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  About the Creator of Knowledge

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The creator of this internet portal is the ex-project developer and citizen of EX-Yugoslavia DIA today a Danish citizen. Before he started with acting as creator of knowledge BoBan, he received the university degrees studying in ideologically (but not also theologically: modern paganic societies) different political and cultural systems [EX-Yugoslavia (Dipl. Economist) and Denmark (MBE: Master's Degree in International Business Economics)]. He finished with this way of creative acting, based on the concept of simpl(est) mind dia reason, by his master's thesis at the Aalborg University: International Netmodal Management Process - Internationalisation Strategy for Virtual Software Companies - a Network approach. This master's thesis (Jovanovic, 1997) was published on the web-site "", University of Bern, Switzerland, (The electronic Journal of Organisational Virtualness, Newsletter vol.2, No. 3, 1998), one year later after it was written. Although this master's thesis can be put in rang with a PhD dissertation, even surpassing most of them because by me was developed a Netmodal Management Model, it was not managed me getting rid of (modern-paganic) drawbacks of the way of thinking and creating, which have their roots in the concept of simple(st) mind dia reason. In spite of all these drawbacks, as far as I know, "The Netmodal Management Model" developed as a part of the ninth semester's study ("Implications of Information Technology for International Strategic Management - Virtual Company", Jovanovic, 1996) is still the only dynamic model of business reality (antithesis), which can support any kind of dynamic way of organising DIA netmode-strategy. An example of this is the virtual way of organising, which uses internet, intranet and extranet as platform for the gathering DIA organising of actors, activities and resources. In short, the netmode (strategy) DIA the related DYNAMIC model of (business) reality, is actually an alternative and antithesis to the existing static models of business reality.

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Source: Proposal for a Potential Ph.D. Dissertation at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark:
"Netmode – the Strategy for 21st Century – Dialectic Interactive Approach, Jovanović, 1999"

In spite of all these creative achievements, it didn't manage me to get an appropriate job, nor to continue with further educational development (PhD studies) anywhere in this security zone. The reason for this is simple: a mutual relation(ship) between the educational and other (para)state DIA business entities is implanted in ALL other spheres of this way of natiocratic (national) acting and creating as well as multiply inter-netted into the (international) 'dark/tamna' network for spreading this ideology DIA 'theology' all over the world, including the akin package of values, which is based on it. Actually, on this way, 'they' DIA them control all, everything and everyone, including the states DIA its numerous (government) agencies. Or more simply, everyone DIA all is (about money) put and yoked in a 'legal' service, where everybody is obliged to (loyally DIA obediently) serve 'them', understood in terms of this crowd DIA group way of thinking, based on the concept simple(st) mind DIA legalised by the political system of NATIOCRACRATIC democracy, that in fact (mis)uses various 'NATIO' notions. In other words, all and everything is NATIOCRATISISED and as such put in service of DIA serving 'them', including religion, education: (allowed) ways of creating knowledge .... under the mask DIA well known motto of theirs: 'All on the behalf of NATION(CRATIC) INTERESTS'! In short in such a created mobbed DIA grouped environment, as a final result DIA consequence of the so-called dual ⇢ bipolar ⇢ binary way of thinking (yes-no, black-white, for us-against us, ...) there is no place for individual way of thinking, because most of them have to accept DIA were compelled, for one reason or another, to choose its side of this imaginative bipolar line. As a result of this, even the so-called natiocratic concept of the secularism does not provide conditions for religious institutions independently to act, because from them (in emergency situations in particular) is required to support the natiocratic ruling elite and their narrow minded interests. In short, to an individual (citizen) is not even left a proper choice of being against OR for such a created natiocratic (materialistic) system of values, except if (s)he is ready to pay high price for doing it.

