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The Concept of the Living God

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Heavenly Version of the Creation of Human Being DIA Earthly Version of the Creation of Adam and Eva

Plato's Concept of the Model dia Copies in Action

Christian Conception of the Holy Trinity

Who is Creator of the Worlds of Dialectics: God VERSUS Nothing

Apocalypse: Seven Archangels dia Seven Great Prophets on the Day of Judgment

RECCOMMENDED FOR READING: Capabilities of the Modern Mind seen from the Perspective of Creating Knowledge

Plato Timaeus - Part Two: A creative Traveling through the Dialectical Understanding of the Time DIA Space

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Heavenly Version of the Creation of Human Being DIA Earthly Version of the Creation of Adam and Eva

Culture DIA Religion

The White Angel

In this creative article the concept of the Living God was elaborated from the standpoint of the dialectical understanding of time DIA space, including also "A Christian Enlightening DIA Illuminating of the Notion: Living God" (Jovanović, 2006). Pay thy attention that it was not presented nor interpreted as "The Christian" but "A Christian", that is, one of the many possible other interpretations. By the way said, as it is known, the Christian world is also divided to be feasible doing of something like it. Generally speaking, both Hebraism, Christianity and Islam use in their Holy Books, the notion of Living God, as a major common feature of the oriental branches of the God's confessions, although differently understood and interpreted. Or put it in another way, the Hebraism and Islam probably interpret this dialectical content more (or exclusively) through the prism of the Everlasting (IMMORTAL) God. In short, by dialectically reinterpreting this dialectical interactively creative content of the Holy Bible, the idea of the Living God can already be traced in the earthly version of the creation of Earth (1.Moses-2:4-25). On the other hand, the concept of the Eternal (Everlasting) DIA IMMORTAL God, that is, the Living One too (one and only one - Mark-12:29-30, Matthew-22:37-38), uttered from the perspective of eternity (of times) DIA infinity (of spaces), can be recognised in the heavenly human version of the creation of heavens DIA earthens (1.Moses-1 & 2:1-3).

Culture DIA Religion

The Symbol of the Human(e) Genus

Pay thy attention that the Human(e) Being was THE LAST creative act within the heavenly, human version of the creation of the heavens DIA earthens (1.Moses - 1:26-28), within the very residence of the ETERNAL (IMMORTAL) God, hidden somewhere in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces of the worlds of dialectics of His. On the other hand, the earthly version of the creating of Adam and Eva (1.Moses-2:4-25), begins with the description of earth as completely empty (no shrub, .... no plants, no animals ....), and (completely) un-inhabited. In other words, it more reminded on the today’s appearance of the Mars planet than on Earth as it looks out today. In addition to this, compared to the heavenly (human) version of the creation ["Now the Earthens were formless, darkness was over the surface of the deep, ...." (1.Moses, 1:2)], from the earthly version of the creation of Adam and Eva follows that the earth was already formed and there were lights on the sky (though completely un-inhabited). Notice that in the earthly version of the creation of the earth and the sky within the (already created) earthens DIA heavens, Adam was THE FIRST and the single living being

  • [total isolation and loneliness, as a kind of punishment and fate, which is predetermined for various types of apocalypse, caused by the inhuman acting and negligence. For example, destruction and annihilation of this great room of His by making nuclear war (by applying means of fusion and fission), bombing enemies by meteors, asteroids, planets and the similar (many) ways of misuse of the created knowledge. In short, here the word is not about the final apocalypse (described, explained and elaborated on the Day of Judgment), as an ultimate result of the dialectics (of dialectics dia negations of negations) in action. Keep in mind, this great room of His was handed over to the human genus to take care of it, in the form of a covenant before God. As an example of it, read Abraham's pledge (dia accountability) to the Eternal God. But before it, there was a myriad of similar covenants (the very first pledge was given by Adam, personally), as a result of the "renegotiations and mutual agreements" with heavenly forces. The pretense that such evil actings were (and are) caused by inhuman people, which lack the basic human characteristics and qualities, is not the proper excuse. In other words, you have allowed it, or chose this path, if you so will, to be explicitly said. To cut this long story short, reread carefully, thoughtfully and attentively the words from the heavenly (human) version of the creation, which were noted down by 1.Moses – 1:28.],

who had been created and presented on this great stage DIA scene of His. And then, not to be he alone, the LORD God, gradually, over the passage of this dialectical understanding of time DIA space

  • [understood in terms of the next phase of the dialectical development of Adam's growing understanding, and not the next day, month, year, decade, century ... Recall, a recognizable feature of the fused mind-spirit dia reason, is its very strange and inhuman ability to merge and fuse everything and all in this simple-minded (simply reasonable) way. A result of it are also various false interpretations of dialectics in action by translating dia over-simplifying such a complex dialectical interactively creative content in terms of the (recti)linear understanding of time and space. A well-known example of it is the still omnipresent, silly (puerile) conclusion by the fused 'omniscient' minds-spirits, after reading the heavenly (human) version of the creation: 'God [that is, none of them: a heathenish (infidel) translation dia oversimplification of the God] could not create all this in six days' and the similar 'great thoughts' of theirs],

as a kind of the reward dia stake, that is, a pledge supported by the appropriate covenant before the Lord God, formed out of the ground animals, birds, .... and Eva (1.Moses-2).

