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The Notion Living God in other Religions

The Human Being

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Here it should be emphasised, although it might be argued that believers of both Hebraism, Christianity and Islam are also followers of the Everlasting God DIA the Living God, in accordance with own conceiving of its (religious) meaning (and particularly DOCTRINAL one), it does not mean that the believers of other four large God's confessions are followers of the some kind of 'dead god' or of the cult of death and the similar dark considerations, but rather of spiritual DIA mindual features of the Inner Being DIA Inmost One of the eternal DIA everlasting GOD. In other words, although this creator of knowledge also has opportunity to read some comments of theirs, uttered in terms of understanding the life DIA living as an evil, it mustn't be accepted in literal terms. Just try to imagine, how it would be A NICE LIFE HERE, on this same Earth, WITHOUT these forces of darkness, who in fact purposefully make all this mess. By the way said, such higher worlds WITHOUT THEM exist (John-14:1-4). On the other hand, just reconsider the true DIA genuine attitude to the life DIA living of the inhabitants of these religions. There thou will not find massive suicides, but rather a continual trying to re-enlighten DIA illuminate themselves, by using the religious practices, which are in accordance with their own cultural DIA philosophical conceiving, comprehending and the understanding of the meaning life DIA living. On the contrary, nowhere in the whole Earth have been everyday born so many children as there. Pay also thy attention, how just their inhabitants are struggling to survive, even in such a hard environments with very fierce conditions for life DIA living within it for many of them, within which the most of the so-called natiocratic neo-secular Christians would have commited suicides, for sure, and so on.


The White Angel

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In Christian terms, it might be argued, their ultimate goal is to make themselves so pure to be worth of being the consisting dialectul of the (Holy) Spirit, or of the mind (of the eternal everlasting GOD) and the like. The uttered by this creator of knowledge should not be taken as any kind of the final answer, related to the dialectical interactive content under consideration, because it can be only truly given by the followers of these religions, who are only (cap)able to intuit DIA sense it. On the other hand, the purpose of this discussion is to demonstrate that even some cultural DIA philosophic considerations of a dialectical content, which at the first sight, acquired without a deeper insight into its true meaning DIA sense, are not opposite in terms of leading to the unavoidable (strategic) disagreement, dispute and conflict but rather to show that it might be also considered, as the thesis and antithesis, understood in terms of the introduced dialectic interactive approach. For example, reread attentively again the Christ's conversation with the Apostles (John-14:8-10) and compare the developed Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity) to the far eastern doctrine of the reincarnation of souls [of the human(e) beings]. At the same time DIA space, the all earlier uttered by this creator of knowledge is important because some unfinished statements related to the doctrine of the Living God might be misused by the followers of simple(st) DIA vulgar minds. CLICK here to read, "The Concept of the Simple Mind".

The Human Being


Just reconsider the scenario DIA situation in time DIA space, if this creator of knowledge (barrenly) invested his efforts DIA the uttered learning by him, understood in terms of the unification of Christianity around the doctrine of Holy Trinity DIA directing this new blind force against all others, as it already were made some attempts behind the obscured scenery by some forces of the darkness. Or coming closer of followers of the Christianity, Hebraism and Islam around the doctrine of Living God, based also on the existing ruling crowd DIA group way of thinking, and then again directing this even larger (crowded) force of the darkness against the rest of humanity. Or almost all of them against only one of the left God's religion, would be enough to TEMPORALY satisfy the blood-thirsty needs of these obscured forces of darkness. Keep in the mind, that any of this dark proposals would be welcomed by the obscured one, whose such an order (command) would blindly follow all these earthly 'mighty' ones. As a WARNING,


DIA instruction for the (future) creative acting of the creators of knowledge (eventually to come) DIA the true followers of God, read carefully the chapter 11, "The Revelation to John Divine", devoted to the two true emissaries of God DIA witnesses of His, but left on the 'mercy' of forces of darkness, sometimes in the past (in some part of space) of the world of dialectics. Such mistakes, according to this creator of knowledge, must not be repeated by any true DIA genuine follower of God, or?