In spite of the all afore mentioned, if this website creator would have tried to explain someone, including the closest circle (of the family and friends) that the his fate was also highly determined by the hidden acting of the (inter)national dark network, sooner or later, comes the silly question), such as, for example, 'how it managed to other Yugoslavian ... to get right job in such an environment'. In short, my answer always was: I am not thousands, millions, ... crowded DIA grouped objects referred to, who 24-hours (apart from the short time for sleeping) are ready to put themselves at their disposal, understood in terms of their way of the understanding of time AND (physical) space, which is dread off of both mind (dia reason) and spirit, and for this reason, everyone who uses this way of understanding of the space and time, can not perceive it, apart from a GREAT HUMANE INDIVIDUAL of His, who appears from time to time in this creative stage, understood in terms of well known fact to each reader of Holly Books and Scriptures that someone simply HAS TO DO it (because none of you is STILL NOT READY to pay the adequate price?), if you truly do not want that this civilisation DIA this lovely resort created by Him to finish in 'their' linear (one-way) future! In other words, these mobbed DIA grouped thousands, millions, .... do not present ANY THREAT to the ideological DIA 'theological' system DIA (political, social, ...) order established by 'them'. And for this reason, they allow them to get appropriate education, job....

The created internet portal by the EARTHLY acting DIA creating of the webmaster Bobo (thesis) DIA the later dialectical way of thinking of his Heavenly Inner Being [my TRUE Kingdom DIA (Eternal DIA infinitive) Existing DIA Living] captured in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces of the worlds of dialectics of God, understood in terms of (Pro)Acting DIA Creating by the creator of knowledge Boban (antithesis) was implanted in the creative works of his (synthesis). In short, this website creator, (pro)actively acting DIA creating as creator of knowledge BoBan, later put focus of his creativity acting on developing the DIALECTICAL INTERACTIVE APPROACH as well as on the implementation of this methodological approach in any kind of the dialectical (interactive) environment, methodologically understood as a framework for orientation in time DIA space, that is a multiple and multi-faceted dialectical synthesis DIA the renewed thesis of the static features of of this reality dia appropriate dynamic ones.

Hope that after the all previously mentioned, it is clear why such thoughts were not wellcome by them. Anyway, after the recent market manipulations DIA world-wide economical crisis

  • [spiritual DIA mindual crisis at the first place according to this website creator DIA this creator of knowledge],

only confirmed the opinion of heavenly teachers of His DIA words noted down in the creative works written by creator of knowledge: Boban. It was also demonstrated how the ruling strategic (management) DIA militant thinking functions in the (business) practice as well as how this approach is both aggressive, perfidious DIA compelling. In particular, when the whole society/network structure on the world level, accordingly all spheres of human/(wo)man's acting, creating as well as of the living DIA being, having, becoming and existing, is organised on the NATIOCRATIC principles. At the same time, for a HUMAN(E) BEING is easier to understand why each mentioning of the individual DIA human(e) way of thinking might be very dangerous for her/him. Particularly, if it was uttered through the mouth DIA reappearing on this stage DIA scene of any kind of manifesting the emissaries of God.

And already in the first creative work of this creator of knowledge was turned the attention to the UNSUSTAINABLE DISCREPANCY (in dialectically long run) in the treatment of individual being (citizen) on the one hand and various (natiocratic) group units on the other one. In other words, the discrepancy between the way of thinking of the (HUMANE) individual and the crowd/multitude DIA group way of thinking, that was not only in those time DIA space (recall their proud elite by their established financial, democratic, .... systems) a brave statement but also in now-days. It was elaborated by the dialectic content in terms of how the state/government (agencies) offer(s) various incentives and relieves to another groups (for example, tax ones to a company), but not to individuals (citizens), based on the principle: "Group to group DIA crowd to crowd". In short, most of the uttered words of this creator of knowledge, including the financial crisis (2008), were fulfilled. Recall too in your memory, the individual financial scandals all over the western world, which actually were forrunners of these coming events, when their elite unsuccessfully tried to make easier bearing this financial burden through this time and space their over-accumulated 'financial' burden, and simultaneously tried to close 'mouth' of this creator of knowledge. Keep in mind, that in a ECONOMICS, which is run in this DEBT way, (financial, economic, ...) crisis are unavoidable over passage of time and the appropriate space, that is, each period of growth is (sooner or later) succeeded by recession, in the best case, until finally these created financial bubbles, as any kind of bubble, were blown up, resulting with the already experienced financial DIA economic crashes and crises.