  • Pay thy attention that Eva was the final act (reward, if you so will) of these initiated dia-processes. In other words, by this act of the Lord God was achieved a prerequisite for the continuation of heavenly version of the creation (of human being): Sixth Day (or dialectical epoch, if you so will) of the act of creation. But Adam and Eva violated the vow (covenant) [seduced by a 'snake'], and immortality was substituted by tasting fruits of the knowledge of (distinguishing) Good from evil. By the way said, based on experience from the everyday (earthly) life, it is still very risky playing with the 'snake' understood in symbolic terms, (although, this is all the way out of the Eden), what is known to each mature girl and boy. But in either way, reconsidered from the dialectical METHODOLOGICAL perspective, the didactic message is: The dialectics (in action), thanks to the wisdom of the Everlasting God, has a proper response to the each action (and activity) of yours or everything else, regardless of what was its inducement, motive and incentive for doing it. In this particular case, if in worlds of dialectics of a time DIA space, reproduction (life dia propagation) of living beings, ... of galaxies with stars.... was chosen, then the proper dialectical response to these events by the dialectics of dialectics (dia negations dia negations) will be some manifestation of the annulment, annihilation,... (death). Otherwise, this vast universe would be filled sooner or later, that is, there would be no conditions for the emergence of life, with which I, thou, we are familiar. For an additional methodological elaboration of this complex dialectical content, READ: Primary Law (Rule) of Dialectics.

By the way said, perceive too, the Lord God (the Father in the Christian terminology: read John - 8:54-55) was also a truly Living God (understood in the earthly terms), Who walked in the garden and was capable to speak (to talk) (1.Moses-3:8-10 + 1.Moses-3:21-24).

Plato's Concept of the Model dia Copies in Action

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces


Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'US'

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space

In either way, it is obvious that this dialectical content cannot be considered in terms of the (recti)linear conceiving and understanding of time [past ⇢ PRESENT TIME ⇢ future] and space [FUSED MIND-spirit, ABANDONED HOLLOW, matter], READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: The Concept of Dialectical Comprehending of Time DIA Space versus Concept of the (Recti)linear understanding of Space and Time", but rather in terms of the DIALECTICAL conceiving and comprehending of time [future, EMOTIVELY emotional presence dia physical presence, past] DIA space [SPIRIT, reason dia mind, matter]. READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectical Comprehending of the Time DIA Space". In other words, each earthly (earthenly) carrying-out into reality by the Living God (Father dia Son) is actually a (physical repetition (embodiment) of the primordial act of creation of all this by the Everlasting (Immortal) God, understood in terms of the dialect - matter. Or uttered it by the words of Plato, the heavenly act of creation (CONCEPTUAL MODEL), EMOTIVE - emotionally impressed and imprinted into the memory of eternity DIA infinity, still being, existing and living there, is each time initiated dia carried out into the living reality (COPY of this eternal model) of a particular time DIA space (of a universe, of a galaxy, for example) by a manifestation of the Everlasting (Immortal) God. READ, "Creative Travelings in Time DIA Space: "Plato-Timaeus" - 2". But sometimes it appears, for the reasons, which are aforementioned as a pattern for thinking, an earthly version of the act of creation of living beings, plants.... has not to be an exact copy of the heavenly version of the creation, based on this eternal model.

Static Math reflected through Prism of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF "US"


Arising DIA Enlightenment of a Simplest One in Time DIA Space

Arising DIA Enlightenment of a Simplest One in Time DIA Space

On the other hand, seen from a dialectical methodological perspective, the next manifestation of the God in time DIA space, and known in the Christian terminology as the SON, is actually, the first-next reappearance of the Living God in time DIA space [read, 1.Moses-2] by the FATHER (acting from inside) DIA HOLY SPIRIT of the ETERNALLY LIVING (Immortal) GOD. In other words, here word goes about a new manifestation of the ETERNAL (Immortal) God IN TIME DIA SPACE (Philippians-2:5-7) (John-1:1-18), (John-16:5-11): The Christian concept, known as the HOLY TRINITY of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit within the time DIA space.

  • THESIS: "You know the way to the place where I am going". (John-14:4).
  • ANTITHESIS: Thomas said Him, "Lord, we don’t know where Thou art going, so how can we know the way?" (John-14:5).
  • SYNTHESIS DIA THE RENEWED THESIS: "Christ answered, "I AM THE WAY and the truth and the life DIA living. No-one comes to the Father except through Me. If you REALLY knew Me, you would know MY FATHER as well. From now on, you DO KNOW Him and HAVE SEEN HIM" (John-14:6-7).
  • THE RENEWED ANTITHESIS: Philip said, "Lord, SHOW US THE FATHER and that will be enough for us" (John-14:8).
  • SYNTHESIS DIA THE AMENDED THESIS: "Christ answered, "Don’t you know Me, Philip, even after I have been among you SUCH A LONG TIME (DIA SPACE: Spirit, Mind, Matter)? Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father, too. How can you say, 'SHOW US the Father’? Don’t believe that I am in Father, and that the Father is in Me. The words I say to you are not just My own. Rather, it is the Father, LIVING IN ME (the Inner Being DIA Inmost One of HIS), who is doing His work" (John-14:9-10).
  • DIALECTIC SYNTHESIS DIA THE (TEMPORAL) CONCLUSION: "The Kingdom of God is within you" (Luke-17:20-21). "Go in by the narrow gate" (Matthew, 7.13 –7.14), because "None can serve two masters" (Matthew 6:21-24). "I tell you truly, if a (wo)man does not receive the kingdom of God like a little child, (s)he will certainly not get into it" (Mark, 10:15); and "you will not get out (from this evil world) until you have paid the last penny” (Luke-12:59).

