into the past, read the re-vivified Plato's dialectos: "Timaeus" DIA its continuation into the ancient past by this creator of knowledge. READ, "Creative Traveling in Time DIA Space: "Plato-Timaeus" - 1", Bear in the mind, although perhaps for you, or for the scientists are important the physical journeys into the past (thesis), for the creators of knowledge they are not so important in ultimate terms compared to the creative incentives and the related joy of the journey into the future in this way too(antithesis). The reasons are the methodological basic DIA ultimate assumptions DIA presumptions of the dialectic interactive approach, which state that the point is neither in thesis nor in antithesis, even not in synthesis (except in the form of temporal conclusion) but rather in the dialectic synthesis DIA renewed thesis ... searching for the essence of the challenge under consideration in time DIA space is always (hidden) in the DIALECTICS (OF DIALECTICS). READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectics of Dialectics DIA Negations of Negations". Uttered in dual terms, with which you are more familiar, it is more important whether you are travelling, understood in terms of GOOD (good intentions) or not, regardless whether it was done during the life DIA living, or after the death, or during any kind of travelling in time DIA space, including the creative ones as well.

Arising DIA Enlightenment of a Simplest One in Time DIA Space

Arising DIA Enlightenment of a Simplest One in Time DIA Space

By the way said, the humans - believers do not need the own offspring, at any price, because God has need ONLY for good children. And only within such an appropriated (GOOD) body with the enough accummulated "LIGHT" (Good) over time DIA space, can germinate the spiritual seed of humans, and be born DIA survive a human being. For the others, particularly for the evil ones, who travel down - up - down, understood in terms of natural evolution (devolution), the own offspring (genetic fundament) is essential for their survival on the earth, and then perhaps in physical terms farther in the universe, as a kind of the plague (the burden of this civilization). Just read description of their behavior after they started to colonize the New World, here on the Earth, after the prisoners were released from the various kinds of the cages of the natiocratic freedom. In other words, their behavior is similar to the beasts and animals, never willing to change their inner essence but only external place, "skin" and appearance. Hope, you understand now, why for each living being (apart from humans), the own offspring is the only way of prolonging of the own kind, providing survival, and later perhaps a way to the UP. Just watch, on what the species from the world of flora and fauna are ready to do to in purpose of prolonging own kind, because their spiritual abilities are negligible compared to the corresponding genetic ones. From these reasons, for a monkey, to be born as a man, woman is equal getting a ticket for the corresponding moving people from a planet to an another, or from a star system to the another one. Unfortunately, in this kind of human form (covered with various kinds of masks, as a 'human being', 'believer'....), they are able to move themselves easier like parasites (plague of the human seed, by both innerly and externally destroying it). In either way, they depend on humans, in creative terms particularly, in the similar way as the other living creatures are dependent on the good will of people, or on technological advance and progress, if you so will, to be able to move from a continent to the another one. For a manifestation of this dependency from humans, read the story related to Noah's boot (before the deluge).

In short, humans - believers do not need to travel (after death) in physical terms through the external universe in order to be moved to another world of dialectics because by avoiding the afore mentioned evolutionary - natural way of 'journey' DOWN - UP - DOWN (of the fallen ones: pathway of oblivion), for them are provided journeys through much faster inner (dialectical) worlds, understood in terms of the smallest. This provides them a HUGE advantage compared to the evil ones, for whom, it seems, there is no alternative to the previously described external journeys through universe. From this reason, they truly need DIA searching for the various faster ways, which according to them, can be provided by transiting through the black holes, worm holes and the like, as a substitute for this inner way of traveling. In other words, having no other (evil) choice, because by committing evil to the humans, they closed these inner channels, their only hope is the traveling in EXTERNAL terms. How it is a great challenge, just consider the scientific fact, that the landing on the CLOSEST star to the Sun (Alpha Centaury) requires 3.4 million years (depending from its position) by speed of light (300.000 km per second), and then dialectically synthetize it with the another scientific fact, that this star is inhabitable. In other words, it is necessary further traveling through this [inappropriate (recti)linear way of comprehending] time and space.

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

The White Angel

Thou can further contradict this synthesis DIA thy renewed thesis with the renewed antithesis, for example, how many living species managed to survive here in the earthly conditions for such a long period of time DIA space, compared to the corresponding challenges of the harsh conditions for survival in the vacuum of the universe. And whatever thy synthesis DIA thy renewed thesis is, compare it with the amended antithesis, how long managed to survive the oldest known civilizations in the same earthly conditions (far less than the most died out kinds of the flora and fauna), accordingly how many of them survived a thousand of years? This clearly shows that just thanks to these omni-scient and omni-present evil creatures, walking on the two legs with two hands, covered with the gloves of darkness, and with faces covered by the various masks of theirs, the living (and working) conditions are DIA will be much harsher than in the worlds of beasts and animals. From the all previously said, each truly human believer has to ignore the empty BABBLING of these INBORN UNBELIEVERS, whatever they say related to the God, (Great) prophets and emissaries of His. In short, continue to be a TRULY human and humane being DIA believer, just because of these INNER heavenly freedom (of moving), including the creative one, which is unreachable for these persecutors of the emissaries of God: 100% UNBELIEVERS. In other words, the reward is not as small as it seems, listening to their empty tales, while trying to INFECT the rest of human seed with their (incurable) decease (of soul: inner being). Keep in mind, a close HOPE of a truly believer is much better choice than a FAR remote and uncertain one (in each low world, where prevail evil, that means, where 'they' DIA them rule).