To the opinion of this creator of knowledge, individuals/citizens should enjoy AT LEAST the same rights as the group units, that is a starting precondition for blossoming of a TRUE DEMOCRACY, which is can lead to the Humanocracy in a dialectically long-run. Ultimately said, all of us are (born as) individuals DIA (having) families, as a COMMON denominator, or at least it should be so? In other words, in a (true) democracy, the established political and social system DIA (broader) cultural, artistic, scientific and philosophical environment should provide the basic (pre) conditions for creative (pro)acting DIA organising of its INDIVIDUALS into the collective entities, using family as an ideal, thereby serving the common interests of its CITIZENS DIA protecting them, instead of doing contrary, that is, serving (at the first place) narrow-minded interests of various group's entities, which had characterised all previous and existing forms of implementation of these VERY broad ideas of natiocracy, which are also embedded into the natiocratic manifestation of democracy) alias democracy, as 'they' DIA them like to utter it. Seen from this dialectical methodological standpoint, if you go a little bit behind each natiocratic way of implementation of the (very broad) ideas of democracy (its ideology DIA 'theology'), sooner or later, you will perceive that the objective of each of them was establishment of the elitary (natiocratically) organised society. In other words, this western natiocracy also has its root in the ancient natiocratic antique ideas of organising a society, because the main role plays ELITE (of philosophers). What happens, when philosophers were transited, transformed and metamorphosed in the quasi-philosophers ('philosophers'), you can experience it in each natiocratic state, including the states of the antique dia western way of the implementation of these basic dia common ideas of natiocracy.

For your orientation in time DIA space, in such natiocratic societies too, similarly to the communistic DIA socialistic forms of the ELITARY natiocracy, main role play A FEW PERCENTAGES of the elitary representatives of various layers of society (members of parties) grouped (DIA mobbed) in one, two, three .... a few political parties. In these natiocratic expanses (states, regional political autonomies ....), for a shorter or longer period of time, the main political forces are grouped DIA mobbed in such an extent

  • [keep in mind, behind the obscured scenery of theirs, they are always, more or less in such a state DIA hidden natiocratic order]

that they are very similar to way, in which a communistic DIA socialistic party functions, supported by the labour unions, association of women, youth, pioneers ... and the similar western alike humanitarian and socially grouped entities: a hidden form of manifesting 'communistic party', where the only distinct difference is allowing the existence DIA political acting of various FRACTIONS (group way of thinking). Recall, in the traditional communism the fractions were forbidden. Or more simply, seen from an individual perspective, in all natiocratic societies, the majority of citizens play a passive (UNELLITARY) role, although to them can be given the formal right to vote DIA ('PASSIVELY') to participate in it, in one or another way.

Dialectically synthesising the all above emphasised, contrary to the exertions of the western natiocratic ideologists DIA 'theologians' to impose to this creator of knowledge that DEMOCRACY cannot function DIA be organised on different basic principles, including the way proposed by this creator of knowledge of His, is a pure NOSENSE. Contrary to these natiocratic persecutors of different way of thinking, he has not other source of power NOR the well known earthly ambitions, including the political ones. According to him, around these VERY broad ideas DIA proposed way of thinking can be also made and managed DIALECTICAL TENSIONS, understood in terms of way and pace of making changes, the way of collecting DIA handling tax-payers' money, particularly, handling of the state DEFICIT (DIA suficit) ... and the like, as in other political DIA social orders. Recall this kind of democracy is only a transitory and "provisionally" political DIA social order, which has to be improved in order to lead to the humanocracy. In difference to the other known political DIA social orders, the true democracy alsop requires higher level of development of conscience DIA consciousness of its inhabitants, understood in terms of distinguishing good from evil, in the first place, that is not case in the natiocratic democracy.

On the other hand, other political DIA social natiocratic orders are appropriate during reducing the harmful role of EVIL. In either way, in natiocracy, as a result of the interpreting DIA implementing and implanting the (famous) ideas of freedom of will DIA free choice, prevails (continual) selecting evil ways at the expense of the good ones, if you so will to be PLAINLY said. For this reason, in all natiocratic societies is always "emphasised" the main role of state and its government agencies, companies and other group entities, IN ONE OR ANOTHER WAY, compared to the role of (humane) individuals (citizens)! In short, the real challenge in such societies is: How successfully can be handled the aforementioned distinguishing Good from evil. The acquired wisdom DIA accumulated knowledge over time DIA space, related to this dialectic interactive content, shows that in all known natiocratic societies was, and still is over-emphasised the role of ideology DIA 'theology', that makes government agencies blind. Keep in mind, the neo-secularism is also a kind of religious manifesting. In addition, in all such natiocratic societies prevails simple(st) dia vulgar mind, because their natiocratic elite does not want to tackle it. Furthermore, they multiply the number of such inhabitants, (mis)using it in political DIA economically 'profitable' purposes.