By the way said, pay thy attention, how it WAS ALSO VERY DIFFICULT TO BE UNDERSTOOD by the Apostles these (very distinct) sentences of Christ. Read also, the story about "The Golden Calf" (2.Moses-32). In short, this is a typical manifestation of DIA consequence of the reasoning in terms of the (recti)linear understanding of space [fused (merged) mind-spirit, ABANDONED HOLLOW, MATTER] and time [past ⇢ PRESENT TIME ⇢ future], which can ONLY be interpreted by the MERGED (FUSED) mind and spirit, in some form of presenting a dialectical content, AS SOMETHING (TOUCHABLE, TANGIBLE AND VISIBLE) OUTSIDE of us. Actually, still today is dominant and clearly recognisable this typical (matter-like) pattern of thinking (for the orientation) within the ruling (recti)linear understanding of time and space, respectively, "Lord, SHOW US THE FATHER and that will be enough ....". READ, "The (Recti)linear Comprehending of Space and Time: The Concept of the Physical Universe".

Life-Vital Four-Triangular Star, as a Creative Upshot of the Three Basic Dialectical Principles, Aspects, Properties and Manifestations in the Time DIA Space

Life-Vital Four-Triangular Star, as a Creative Outcome of the Acting Three Basic Dialectical Principles, Aspects, Properties and Manifestations in the Time DIA Space

Here it is very important to be emphasised that it was spent the accessible accumulated light (quality) within the HUMAN (INNER) bodies, cultivated from generation to generation over passage of this dialectical understanding of time DIA space [SPIRIT, mind, matter], which actually allows conceiving and birth within them so many spiritually highly developed heavenly beings. In this context, it also should be understood the endeavoring of forces of darkness to be wiped out all traces of the creative acting of the emissaries of His as well as why 'they' DIA them, understood in terms of their recognisable attitude to the meaning of life DIA living, have prevailed during the all (recorded) time DIA space. In either way, in those time DIA space, on these expanses Christ was born, as well as John Baptist, who also had his disciples, about whose spiritual abilities and the appropriate capabilities of their minds is little known (no written traces). As a result of all this, the accumulated light within the Hebrew folk was diluted DIA distributed on the (too) many persons. Recall too, this folk was previously (again) exiled, resettled and (spiritually, mindually and genetically) scattered (dispersed) six centuries earlier.

In this light (broader context), it also should be considered the later involvement DIA conversion of the Apostle Paul (Acts-9), who was born within a body DIA inner being, which didn't allow him to recognise his true life mission from beginning (1. Corinthians-15:32-34). In other words, it needed time DIA space in order to be feasible the GERMINATION of his true (heavenly) personality within the allocated inner DIA inmost being, refreshed and renewed by the later (additional) spiritual breath (stimulus) of the resurrected Christ (1.Timothy-1:12-17 + Galatians-1:11-24).

  • "For I am the least of the apostles and do not even deserve to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the followers of Christ. But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace to me was not without effect. No, I WORKED HARDER (on cleaning my inner being) THAN ALL OF THEM – yet not I, but the grace of God that was (all the time DIA space) with(IN) ME. Whether, then, it was I or they, this is what we preach, and this is in what you believed" (1. Corinthians-15:9-11).

In short, by these dialectical content of Holy Books and Scriptures was conjured up by means of implementation of the dialects - philosophy and culture, how can be cross-bridged these (remote) shores and prevailed boundaries of the unknown in time DIA space into known (to create knowledge). Or by the words of this creator of knowledge, how the gap can be prevailed, that separates thee from the greatest creator of knowledge: God. A prerequisite for achieving it is continual cleaning, cultivating (receiving and maintaining: Mark, 10:15 DIA David - 51:5 - 17), and the re-enlightenment of this inner kingdom ["The Kingdom of God is within thee" (Luke - 17:20-21)], followed by a further and further strengthening of the power of (own) spirit and the corresponding spiritual abilities by working within thyself dia the spirit of God. To be grasped something like it, it should be seriously taken into the (creative) reconsideration the way, on which the Holy Books and Scriptures were noted down, that is, CAME INTO BEING, regardless of what both modern scientists and 'scientists' say.

Recall DIA RECOLLECT THYSELF, a human being should never allow his human abilities to be reduced on the level of a simple - minded person (1.Moses – 1:28) because the capabilities of their reasoning, spiritual and mindual (cognitive) abilities are based on two completely different creative frameworks for orientation in time "DIA versus AND" space: "future, emotively emotional dia physical PRESENCE, past DIA SPIRIT, mind dia reason, matter" COMPARED WITH THE "past ⇢ PRESENT (TIME) ⇢ future AND the FUSED mind-spirit, ABANDONED HOLLOW, matter". After the all mentioned in this creative article, dedicated to this Dialectical Understanding of the Spiritual DIA Mindual Intelligence, it is not a bad idea to be expounded, why this creator of knowledge does not use the notion "Spiritually - Mindual Intellect", because the Greatest Creator of all cannot be "greeted" without the possessing some kind of these (cap)abilities? For an Answer to this risen question, READ, Barriers to Development of the Spiritually - Mindual Intellect.

