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Dialectics of Dialectics DIA Negations of Negations

SECRETS OF THE FOUR ELEMENTS: The Unity and Exerting of Dialectical Tensions in Time DIA Space


The Four Primary DIA Proto Paradigmatic Presumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Culture DIA Religion

Germinating DIA Potentially Fruit- Bearing Eight-Pointed Star

and so on in Time DIA Space, until was reached stage of the development of

The Concept of the Living God


Dialectics of Dialectics DIA Negations of Negations

This Ground Plan, based on the Four Elements of this Four-Triangular Star, was eternalized by building the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt

Welcome on the internet portal "Cosmopolis", where you can rent your accommodation by building a webpage, advertise your business, choose a travel destination, and read unique creative articles, which significantly deviate from the existing, omnipresent 'black-white' views on the world. This person, who developed Dialectic Interactive Approach, doesn't expect from you to agree with the exposed ideas and thoughts, but if you want to read something other, which is different from the existing, ideologically deeply imprinted thought patterns, then do not miss this opportunity. Particularly, because in these creative articles was also not avoided the re-consideration of such hot-themes, reflected through this new light, such as, the role of religion, financial markets, freedom (of speech, creative acting, .... of will, of choice), democracy and the like. The presented dialectical way of understanding the time DIA space in full compliance with this methodological approach (dialectic interactive approach), in fact, complements and supplements the Newton's and Einstein's understanding of space and time.

Dialectical Creatively Interactive Approach

On top of this, instead of putting in focus the various IMPERSONAL, societal group categories, it was made a paradigmatic shift of the way of thinking, where the human(e) beings, with their needs, wants and wishes, are in the centre of attention of all participating actors. The role of the creative abilities was clearly emphasised in this methodological approach, because the creative acting (dia the manifested creativity) is also a prerequisite, the fulfillment of which leads humanity into eternity. For those reasons, the cultivation of the individuality DIA humanisation is of the decisive importance for the future progress of any civilisation, particularly in those, where the evil (choices and ways) became prevalent in a considerable degree.

In this purpose, the methodological essence of the hidden (lost) knowledge was also revealed in these creative articles. In short, in dialectical interactive (methodological creative) approach, an important role plays the accumulated experience, knowledge and value (wisdom) of the gone times (dia suitable space). In other words, without the (neglected role of) past in the contemporary (societal) thought at the expense of the (recti)linear understanding of (the 'future' in) time and space, there is no GREAT future for the human genus. A main postulate of this dialectical way of understanding of the role of wisdom [the very essence of the gone times] in the everyday life-reality, is the fact that the unknown at all times significantly exceeds the known (scientific “facts”) because within each span of time and the appropriate scope of space, the ignorance is infinite whilst the knowledge is temporal. In other words, it might be argued, if it is true that knowledge is power, then in WISDOM is hidden the real might. To be understood and properly resolved the paradoxes, phenomena, illusions and challenges of the (recti)linear space and time, this understanding of the space and time was also redefined in these creative articles using the main postulates of the revived pre-ancient knowledge.

Time and Space VERSUS Time dia Space

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

The presented dialectical understanding of time [future (within thee), emotively emotional dia physical presence, past (around thee)] DIA space [spirit, mind dia reason, matter], which is based on the pre-ancient hidden knowledge, revives and introduces, apart from the dialect time in space (future dia spirit), the dialect: space in time (matter embedded in the past). Actually, only this physical aspect and the manifestation of the EXTERNAL time DIA space is observable and understandable because the space in time is perceivable by the means of five basic senses. The methodological pillars of this dialectical understanding of time DIA space are the four elements (fire, water, air, earth). In short, the secrets of this pre-ancient knowledge and the used methodological approach, respectively the secrets of these four pre-ancient elements, were hidden dia eternalized by building the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

To cut this long story short, the riddle of the four pre-ancient elements has been solved by revealing their true (symbolical dia creative) meaning and purpose within this concept of higher knowledge, and then these secrets were implanted into this revived methodological approach: DIALECTICAL INTERACTIVE APPROACH. Here it is very important to emphasize that this dialectical understanding of time DIA space (spirit, mind dia reason, matter), neither replaces nor entirely negates existing static ("absolute") and dynamic ("relativistic") conceptions of time and space, under the condition that they are properly reconsidered and reinterpreted in this broad methodological context of the dialectical interactive approach. Rather, as it will be shown in this creative article, this dialectical way of understanding the time dia space, in fact, complements and supplements the Newton's and Einstein's understanding of space and time. For additional information, read: Dialectical Conception of Time DIA Space.

Culture DIA Religion

The Background Simulative Methodological Assumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

I hope, these creative articles are going to shed more light on this puzzling and still beyond understanding topic of the process of creating of knowledge, because it was re - applied a much broader framework for the creative orientation in this dialectically created eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces of worlds of dialectics, including also the potentially very useful ROLE of philosophy, science, art and culture, understood in terms of the implementation of them in creative purposes, instead of the narrow-specialised comprehension of the role of science OR philosophy OR art OR culture during the process of creating knowledge. Because these interactively creative dialectical processes also take place within the established societal universe of the redefined time DIA space, all resultant social aspects and manifestations of the time in space DIA space in time, were thus reconsidered through the prism of FOUR ELEMENTS (fire, water, air, earth), whose secrets were embedded in DIA inspired the construction of all ancient pyramids.



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