Because of the well known fact that the social elite in such natiocratic societies only understands DIA speaks the language of POWER and MONEY (the very source of their might), in the starting phase of implementing of the democracy, based on the individual DIA human(e) way of thinking, for those societies who decided to follow these broad ideas, the particular attention, apart from the challenges previously outlined, should be paid to the way of gathering DIA HANDLING (spending) of tax-payer's money DIA accumulated state deficit or suficit, if you so will. Recall, the institution of state (apparatus) DIA gathering tax-money for the accomplishing its functions, at the first place, acting against forces of those days (manifesting of) evil, (relatively small robbers, seen from the now-days' perspective), and then instead of choosing the way understood in terms of Good, either to finish this task completely DIA to free-willingly dissolve DIA disarm itself, it was chosen the (evil) option of continual (and "eternal") persecuting anything that was seen DIA interpreted BY THEM as "evil" by using dia adapting over passage of time and space similar concept of ideology DIA 'theology'. As a result of this way DIA selected option, in this early phase DIA stage of the development of the so-called concept of "state reason", even during the time DIA space when there was no any EXTERNAL robber, on their horizon appeared a new kind of rebels: the INTERNAL ONES, who simply did not want further to pay the (continually increasing) taxes DIA various globes. As a result of these new circumstances, some of these survived rebels, having no other choice DIA option, transformed themselves in ROBBERS. In order to handle with this kind of (intentionally?) self-generated PROBLEMS, understood in terms of having full control over this EASILY DIA 'SWEET' way of earning money DIA tax paying, they placed their famous 'citadels' to control DIA earn on the "passing over the river", predecessors of the today's custom offices, and so on over the whole written history.

The 'sweetness' of this easy way of earning money is still actual, that is in fact impossible convincing these modern followers of this kind of life-long earning for living DIA various state and political 'PROFESSIONS', even in the case when they ruined economies, followed by trying to choke up this manifestation of the black whole by increasing the burden of (both external and) internal debt. The major trouble DIA challenge in such natiocratic societies is that even if it would have been managed to change these modern natiocratic representatives of the "kings and their suites" on any state DIA political level,

  • [in the reality, seen from methodological perspective, here word goes about a continuous interchange of the TWO major parties, or political (black-white) blocks, as a final result of the ruling dual ⇢ bipolar ⇢ binary way of thinking.

understood in terms of selecting new ones,

there is no true change. From the aforementioned, it is easily noticeable that in the societies characterised by a low level of the developed conscience DIA consciousness of their inhabitants, the only way is constitutionally to be banned anyone to spent longer than the specified period of time, on ALL social DIA political levels for a concrete period of time (thus enjoying salaries paid out by tax-payers' money), in the case it was chosen the democracy for regulating the political DIA social order within such a natiocratic society. All this, in spite of the fact that their political decisions, made during this limited period, can affect destiny of the future (still unborn) generations.

It is also for mockery, the modern western natiocratic limitation of the duration of the mandate of a president, a kind of the modern "queen", who in fact does not possess a real power and might, but not the duration of the political mandate of the prime-minister, minister, their advisers, chief of the secret service, state birocrats ..... (modern representatives DIA manifestation of suites), or of the regional (prime-)ministers, the local one, including the social workers, if you so will. Keep in mind, it should not be ALLOWED to anyone all the time DIA space continually enjoying the aforementioned sweetness of the tax-payer's money. In other words, anyone who is TRUE DIA GENUINE proponent of the free market should taste the fruits of companies in private ownership, in order to use the acquired experience and awareness for (later) serving the national DIA state interests. Bear in mind, this is an assumption DIA presumption if you WANT to live DIA work in a softer living, working, business environment, understood in terms of transforming of the existing hard one into it. If it is not possible DIA feasible the carrying out of the aforementioned in the living reality, then EACH FORM OF DEMOCRACY is not appropriate for such kind of the gathered inhabitants DIA VOTERS in the existing state boundaries. For this reason, either change DIA decentralise its boundaries or "choose" an another, more appropriate, political DIA social order that more truly DIA genuinely reflects the existing state of "things" and relations in the society, understood in terms of facing with the TRUTH, trust and love. In other words, it is the only proper way if you do not want to continue spending your precious time DIA space and of your offspring in particular, living in some kind of dungeon. In short, there is no meaning in searching for the so-called natiocratic 'inner peace' in the similar dungeons, expanded in purpose to capture all their inhabitants DIA sucking them within the generated 'larger' dungeon DIA the own (self-made) one (some kind of gulag for workers). Keep in mind, that the essence of each dungeon, regardless whether it deals with the small or the large one is very, very similar. A short-evitive change dia destiny of a seed, which managed to germinate on a (rocky) fruitless ground (with a little of soil: EARTH) but seduced by a few drops of WATER and the shine of sun (FIRE) through AIR: There is no equilibrium of the four elements understood in terms of their static and dynamic features in order successfully to inititiate dialectical change.