The White Angel

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In either case, it would never have been acted in this way by this creator of knowledge, in the same way as it would NOT have been done by any TRUE DIA GENUINE emissary of God, regardless to which God's confession, (s)he belonged by physical birth. The SPIRITUAL ONE is it that counts in the world of dialectics of God, understood in terms of (LIFE DIA LIVING in the) eternity of times DIA infinity of spaces because only the spirit [DIA related preserved mind in terms of developed (cap)abilities of the inner recollection DIA awareness of the already experienced (quality)] is both eternal and infinite within the world of dialectics. Thus, bear in the mind, only the distinguishing Good from the evil on the INDIVIDUAL level is acceptable [note, ONLY this kind of the dual way of thinking (yes/no, true/false, ... GOOD/evil) has been included in the developed Dialectic Interactive Approach by this creator of knowledge, on this utmost (individual) level of the unutterably complicated (ETERNAL DIA INFINITIVE) worlds of dialectics (Matthew 6:24)], otherwise it deals with a false emissary of god or with a false follower of god, if you so will. Keep in the mind, this creator of knowledge, by reading the Holly Books and Scriptures of other God's confessions, has been (cap)able better to understand his own one (Christianity).

On the other hand, just reconsider the behaviour of the MODERN PAGANS (worldwide), who will read books written by artists, philosophers, scientists, belonging to various cultures. They are even (eventually) ready to read the cultural ones [but not the Holly Books/Scriptures, (including own ones)!?], political DIA ideological books ...., to visit galleries and folklore performances, but not so willingly to visit the LIVING houses of God (with performing services to Him). In the words of Christ, is it not an ironic DIA Hippocratic behaviour, respectively art thou able to recognise here too the recognisable behaviour of the simple(st) and vulgar minds, understood in terms of (the concept of) simple(st) and vulgar ONES? CLICK here to read, "An Upshot of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind: The Concept of a Simple-Minded Person". This creator of knowledge, before started with the creative acting of his, managed finally to grasp it, living in the societies DIA network structure, which IS NOT OFFICIALLY, according to them, an atheistic (DIA heathenish) creation! Or isn't it (a little bit ironic), too?

Dialectic Creative Framework


The dialectical reformulation of the time DIA space, CLICK here to read, "Dialectic Interactive Approach: Dialectical Comprehending the Time DIA Space", understood in terms of separating mind and spirit from the "converged (fused) mind", in order to be made the conditions DIA way for thou to be able to "see through" again in the (generated) darkness, it does NOT MEAN, this is enough for solving the accumulated 'problems' over time DIA space, because in such a simple-reasonable way of (empty) demonstration of it, cannot be removed the accumulated darkness in the inner beings DIA inmost ones of its inhabitants (kingdoms of ???). Anyway, this world (of dialectics) was shown as it is, and not as someone, including the forces of darkness, would like to be presented DIA be seen by tou. In which direction of the time DIA space, it will be travelled by thou, it doesn't depend on this creator of knowledge. CLICK here to read, "Capabilities of the Modern Mind seen from a Perspective of the Creating Knowledge". Anyway, the cultural societies, which truly and genuinely want to make a true change DIA follow another direction of the future in spirit (time in space), understood in terms of avoiding the mistakes done by (the ancestors of) these dark forces, after were made similar re-enlightenments DIA illuminations in the (built DIA already implanted) past in matter (space in time) of the world of dialectics of God, read again Giotto Di Bondone DIA Rollo May because this period of the history, that followed it, is the best documented one, that is, it can be verified in the SCIENTIFIC terms. CLICK here to read, "Implications of the Conflict within the Simple(st) Mind"

The White Angel

6 .

  • Isa's THESIS: Since you (good ones) are precious and honoured in my sight and because I love you, I will give rabble/mob in exchange for you, and evildoers in exchange for your life. Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather from the west. I will say to the north, “Give them up” and to the south, “Do not hold them back!” Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth – everyone who is called by my name [human(e) being], whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made. Let’s lead out those who despite having eyes are blind, who despite having ears are deaf. Let all the followers of God gather together and the human(e) beings/human(e)like (wo)men assemble. Let them bring in their witnesses to prove they were right, so that others may hear and say, “It is true” (Isa-43:4-13).
  • Christ's ANTITHESIS: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Killer of the prophets! Stoner of those who were sent to you by God! How often I have wanted to gather your children together as a bird gathers her brood under the shelter of her wings – and you refused. God no longer has His Home among you! I tell you, you will not see Me, until the day comes when you will say: God bless Him Who comes in the Name of the Lord” (Luke, 13.34). You must not suppose that I have come to destroy the Commandments and the (Great) Prophets, I did not come to destroy them; I came to fulfil them. This is the truth I tell you, so long as Heaven and Earth(en) shall last, not the smallest letter, not the smallest part of a letter of the Commandments will cease to be valid. It will remain until history comes to an end (Matthew, 5.17-18),
  • What is thy SYNTHESIS DIA (temporal) CONCLUSION in this span of TIME DIA SPACE?

The Human Being

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