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Культивирование Унаследованных ДИA Приобретенные Духовные Способности в течение Времени ДИA Пространство

Белый Ангел

1 .

The inherited ДИA acquired spiritual (cap)abilities have to be cultivated and maintained over time DIA space. Similarly, as the crossbred plants have to be continually tiled and cultivated, the acquired spiritual (cap)abilities have also need for a continual maintaining them. In other words, what happens with a crossbred plant when was stopped with tillage and cultivation or even worse when it was planted in the wildness, the similar fate has been destined for a (wo)man). Furthermore, the improving DIA ennoblement of the acquired spiritual (cap)abilities over time DIA space is also highly desired. Particularly, the conveying, implanting and cultivation of the spiritual (cap)abilities is important for new generations. Keep in thy mind, the inborn naivety, genuity and innocence of a small child, inhaled through the spirit of new life DIA living, will be overwritten and replaced over time DIA space by her / his true (more or less good or evil) nature (temper), if it was undertaken nothing against this "natural" force. Recall, the core of the inner "kingdom" can be composed DIA inherited in terms of time DIA space from any of the ancestors. On the other hand, the inmost being is in whole thy recognisable sign within the worlds of dialectics of God, no matter, where, when and in which form (of life) you were being or existed.

Человекoлюбиво Существо


The previously said is also observable and perceivable within the worlds of beasts, animals and the like. Pay thy particular attention, the very young offspring of a beast behaviours similarly to a small child, that is, in sense of the prior described naivety and innocence, likes to play with others, to be petted and the like. But by passing of time DIA space, these features were (gradually) replaced by its true nature (temper). This is especially important to be emphasised for those ones, who do not hide to be followers of the natural evolutionary path DIA natural selection, particularly in the role of pedagogues of its own offspring, as well as those who belong to others. Because an important feature of the developed dialectic interactive approach is tolerance of the various ways of thinking, attitude towards (the meaning of) life DIA living and the like, in order to be avoided senseless TRANSITION OF THE ALL INVOLVED PARTICIPANTS of this (for a long time ago) initiated dia-process into the prior discussed world of beasts and animals, to be solved this dilemma or misunderstanding, if you so will, as the first undertaken step, it was ABONDONED the (ruling) crowd DIA group way of thinking. In other words, it was replaced by the individual (humane) way of thinking, to be opened the path in time DIA space that leads to the forming associations of teams.

Белый Ангел

3 .

The ruling mob DIA group way of thinking is clearly observable and perceivable within the [scientific, philosophical, artistic, cultural or if you so will, within the suitable business, ideological and political] debate too, regarding the developed concepts based on "The Theory of Natural Evolution DIA Natural Selection". Just pay thy attention, how much both mental and emotional energy has been spent on the barren discussions in terms of convincing of its validity for ALL members of the (wo)mankind, between the adherents and opponents of this concept of ideas. Although, seen from a perspective of ruling mob DIA group way of thinking, it will always finish at the very end of it, in one OR another side of this imaginative rectilinear time and space (reflecting the binary DIA dual pattern of thinking), followed by endless attempts of other side to return the lost "weight" by trying to impose its own concept to all others, during this dangerous levering, that has been already demonstrated within the written past. As an example, reconsider the invested efforts of the predecessors of the existing ruling elite, allied and supported by the those-days' religious establishment, to achieve and reach the opposite mob DIA group ideal, also by the use of various manifestations of force. Although these ideas were not spread in the whole (unglobalised) world DIA applied in the same extent everywhere, by dialectical synthesising this dialectic interactive content in time DIA space in terms of the acquired (or forgotten and lost) historical knowledge and memory, can be drawn out the adequate conclusion DIA DIDACTIC MESSAGE. The old proverb says: The cleaver person learns from the mistakes done by others, whereas the stupid person repeats them. In either way, from the exposed dialectical content, it is clear to any outsider of this barren discussion that continuation of it in time DIA space (for ever) is totally both meaningless and senseless: An absurdity.


Человекoлюбиво Существо


Unfortunately, in spite of the all previously said, the ruling mob DIA group way of thinking, literary understood in terms of its basic binary DIA dual postulate, it seems, is not able to accept the possibility DIA feasibility of a third, fourth, .... (alternative) option DIA opportunity, that leads to the exit from this magic circle. As an example regarding the current living reality, just try to suggest it in the role of an individual. Sooner or later, thou art going to be confronted, either plainly or obscurely, by the well-known question of theirs for sure will be: "Are you for us or against us". Although thou art perhaps against all of them, and particularly against such a simple-minded way of thinking. In short, as a solution for the dilemma DIA exit from it, regarding "The Theory of Natural Evolution DIA Natural Selection", might be used the human(e) INDIVIDUAL approach DIA way of thinking, uttered for example, by THE WISE words of Abraham, called on the name of the LORD, instead of the meaningless quarrelling in terms of the suitable "convincing", based on the prior elaborated mob DIA group way of thinking:

  • "Let's no have any quarrelling between you and me, or between your herdsmen and mine, for we are brothers. Is not the whole land before you? LET"S PART COMPANY. If you go to the left, I'll go to the right; If you go to the right, I'll go to the left (1.Moses-13:5-18)."

Белый Ангел


After this long, but necessary digression in time DIA space, it was again returned in the sphere of an another important aspect of the cultivation and ennoblement of the inherited DIA acquired spiritual (cap)abilities of the new generations. In other words, the spiritual DIA mindual environment within which will be brought up and edificated in purpose of further education of new generations is an unavoidable issue. To be found an answer to the question, what is the best approach, it should be taken into consideration the achieved level of the developed consciousness DIA conscience of the inhabitants of the concrete societal unit. Or more simply said, it should be reconsidered the relation between the good and evil (forces) within it. No doubt, in an environment, where good (significantly) prevails, it is much easier to be accomplished this very important task. During the accomplishment of it within such an environment, to be prevented the strong influence of the child's true unwished nature (temper), the best contra-acting is just prolongation of the duration of child's inborn naivety, frankness, harmlessness and artlessness. This creator of knowledge hopes that the following Christ’s words for a deep thinking are going additionally to inspire DIA motivate you in order to be created such a soft (good) environment, to be shown trueness of the prior elaborated, as an antithesis to His another statement, related to this dialectical content ["I tell you truly, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny (Luke-12:59)"]:

  • "LET THE LITTLE CHILDREN come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you truly, if a (wo)man (ADULT) does not receive the kingdom of God like a little child, (s)he will certainly not get into it. And He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them” (Mark, 10:14-15).


Человекoлюбиво Существо


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