From the starting ten percentage (Read, Old Testament) on the "assumed" income imposed by the state (tax) officials, instead of the actually earned income, started the era of debt economy that BY DEFINITION led to the establishment of various forms of slavery, including the modern natiocratic ones. Today it is very difficult to determine the real tax-rate, so this (ancient) tax-rate of ten percentage appears today as a kind of realisation of the "political dream" of any citizen regardless of her/his political views. No matter, how good (fiscal) economist DIA expert you are, it is very difficult to orient yourself in the generated natiocratic fiscal systems, always swayed in the mantle of darkness/'tame'. Keep in mind, it is also feasible to increase a tax rate in many obscured DIA hidden ways, starting from the concept of inflation DIA deflation and other kinds of market malversations and manipulations; (fictively) paying in the treasure to be later drawn back by various 'lovers of the easy woman', both on the group and individual level; exerting tax-payers' money by various parasitic "shoulders for weeping" DIA the famous 'private' enterprises owned by the natiocratic elite DIA members of their families, clans, political allies ... at same time decreasing the payments for the traditional users of state budget, such as (higher) education, medical care, substituting it by various kind of paying financial participation with spared DIA already previously taxed income of individuals, (an another form of additional DIA hidden tax paying); sending in the pension before the time as a kind of natiocratic punishment (or reward?), buying pension benefits for the wearied off state officials (and workers) at the expense of tax-payer's money again; sending in pension the workers invalidated as a result of pour working conditions instead of improving them; hiding the true amounts for financing military and security apparatus, including employing these cuckoo eggs in the various (state) companies and the international 'private' ones as well, for more effective and efficient carrying out their ideology DIA 'theology' into living reality, and all this was masked DIA 'sold' to the voters in the form of the so called "higher national security interests" ....

The acquired wisdom DIA knowledge over time DIA space recommends, never allow increasing number of users of tax-payers' money, because it is a very easy step compared to the finding the proper way to truly remove this tax burden from this list DIA employing them in another (more useful) way, appropriate for them

  • (but what else can be compared with the sweetness of tax-payers' money after these fruits were tasted?),

because all of them originating from the same tree DIA 'genetically' inherited its major features, including the parasitic ones, elaborated previously while describing the origin of the state (reason). Seen from a human DIA individual perspective, in particular the unwished DIA dangerous, is adding the new militant DIA security agencies on the list of "budget" users, no matter how it was justified by the 'higher national security' reasons (the only exception is the TEMPORAL improvement during the SELF-DEFENSIVE WAR, and NOT during any kind of aggressive war), because they also will not (even) TRY GENUINELY DIA TRULLY to finish this kind of the 'continual DIA eternal' security task (of sucking of tax-payers' money), from the reasons previously elaborated, but rather 'keep their obscured eyes' on DIA controlling YOU. In other words, they obediently will continue with the serving the narrow-minded interests of the established elitary structure, including the owners and shareholders of weapon industry, again at the expense of tax-payers' money.