Christian Conception of the Holy Trinity

Pay also thy attention to the fact that the Christian notions, in the later developed concept of the Holy Trinity DIA Oneness, the FATHER, SON (the Living God) DIA the HOLY SPIRIT, manifested in the time DIA space AS THE HOLY TRINITY, are actually the manifestation of the ONE same person: The Dialectical ONENESS (Unity) of the EVERLASTING (Immortal) Living God, in this particular case manifested within the time DIA space, acting from the eternity (of times) DIA infinity (of spaces). For this reason, within the developed dialectical interactive approach, there were clearly distinguished the notions, eternity DIA infinity FROM the TIMEs DIA SPACEs within the worlds of dialectics of God. As somebody said: "Everything that lasts (in time) will (one day) pass away (DIA space)". Only the eternity is eternal (DIA infinity) [and they, who manage to get into it]."

The Concept of the Simple Mind

The Natiocratic Pyramid


Methodological Reasoning DIA Comprehending of the (Recti)linear Space and Time, understood AS SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF 'US'

(Recti)linear Creative Framework for the Orientation in Time AND Space

Recall, just this dialectical content [Three Personalities DIA Oneness (of Living God)] had initiated and led to the division of the Christianity, starting with the first one in Niccea. Until these modern days, it has been continued with the disagreement within the introduced concept of the Holy Trinity. One of these still actual disagreements, based on the (recti)linear understanding of time and space, among other (two?) akin ones is: "Whether, the Holy Spirit had resulted from the Father (orthodox theologs - dogmatics) OR from the Son (catholic theologs - dogmatics)!” NOTICE, there is no third, fourth, .... mode, way. To remind me-thee-us, such (and similar) (kinds of the) disagreements led to the next great division of the Christianity, on the Orthodox and the Catholic Church (year, 1054). Then, as a result of the moving away the established cleric INSTITUTIONS from the (protection of interests of) true believers in the benefit of serving the interests of the ruling natiocratic elite (Matthew, 15:7–19), it followed by the separation of the Protestantism (comprised of several denominations) from the Catholic Church, during the Reformation and so on. All these kinds of changes were barren, because by these acts neither was changed the natiocratic way of thinking nor its postulates.

On the contrary, the final result of all these efforts and reforms is this modern manifestation of the heathenism, that is, the prevailed natiocratic neo-secularly INSPIRED and motivated (or imposed, in one or another way) 'practicing' of the religion. READ, "The (Recti)linear Comprehending of Space and Time: The Concept of the Natiocracy". The discredited Christianity, as a religion of God, was pushed aside and its influence on the "modern" flow of events in societies is insignificant. Moreover, within the Christianity, in this time and space of the rule of modern manifesting of paganism, read Luke-6-49, it can be nowhere recognised neither the essence of nor the fulfillment of precondition for following of the afore mentioned "WAY" and attitude to the life DIA living (Matthew, 7:24–29), demonstrated by CHRIST PERSONALLY (John-14:6)]. To remind me-thee-us, Christ withstood to the inhuman and cruel acting of ALL natiocratic institutions of that time and space in order to be heard voices of the lowest castes AND THE BELIEVERS IN GOD, AT THE FIRST PLACE DIA the voice of God, whose interests no one else truly represented.

Dialectic Interactive Approach

Guardian Angel of the Human(e) Genus and Family

In short, the heavenly voice of the God, that is, what God would say in a particular scenario in time DIA appropriate situation in space, considered from the perspective of DISTINGUISHING GOOD from evil (Matthew, 7:15–29), ALWAYS has to be pronounced (heard), without fear of the earthly forces of darkness (Isaiah-51:7-8, Isaiah-51:12-16), which existed and acted (behind the dark sceneries) throughout the all recorded (recti)linear time and space. In other words, this is THE PRECONDITION in order to be followed the way of Christ (Luke, 6:43-49), understood in terms of further purifying her, his (inner) kingdom (Matthew, 12:33–37), as well as of following of this earthly still thorny DIA Heavenly Illuminated Pathway of the God that is a main feature of each society, where prevails evil (ways). In spite of that, this narrow pathway was followed by all prophets and emissaries of His.

If anyone of you still does not agree with the said, open the Holy Books and Scriptures and read their life-stories. Otherwise, if it truly was allowed spending of the promised after-life TO ALL IN THE PERSONAL presence of (the Everlasting) God (or in any higher world, where it prevails good), as some (christian) clerics still preach it, hope, it is not difficult to be conjured up, what would truly happen in such a dark scenario in time DIA situation in space, that is, into what kind of the (evil) living environment, the very paradise of God, WOULD BE TRANSFORMED, with such kind of the mute and silent witnesses of the current events all around of you. Bingo!

