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  Dialectical Understanding of Time DIA Space

Dialectic Interactive Approach

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

The dialectical understanding of time DIA space is based on the individual, human way of thinking, whose roots can be traced back to the age of pre-ancient hidden knowledge, and it is in full agreement with the understanding of such a complex dialectical content by the common sense (of human beings). In accordance with this way of the understanding of time, in the dialectical creative framework for orienting in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces ("Netmode – the Strategy for 21st Century – Dialectic Interactive Approach, Jovanović, 1999") already in the redefinition of TIME

  • future,

  • emotively emotional (spiritual) presence dia physical presence (of a body),

  • past


  • spirit,

  • mind dia reason,

  • matter

Introduction into Dialectic Interactive Approach

Couple Dialect: Thesis DIA Antithesis

was implanted the notion "PRESENCE" in the form of a couple-dialect (pair-dialect). In other words, in the mega-dialect time, the so called PRESENT (TIME) was replaced, but not in a simplified (black-white, 0-1) way by the dialect-physical presence, OR by the dialect-emotively emotional presence, that means, by the presence of someone (of something) in the emotively emotional sense, but rather it was presented in the form of a COUPLE DIALECT (thesis - antithesis) of a physical presence DIA (someone's) emotively emotional presence (in thy mind DIA reason). Here the first dialect speaks of someone's active (physical) DIA creative presence understood in terms of SPACE IN TIME [matter embedded in the past: HERE AND NOW, or more exactly HERE IN(SIDE) NOW], while the second dialect speaks of the emotive-emotional presence of some dialectical content in thy mind dia the reason understood in the sense of TIME IN SPACE [future within spirit: NOW AND THERE, or more exactly NOW IN(SIDE) THERE]. Since these inner and outer distances of the time in space dia space in time are not at first sight so clearly visible and perceivable, understood in terms of the (recti) linear understanding of time and space (past ⇢ present ⇢ future), as well as to be avoided further confusion of various online programs for translating these creative articles, it will be used the (rectilinear) notions "NOW AND THERE" and "HERE AND NOW" to address the complex relations between the dialects time in space and space in time. But bear in mind, it can take a long time DIA a suitable space (spirit, mind dia reason, matter) in order to externalize (realize) in terms of space in time (matter embedded in the past) an inner idea: time in space (future embedded in spirit).

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