The way of thinking presented by this creator of knowledge

  • [human(e) individualism, greater role of family, revivification of the (clear) distinguishing between GOOD from evil, as it was, for example, uttered in the Holly Books and Scriptures in terms of Solomon's words: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom [of God] DIA knowledge of the Holy One is understanding (Proverbs-9:10)."]

was not liked at all by the political, business, scientific, philosophical, artistic and cultural elite of this manifestation of the western form of natiocracy. Keep in your mind that Humanocracy in difference to other ideological DIA theological orders neither can be proclaimed, nor enforced nor elected by votes but rather self-chosen on the world level by the most of its citizens, as a (freewillingly) chosen way of living, understood in terms of clear distinguishing good from evil DIA a continual working on thyself in this good-minded direction, because humanocracy is a continual DIA continuous dialectic creatively interactive PROCESS based on the very, very high level of thy developed conscience DIA its further developing, understood in terms of choosing the revealed (reenlightened DIA re-illuminated) GOOD ways DIA practicizing of it in the living reality, during this long journey in time DIA space.

To anyone who managed to preserve at least a dialectul (bit) of the Inner Being DIA Innermost One of God (Kingdom of God is within Thee) is now clear, why it is so important to be approached each faced challenge in time DIA space in terms of DISTIGUISHING Good from evil, starting with re-reading Holy Books and Scriptures. To the opinion of this creator of knowledge, if it was managed by her/him DIA above uttered words, to re-enlighten thy Inner DIA Innermost Kingdom of God, after the (re-)reading Holy Books and Scriptures in terms of this way of distinguishing Good from evil, thou will get already after the first reading, a completely new view on the World (of Dialectics or whatever thy presentation of it is)! Keep in mind, the creative works of this creator of knowledge were written by the contemporary way of thinking DIA presenting and re-interpreting (this span of) time DIA space using this pre-ancient methodological approach. The major idea of this creative approach is putting a dialectic interactive content under consideration into one of the four conceptual DIA simulative modules (philosophy, culture, art, science) to which the content of Holy Book(s) and the Scripture(s) is the closest by its creative content.

But here is worth to emphasise that the reading of these creative works should be only a preparation for a further reading of much more complex dialectical content of the Holy Books and Scriptures. Keep in mind, because the creative works of this creator of knowledge are also based on the (hidden knowledge contained in the) Holy Books and Scriptures, it mustn't be considered as a substitute for the Holy Books and Scriptures, and particularly NOT as a "useful" content for establishing new religions for a further MISUSING DIA SUCKING of money of gathered masses, mobbed DIA grouped on these broad ideas, understood in sense of presenting and reinterpreting them in the aforementioned 'earthly' way. This creator of knowledge hopes that to everyone should be clear that the confronted problems (challenges) during this long journey in time DIA space should be tackled by reconsidering them in terms of (myriad of) thesis and antithesis, followed by synthesising this dialectical content within the available time DIA space by the renewed thesis DIA renewed antithesis, and further epitomised in terms of dialectics of dialectics dia negations of negations....: new DIA renewed higher knowledge. As an example of applying simple(st)-minded way of thinking in terms of hypothesis, just consider how they' managed to separate the temples of God from the state,

  • but not also Good from evil, [even not religion because the modern paganism and atheism are in fact (modern ways of the manifestation of) religions];
  • to abolish the death penalty, but not to abolish death DIA killing, including the obscured (natiocratic) "dieing in silence";
  • by paying more attention and "human" (humanitarian) concerns for the evil-minded conduct than for the good-minded ones (but pour ones)
  • and so on, and so on ...

Actually, if you undertake a methodologically creative journey behind their way of thinking, you are going to be faced with the awareness that they DIA 'them' managed in a perfidious way to substitute good with evil in all spheres of human acting including the artistic one. Just pay thy attention to the modern ('good') role (of saviours of humanity) assigned to the witches, for example, in their propagandistic movies of these modern values, trying in this way to change the meaning and the essence of the previously adopted notions in the everyday language. In short, by these means of changing language of this modern time and space you cannot change the already established true meaning of the essence, impressed in DIA expressed of time DIA space by applying these linguistic tools in the sphere of philosophy, culture, art and science, understood in terms of implementing afore mentioned content for the maintenance of the established political DIA societal order.