In other words, the paradise of God would look like, very soon after the arrival of such inhabitants, together with their various 'attachments, pets and habits', as these (promised) "paradises" (of the various lands of dreams) around me-thee-us. Or uttering this heavenly dialectical content in the earthly way, if nothing changes, the humane and working conditions for the living in the colonised Mars, for example, would be approximately the same, as it is today on the Earth. Bingo! In short, no any HUMAN AND HUMANE BEING, and particularly, a true follower of God would wish coming true (realisation) of such a undesirable scenario in time DIA situation in space (Matthew, 13:47–50).

If anyone of you still does not agree with the said, the question is, why don't you want to create the paradise of God (PREVIOUSLY) here (on the Earth)? Bingo! What does it prevent you to achieve it, if you do not agree with the well elaborated reasons, noted down in these creative articles by this creator of knowledge? Or, you want to say that this kind of the paradise here on the Earth is your vision of the heavenly one? Bingo! For this simple reason, keep in mind, each EXTERNAL dialectical societal universe is and will be always in accordance with the (compounded) cleanness of the INNER DIA inmost beings (inner kingdoms) of its inhabitants. Or put it in another way, each established societal order requires the suitable level of the developed consciousness of its inhabitants, which is externally manifested through the relation between the good and evil in a concrete society. In other words, anyone, who has ambition, to arrive in a higher world, where it prevails good, (s)he previously has to purify and ennoble her, his inner kingdom in the extent (Luke, 17:20-21), which is in accordance with her, his ambitions. Bingo!

  • Lo! Christ said to me: "Don’t be afraid of them. What is veiled must be unveiled, and what is hidden must be made known. What I tell thee in the night, speak in the full light of day; broadcast from the housetops, what is whispered in thy ear. Don’t be afraid of those who can kill the body but who cannot kill the soul. The one thou must fear is the One Who is able to destroy both body and soul in hell" (Matthew, 10.26-28, Luke 12.4).

Introduction into Dialectic Interactive Approach

Couple Dialect: Thesis DIA Antithesis

Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

Synthese DIA "G" → The Renewed Thesis in the Time DIA Space

ETC. in the Time DIA Space UNTIL

Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space: The Concept of the Dialectical Universe

"G" → The Temporal Conclusion of / in the Time DIA Space was achieved

If someone asked this creator of knowledge, what it makes so specific the Christianity, compared to other religions of God, the answer of his would be: Just, concept of the Holy Trinity DIA Oneness, understood in terms of action by the Eternal (Immortal) God! In other words, although the concept of the Holy Trinity DIA Oneness (Dialectic Unity) is based on the DIALECTIC WAY OF THINKING, its creators, and particularly its later proponents, didn't manage to free themselves of the burden of the (recti)linear DIA dual way of deliberation and thinking. Recall, a consequence of this 'OR - OR' created defect is the bipolar DIA binary way of thinking. And a (n evolutionary) natural consequences of this (OR-OR) way of the thinking are various manifestations of the (black-white, yes-no, ...) division in the living reality. In either case, just reconsider its consisting dialects in THE TIME DIA SPACE, presented in the way and ranked by Christ self (Mark - 3:28-29, Luke 12.10 and Matthew - 12:31-32 DIA Philippians - 2:5-7),

  • The Holy Spirit [of the Eternal (Immortal) God],
  • Father [the Primeval Living God in time DIA space],
  • Son [Reappearance of the Living God in time DIA space (actually, Father is living in the Son, and is doing His part of work)],

  • The Immortal God, as a manifestation of the forever Living God, understood in terms of the eternity DIA infinity: Dialectical Unity dia Oneness of the One Same Person in the eternity (of times) DIA infinity (of spaces),

and compare it to the basic dialects of the developed dialectic interactive approach:

  • Thesis,
  • Antithesis,
  • Synthesis
  • the renewed Thesis,

.... a renewed antithesis, ...., and so on in the time DIA space, until a temporal conclusion {of the considered time [future, presence, past] DIA space (spirit, mind dia reason, matter)} was achieved. Pay thy attention, in the bipolar DIA binary way of thinking all happens in the EXTERNEN (superficial, "OR - OR") world, whereas in the dialectical way of thinking, the initiated dialectical processes symbolically start dia take place within the INNEREN (theoretically infinite) worlds of the (six-pointed) stars (DEEPNESS).

Culture DIA Religion Culture DIA Religion


Culture DIA Religion The (Recti)linear Comprehending of Space and Time: The Concept of the Physical Universe

In order to become more familiar with this complex way of the thinking, understood in terms of the myriad of dialectic quartets DIA triads, that is, in terms of the ("quartet") three (3) DIA one (1), READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectics of Dialectics DIA Negations of Negations". Hope, it was at least not so difficult to understand, that here the word goes about the same dialectical interactive content, uttered from the perspective of different capabilities of the dialectical synthesising within the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces, that is, from the standpoint of the Number One [1: exclusively reserved for the Eternal DIA Immortal God), the number Three (3: Divine Angelic) and the number four (4: the most appropriate for the Human Beings). On the other hand, the thinking in terms of numbers more than the four dialects was reserved for the "enormous" mind's faculties of the proponents of the (concept of) simple(st) DIA vulgar mind, READ, "The Concept of the Simple(st) Mind", because only 'they' DIA them are able to arise themselves far above the human and divine beings, and even to surpass (cap)abilities of the dialectical synthesising of God. In either way, the thinking and reflecting by means of the "quartet" (4) of dialects is the most appropriate way for the human beings, READ, "Fundaments of the Mental-Emotional Intelligence", because depending on the kind of the resulting eight-pointed star, can be already made a conclusion, whether the scientific, philosophical, artistic and cultural creative voyage will give a desired creative upshot (Germinating DIA Potentially Fruit - Bearing Eight-Pointed Star) or not (Unfruit-Bringing DIA Stunted Eight-Pointed Star) as well as its achieved quality: The twelve-pointed star versus the parallelogram. READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Three Basic Dialectical Principles, Aspects, Properties and Manifestations in the Time DIA Space".

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

On the other hand, a part of the answer to another interesting question, how the re-continuity and integrity of the Living God in the eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces of the worlds of dialectics is feasible, can be found out within the CONTINUAL RENEWING of the manifested Living God in time DIA space by the Holy Spirit of the Everlasting (Immortal) Living God, whereas the rest of this answer might be found by attentive reading the older (more spiritually philosophical) Scriptures DIA confessions of God (in the Far East). Read also words of Paul', related to this dialectical contents, noted down in the 1.Corinthians-2:10-16. In either case, in this all-comprised way of the renewal by the Holy Spirit of the Everlasting God, that is, the renewal from the standpoint of THE ETERNITY (of times) DIA INFINITY (of spaces), it has been avoided the corruption, degeneration, accordingly any defective (spoiled) manner of acting of the manifested Living God IN THE TIME DIA SPACE, no matter, how long He lived. For example, as a result of any kind of the temptation, including the well known, unavailing temptation of Christ by devil, Satan, .... (Luke-4:1-13, Mark-1:12-13). Read also, as a supplemented antithesis, Christ's words in regard with this dialectical interactive content, noted down by Mark-10:18-19 and Matthew-9:17-19.

In other words, seen from the perspective of the eternity DIA infinity of the worlds of dialectics, the Holy Spirit is always impartial and for this reason, in a dialectically long run always leads to the justice DIA righteousness (read also Psalm-85:10-13). This was one of many reasons, why Christ said:

  • "(Wo)Men will be forgiven for everything, for all their sins and their insults to Father (within times DIA spaces). But if anyone insults the Holy Spirit, (s)he will never be forgiven for ever. (S)He is guilty of a sin that not even Eternity can wipe out" (Mark 3.28-29, Luke 12.10 and Matthew 12.31-12-32).

In short, it cannot be made a copy of the "genetic code" of the Holy Spirit nor be falsified or be corrupted, because the Holy Spirit is always renewed by the breath of the Everlasting (Eternal) God: Living DIA Immortal God.

Source: "Traces of Dialectics in Time DIA Space – Methodology for Creating Knowledge, Jovanović, 2001"
Case 2.3 Exercise thy Intuition and Abilities of Dialectical Synthesising by applying Philosophical, Cultural, Artistic and Scientific Dialect.

READ also, "Dialectical Concept of the Spiritual DIA Mindual Intelligence: Koncept of the Retrospective Recollection."

Who is Creator of the Worlds of Dialectics: God VERSUS Nothing

Furthermore, thanks to the wisdom of the Everlasting DIA Immortal God, although various kinds of the apocalypses are both possible and unavoidable over passage of the time DIA space, the created worlds of dialectics of His, as a whole, cannot be neither ended nor be destroyed in absolute terms. In short, because of the fact, it had been already once created, this dialectical content, understood in terms of the time DIA space, had been also impressed and imprinted into the (memory of the) eternity DIA infinity. As a result of this, these imprinted traces there cannot be wiped out in the ABSOLUTE TERMS OF THIS NOTION. Read also, Luke 8.17 and Mark 4.22–23. Even the scientific counter-thesis, that "all this came into being by means of NOTHING", can be used as a proof of the eternity DIA infinity of this God's creation. In other words, even if it was assumed and literally accepted this scientific statement, it only shows that if the world of dialectics truly "came into being from DIA by help of nothing", then it is even easier to emerge again, because nobody can argue, nor speculate, at this moment DIA place, as a component of it, it was not existed, accordingly its existence was already impressed and imprinted into some kind of the memory, in the spiritual one, for example. Actually, by this dialectical content under consideration in time DIA space only was stressed the RELIGIOUS MEANING of this (barren) dispute, that is, the obscurely hidden 'neo-secular' attitude towards this dialectical content VERSUS the well known attitude of the believers (in God). Or more simply said, all this can be deduced on dilemma, who played the decisive ROLE OF THE CREATOR OF ALL THIS, that is, whether it was done by the neo-secular 'theological' (concept of the) 'nothing' VERSUS the God created it.

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces

Dialectical Creative Framework for Orientation in the Eternity of Times DIA Infinity of Spaces


Culture DIA Religion

The Background Simulative Methodological Assumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

From all these mentioned reasons, according to the opinion of this creator of knowledge, the dilemma how all this came into being, is not anymore so important and RELEVANT in this case, neither within the realm of science, but rather, by going methodologically beyond this dialectical contents under consideration, how this mysterious 'creator' ('nothing') VERSUS Greatest Creator of all (God), had created himself, because without the creator (subject) there is no creation (object). READ, "Plato Timaeus - Part One: The hidden knowledge of Plato's Demiurge". In other words, by dialectically synthesising all aforementioned, the (cultural, philosophic, artistic and scientific) dilemma is: How 'nothing' created 'nothing' VERSUS how the God created himself, IN ORDER, as the next step, TO BE CREATED ALL THIS. No doubt, the easiest way from these four ones mentioned, in accordance with the MODERN APPROACH to the creating knowledge, READ, "Capabilities of the Modern Mind seen from the Perspective of Creating Knowledge", is EACH KIND OF THE ARTISTIC SOLUTION, accordingly, the writing an exciting novella, a poem, a movie based on the science fiction and the like.