In the 'competitive market' environments created by them it is very easy to be transformed a relatively worthless person into a star, by simply creating the corresponding market segment [consisting of the (available DIA a further generation of the) simple(st) DIA vulgar ones], continually reusing the artificially created (mindless, spiritless ....) objects referred to for an easier sucking of money. In the same way, it is even much easier for 'them' to transform a genius into someone who knows nothing (according to them) by simply using all available means at their disposal for discrediting such a person, before (s)he finally disappears from the creative scene into the created world of darkness/'tame' of theirs, which was designed behind the hidden dark scenery. Such a strategy, 'they' DIA them tried DIA managed to apply against this web site creator DIA creator of knowledge. Whether they truly managed to achieve it in terms of time DIA space is a relative thing, to my opinion, that is, depending on the point of view from which you consider this dialectic interactive content. Bear in mind that at their disposal are inexhaustible resources, not only in money terms but also in terms od available staff. In this natiocratic system, not only state security agencies, but also para-state forces (social, humanitarian, .... workers), various private security agencies, and the security agents DIA hired agents by private business entities are able to cover any point of this world, more or less. For your orientation in terms of time DIA space, the available resources of the most of multi-national companies surpass the available budgets of the most of states. Anyway, here is going to be further interpreted how this creator of knowledge paid attention to the aforementioned efforts of theirs.

In fact, the truth is slowly emerging on the light of day. Even, before he started with acting and creating as the creator of knowledge, there was an invisible tension between these two completely different kingdoms, understood in terms of its, light, shine and its "colour", particularly. Now after being DIA becoming in the dialectic spiral of His time DIA space, the "gap" between these two worlds was so enlarged and cannot be "rejoined" anymore, so that any attempt of "normal" communication with them is meaningless. Simply, it does not matter what is my status in this earthy societal scale, created by them, or what it will be in the future compared to their own ones, it is not possible to link these two broken apart worlds. In other words, they and this creator of knowledge do not belong to the same LEVEL OF CONSCIENCE, nor share common value system, that is a necessary precondition for a successful communication. This creator of knowledge does not care about their steady "sick" endeavour DIA made efforts, trying to convince and prove (to themselves?) that this creator of knowledge neither knows anything nor possesses any creative skills, nor useful qualifications and (cap)abilities for anything and so on, thus (mis)using all the available power and might of theirs, while controlling their "big TV" as well as try it with all others who do not agree with them and their true face. Keep in mind, like any natiocratic society they also have a lot of faces, including the recognisable propagandistic one, but I experienced and saw their true face, because they showed it all the time in their expanses to me.

Actually there is nothing truly innovative in this continual fight between the forces of good and evil, where this time focus was put on the forces of darkness, characterised by a PERFIDIOUS (obscured) acting, already applied on the predecessors of this creator of knowledge in time DIA space. Keep in mind, that their real hate always was directed towards Immortal God, but being UNMIGHTY to reach Him in HIS WHOLENESS, these cowards demonstrated their unmight on the emissaries of His, who in fact play only the role of "mouth DIA eyes of His". In short, 'they' DIA them always do pressure, understood in terms of time DIA space, using all available earthly means, while heavenly forces, which stand behind this creator of knowledge and predecessors of his in time DIA space, make continual DIA continuous pressure, understood in terms of (much slower, but inescapable grasp of) the eternity DIA infinity. Although it might be argued that the most predecessors of this creator of knowledge paid it by (giving earthly) life, it also experienced, sooner or later, their persecutors, but in the much cruel meaning of this term. This creator of knowledge by observing his (mighty?) persecutors, in some of them you can recognise a typical weariness, caused by their hard 'dark' "working", as it deals with workers, who spent most of their lives, working in hard inhuman environments, imposed by them. And exactly, earning for living as a flexi-worker was the fate of this creator of knowledge in the EU-NATO security zone.

Keep in mind, the creative attention of this creator of knowledge is, from this reason, directed to their mindual and spiritual offspring, which actually continue to spread the light of darkness DIA carrying out this natiocratic ideology and theology of darkness. In other words, the heavenly forces (of God) will in a dialectically long run again open a small window for making a small progress in some part of this world. Concluding this creative article, although "they" DIA them, during this whole period of the creative acting of this creator of knowledge, did what they already had done, including what they intend to do in the future, it was paid more attention by this creator of knowledge WHAT BIRDS SANG and still sing in the wood than on their empty tittle-tattle: Babbling of the simple(st) ones DIA chore of the vulgar ones. On the contrary, in the creative works were practically applied by this creator of knowledge the major principles of the wisdom of God, by following His instructions and teaching, that the Great Picture DIA Vision of His cannot be achieved "by might nor by power, but by My Spirit" (Zechariach-4:6). Therefore this creator of knowledge is not scared of them at all.