For example, as an idea and pattern for this kind of the artistic thinking, imagine their obscured dark (hidden) master, how being not satisfied with the creative acting of their subordinated adherents, in spite of the provided good working conditions for the creative acting, including their enormous invested efforts, that is, after they accepted the devil's offer (Luke-4:5), shouts to them: "You are (capable for) nothing and (worth) nothing!" And then imagine, how these frustrated and made traumatic "capable-for-nothing", try TO MAKE NOTHING of all it, thereby repeating it like parrots (in vain to the emissaries of God) DIA carrying out these words of (the master of) darkness into the living reality of this created world of dialectics of God. In either case, it is OPPOSITE TO the words of God and for this reason, a message to the followers of this way of thinking is:

  • "Woe to the obstinate children", declares Lord, "to those who carry out plans and hidden schemes that are not Mine, forming alliance, but not by My Spirit, heaping sin upon sin” (Isa-30:1). "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter" (Isa-5:20). "Woe to those who draw sin along the path of life with cords of deceit [delusions DIA illusions], and wickedness as with cart ropes; to those who say, Let God hurry, Let Him hasten His work, so that ’we’ may see it. Let it (apocalypse) approach, LET THE PLAN of the Holy One COME, so that ’we’ finally may know it” (Isa-5:18-20).

Apocalypse: Seven Archangels dia Seven Great Prophets on the Day of Judgment

Culture DIA Religion

The Background Simulative Methodological Assumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach


The Methodological Creative Framework

The Ultimate DIA Probable Methodological Presumptions of the Dialectic Interactive Approach

On the other hand, considered it from the perspective of the developed and introduced DIALECTIC INTERACTIVE APPROACH, which is based on the PRE-ANCIENT CREATIVE APPROACH towards discovery the unknown in time DIA space, this "modern (one-way) creative (ARTISTIC) approach" is inadequate, due to the background simulative assumptions of this REVIVED pre-ancient approach. In other words, each dialectical content under the creative consideration should be, among others, reflected DIA considered in terms of the dialectical contradicting it from these FOUR (tri)angles of the (great pyramid of) philosophy, culture, art and science. Recall, within this dialectical approach, one-sided consideration of any of these four broad spheres of human acting, has no true creative meaning, particularly, if it was considered such a complex dialectical content, as it was this one. Do you know any other more complex dialectical content than this? READ, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: The Methodological Creative Framework". In order to be easier conceived, comprehended and understood this unutterably complex dialectical content, this creator of knowledge also recommends to all, to be read attentively again "The Revelation to St. John Divine", and its messages. Particularly, the seven (7) messages (of the 7 Archangels/Holy Seers, represented by the seven golden lampstands) are important, referred to the seven (7) temples of God (religions) in chapters 2 and 3, beginning with the words, "to the victor in the battle of life (to Him who overcomes) …. “

It is very difficult to conceive, and then to grasp and understand IN LITERAL SENSE, that such great rewards could be promised to the seven LOCAL churches. Particularly, by the Someone (the Living God), who was placed among the seven golden lampstands, "with golden sash round his chest, and who in his right hand held seven stars". Pay thy heed, there is no mentioning the church of Jerusalem and other large gentile church-communities. From this follows, the names of religions of God were simply replaced by the town-names of these seven local churches. In other words, it seems to this experiential traveler through time DIA space [spirit, mind, matter] that this important part of the New Testament was apparently "decorated", whether by the so-called earthly prophets by the goal of serving local (religious) earthly purposes (thesis), or perhaps later it truly was revivified in such a (divine) way by St. John Divine (antithesis-1) through the John Baptist, acting inside of him.

Or uttered it in another way (antithesis-2), the names of the all religions of God were not known to this (inner) creator because all of them were still not existed (Christianity and Islam, for example). In short, to the opinion of this creator of knowledge (synthesis DIA the renewed thesis), the Book of Revelation was truly based on the original text, written by John Baptists. This opinion was based on the undertaken creative journey, which showed that these patterns of thoughts [Seven Archangels, Seven Religions of God and so on] were postulates of the teaching by John Baptist. In addition to this, compare this thesis, and then DIALECTICALLY SYNTHESISE IT IN TIME DIA SPACE to the following translation. By the way said, words actually could be a part of the original text [antithesis]. Keep in mind, it is very difficult to accurately and authentically translate the heavenly thoughts with appropriate earthly words:

  • Then He placed his right hand on me and said: "Do not be afraid, I am the First and the Last. I am the Living One. I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever. And I hold the keys of death and hades. Write, therefore, what thou hast seen, what is now and what will take place LATER. The mystery of the seven stars that thou saw in My right hand and of the seven golden lampstands, is this: The SEVEN STARS represent the (SEVEN) ARCHANGELS of the SEVEN TEMPLES (RELIGIONS) OF GOD, and the SEVEN GOLDEN LAMPSTANDS represent the SEVEN TEMPLES (RELIGIONS) OF GOD" (The Book of Revelation, 1:17-20, creatively adapted).

In either way, in the "Book of Revelation", within some kind of the inter-time DIA inter-space (interstice) of the eternity DIA infinity (ENTRANCE-HALL), where are met the most selected and best part of (meaning of being) a human one with the angelic one, had been also conjured up by John Divine an ANGELIC manifestation of the God, that is, He was presented as an Almighty Angel (Revelation-5-2). During this scene He proclaims in a loud voice, "Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll (with the list of for ever living)", sealed with seven seals of the seven eyes of God

  • [Great Prophets / Seers: Founders of the Seven Religions of God],

which had ranged throughout the earth (Zechariah - 4:10). In other words, it is about the Seven Archangels / Seers-Enlighteners, who are also present within this heavenly entrance-hall of His during this solemn ceremony. Read also, "The Teaching of Buddha – Maha Parinibbana Suttanta", ("Prematurely THE EYE OF THE HEAVEN has vanished") DIA the words of Great Prophet Mohhamed-17:13,

  • ["The fate of each (wo)man WE (the Seven Archangels / Seers) have bound about her/his neck. On the Day of Judgment (DIA Resurrection), We shall confront her/him with a Book spread wide open, saying: "Here is thy book: Read it. Enough from thee this day that thy own soul (had time DIA space to) call thyself to settle accounts with it"].

And then finally appears on the stage of this DIVINE INITIATION (of crowning), the Victor in the battle of life [the "Lamb", read too the evangelic interpretation of the "Lamb", Mark, 10:15], WHO IS ONLY able to open this scroll by BREAKING ITS SEVEN SEALS, "standing in the centre of this heavenly throne, encircled by the four living creatures and the twenty four elders-wise men." (Revelation, 5:6). Perceive, this (scene with the) Almighty Angel and the Seven Archangels can be recognised in the seven key-scenes within the eternity of times DIA situations in the infinity of spaces, within this very short "Book of Revelation", 7-2, 8-3 & 10-1, 16-1, 19-13 & 20-9, 21-7, 22-4. For all aforementioned reasons, a true believer should never hurle insult at any of the Seven Archangels

    [or Holy Seers, including also the Seven Manus of the ancient Hinduism, understood in terms of For-runners (Beam-Rays) of the Seven Archangeles],

but rather treat them with Respect, because the notion-Archangel (Holy Seer) is a universal divine appearance, which is present in each of the Seven God's Religions, manifested in one or another way. Or expressed differently, try to avoid the omitting of thy name in the scroll sealed with SEVEN SEALS of the Seven Eyes of God. In other words, if thou truly enjoy the spiritual fruits of thy religion, then it is easy, as well as human and humane allowing thy spiritual sisters and brothers to enjoy akin fruits of their religion because their seeds came from the same Heavenly Tree [of the Knowledge and Wisdom, planted and cultivated by the Eternal (Immortal) God, regardless of how it is interpreted within the Seven Temples (of His)]. By the way, treating others as thou wanted to be treated by them, understood in terms of distinguishing Good from evil, is actually real (earthly) meaning of this interpretation of the universal (heavenly) tolerance, the lack of which is also one of the causes of the inhuman happenings all round me, thee, us.

For this reason, try to arise thyself as a (great) individual above the narrow-minded earthly (natiocratic) interests, only reward of which are the short-term delights, pleasures and honors. All this is triggered and driven by the way of thinking of the crowd, divided in groups, as a result of the ruling bipolar (OR - OR) dia binary way of thinking: the selected OR-option in a way that is inappropriate and unworthy to each (individual) humane being. In short, do thy best disseminating light of good from the Star of thy Golden Lampstand because it was ignited by this universal Heavenly Torch from the Tree of Knowledge and Wisdom of His. By concluding this dialectical content, dedicated to the concept of the Living God, within this divine initiation can be tracked an example of the previously mentioned DIALECTICAL TRANSFIGURATION DIA MANIFESTATION of the Eternal (Immortal) God (from the eternity DIA infinity) into the Living God within time DIA space, which is predetermined for the Victor in the battle of life:

  • "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the Victor in the battle of Life, who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the tree of life. The Victor in the battle of life will inherit all this, and I will be his God (Father) and He will be my Son" (The Revelation to John-21:6-7).
  • Compare these words with Isaiah's ones - 41:4 too: "Who has done all this and carried it through, calling forth the generations from the very beginning? I, Lord - with the first of them and with the last - I AM HE."
  • "Who of us can dwell with the consuming fire? Who of us can dwell with everlasting burning? (S)He who walks righteously and speaks what is right, who rejects gain from extortion and keeps her / his hand from accepting bribes, who stops her / his ears against contemplating evil and secret schemes – this is the human(e) being (humanisation DIA divining), who will dwell on the heavenly highs, whose refuge will be mountain fortress. Her / His bread will be supplied and water will not fail her / him. Your eyes will see the Victor in the battle of life in all his beauty and view a land that stretches" (Isaiah -33:14-22). Read also Isaiah -11:1-5 and Isaiah-35:8-10, and then reflect it through the prism of The Book of Revelation-21.